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January 1 to 5, 2007
Stephanie declared war when Nick told her that he did not plan to return Forrester Creations to the Forresters. Stephanie revealed that she had learned some negative information about Jackie's past, something that she would like to bring to light at the proper time. Jackie told Taylor that because of the therapy sessions with her son, Nick wanted nothing to do with her since he found out about her past. Taylor was finally able to bring peace between Jackie and Nick, as he told her that her past would never be brought up again. Ridge and Stephanie joined forces to contact one of Jackie's old "clients," and talked him into coming to a "surprise party" for Jackie. When Donna walked down the runaway, Captain Kramer was on her arm. An irate Nick attacked the man when Stephanie announced that Jackie had once been a prostitute.
January 8 to 12, 2007
Jackie told Stephanie that even with her trying to ruin the fashion show, Stephanie's biggest loss might just be Eric. The Marone board decided to look at the Forrester offer to buy back Forrester Creations. Taylor was horrified at what the Forrester's had done to Jackie and to Nick and vowed to make it all up to him. Eric became enraged at what Stephanie had done and suggested that her upcoming trip to visit her mother was a good idea. The Forresters were unable to buy their company back when Nick came up with a much more generous offer, surprising everyone. Alexandria learned from Hope that Taylor was the person who killed her mother. Running away, Alexandria brought Taylor running to help as Thorne was about to witness the same scene on the same highway that took away the life of his beloved Darla. Stephanie warned Jackie that while she was away, she was having Jackie watched and Jackie better stay away from her husband.
January 15 to 19, 2007
Taylor was able to stop in time to avoid another tragedy in her car on the Pacific Coast Highway. Ridge found himself listening to Shane's discussion about what he planned for his future and how he felt about Phoebe. Brooke asked Taylor some very pointed questions as she tried to figure out if Nick and Taylor were involved. Brooke and Nick's divorce became final. Bridget told her father that she still had feelings for Nick. The family gathered around Alexandria to explain what happened with Darla and Taylor the night that Darla died. Although she claimed to understand, Alexandria caused more havoc by coloring in Taylor's pictures and then ripping Taylor's wedding dress to shreds, causing Thorne and Taylor's wedding to be postponed. Ridge announced that the new company name would be Forrester Originals, making Storm very unhappy. Ridge, in a showy move, proposed to Brooke on the stage. Nick vowed that he would find a way to get even.
January 22 to 26, 2007
Lauren warned the Forresters that Nick was never afraid of competition and they should not underestimate what he might do. Pam threw a "wet towel" on Jackie's plans to seduce Eric. Bridget confronted Nick and Taylor about their relationship, making them realize that what they were getting themselves into was neither healthy nor wise for either of them. Eric told Pam that he didn't know what would happen between him and Stephanie, but he appreciated all that she had done for him. Rick returned home from Europe and found that he and Ridge did not see eye to eye about the goings-on between the Forresters and the Marones. Nick's plan to take over Forrester Originals by buying out the competition seemed to be working for the moment.
January 29 to February 2, 2007
Ridge found Rick less than cooperative when Rick blamed Ridge for the loss of Forrester Creations and for publicly humiliating Jackie. Brooke told Phoebe that at some point in the future she wanted Phoebe to be the Face of Forrester. Pam and Eric grew closer as he told her how much he appreciated all that she had done while she was visiting them. Stephanie and Eric decided to "start over" again as he told her what he expected from their marriage this time around. Thorne and Taylor broke off their engagement because Alexandria was still having trouble accepting the accident in which Taylor was responsible for her mother's death. Nick continued his quest to break off all distribution connections to the Forresters. Facing Stephanie, Nick related to her that he would find a way to even the score with her. Taylor told Nick that she and Thorne were no longer engaged. Rick and Phoebe sang the bride and groom a song, although neither of them approved of the relationship. Ridge warned Rick to stay away from Phoebe-or he would kill him.
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February 5 to 9, 2007
It was obvious that Phoebe had a "crush" on Rick, leading various family members to wonder just how far their relationship would go. Stephanie wondered what Nick was up to after finding one of Forrester's European distributors in his office. Rick and Nick continued to be on friendly terms with each other while Rick and Ridge continued to butt heads over the ever-growing friendship between Phoebe and Rick. Shane returned, having made a better life for himself, and was happy to share his news with Phoebe, but realized that her attention was no longer focused on him. Eric moved Ann to a condo of her own, with a brand new wardrobe and a driver and car at her disposal anytime she wanted to make use of them. Pam was invited to move into the guest house, leaving Stephanie to wonder what was going on-and not happy that Eric had taken matters into his own hands without consulting her first. After talking with Rick, Brooke was convinced that the relationship between her son and Ridge's daughter was innocent and gave it her blessing. Confronting her, Stephanie told Brooke that her limited parenting skills caused her to be unaware of the dangers if the two young people became involved. Brooke stood firm, announcing that she would not let anyone interfere in her children's lives. Nick prepared for his very strange meeting with Harvey Golden, but it was Harvey who surprised Nick when he told Nick that he would sell his stores to him, but there would be a high price to pay for them, and it wouldn't be just money.
