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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 1, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, January 1, 2007

Due to the New Year's holiday, today's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful has been pre-empted. This skipped episode was anticipated and their will be no "lost" episodes as a result of today's special programming.

If you missed anything from 2006, this is your time to catch up. We have archived all of the news from 2006 (and going all the way back to 1996) for you to review at your leisure. If you want to catch up on the history of the show, we have over ten years of archived Daily Recaps for you to enjoy. We are also in the midst of our annual "Dankies," where you can vote for the best of the best on the soaps.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

At Nick's house, Taylor told him that what he is feeling for her is part of the therapeutic relationship which is gratefulness. Nick reminded Taylor that they made love some time ago and that she told him he stopped her pain. Taylor advised Nick that the night they made love is when she realized that she is an alcoholic. Taylor reminded Nick about their deal regarding Forrester Creations. Taylor reminded Nick that she had kept her end of the bargain. She advised Nick that she had helped him in therapy and that he promised if he felt better about himself, he would give Forrester Creations back to the Forrester family. Nick was adamant that he is not finished with therapy because he is not at peace-quite the opposite; he is upset with Jackie over things she did when he was a child.

Back at home, Taylor told Stephanie over the phone that Nick had not agreed to give back Forrester Creations yet; However, Taylor felt that Nick is a man of integrity and would keep his word. Stephanie told Ridge that she overheard Taylor dictating notes that Jackie had been a whore. Stephanie told Ridge to keep quiet that she gave him that information because Taylor could lose her license to practice psychiatry. Ridge decided immediately that the information could be used to blackmail Nick to get Forrester Creations back.

Stephanie had legal papers for the sale of Forrester Creations drawn up. She boldly went to Nick's house to ask him to sign the sales agreement. Nick and Stephanie's conversation did not get hostile until Nick revealed to Stephanie that he had no intention of ever selling the company back to her. Stephanie told Nick that he would regret he nixed the opportunity to sell the company back. Stephanie threatened to bring his and Jackie's world down.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

At Forrester Creations, Jackie frets over Clark's designs. Donna and Clarke try to defend them, but Jackie just doesn't think they are good enough for their upcoming fashion show and tells them there will be no show if this is the best they can do. After Donna and Clarke scurry off, Stephanie barges in and tells Jackie she will never save this sinking ship. Stephanie admits she just overheard Jackie's conversation with Clarke and agrees that the fashion show will be a disaster. Stephanie advises Jackie to get Nick to sell the company back in order to avoid further embarrassment. Nick walks in on their conversation and states he will never sell the company. He then orders Stephanie to leave the building unless she wants to be thrown out.

At the Foresters', Taylor drops by and tells Ridge that Stephanie called her over. She fears Stephanie is frustrated with her because Nick hasn't given the company back. Ridge tells her Nick will never be ready to sell the company. He worries about Eric's creative block and depression. When Stephanie arrives she asks to be alone with Taylor. She then tells Taylor that she saw Nick and knows now that he has no intention of selling the company. Taylor is upset that Stephanie interfered, but Stephanie assures her she didn't say anything about Jackie being a whore, but adds that Taylor can't expect her not to use the information on Jackie to get the company back. Upset, Taylor demands that Stephanie not use this information. Stephanie reminds her that these same people she is protecting tried to throw Stephanie in jail. While she promises to not jeopardize Taylor's professional reputation, Stephanie says she is prepared to do whatever it takes to help Eric. Fearing she will lose her practice, Taylor insists that Stephanie be patient and let her work with Nick a little more.

Back at Forrester Creations, Jackie fears Stephanie may know the truth. Nick tells his mother not to worry Stephanie doesn't know, but Jackie remains uneasy. Before they can discuss it further, Donna and Clarke come in with the next design. Nick thinks it looks good and Jackie agrees that this one is a show stopper, but pressures Clarke to come up with more designs for the show. After they leave Nick tells Jackie he has to have a profit from this collection or the Board of Marone will be upset. Taylor drops by and senses the tension in the air. She thinks it's a good sign that Jackie and Nick are speaking again. Nick tells her they are more concerned about the fashion show right now, but Taylor argues that dealing with their relationship is much more important than a fashion show. Not in the mood for therapy, Nick tells Taylor he doesn't have the time or the patience for a group session. Taylor continues to pressure him by saying everything in his life for years has been influenced because of his resentment towards his mother and he needs to deal with it. Nick tells Taylor he wants the least amount of conflict for the next few days until the fashion show which means no more Stephanie Forrester bursting in on them. Taylor assures him that Jackie's past is none of Stephanie's business and promises to try to keep her out of his hair.

