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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 8, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, January 8, 2007

On the Forrester Runway, Nick lashes out at Captain Kramer and has the security guards take him away while the photographers and reporters have a field day with Stephanie's show stopping scandal. Trying to do damage control, Donna tells the press that there is clearly no truth and blames the whole fiasco on Stephanie's attempt to sabotage the fashion show. When Taylor rushes in, Ridge holds her back. Nick scornfully stares at her, clearly blaming her for the whole debacle. Once most everyone has left, Ridge enjoys his champagne and eagerly watches to see how upset the Marone Board is by what just happened. He assures George, the head of the board, that the Forester's are willing to buy back their company before Nick drives it to Chapter 11. George informs him that they will be calling an emergency meeting to deal with this public relation's nightmare. As the board members are leaving, Nick walks in looking for his mother and Ridge gleefully tells him about the emergency meeting about to take place at Marone. After Nick leaves Ridge continues to drink champagne, when Jackie walks in, she disgustedly tells him she can't believe how much like Stephanie he has become. Ridge smugly tells her that she and her "bastard son" have no one to blame but themselves. He cruelly adds that soon she and Nick will need a new cozy office space that will be suitable for entertaining sea captains. Standing her ground, Jackie proclaims that the Forresters haven't won yet

In Nick's office, Jackie confronts Stephanie asking her how she could do this. She warns Stephanie that Eric will leave her when he finds out. Taylor burst in ready to let Stephanie have it. Before she gets the chance, Jackie comes down on her saying she can't believe Nick ever trusted her. Stephanie defends Taylor, telling Jackie Taylor had nothing to do with it. Not even caring who was responsible, Jackie leaves in a huff. Once they are alone Taylor lights into Stephanie. She can't believe that her so called best friend could betray her like this. She shrieks at Stephanie that she isn't upset because of her reputation, but because what has happened to Nick and Jackie. Stephanie questions where Taylor's loyalties lie, with the Forresters or with the Marones? Taylor angrily replies that she's going to have to think about that. She blames Stephanie for "playing her" for years accusing Stephanie of pushing her off on one son, then the other. Taylor adds that when her actions don't please Stephanie, Stephanie just cuts her out of her life. Before she leaves Taylor angrily tells Stephanie she will not be pushed around anymore and she no longer wants to be a part of this one sided friendship. Later Captain Kramer finds Stephanie and she offers him money for all of his help. Offended, he can't believe Stephanie lied through her teeth to get him there and now she's insulting him? He admits that he may have done some really lousy things in his life, but believes when it comes to 'pure nasty', he can't hold a candle to her. After he storms out, Nick walks in and calls her a bitch. He is upset that she had to bring Jackie into their fight. He also can't believe that Taylor would betray his confidence. Stephanie tells him that Taylor had no part in this and warns him that Marone industries is probably ready to flush him down the toilet.

In the Dressing Room, Taylor is upset with Thorne for being part of Stephanie's nasty revenge scheme. Thorne defends himself saying Stephanie and Ridge would have done it either way. He feels justified in telling the truth about Jackie's past, if it helps them to get back Eric's company. Taylor argues that airing someone's dirty laundry is not telling the truth. She remains mad at him for not telling her about Stephanie's plans, whether he had a part in them or not. While they are still fussing, Nick walks in and tells Taylor that her guilt for killing Thorne's wife should be over now since she has more than made for it by sabotaging Jackie. He then leaves and Taylor goes running after him. When Stephanie and Ridge walk in on Thorne he tells them getting Forrester back wasn't worth losing Taylor.

Back on the runway, Nick cringes as he remembers the horrible events of the show and the spectacle the press made of his mother. Taylor approaches begging him to listen to what she has to say. Nick accuses her of planning this all along. Taylor says he is wrong and explains that Stephanie overheard her going over her notes about Jackie. She assures him that she made it clear to Stephanie that she wasn't to say a word. Nick doesn't understand why she didn't warn him in advance that Stephanie knew, Taylor admits that she made a mistake and tells him she feels as betrayed as he does. Nick is mad that Taylor had to dig up all of his past in the first place. Taylor vows to a disbelieving Nick that she will make it up to him somehow.