February 12 to 16, 2007
Stephanie and Brooke continued to disagree about the relationship that was brewing between Rick and Phoebe. Nick accomplished his goal of blocking the new Forrester Original line from being sold around the world by purchasing the boutiques from Mr. Golden. He was, however warned by the mysterious man that there would be a high price to pay at some point in the future. After the Forresters learned what Nick had done, Eric decided to open up his own boutiques internationally. Nick sent Taylor flowers and the two of them enjoyed a very private and romantic dinner together on Valentine's Day. Phoebe was upset that her mother was having dinner with the man who helped destroy her family's company. Rick and Ridge continued to fuss over the family business and Brooke. Rick left a voice mail for Nick to return his call regarding his mother. Up at Big Bear, Stephanie and Eric had a fun-loving pillow fight and some "naughty" bedside chatter, which embarrassed both Ridge and Brooke. Ridge, Brooke, and Stephanie came together to stand behind Eric and his new venture, while Brooke commented to Stephanie that she knew Stephanie still loved her, no matter what, which brought a smile to Stephanie's face.
February 19 to 23, 2007
Although Clarke's designs received glowing reviews, Donna was drubbed by the press as not being in the same league as her sister, Brooke. Taylor ordered Brooke not to interfere in her relationship with Nick. Stephanie and Pam had a rather serious conversation about Pam's growing closeness with Eric. Ridge was irate when he learned that Phoebe and Rick had renewed their relationship. Ridge tossed Rick out of the house, forcing Rick to spend the night with Bridget. Rick told Phoebe that it might be best if they did stop seeing each other-at least for their parents' sake. Phoebe went to see Rick and stormed off when he told her that he meant what he'd told her earlier. As Phoebe ran away, Rick chased after her and they ended up sharing a kiss in the rain.
February 26 to March 2, 2007
Ridge tried to assure Taylor that Rick and Phoebe's relationship had been put on ice. Stephanie was irked when Eric took her to the new boutique location, because he acted so unsure and without confidence in his new venture. Ridge announced that he wanted to marry Brooke in front of the new boutique on its grand opening day. Meeting privately, Phoebe and Rick told each other that, as soon as Brooke and Ridge were married, they would go public with their own relationship. Stephanie and her mother, Ann, argued over Ann's refusal to find a place of her own to live. Brooke caught Phoebe and Rick in a kiss after thinking that their relationship had ended. Taylor and Nick shared a romantic night on the Shady Marlin before disaster hit, sending the two overboard and rendering Taylor unconscious. The Forresters rushed to the hospital, hearing about Taylor's mishap, but Nick ousted them from her room and later told Taylor that he thought he was falling for her.
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MARCH 2007
March 5 to 9, 2007
Stephanie was beginning to realize that there was a growing "friendship" developing between Nick and Taylor. Upon talking with Nick, Stephanie tried to convince him that Taylor was not the right woman for him and that Brooke would always be his number one love. Rick told his mother that he and Phoebe were still seeing each other, putting Brooke in the awkward position of having to deceive her own fiancé. Stephanie discovered that Phoebe and Rick were headed up to Big Bear and told Ridge, and the two headed up to confront the young people. Brooke also learned of the plan and headed for Big Bear as well. There, they all talked over their situation and Phoebe and Rick decided to "cool" off their relationship to prove to everyone that their feelings were real and that they could act like mature and responsible adults. As the "Forrester Originals" opening grew closer, Stephanie was still not sure that Brooke and Ridge's wedding would take place. Rick received a "surprise" visit from someone who knew him in his past.
March 12 to 16, 2007
Ashley told Rick she'd been flown in to consult on the new Forrester Originals fragrance, and the pair discussed the intimate moments they had shared in Paris. Nick did not want the Forresters to get the upper hand by using Ridge and Brooke's wedding as a publicity stunt. Phoebe was skeptical of Donna's sudden siding with her on her relationship with Rick. Phoebe was jealous of the time Rick and Ashley were spending together.
March 19 to 23, 2007
Rick and Phoebe accompanied Ridge to Australia to meet Brooke for the launching of a new company project. Jackie and Donna tried to influence Phoebe into following her heart with Rick so that it would cause a break-up with Brooke and Ridge, enabling Brooke to be free to return to Nick. Nick told his mother that even if Ridge and Brooke were no more, he had moved on and was happy with his new life. Nick proposed marriage to Taylor and she accepted, along with the possibility that she and Nick would have a child together. Bridget learned of Donna and Jackie's plan to break up Brooke and Ridge.
March 26 to 30, 2007
Taylor and Nick became engaged and discussed the possibility of having a child. Jackie asked her son to wait before marrying Taylor-or at least until he knew if Brooke would leave Ridge for good. Eric scolded Stephanie, announcing that there would be no violence in his home or family. Donna arranged for Phoebe to have some alone time with Rick in Australia, then allowed Ridge to discover their meeting, which had disastrous results. As Donna told Jackie that she thought her plan to break up Ridge and Brooke was beginning to work, Jackie announced that Nick was over Brooke and in love with Taylor. Ridge, having assaulted Rick for what he thought was inappropriate behavior towards Phoebe, found himself on the losing end as Brooke followed through with her promise to end their engagement if he ever laid a hand on her son again. Whisking her off to the nearest chapel, Nick suggested to Taylor that they marry immediately, but Taylor talked him into waiting until her children could attend the wedding. Rick promised Phoebe that their relationship was not over. Brooke ran straight to Nick upon her return home, and announced to Nick that she was back for good-and all his.
