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Monday, October 16, 2006

At Taylor's, Ridge stops by with gifts for Phoebe from his trip. Sensing that she is upset, he thinks she is angry with him, but she assures him that she is not upset about the divorce. Since she isn't mad at him, Ridge doesn't understand why she never responded to any of his emails or calls while he was away. Phoebe explains that she was lying to so many people and she didn't want to add him to the list. Concerned, he asks her if she is in some kind of trouble. She confesses that Taylor is the one who hit Darla. Ridge can't believe it and demands to know why she didn't tell him sooner. Phoebe tells Ridge that he was the reason Taylor was drinking that night, but no one blames him. She goes on to tell him that it was an accident and drinking wouldn't have made a difference because anyone could have hit Darla that foggy night. Ridge admits that he knew Taylor was in trouble and feels bad that he never tried to help her. He now understands how guilty Taylor must have felt and why she took Hector in and was so kind to Thorne. Phoebe agrees that guilt was the reason why Taylor reached out to Thorne in the beginning, but says now Taylor has truly fallen in love with him. Ridge is surprised to learn that Stephanie knows the truth and doesn't understand why she pressured Taylor to keep lying. Phoebe explains that no one wanted Taylor to tell the truth, but now she has confessed everything to the police. Phoebe blames herself for Taylor's trouble, saying she never should have come back from England. Ridge comforts her, telling her it's not her fault. He hates that she has had to carry this secret for so long.

At Thorne's, when he returns home, Thorne is devastated by what Taylor has told him. Stephanie drops by and admits that she tried to keep Taylor from telling him the truth. Thorne is furious with Stephanie for keeping such a secret from him. He had no idea he was falling for Darla's killer and can't believe his mother would allow this to happen. Stephanie explains that she was only trying to protect him. She tells him how angry she was the night she found out, which was the same night that Hector's house burned down. She was relieved that Taylor survived the accident and when she saw how much Thorne had come to rely on Taylor, she couldn't bare for him to find out the truth. Stephanie defends Taylor, saying it was a terrible accident, but it could have happened to anyone. She tells Thorne that Taylor is still the same wonderful caring person she has always been and that is why she told him the truth, even though everyone else pressured her not to. Thorne is still not convinced of Taylor's virtue and tells Stephanie that the situation has made him feel like he's losing Darla all over again. Stephanie hugs her son as he tells her he just wants Darla back again.

Meanwhile at the police station, when she arrives, Taylor is greeted by Lt. Baker who wants her to make a statement as soon as her attorney arrives. Taylor informs him that she doesn't want an attorney, feeling that it won't really make any difference, she then gives her confession on tape. Afterwards, Taylor gets her mug shots and is finger printed. While the Lt. watches the proceedings, he admits to an officer that without Taylor's confession, he would have had no proof that she was responsible. After being checked in, Taylor signs her written confession and asks Lt. Baker what the charges will be. Lt. Baker tells her she's being charged with, driving under the influence, obstruction from the law and vehicular manslaughter and should be in prison for a long time.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

At the police station, Lt. Baker grilled Taylor about others who knew she killed Darla and had lied to the police. Lt. Baker accused Hector, Stephanie and Phoebe of all lying to the police. Taylor begged Lt. Baker to overlook that Phoebe had lied explaining that Phoebe had been terrified that she would lose her mother again.

Ridge criticized Stephanie for convincing Taylor to lie and for involving Phoebe in the lies. Stephanie explained that she did not know that Taylor killed Darla until the night of the fire at Hector's home. Ridge told Stephanie that he had hired Storm Logan to represent Taylor legally. Ridge didn't have high expectations that Storm could keep Taylor from prison since she had chosen to make a confession without an attorney present. Ridge hoped that Thorne could forgive Taylor and that he could be helpful in preventing Taylor from going to prison.

