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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 27, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, November 27, 2006

At Brooke's, Ridge and Brooke spend time with Hope and RJ reading fairy tales. When they finish Ridge gives Brooke a meaningful look and tells her sometimes fairy tales happen in real life. Once they put the kids to bed, Ridge makes sure that Brooke let Hope know that Nick will still be a part of her life. Brooke assure him that Hope knows. She can't believe that they were able to have such a nice evening after losing their company. Ridge tells her they gained something far more important when they rediscovered their love for each other. When they get to the bedroom Brooke tells him he is the first man that she ever loved and the first she ever wanted to spend her life with and have children. She admits that she never stopped believing in her heart that they would end up back together. She feels that finally they are going to be together for the rest of their lives. Ridge tells her how much he loves her as they start to make love.

At Massimo's, Nick broods over Brooke's last words to him. Donna tries to comfort him but gives up when she realizes he's determined to wallow in self pity. When she starts to leave Nick stops her. She realizes that he feels he has won an empty victory because it cost him Brooke. Donna thinks they have both been fighting a losing battle, her with Ridge and him with Brooke. She tells him she really respects him for putting Stephanie in her place. Donna feels like there is nothing left for her in LA and is thinking about leaving town, but then has a sudden change of heart when she is struck by an idea.. She offers to help Nick run Forrester and continue modeling for the Bedroom Line. She knows it won't be the same as working with Brooke, but thinks they could still do big things with the company. She tells Nick it is time for him to to show the Forrester's what he is made of and prove that he can make the company a success without them. Nick begins to see Donna's point and decides to take her up on her offer. He becomes determined to start thinking of Forrester as his own company and do everything in his power to make it thrive.

Meanwhile at Forrester, Stephanie is furious with Eric and accuses him of taking the easy way out as usual. She attacks him on every front and makes him feel less than a man. Eric attempts to defend himself by reiterating that he did it because he loved her and she is more important to him than the company, but Stephanie doesn't want to hear any of his reasons. As she continues to berate him Eric finally grows a backbone and starts getting mad. He tells Stephanie he is tired of always being her whipping boy and he feels that their marriage has been lacking in intimacy for years. Stephanie is thrown off track when Eric starts going Dr. Phil on her. She does bring up his previous infidelities though and admits that she forgave him for those, but vows to never forgive him for this. She wants to avoid the subject of their marriage, saying that is not the issues at hand, but Eric won't drop it. He tells her he sacrificed the company that he spent his whole life on because he loved her. He expected her to thank him and instead he got crucified. Eric tells her he needs to look into her eyes and see love and know that their marriage matters to her, but she can't show him that. Starting to feel guilty, Stephanie says she only has so much she can give and often has nothing left after dealing with the company's needs and the children's needs. Eric thinks that shows where her priorities lie. He thinks she is incapable of loving him, but Stephanie says that she does love him. When he asks her why she can't show it more, Stephanie admits that she doesn't know. Eric thanks her for giving them the most honest moment they have had in years. As her eyes begin to tear, Stephanie apologizes for lashing out at him. She says her anger over the years has eaten away at them and their marriage like cancer. She admits that she is the reason their marriage lacks intimacy and tells him she wants to make it right. Stephanie doesn't want to lose Eric and apologizes for abusing his love. She even manages to thank him for selling the company. Eric, taken aback by her candor, tells her he will see her at home. Once she's alone, Stephanie calls Taylor and leaves her a message saying she wants to schedule an appointment because she needs a good psychiatrist.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ridge and Brooke are glad they never gave up on each other. Eric, Felicia and Sally finalize the paperwork, handing Forrester Creations over to Nick as well as pack up their offices. Stephanie begins attending therapy sessions at Taylor's office, and admits that she needs to be a better wife to Eric. Later, Brooke comforts Bridget over the loss of her unborn child. Nick asks Donna to come to work for him as a model, spokesperson and give input on the lines. Donna accepts. At therapy, Stephanie begins to reveal issues from her childhood. She recalls but doesn't admit to Taylor that her father may have abused her.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

At Forrester as Stephanie packs up her personal belongings, she begins to have flashbacks of her father. Taylor drops in and asks Stephanie why she didn't return any of her calls. Stephanie explains that she is rethinking her decision to see a psychiatrist. Taylor thinks that's a bad idea and tries to get her to talk more about her father. They are interrupted when Eric walks in. Taylor gives him a hug and tells him how sorry she is about them losing the company. After Eric leaves, Taylor tells Stephanie she doesn't think their marriage will survive if Stephanie doesn't delve into her past. Later everyone gathers in Eric's office one last time. Stephanie thanks Brooke for selling her stocks to Nick. Eric can't believe something he spent his entire life building can be taken away in two days. Nostalgic, Stephanie remembers Ridge and Thorne playing there as children. Stephanie thanks the entire family for sacrificing the company in order to save her. Sally doesn't think the Forrester's will be kept down. Ridge says no one can take their designs from them. When they are alone, Stephanie asks Eric for his forgiveness. He graciously replies that she is his wife and he will always love her. She tells him she is very proud to be Mrs. Eric Forrester. After glancing back at the empty office that was their entire world for decades they leave together. When the family get downstairs, they are greeted by all the employees and given a heartfelt goodbye. Eric promises them that one day he will be running Forrester again.