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APRIL 2007
April 2 to 6, 2007
Stephanie was quick to tell Ridge that Brooke was entirely to blame for their broken engagement, because she refused to do anything to put an end to Phoebe and Rick's relationship. When Taylor learned that Brooke and Ridge's wedding had been called off, she warned Brooke that Nick was off limits. Nick sent Brooke away for the time being, announcing that he loved Taylor and they were going to marry and have a family. Ridge and Brooke said goodbye to each other with Ridge still confused about Brooke running back to Nick if she had loved him so much. Stephanie told Bridget that Brooke had been with every member of her family and there was no one left for Brooke to turn to, but Bridget hoped that when Brooke went after Nick again, and got him, it would be before he and Taylor were married and had conceived a child. Bridget saw a picture of Ashley and Rick together, making her wonder if something was going on between the two of them. Brooke told Nick point-blank that she wanted him back, but he continued to send her on her way alone.
April 9 to 13, 2007
Brooke tried everything that she could to convince Nick that she and Ridge were through for good and that she wanted a future with him. Phoebe and Rick continued to have spats over their parents. Ridge and Ashley got closer as their being locked in a closet together gave them time to reflect on their past mistakes. Ashley related to Rick that she was the one who contacted the Forresters about a job, knowing that Rick had returned to the home company. She told him that she was hoping for a more serious relationship with him, and then discovered that he had moved on with Phoebe. Rick found that he still had lingering feelings about Ashley. Nick and Taylor awaited the results of a home pregnancy test. Nick demanded that Brooke stop trying to entice him because he was in love with Taylor and wanted to start a new life with her by marrying her and having a family. Shane returned to ask Phoebe for help in straightening out his life once again, which frightened her.
April 16 to 20, 2007
Nick and Taylor anxiously awaited the results of her home pregnancy test, but found out that the test was negative. Nick set a wedding date for his marriage to Taylor. Brooke was overjoyed when Stephanie told her that Taylor was not pregnant. Shane continued to annoy Phoebe about wanting her to be a part of his life. Feeling as though he were losing it all, Shane came unglued and ended up pointing a gun at Ridge. With a scuffle in progress, a shot was heard. Later, Ridge remembered being in front of a judge and told that the next time he was brought before the court on a weapons charge, he would be put in jail for the rest of his life. Taking the body out of his office, covered in a bag, Ridge put the body in his automobile while Stephanie happened to catch her son doing so. Stephanie followed Ridge to see what he was up to and wondered what was in the bag. Ridge boarded the Marlin and, finding Nick's "hideaway safe," used his key to bring the Marlin out into the water. Stephanie covered for Ridge when Ashley called to find out why Ridge had not yet arrived for their dinner date, while Ridge dumped the bag containing Shane's body overboard.
April 23 to 27, 2007
Stephanie decided to aid Ridge in covering up the death of Shane McGrath, so that Ridge would not be sent back to jail for an accidental shooting that took place in his office. Bridget told Taylor that she would not easily be able to conceive a baby, leading Taylor and Nick to think about in vitro fertilization. Brooke at first resigned herself to the fact that she and Nick were through because of his love for Taylor and their plans to have a child, then realized that she, too, might be able to give him the child that he had always wanted. Nick and Taylor planned for their wedding while they received news that a donor had been found who was willing to agree to the procedure that needed to be done to have Nick's baby. Rick initially declined, then agreed to be Nick's best man at his wedding to Taylor. As Lt. Baker questioned Ridge about Shane McGrath, Shane's cell phone rang, but Ridge acted as though it was one that Stephanie had lost. A corpse surfaced in the water.
April 30 to May 4, 2007
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MAY 2007
May 7 to 11, 2007
Nick was placed under arrest for the murder of Shane McGrath. Stephanie tried to convince Ridge that although he was the one who hid Shane's body after the accidental shooting, he was not guilty of murder. C.J. managed to get a duet by Phoebe and Rick on videotape, hoping to put it on the net and get some free publicity. Out on bail, Nick confronted Stephanie with the possibility that either she or Ridge could have been guilty of Shane's death, and he was out to find out what really happened. Ridge and Ashley finally had their dinner date over at Ashley's, where he was introduced to her daughter, Abby. Stephanie warned Taylor that she would be better off ending her marriage to Nick, while Taylor suggested that Nick thought Ridge might have something to do with Shane's murder, irritating Stephanie.
May 14 to 18, 2007
As Ashley recalled the events of the night of Shane McGrath's death, she realized that all the things that happened were not adding up as she had been told. A conversation with Nick produced doubt in Ashley's mind, especially after Stephanie cautioned her not to make more of the "noise" they both heard on the night of Shane's death. Taylor told Stephanie that Nick believed Ridge did the deed and was framing Nick. After trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle, Nick informed Lt. Baker of his findings. Phoebe met Constantine and was immediately taken with him, as the compliments flowed freely between the two of them. Bridget informed Taylor and Nick that "they" were pregnant. Nick was arrested for violating his restraining order to stay away from Stephanie, although he had no idea that one had been issued, complaining that he had been set up by Stephanie. Brooke told Jackie that she wished that she were the one who was carrying Nick's child, and not Taylor. Ashley turned to Rick for help, with her account of what she thought happened the night of Shane's death and he, in turn, offered his help to Nick when Nick asked Rick to help prove his innocence. When Stephanie could do no more as far as making Nick look guilty with the DA, she placed a call to Ridge telling him to stay put, but then realized that Brooke had heard the conversation, when Brooke bluntly asked her if Ridge had really done the crime.