Meanwhile at the Foresters', Stephanie decides to take the matter into her on hands. She feels she gave Jackie plenty of opportunities to give the company back. She tells Ridge she wants to make the information public. Ridge understands why Taylor would be nervous, but feels since Nick never had a session at Taylor's office and never was billed, Taylor should be protected. Stephanie thinks the best plan is to find Captain Kramer. Ridge agrees and is able to locate his phone number and address on the internet. Excitedly, Stephanie calls the number, reaches him on the phone and sets up a time for them to meet. At first he is reluctant, but when she tells she is a friend of Jackie Payne and assures him it will be worth his while, he agrees to meet her. After she gets of the phone, Stephanie eagerly plans to make Kramer the real show stopper for Nick's fashion show.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

As Ridge sees the ad for the "New Forrester" cruise line show being shown the next day, Stephanie reminds Ridge that since the Marone Industry is still a part of the company, they would not be too happy to learn about Jackie's rather sordid past. Stephanie laments that Taylor will be very unhappy with her, but says, that she has to do this so the world will know what kind of a person Jackie really is.

In the meantime, Stephanie invites a guest into her home. It is Captain Kramer, and after meeting Ridge, the three talk about why he is there. Stephanie lies, telling him that there is going to be a surprise party for Jackie, and she would like him to attend. She tells him about the fashion show that Jackie is premiering the following day, and would like it, if he decides to come, to perhaps wear his old Captain's uniform. After receiving the runaround from Ridge and Stephanie, and a lot of smooth talking, he agrees to attend.

Nick arrives at where the fashion show will be held. He is there to make sure that things are in order, and tells Jackie that he is not there to see her, although she makes an attempt at talking with him.

Taylor and Thorne talk about Nick and she asks Thorne to please stay out of what is going on. She will be at a conference that evening, but she still believes that Nick will change his mind, and will stop by to see him on her way out of town, to see if anything has changed yet.

As Nick and his mother are alone, she experiences some pain, which he immediately notices. Comments are made, but he still won't allow himself to forgive her. Then, Taylor stops by and wants to know if anyone wants to talk. She begs Nick to find a way to forgive Jackie. She tells him that because he always believed her to be "perfect" that when he found out about her, where was she to go in his opinion, but down. Finally, Taylor has broken through to him, and he tells his mother that he can't accept what she has done, but he does know that everything she did, she did to make a better life for him. He tells her that he has forgiven her and agrees that the subject will never again be brought up.

At Stephanie's home, Thorne arrives as her guest is leaving. He overhears his mother and brother talking about Jackie's past, and if they use it, it could ruin Taylor's professional career. Stephanie tells him that she learned about Jackie's past, quite by accident, and nothing is more important than getting the company back for their father, who suffered so much because of what happened. Thorne finally agrees to join his brother and mother in upsetting the applecart for Nick and Jackie.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Jackie is nervous about the fashion show and Nick reassures her by telling her that the past has been forgiven and their future is represented in their new company. Nick is proud of the new fashion line and congratulates his staff on a job well done. Stephanie and Ridge prepare to reveal Jerry Kramer to Jackie. Ridge thinks their plan will anger Eric and Taylor but Stephanie convinces him it is worth it. Jerry arrives and Stephanie has him wait in a Forrester office connected to the showroom. The fashion show begins. Thorne goes backstage with Stephanie and knocks Clarke out so he won't be able to stop their plan. Nick takes the stage to thank his mother and the crowd for coming. Later, Donna emerges on the runway escorted by Jerry Kramer. Jackie is horrified and Nick jumps on the stage and grabs him in anger. Stephanie announces to the crowd that Jerry was Jackie's pimp and that she is a whore. Pandemonium erupts.

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