The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on B&B

Shane appeared in court with Stephanie to testify on Taylor's behalf as to what he had witnessed on the night that Darla had died. Nick confronted Stephanie and told her to keep clear of his mother, or she would live to regret it. Donna brought the children over to see Stephanie as Ridge was headed over to Brooke's. Ridge surprised Brooke by taking her into a supply room, where he told her that he wanted to be a family again with her, and he wanted her answer immediately. Thorne told Taylor that he needed answers from her about Darla's death. Shane looked at Phoebe and told her that since she was 18, she was considered a woman.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on B&B
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Monday, October 23, 2006

Shane tells the judge and the full courtroom that Darla's death was truly an accident. Everyone is excited to hear Shane's testimony, but Taylor feels it is too late. The judge orders both counselors and Thorne to his chambers. Storm and Jennifer fight over whether or not the hearing is over, but the judge is more interested in how Thorne feels. They return to the courtroom and Taylor is given the opportunity to change her plea. With Thorne's encouragement she pleads not guilty. Everyone is relieved that Taylor will now get a trial and vow to support Taylor, Thorne, and Alexandria through it all.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Jackie is surprised to learn that Ridge is moving back to Taylor's house. Stephanie interrupts their conversation to berate Jackie. After Ridge leaves, Stephanie and Jackie continue to argue, forcing Stephanie to slap Jackie. Nick meets Brooke for dinner at Café Russe. Brooke tells Nick what needs to change in their relationship for it to work. When Brooke goes to leave, Nick stops her and tells her how much he wants to be together again. Bridget has Eric, Felicia and Dante over for dinner and tells Felicia and Dante that she made a mistake about her pregnancy and that Dante is the father.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Nick asks Brooke to forgive him and to let him come home, but Brooke feels it is too soon. Brooke then arrives home to find Ridge at her house. Ridge tries to convince Brooke that they belong together. Brooke asks him to stop by the next day at six o'clock. She then calls Nick and asks him to come over at the same time. Stephanie and Jackie fight about why Stephanie is so eager for Brooke to be with Ridge. Stephanie threatens Jackie. Later, Jackie advises Nick to act fast in order to keep Brooke. Jackie tells Nick that Stephanie hit her. A furious Nick finds Stephanie and threatens to kill her if she crosses the line again with his mother. Felicia is still shocked that Bridget is pregnant with Dante's child. Dante tells Bridget that he will be there for her, but he loves Felicia.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Brooke prepared for the big announcement of whether she wanted to spend her life and raise her kids with Ridge or Nick. Donna brought Hope and R.J. home from the beach, and Brooke asked to speak with them about the past and the future with Ridge and Nick. Brooke was called by Stephanie and Jackie to discuss why she should pick her son, respectively.

At Stephanie's request, Donna took Hope and R.J to Stephanie's house for a visit. Ridge and Brooke shared a moment as Brooke came down the stairs. Ridge told Brooke how much he had looked forward to her decision to come back to him. Just then, Nick walked in and Ridge asked what he was doing there. Brooke demanded that Ridge and Nick learn to find common ground and get along for Hope and R.J.'s sake. She told both of them what they meant to her, and how difficult the decision was for her to make.

Stephanie asked Hope and R.J. to make a birthday card for their sister Phoebe's upcoming 18th birthday. While at Stephanie's, Donna asked questions about whether she knew anything about Brooke's choice. Stephanie said it was obvious who Brooke was going to choose, and the Donna had no chance to be with Ridge.

As Nick prepared to go to Brooke's, he serenaded Jackie with a song that he wrote for her and told her not to worry about Brooke's decision. Jackie was very upset about Stephanie's overwhelming influence on Brooke. Jackie showed up unannounced at Stephanie's telling her to back off. As the disagreement heated up, Donna decided to take Hope and R.J. for ice cream. When she went back to ask Jackie to move her car, she saw Jackie follow Stephanie up the stairs and the fight got more intense. Stephanie pushed Jackie and she accidentally fell against the rail and to the floor, where she laid in a pool of blood and Stephanie screamed in shock.

Friday, October 27, 2006

At Brooke's, she continued to explain why she made her choice. Nick sharply said, "Don't humiliate me like this." Ridge asked Brooke which one of them was going to get to spend the rest of our lives with her. As Brooke was about to reveal her decision, Stephanie called Ridge to tell Nick to go to University Hospital because his mother was admitted there. Brooke followed Nick to the hospital and told him that she would be there for him.

Stephanie ran down the stairs calling Jackie's name. Donna walked in from outside staring at Stephanie asking her what happened. Stephanie quickly called 911 to request an ambulance and fire truck be sent to her house immediately, stating that an accident had occurred. Stephanie then told Donna to take the children home right then, so that they would not be scared by the ambulance.

Eric, Felicia, and Dante host a party in Phoebe's honor for her 18th birthday. They wonder why Stephanie is late and has not called. Thomas thanks Shane for what he did for Taylor. Meanwhile Thorne continued to explain how it seemed like Taylor was blaming Darla for the accident by the way she explained it. Taylor said it was not like that and expressed that she wished she had been able to tell Thorne what happened sooner.

Eric received a call from Bridget and Stephanie saying that they were at University Hospital with Jackie. Bridget told everyone waiting on Jackie that she did not have any head or spine damage, but that she did suffer a subdural hematoma which could cause permanent cognitive damage. Stephanie explained what happened, saying that it was an accident. Nick walked in and told Stephanie that she better hope it was an accident and that she also better hope his mom did not suffer any permanent damage from the accident.

Brooke told Nick again that she would be there for him, and anything he needed to just ask. Ridge cornered Brooke in a room at the hospital and asked her if she was ready to make the commitment to him and reunite their families. Ridge kissed her passionately and Brooke kissed him back, but did not give him an answer yet.

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