May 21 to 25, 2007
While Phoebe fumed at Rick for trying to help Nick prove that he did not shoot Shane McGrath, the two grew further apart thanks to Phoebe's believing that Rick was only out to prove that her father, Ridge, was guilty of the crime. As Stephanie took bold action by "kidnapping" Brooke and bringing her up to Big Bear to be kept captive until Nick's trial was over, she finally realized that Brooke was right and the truth about the night of Shane's death had to come out. Ridge returned from Paris in time to make an appearance at the courthouse to hear the jury find Nick guilty of murder. As the verdict was announced and Nick was being led away, Nick turned to Ridge and shouted out to the courtroom that it was Ridge Forrester, not him, who was guilty of the crime.
May 28 to June 1, 2007
Ridge stepped forward to admit that it was he and not Nick who was guilty of Shane McGrath's death. Nick was freed while Ridge was detained, leaving Nick and Taylor to go home and celebrate the impending arrival of their baby. After breaking up with Rick, Phoebe admitted to Taylor and Nick that she had overacted to Rick helping clear Nick's name by thinking that he was accusing Ridge of doing the deed. Rick sought emotional comfort from Ashley as they enjoyed returning to the relationship that they had once had, before Phoebe. After learning that Ridge had admitted the truth, Rick told Phoebe that he would be there for her, forever, while Ashley stood by and watched the two kiss, remembering that Rick had also told her that their time together was not just a one-night thing.
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JUNE 2007
June 4 to 8, 2007
On a visit to see Ridge, who was in jail, Brooke learned that he was being charged with first-degree murder. Phoebe tried to make up to Rick by telling him how sorry she was that she didn't believe in him enough when he was trying to find out the truth about Shane's death. Rick tried to say goodbye to Ashley, but ended up in a lip-lock instead, although the two agreed that what happened in Mexico would stay in Mexico. Bridget was unhappy because she began to think that she was the one who implanted Taylor with her mother's eggs. Brooke and Taylor joined forces to tell Rick what had really happened in his past when Grant was shot, so that they could help Ridge in his predicament. Bridget collapsed from the stress that she was feeling, realizing what she might have done, when Rick discovered her on the floor. Nick asked Brooke to renew her "Brooke's Bedroom" line for Forrester. Bridget told Rick about what might have happened in the lab, announcing that Taylor might be carrying their mother's child. Phoebe told her new friend, Constantine, that she and Rick had made up, but while he was disappointed with her decision, he asked her to record a song, which she did. Phoebe was disappointed when Rick couldn't find the time to come to the studio to hear her, not knowing that he was trying to console his sister about the possible mix-up at the lab. When she became sleepy, Constantine urged Phoebe to take a nap on his couch until she felt better, and while she slept he softly sang to her. Taylor told Bridget that she and Nick had a special bond with her, making Bridget feel more anxious about what might have occurred in the lab.
June 11 to 15, 2007
June 18 to 22, 2007
Taylor continued to have morning sickness while Nick was befuddled about his wife's disposition and morning rituals. Bridget learned that there might have been a slip-up in the lab regarding the Petri dishes involved in Taylor's in vitro-fertilization. Rick went to see Ridge to help him remember the night of Grant Chambers' death, but Ridge was of no help. Christine used all of her legal tactics in getting Ridge's trial postponed but when it wasn't, a surprise witness-Rick-showed up in the end to explain the night of Grant Chambers' shooting death. He announced that after Ridge had been cleared and freed, he expected Ridge not to stand in the way of him and Phoebe any longer. He had not remembered anything about the night of Grant Chambers' death but had done it for Phoebe so that her father would not be spending time in jail. Brooke resigned from Forrester Creations to rejoin Forrester Originals, at Ridge's request. Stephanie was once again beside herself as she saw a familiar closeness grow between Brooke and Ridge. Constantine alerted Ridge that he didn't believe Rick was good enough for Phoebe and thought that Rick was a two-timer.
June 25 to 29, 2007
Bridget was thrilled to learn that Carl's findings proved that everything was okay and nothing was amiss in the Nick, Taylor, and Brooke egg-switching possibility. Nick offered Brooke a position with his company, which she accepted. She later asked him to tear up the contract so that she could return to Ridge and his family company. Constantine surmised that something was going on between Rick and Ashley, while claiming allegiance to Phoebe. Stephanie was irate when she learned that Brooke was returning to the company business, thanks to Ridge. Stephanie tried to get Ashley more than interested in Ridge, to keep him from going back with Brooke again. When Brooke learned that Ridge was out with Ashley, she told Stephanie that Ridge would have to pick up his son after his date. Stephanie told Ridge that Brooke had everything set up at her home, just to try to lure him back again. Brooke tried to work her magic on Ridge.