Meanwhile back in Nick's office, Captain Kramer finds Jackie and apologizes to her. He explains that Stephanie convinced him that Jackie wanted to see him. Jackie can't believe he would think she would ever want to see him again. He tells her he had alot of things he wanted to say to her. She is still angry about what he did to her in the past and slaps him. Kramer says he saw she was in a tough situation back then and he wanted to help, but admits it was the wrong way. He explains that he gave her money because he couldn't give her what he really wanted to give her, since he was married at the time. Not able to stomach him any longer, she reminds him that he is no longer paying for her time and orders him to get out.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

At home, Eric watched in horror as he heard Stephanie say in the replay of the fashion show that Jackie is nothing but a whore. Eric told Ridge and Thorne that what they did was wrong even though they did it in attempt to obtain Forrester Creations back from Nick. Felicia arrived and told everyone that the press had followed her through the gates. Eric left the room as the press began to arrive.

At Forrester Creations, George told Nick that the board of Marone is not happy with the bad publicity about Jackie. George warned that he summoned the Marone board for an emergency meeting. George accused Nick of grabbing Forrester Creations in his own vendetta over losing Brooke. He advised that Nick had no right to buy the company for his own personal reasons.

At home, Thorne confronted Taylor. Taylor was too angry to discuss his stunts that broke confidentiality of her clients. Taylor felt that Thorne did not trust him enough to obtain the company back as she said she would. Thorne claimed to not trust Nick and this is the reason he went along with Stephanie and Ridge. Taylor felt bad for again trusting Stephanie. She made Thorne promise to not continue with the same antics against Jackie and Nick.

Meanwhile, Felicia called Thorne and told him to get to the house immediately to help them deal with the press. Taylor went to Nick's. Nick explained to Jackie that Stephanie overheard her record her notes and that is how she obtained the confidential information.

On camera with the press, Thorne explained that they were forced to sell the company to Nick. Thorne also explained how the information about Jackie's past became public. The press accused Ridge of being unfair and having picked on Jackie who made mistakes but then straightened out. Nick told Jackie that he would never sell the company back to the Forresters. George arrived and told Nick that the board voted him out as CEO. George told him that he is the new CEO and he intends to sell Forrester creations back to the Forresters. After a phone call, Ridge informed Eric, Thorne Felicia and Brooke that Nick was fired as CEO and now George is the CEO. George advised them to draw up legal papers to have the company sold back to them. Eric rejoiced with the news.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

At Massimo's, Nick holds a model of a Marone ship, brooding over his dismissal from the Marone Board. Jackie approaches him tentatively, feeling horrible about all the grief she has caused her son. She is shocked when Nick violently smashes the model ship and hurls his sailor uniform into the fire. He bitterly tells his mother that part of his life is over forever. He explains that the only reason he became a sailor was because of Jackie's constant fairy tales about what a hero Massimo Marone was and now he knows that's not true. Jackie unsuccessfully tries to calm him down. He is furious about how horribly the Forrester's have treated them and tells his mother that they aren't going to get rid of him that easily. He makes a phone call and as he is leaving tells a frightened Jackie that the Forrester's have no idea what he is capable of.

At Taylor's, Taylor is upset with Thorne for appearing on TV to defend his family's actions against Nick. Thorne explains that he felt that his family needed his support and maintains that it paid off since they are getting the company back. Taylor thinks the way they got it back was wrong and is upset that no one believed in her methods. Before he leaves Thorne promises Taylor they will discuss it further when he gets home. Later, Brooke drops by for Hope and Alex's play date. When they are alone she tells Taylor that she feels bad about how things went down for Nick and Jackie, but believes that is what they get for taking the company away like they did. Taylor thinks Brooke is being very hypocritical, considering how unfairly she's acted in the past. Not wanting to argue, Brooke tells Taylor she understands why she is upset with Stephanie but thinks all that really matters is that they got the company back and now Taylor can concentrate on her upcoming wedding. Taylor admits that her wedding isn't the most important concern in her life right now. She then tells Brooke how upset she is with Thorne for being a part of Stephanie's scheme. Brooke defends him saying he was just concerned about his father. Taylor says she always believed Thorne was a good man until now. She questions Thorne's integrity and human decency and worries that he will always be trying to get Stephanie's approval no matter who gets hurt. Brooke thinks Taylor should just focus her anger on Stephanie, but Taylor tells her she is more angry with herself for trusting Stephanie. She admits that she isn't sure if she will ever be able to get over Thorne's part in this. She then goes on about how horrible it was for Nick and Jackie and what a good man Nick is and how she knows he would have done the right thing. Realizing how strong Taylor's feelings are for Nick, Brooke becomes suspicious and questions her if they are more than friends, Taylor dodges the question saying she is concerned about him as a patient and friend. Brooke doesn't buy it. Taylor tells her she feels responsible for what happened and plans on continuing to help Nick. Brooke doesn't think that is wise, warning her that it is a volatile situation with Taylor feeling disappointed in Thorne and protective over Nick. Annoyed with her pushiness, Taylor argues that it is not a big deal or anything to be concerned about.