At Massimo's, Nick informs Jackie that he owns Forrester now, but his marriage to Brooke is over because she chose to be with Ridge. Jackie is upset by the news. Nick encourages her to forget about it. He wants them to focus on moving forward. He tells her he feels Bridget is the only Forrester that has been loyal to him and he wants her to be part of Forrester Creations. After he leaves Massimo's Nick heads to Forrester. Once he enters the empty office he sits down at Eric's desk. Looking around the lonely office, Nick feels he has lost more than he's won. Before he is able to get too deep in his brooding, Bridget enters and asks him why he is doing this to her family. She doesn't understand why everyone has to pay for Stephanie's mistake. Nick ignores her question, instead trying to get her to join forces with him. He realizes things will never be the same between them but he asks for her help and tells her he would like for her to be a part of the company. Stunned by his offer, Bridget tells him she is a doctor and has no interests in fashion. He thinks she might want to consider it, especially now that she is pregnant. Bridget tells him she lost the baby. She refuses his offer and tells him she belongs with her family who are downstairs trying to say bye to the company that has meant so much to them. Before she leaves Bridget says she hopes the honest, decent man she fell in love with is still there somewhere. When he's alone Stephanie comes up filled with venom. She picks up a poker and begins knocking the F's out of the windows telling him he will never have the true Forrester spirit. Determined to stand his ground, Nick grabs the poker and tells her that Forrester Creations is his and it will be for all the days of her life.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

What a difference a day made, as Eric and Stephanie returned to their old ways today. Stephanie just had to tell Eric that she wasn't happy that he sold Forrester out from under her, even though he had the best of intentions. She told him that she honestly believed that she could win if they had gone to court. Stephanie thought that Eric had caved in rather than putting up a fight. Speaking before she thought again and once again hurting him, Eric stormed out the door in a huff. Receiving a phone call from Ridge, who wanted his father to stop over to plan their strategy for the future, was not well received by an irate Eric, who just wanted to get away because Stephanie was driving him crazy, once again.

After Eric left Taylor entered trying to help her friend. Stephanie wanted to talk about saving her marriage but Taylor kept asking her questions about her childhood. Stephanie told Taylor that she is afraid of her marriage ending and Taylor commented that it was a very good possibility if she didn't do something about it. It was then that Stephanie sought Taylor's professional help, once again. Upon returning to Taylor's office, the therapist took over and asked Stephanie to explain her feelings and Stephanie did so by using "rage" and "anger." She was then surprised at what she said about her past, remembering it as a normal one. Her father ruled the home, he was the law and everything was black or white, no in between. One either did and said the right thing or it was conceived as wrong and you knew when that happened. Taylor wanted to know if Stephanie always obeyed her father. She told Taylor about her younger sister, Pamela, who was the "girly girl" of the family and Stephanie described herself as her father's daughter. She had been taught how to shoot pool, go fishing and so on. Taylor then asked Stephanie about her mother but Stephanie shied away from revealing anything about her. Stephanie told Taylor that her father was always very strict, as she remembered an incident where she once ripped the pool cloth on the pool table by mistake. Her punishment was a beating with the belt that her father was wearing. Coming back to the present, Stephanie wondered how a parent could hit their own child.

Ridge and Brooke cuddled and kissed, still in the throes of bliss at their reunion with each other.

Eric turned up at Jackie's home. He told her how angry Stephanie was with him for selling the company. Jackie remained aloof but sympathetic to Eric because of what he has had to put up with from Stephanie in the past. Eric told Jackie that Stephanie is still being eaten alive by her anger and rage that she may never get over it until she seeks professional help. He told Jackie that Stephanie was seeing Taylor professionally.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Nick addresses the staff at Forrester Creations and several walk out. Later, Clarke Garrison agrees to work for Nick as head designer at Forrester Creations. Ridge, Thorne, and Eric don't think Stephanie's therapy will do any good. Ridge and Thorne try to convince Eric to start over with a new company, but he doesn't know if he can do it. Stephanie admits that she lied about the death of her mother to her husband and her children. Taylor encourages Stephanie to make amends with her mother. Stephanie calls her sister, Pamela, but gets nervous and quickly gets off the phone. Pamela tells their mother, Ann, that Stephanie called. After the call, Taylor tries to convince Stephanie to visit her mother in Chicago and confront her.

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