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JULY 2007
July 2 to 6, 2007
While Ridge was okay with Brooke for calling off their wedding, he couldn't accept that she had immediately run back to Nick, and informed her that he was moving on with his life. The music challenge between Phoebe and Rick, and Phoebe and Constantine, would have an impact on her future. Ridge made it clear that he wanted to explore a possible future with Ashley, much to Stephanie's delight. Ashley told Rick that she wanted to see what Ridge and she might have in the way of a future, but she insisted that she has to tell Ridge the truth about her affair with Rick first, thus clearing the air and proceeding with an honest relationship. Rick tried to convince Ashley that telling Ridge the truth would only hurt Phoebe and ruin his chances with her. Ridge was out to find the other woman in Rick's life. The Fourth of July celebration brought only sadness to Brooke as she watched Ashley with Ridge at the Forrester family celebration. Carl, the hospital man, had more news for Bridget concerning the "early" retirement of the head of the hospital because of a possible future scandal involving Taylor and Nick's baby.
July 9 to 13, 2007
After Hope had called 9-1-1 looking for her "lost mommy," the Child Protective Services sent a person to check into the situation at Brooke's house. Stephanie informed Ashley that if anything happened again with the children, she would do what she had to do to protect her grandchildren. Taylor was upset when she found out that Brooke had come to her for help, until she realized that Brooke was serious about getting her life back on track. Another "accidental" scene was caused when Nick inadvertently left his lighter at Brooke's while watching the children, causing a fire to start when they tried to light a candle. Child Protective Services removed the children to Ridge's care. Felicia agreed to take Thorne's little girl for a sleepover, thinking that Thorne had moved on with his life, but after they left, Thorne took pills along with possibly alcohol. Brooke became defiant with Ridge after learning that he and Stephanie had made a pact to keep her from her children.
July 16 to 20, 2007
Brooke found herself having to appear in court to prove her competency as a mother. With all the testimony presented, including some rather "damaging" evidence from Taylor, Brooke lost custody of her children, at least for a while, to Ridge. The big "sing-off" at Insomnia brought no winner, as it was deemed a tie for all. While Phoebe was with Rick talking about her feelings, Felicia planted a huge kiss on Constantine. Phoebe once again told Rick that she was ready to move forward with their relationship when she suddenly drew back and announced that she still wasn't ready to make love with him. Nick, becoming perturbed with his wife and her testimony, took a walk back to the Marlin where he encountered Brooke, and gave her a "support" talk about how he would be there for her. Looking at each other, a kiss almost happened, but Nick made a fast exit as Brooke pulled back from him.
July 23 to 27, 2007
Nick rehired Brooke to work for his company and gave her the title of head designer. Taylor agreed that Brooke could work there when Brooke told Taylor she would not do anything that would jeopardize her getting her children back or interfere with Taylor's marriage. Thorne was headed on a downward spiral because he still wasn't able to leave his beloved Darla's death in the past and move on with the future. Ashley and Ridge grew closer before Phoebe revealed Ashley's connection with Rick to her father. Donna found a way to get even with Stephanie, and decided that Thorne would be the perfect ploy to achieve her revenge. Believing that a vision before him was Darla, Thorne made love to Donna. Phoebe knew the real truth between Rick and Ashley, as did Ridge, who was not happy when Ashley went to see him.
July 30 to August 3, 2007
As Phoebe and Rick, and Ashley and Ridge were trying to make amends for their collapsing relationships, Stephanie was particularly surprised at Ridge's attitude towards Ashley, until Ashley revealed all about her affair with Rick. Ridge notified Taylor and Brooke about Ashley and Rick's past, surprising both women. Donna used her wiles to lure Thorne into her own web of deceit to get revenge against Stephanie. Ashley and Ridge began to mend their relationship, vowing to only play for keeps with each other. Phoebe informed Rick that their relationship was over for good, but Rick vowed to win her back somehow.
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August 6 to 10, 2007
After making another of her scathing appearances on the Rick Ginger show, Stephanie had to explain to her family why she found it so necessary to put down the Logan family again. Donna Logan, having had enough of Stephanie, decided on a plan of her own to get even with Stephanie for all that she had done to Donna's family. Stephanie met up with the charming man who had spilled a drink on Brooke and realized that the story Brooke had told in which the children were left alone was true. She used the man to lure Brooke into another situation, which would keep her concentrated on him rather than trying to gain back the custody of her children. Donna put her plan into action. She got Thorne out of town and put the moves on him, hoping to get him to marry her. Trying to surprise Thorne, Ally and Stephanie arrived to see Thorne return from out of town, only to discover that he had a new "fiancée" as Ally shouted out to Stephanie to keep her hands off of Donna.
August 13 to 17, 2007
Stephanie was dumbfounded to learn that Donna Logan was Thorne's fiancée. Rick was still contemplating how to get Phoebe back into his life, while Phoebe was unable to think of singing a duet with Rick without being "together" with him. Brooke had a meeting with the woman from Child Protective Service and learned that Dorothy would set up a hearing with the judge so that Brooke could plead her case. With prompting from Stephanie, Andy made a dangerous move on Brooke and later sexually assaulted her.
August 20 to 24, 2007
A boastful Andy left a badly beaten Brooke whimpering that she would call the police on him, only to be told that if she ever wanted to see her children again, she'd better think twice about what she was doing. Dorothy, the woman from Child Protective Services, went to Brooke's to check on her, only to find her in disarray and disoriented, which caused her to have concern over Brooke's competency with her children. Bridget was able to figure out that her mother had been raped, while Stephanie continued to push for Ridge to have complete custody of the children. The singing competition with Phoebe took place and the winner was decided. Brooke vowed not to let her children be taken from her, no matter what.