At the Forresters', Eric and Ridge eagerly prepare to get the company back. Although Eric doesn't condone how his sons maneuvered the situation, he does appreciate their efforts. Ridge tells him they would have done whatever they had to do in order to get the company back. When Thorne arrives he is upset about the negative impact their scheme had on his relationship with Taylor. Eric feels Thorne should have expected Taylor to be upset. Ridge tries to cheer Thorne up by telling him how happy he will be when Eric is back where he belongs, at the helm of Forrester. Once they get to Forrester Creations they are surprised when Nick shows up with George. Eric apologizes to Nick about what happened to Jackie and assures Nick that if he had known anything about the scheme he would have prevented it. Ridge smugly suggest that Nick and Jackie go on a cruise so their cruise wear line want be wasted. Nick tells Ridge not to worry the cruise wear line won't go wasted since they will be featuring it on the runway in Milan. Surprised, Ridge asks Nick if he is going to start his own fashion house. Nick informs him that he just sold his stock in Marone so he could buy Forrester. Eric and Ridge are stunned. George explains that Nick offered him a deal that he couldn't refuse. Before George leaves he wishes Nick luck and tells Nick he's finally proven that he is his father's son. Nick tells Ridge, Eric and Thorne to take a good look at Forrester Creations as they leave because he intends to make sure they never set foot in the place again. Ridge warns Nick that he will regret this, because now it's war. Later, Thorne comes back in and calls Nick a bastard. Nick tries to make Thorne insecure about Taylor's feelings by telling him Taylor may not love him. Thorne orders Nick to stay away from Taylor. Thorne goes on to tell him they are in love and planning their wedding. After Thorne leaves Nick calls Taylor and unsuccessfully tries to convince her to meet up with him.

Back at Taylor's, Brooke thinks Taylor made the right decision when she refused to meet up with Nick. She encourages Taylor to make marrying Thorne her main priority. Taylor's mind seems elsewhere. Meanwhile outside, Hope opens a whole new can of worms when she announces to Alex that Taylor killed Darla.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jackie was moved by a visit from Eric telling her that he was sorry for what his family put her through. Stephanie arrived while Eric had stepped out of the room to get Jackie's medication and re-entered the room again when he heard Stephanie tell Jackie that the Forresters will soon have their company back. He told his wife that the statement would never become true as Nick has raged war on them for what they did. Nick had purchased the company himself by offering a much better bid, which was accepted. While Eric continued to voice his disapproval to Stephanie, Jackie listened and patiently took the whole conversation in. Stephanie left the house and went home to ask Pam to be her eyes and ears for her while she is away. She wanted Pam to make sure that Jackie stayed away from Eric.

After Brooke and her daughter, Hope, left Taylor's home, Alexandria became distant bringing some concern to both Taylor and Thorne who had returned home also. While Aly was out of the room, Thorne told Taylor that he made a mistake and apologized to her for not listening and waiting for the right time to get Forrester Creations back. They then talked about their wedding plans. In the meantime, Hope told Brooke that she told Alexandria what happened to her mother. Brooke immediately called Taylor but the conversation ended before Brooke could tell her what happened. Later, Aly finally did tell Thorne and Taylor what Hope had said, and it left Taylor in shock as they wondered how to explain the situation to Ally.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Jackie thinks Nick has feelings for Taylor and wants him to stop her marriage to Thorne. Stephanie doesn't want to go visit her mother when there is tension between her and Eric. Eric is ashamed of her and wants her to go. Stephanie promises Eric that things will be different when she returns. She reminds Pam to keep Jackie away. On her way out of town, Stephanie tells Jackie she is having her watched and to keep her hands off Eric. Jackie goes over to see Eric but Pam refuses to let her see him. Taylor explains the night of the accident to Alexandria. Aly asks Thorne how he can love and marry the person that killed Darla. Aly tells Thorne she wants to go home and they leave to stay at the beach house again instead of Taylor's house. Nick goes to visit Taylor and she tells him that Aly found out she killed Darla. Taylor knows that no one can fix what she did to Darla but herself. With new resolve she heads off to Thorne's house to talk to Aly. At bedtime, Thorne checks on Aly and finds that she has run away. Thorne calls 911 and panics when he finds out Taylor is on her way over and Aly may have made her way to the foggy Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). Thorne finds Aly on the PCH just as Taylor's car is approaching. Taylor slams on her brakes.

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