Phoebe made an unexpected visit to Thorne at his home. Phoebe informed Thorne of how Darla's accident happened-she had fallen into the road while changing Phoebe's tire. Phoebe stressed to Thorne that Taylor had been drinking, but that it was truly an accident. Phoebe explained that it was foggy and Darla had fallen right into Taylor's path. Thorne did not want to believe what Phoebe had to say about the accident. He told Phoebe that she and Taylor would never be welcome in his home or life again.

Ridge arrived at the police station and interrupted Lt. Baker's grilling of Taylor about obstruction of justice charges for others who knew she killed Darla. Taylor was later escorted to a jail cell. Taylor sat in the jail cell depressed and hoping that she wouldn't receive a long prison sentence. Meanwhile Thorne was in tears as he looked at Taylor's photo. He tore it up out of anger.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

At the Forresters', everyone gathers to read the headlines about Taylor's arrest. Felicia worries about how upset Thorne must be. Deciding to check up on his son, Eric leaves Thorne a message. When Phoebe walks in she attempts to defend her mother. Sally is shocked that Phoebe was hiding the truth the whole time. Phoebe tries to explain that it wasn't Taylor's fault, just an unavoidable accident that could have happened to anyone. She tells them that Taylor wanted to confess that night, but she and Hector pressured Taylor not to. Phoebe admits that she begged her mother not to confess, because she couldn't stand the thought of losing her again so soon. Everyone understands that Taylor didn't mean to hit Darla. Phoebe hopes that Thorne will be able to forgive her mother and somehow work things out.

At Thorne's, Ridge walks in to find Thorne staring at a picture of Darla. They hug and Ridge tells him how sorry he is. Thorne is upset that he was the last to know and he can't believe that he and Alexandria fell in love with the same woman that killed Darla. Ridge knows it's hard for Thorne to accept, but he tries to get him to see that it was just an accident and that despite everything Taylor did tell him the truth, and she does still love him. Ridge doesn't think Thorne really wants Taylor to go to jail for ten years and tells Thorne he is the only person that can keep Taylor from pleading guilty. He begs him to go to the courthouse and stop Taylor from throwing her life away.

At the courthouse, the DA is confident that everything will run smoothly until she finds out Storm Logan is representing Taylor. She then angrily reminds Lt. Baker that the only way Hector, Phoebe and Stephanie will be protected is if Taylor pleads guilty. Lt. Baker feels a little sorry for Taylor and thinks it may have been an accident and that the only reason she didn't come forward sooner was because she was pressured so much from everyone to keep quiet.

In the courthouse holding room, Stephanie drops by to see Taylor and attempts to convince her not to plead guilty. Taylor is adamant about making things right and keeping Thorne from suffering any further. Stephanie warns Taylor not to be a martyr and reminds her that she has a good defense with witnesses to back her. Taylor is determined to suffer the consequences of her actions. When Stephanie tells her that Thorne loves her and needs her, Taylor angrily replies that he hates her and wants her to rot in Hell and she intends to grant his wishes. Stephanie begs her to think about what she is doing and not throw her life away. She then tells her that Storm Logan has been hired to represent her, but Taylor says she doesn't want her case to go to trial. When Storm walks in he tells Taylor there is a good chance they can get her sentence reduced, but only if she doesn't plead guilty. Taylor refuses his help, confident that she is finally doing the right thing, but Stephanie just thinks she is being pig-headed. Before Storm gets a chance to say more, Lt. Baker bust in saying it's time to go to court. Storm tries to get more time with Taylor, but Lt. Baker tells him there is nothing for them to discuss, since Taylor has already pled guilty. Once they get into the Courtroom Thorne arrives and Taylor is moved by his presence. When the DA begins reading the charges against Taylor, Storm attempts to refute them, but Taylor works against him and pleads guilty to all of them. The judge urges Taylor to take a moment before pleading guilty to vehicular manslaughter because it is such a serious charge. Stephanie and Storm beg her not to, however after making eye contact with Thorne, she does.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

At Forrester, Brooke and Ridge discussed the details of Taylor's confession and how it impacted the family, especially Thorne. Ridge expressed guilt over what happened to Taylor after he walked out on her and their family. He said he was unaware that she turned to alcohol to drown the pain because he was so interested in trying to regain Brooke's love. Brooke comforted Ridge, told him she was very sorry, and they shared a passionate kiss and hug.