August 27 to 31, 2007
Phoebe and Constantine were named the winners of the contest. Phoebe told Rick that she loved him and then broke things off with him for good. Brooke told Bridget and Ridge that she had been raped. Brooke told Ridge that she couldn't report the rape for fear that Andy would cause her to lose custody of her children for good. Ridge learned that Andy had an accomplice and vowed to find that other person. Later, Andy taunted Ridge by admitting to having help in getting into Brooke's home-before plunging with electrical antenna off of a tall building to his death. Eric told Donna and Thorne that no matter what Stephanie said, their wedding would take place at the Forrester home. Brooke and Donna's sister, Katie, arrived in town for Donna's wedding. Ridge made good on his promise to Brooke and returned her children.
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September 3 to 7, 2007
Brooke and Ridge patched things up. Brooke continued to experience flashbacks of her sexual assault, but she didn't tell anyone that she was still going through that trauma. As Donna prepared to get married, Jackie and Stephanie did their best individually to talk Donna out of marrying Thorne. Overhearing Jackie and Donna arguing about the true reasons that Donna was marrying Thorne, Katie went to Thorne to talk with him. Walking down the aisle, a glowing Donna smiled as she joined Thorne, telling him that she loved him.
September 10 to 14, 2007
Thorne canceled his nuptials with Donna after learning from Katie that Donna didn't really love him. Donna vowed to get revenge on Stephanie. Ridge was compelled to find out the identity of Andy's accomplice. Katie hinted to Stephanie that Brooke's tragedy might bring Brooke and Ridge back together, but Stephanie was adamant that Ashley was the woman for Ridge. Eric found evidence incriminating Stephanie in the sexual assault on Brooke.
September 17 to 21, 2007
While Eric talked with Brooke and her sisters, all were in agreement that Stephanie had gone too far in wanting revenge on Brooke. Donna and Katie made amends with each other over Katie stopping Donna's wedding. Bridget and Karl bickered over his obsession that something could still have gone wrong and that the wrong egg was implanted in Taylor. Bridget was asked to be the godmother of Taylor and Nick's child. Nick discovered that the baby Taylor was carrying could possibly be his and Brooke's child. Donna and Eric got closer. Ashley and Taylor talked about the on-and-off relationship with Brooke and Ridge. Nick was told that it would be best to find out who the baby's real mother was after the child was born. Brooke moved back home, thinking that she had lost both Ridge and Nick forever. Thorne and Donna reached an honest agreement about their cancelled wedding and the two remained friends while Donna moved on to another Forrester, this time Eric. Ridge picked out another engagement ring to present to either Ashley or Brooke that evening.
September 24 to 28, 2007
Eric and Donna grew closer. Felicia took off to be with Constantine on his tour. Ridge told Brooke that he couldn't go forward with her again, but she said things would be different. Brooke found the engagement ring, which she quickly tried on, believing that it was for her. Ridge informed Brooke that the ring was for Ashley. Eric and Donna made love after Donna convinced Eric that he owed Stephanie nothing. Nick learned from Brooke that Ashley and Ridge were engaged. Jackie suggested to Brooke that they revive her Brooke's Bedroom line in order to compete with Forrester. Moments before walking down the catwalk, Brooke lost her cool and began tearing apart anything in her way while a comforting Ridge rushed to her rescue.
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October 1 to 5, 2007
Ridge ran to Brooke's aid once again, as she was unable to model the showstopper from her Brooke's Bedroom line, due to the constant nightmares that she kept experiencing as a result of flashbacks of the night she was raped. Ridge took Brooke to see a rape counselor, hoping that it would help her to better cope with what happened to her. Donna explained to Eric what happened at their fashion show and suggested that it would be a good time for him to offer to buy the company back from Nick. Eric made an offer for the company, but Nick would only sell if Eric promised to divorce Stephanie. Ridge finally told Ashley that Brooke was raped, in order to explain why he was spending so much time with her. Eric and Nick signed papers after Eric agreed to divorce Stephanie. Eric found a bathing Jackie waiting for him in the bath then, while he was taking a call, Donna appeared naked in the bathroom to an astonished Jackie. While the two stared at each other, Eric resurfaced and told Jackie that his relationship with Donna was on the up and up, making Jackie furious. Jackie threw Donna into the tub and marched out of the room.
October 8 to 12, 2007
Nick considered selling Forrester Creations back to Eric, but only with a huge stipulation on his part. The Forrester family, minus Stephanie, who was still away, celebrated the return of Forrester Creations back to Eric, not knowing that it involved keeping Stephanie not only out of the company but also out of the family. Brooke learned from Nick that Eric needed to divorce Stephanie to get the company and he learned that she was intending to get Ridge back since there was no longer any chance with him. Nick was astounded at the thought of his mother being caught in Eric's bathtub and Donna also being there dressed only in a towel. Ashley told Ridge that she was heading for Paris and he'd better get his priorities straight before she left or she wouldn't marry him. Thorne found out that his father was with his ex-fiancée and sleeping with her. Ashley accused Brooke of using her rape as a way to keep Ridge close to her. Ridge tried to set down boundaries for Brooke but found himself having deeper feelings for her that he finally brought to the surface by kissing Brooke passionately. Katie and Thorne grew closer but she was unhappy about the relationship that Donna was having with Eric, telling her sister that it would not lead anywhere. Donna faced off with Jackie, and Brooke faced off with Ashley, at the baby shower for Taylor. Taylor's son, Thomas, arrived to surprise her. Taylor's water broke as she experienced a sharp pain, which caused her to yell that it was too early for the baby.
October 15 to 19, 2007
Bridget told everyone that Taylor had gone into early labor. At the hospital, with Taylor preparing to give birth, Bridget told Nick that they would run the tests to prove who the mother was as soon as possible. The baby was born, but had very little in the way of an immune system, causing everyone to panic over the serious situation. The egg donor was to be notified if Nick could not donate bone marrow, and it turned out that Taylor's doctor was unaware of what had happened with the mix-up, and contacted the person listed on the hospital form. Bridget later confirmed that it was her mother who was the donor, and she was willing to cooperate in helping with the baby. Eric told an unbelieving Felicia that her mother was partly responsible for what happened to Brooke because of Andy. Nick learned from Bridget that the true donor was her mother and they prepared to tell Brooke the truth, in hope that she would help out the baby. Once Brooke knew the truth, she went ahead with the bone marrow transplant. Ridge told Katie that he had made up his mind who he wanted to be with, but wouldn't tell her who it was. Taylor was told the truth about Brooke's egg being used when she wanted to meet the donor. Stephanie returned home to face Eric and her family about what she had done, while Donna lingered outside listening.
October 22 to 26, 2007
Taylor learned that Brooke was the biological mother of her baby. Brooke was told the truth about the accidental mix-up in the hospital and then offered to give the baby her bone marrow when the child developed an immune deficiency problem, which could only be cured with the help of the birth parents, after Nick was deemed medically unable to help. Stephanie arrived back home and was told that she was the cause of Brooke's attack by Andy. While trying to make amends to everyone, she went to Brooke first, and stayed to hear the rage that Brooke had kept inside of her towards Stephanie. Brooke told Stephanie that she would not accept her apology. Brooke told Ridge the truth about the baby and the mix-up at the hospital. Brooke begged Ridge for another chance and Ridge told Brooke that he loved her, too. Thorne and Katie found that they had much in common, which started to bond the two of them together in a special way. Stephanie found out that Eric was having an affair not with Jackie, whom she suspected, but with Donna Logan instead.
October 29 to November 2, 2007
Ridge broke off his engagement to Ashley so that he could go back to Brooke. Eric fired Stephanie and waited for their divorce to be finalized. Brooke learned that Eric and Donna were an item. When Donna revealed her plans to be the next Mrs. Eric Forrester, she and Stephanie got into a catfight. Nick was concerned when it appeared that Taylor has having trouble bonding with her son. Brooke signed papers relinquishing her rights to baby Jack. Nick agreed to buy Spectra Fashions for his mother, leaving him a silent partner.
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November 5 to 9, 2007
Nick brought home his baby to an unsure Taylor, who had not yet been able to accept that Brooke was his biological mother. Brooke told Eric that she and Ridge had gotten back together. Eric continued to stand by Donna while accepting loads of criticism from his family, especially Stephanie. Donna called her father back to town for reinforcement while dealing with Stephanie. Nick and Stephen both learned that Stephanie, indirectly, was responsible for Brooke's rape. Jackie became the new owner of Spectra Fashions, thanks to Nick, who was to remain a silent partner. Both Stephen and Nick were urged by Brooke to forget about taking revenge on Stephanie, to no avail. Stephanie received two threats from Nick and Stephen regarding Brooke, as Nick threatened to kill Stephanie if she ever hurt Brooke again and Stephen had Stephanie nearly over the balcony of her hotel room suite. Nick reiterated to Eric that there was no deal about Forrester Creations if he didn't divorce Stephanie.
November 12 to 16, 2007
Eric made his choice, opting to be with Donna and kicking Stephanie to the curb. Stephen tried to toss Stephanie off a hotel room balcony. Jake MacClaine turned up in LA doing construction work for the Forresters. Ridge and Eric prepared for the fashion show. Brooke asked Nick for a picture of Jack, but Nick refused. Storm blasted Stephen for having abandoned the family so many years before.
November 19 to 23, 2007
Donna was elated as the fashion show was about to begin and bring about a public announcement of her relationship with Eric. Jackie and Nick were headed over to see the fashion show after learning that Eric had still not put his divorce from Stephanie into action, which meant that Eric might have gone back on his word after having agreed to divorce Stephanie in order to regain Forrester Originals. Stephanie tried to shame Donna by telling her that her being seen with Eric would bring about more harm than good. In order to help their mother keep Eric from making a fool of himself before the public, Thorne and Felicia went along with Stephanie's plan to keep Donna off the runway by locking her in a steam room as both Thorne and Felicia talked their mother into standing alongside Eric at the end of the show. The Logans searched for Donna, thinking that Stephanie might actually have done something dastardly to her. Alone in the room, a gunshot was heard in the air as Stephanie fell to the floor after being hit by a bullet. Donna found Stephanie on the floor, covered in blood, and was assumed to be the guilty party as everyone ran into the room to see Donna with blood on her hands. Jackie appeared guilty of something as she ran back to Spectra and told Clarke that she would be leaving for a while. At the hospital, Eric stood by his wife, reminding her to hold onto what they had because it just couldn't all end like that.