In the courtroom, after Taylor confessed to all of the charges brought before her, she asked for immediate sentencing since there was a ten year mandatory sentence. Taylor told Stephanie that she could not stand to make Thorne and Allie experience one more moment of pain from Darla's death. Stephanie pleaded with Thorne to look at what Taylor was doing and what it meant. Thorne said that the woman that killed Darla deserved to go to prison for 10 years. Nothing appeared to be able to change his mind especially not Phoebe's version of what happened. Stephanie remembered that Shane was a witness and asked Thorne if he could forgive Taylor if another witness came forward. In the jail cell, Thorne told Taylor that she was doing the right thing by not dragging Darla's name through the mud. Taylor told Thorne that her love for him was genuine and to never doubt that.

At Taylor's, Shane read the newspaper and wondered why Taylor was not doing more to aid in her defense. Hector overheard Shane talking and reinforced that he knew this would happen as Taylor grew closer to Thorne. Shane said the newspaper spoke of a cover-up, and he said Hector was the leader of the cover-up. Shane teased Hector by saying that he should just head for the hills as he was previously instructed. Stephanie called and told Hector to make sure Shane did not leave before she got there. She pleaded with Shane to come with her to tell the judge what he saw on the night that Darla was killed.

Friday, October 20, 2006

In the jail cell, Thorne talked to Taylor about how much she hurt him and Alexandria. He said he did not know what was more difficult, dealing with the loss of Darla or dealing with Taylor hurting Alexandria by counseling her about the death of her mommy, while being her mommy's killer. Taylor continued to apologize to Thorne, while continuing to not blame Darla in her defense.

Ridge and Brooke comforted Thomas as he found out about his mother's deception and confession while Phoebe explained that Taylor lied and covered up what happened to protect her. While Taylor waited for sentencing, Storm visited Brooke and told her that there was really nothing he could do since this was Taylor's wish. Ridge brought Thomas and Phoebe to visit Taylor in her jail cell before sentencing. Stephanie continued to persuade Shane to tell the judge what he saw, despite repeated protests from Shane who claimed that Stephanie told him that no judge would believe him and to stay away from the courtroom. Shane asked Stephanie how telling what happened would benefit him. Stephanie asked what he wanted, and he said there was something that he wanted very much. She said fine, "whatever it is is yours" and they proceeded to Taylor's sentencing hearing.

As everyone was waiting for the hearing to begin, Sally was harassed by reports, and she told Eric that she wanted to be there for Thorne and make sure Darla got justice. Bridget comforted Phoebe, then Eric asked Bridget if she had told Dante and Felicia who the father of the baby was. Bridget said no, not yet. Stephanie took Shane to the courtroom as Shane was nervously looking around asking why there were so many police in the building. Stephanie told him not to worry, just to tell the judge what he saw.

The judge sentenced Taylor to 60 days for Driving with a Suspended License, 1 year for Obstruction of Justice, and 10 years for Vehicular Manslaughter. Taylor broke down and hugged Thomas and Phoebe who pleaded with Thorne as to why Storm was not doing anything. Ridge said Taylor wanted it to be this way. As the judge was about to adjourn the hearing, Stephanie walked in with Shane begging the judge not to close the hearing. The judge asked the guard to contain that woman. Stephanie continued talking saying that Shane witnessed the accident that killed Darla on Pacific Coast Highway. The judge asked Shane if that was true and he said yes. Thorne emphatically asked Shane if Darla really fell into Taylor's car, and the show ended without Shane giving his answer.

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