November 26 to 30, 2007
As Stephanie was waiting to be brought into surgery, the family gathered around to hear her tell that she believed Donna was the one who shot her. Brooke was certain that none of her relatives could have pulled the trigger, but evidence was pointing to several people other than Donna who might have done the deed. The smell of a cooking pot roast made Eric realize that someone familiar had arrived back in town. Donna realized after meeting Pam, Stephanie's sister, that Pam showed signs of being someone who was unbalanced. Pam's inner rage for all the years that she had to spend taking care of their mother began to surface as she spoke to a sleeping Stephanie in her hospital room, while telling her that she would soon make sure that she got all that she deserved. Baby Jack received a clean bill of health, but Brooke was still trying to fight the feelings that she had knowing that the baby was hers and Nick's. After Ridge told Brooke that her obsession with Baby Jack could destroy their relationship, Brooke gave her word to Ridge that she would never think of Baby Jack as her baby again. A gun was found in the suite of Stephen Logan, possibly the one used to shoot Stephanie.
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December 3 to 7, 2007
Stephen was arrested for the attempted shooting of Stephanie Forrester. The police detectives later admitted that there were others who also could have done the deed. Brooke continued to keep vigil over baby Jack, even though she vowed to keep her distance, allowing Taylor and Nick to raise their son on their own. Eric set Stephanie up in a hotel after she was released from the hospital, noting that Pam would be there to help and aid her with everything. Rick returned Ashley's wedding invitations-just in case. Katie and Jake discovered that he had accidentally recorded what might have been the actual shooting of Stephanie, and who the shooter might be. With the videotape having been shown, Stephen Logan was once again taken into custody, as it appeared that he was indeed the shooter, after a ring appeared in the photo that Stephen never removed from his finger.
December 10 to 14, 2007
The Logans started pointing fingers at whodunit in the Stephanie shooting after seeing the gun photo that displayed a hand and a ring that appeared to belong to Stephen. Anne called Stephanie's sister, Pam, and noted that she had left her medication in Chicago and might be unbalanced. Anne wondered if her daughter had shot Stephanie, and ordered her to get on the next plane home. Brooke admitted to Nick and Ridge that she loved Baby Jack and wanted to be part of his life. Ridge told her it was Nick and Jack, or him. Brooke ran to Nick, and they shared an embrace aboard the Shady Marlin after failing to convince Ridge and Taylor to become one big happy family around the baby. Ashley spied the two embracing and tattled to Felicia. Taylor finally bonded with Baby Jack, who nursed comfortably. At his birthday party, Storm frightened Brooke when he revealed he had a ring similar to his dad's with a water polo figure on it. He wore it on a chain around his neck, and he shared some deep-seated Daddy resentment, saying that he knew she wondered if he had framed their dad as the shooter.
December 17 to 21, 2007
Storm fessed up to Brooke and Katie that he was indeed the shooter, and that he did frame their father for shooting Stephanie Forrester. The trio told their dad the news, and he insisted on taking the blame, and wouldn't hear of Storm confessing to the police. After multiple run-ins with Ridge and Stephanie regarding the holiday, Donna told Eric to spend the holiday with his family. She was confident in their love, and she could wait. Eric rewarded her with a diamond bracelet for Christmas and a promise of more diamonds-an engagement ring.
December 24 to 28, 2007
The Forrester gang sprang into action to celebrate Christmas, ignoring Stephanie's wishes to be alone. Brooke showed up, too, but she was on a mission. She wanted to keep her father and brother out of jail by making a deal with Stephanie in which Stephanie told the police she didn't actually see the shooter, and certainly couldn't be sure it was Stephen. Stephanie caught on that Storm was the shooter, and began to understand Brooke's request to save her family. Meanwhile, all the Logans digested the fact that Storm framed his dad for shooting Stephanie because of deep-seated hatred for his father since he left them as children. Eric spent the holidays at the Forrester home, but he told Ridge he had divorce papers for Stephanie and planned to submit them after the holidays. On Christmas Day, a rerun of a holiday episode featured Darlene Conley.
December 31, 2007 to January 4, 2008
Erie presented divorce papers to Stephanie; she refused to sign them, and quickly schemed to save her marriage. She remembered that Brooke blabbered that Storm shot Stephanie and framed his dad, Stephen, for the crime. She quickly hatched a plot and told Brooke she would make a deal-ensuring that Stephen and Storm went free as long as Donna walked away from Eric. Brooke scoffed that even if Donna didn't marry him, Eric would never return to Stephanie. Brooke wanted assurance that if Eric didn't return, Stephanie would stick to the agreement. Stephanie gave her word that she would. While Stephanie disclosed her deal to Brooke, Eric proposed to Donna with a romantic fashion show-including a wedding dress-designed specifically for her to wear on a trip to a private island with Eric. Brooke called and interrupted Donna and Eric, telling Donna she must return home for an emergency. As Donna returned, Brooke broke the news that Donna must give up Eric in order to set Storm and Stephen free. A distraught Donna refused Brooke's request, but wavered after talking to Storm and listening to Brooke's pleas. Meanwhile, Stephanie visited Stephen in jail to tell him about the offer she made to Brooke, and she encouraged Stephen to pressure Donna to give up Eric saying Stephen couldn't possibly want Eric and Donna together. Stephanie later called the Logans, telling them they had one hour to make the deal, and Brooke pressured Donna to make a decision.
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