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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 22, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, January 22, 2007

At Forrester Originals, the Forresters are excited about the rave reviews they are receiving from the press which has been saying that "Forrester Originals is the hottest new couture house in the country." Determined to include all of his family in his new business, Eric decides to make Phoebe one of his new models. He also has designs that he wants Bridget to approve. Lauren Fenmore is happy to be part of their celebration and congratulates Eric on his new company. She thinks his main challenge will be finding a way to separate Forrester Originals from Forrester Creations on the clothes racks. Feeling Nick is no competition; Ridge pompously replies that their designs will be the one's flying off the racks. Lorenzo disagrees, stating that Nick and Jackie are formable opponents and won't go down without a fight. As Eric fondles lush fabrics, he tells everyone that his main goal will be to create original works of art. Ridge thinks his father is being a little excessive, pointing out that they have already spent a lot of money just to get started. Felicia maintains that it is crucial to spend more so their first creations will be a hit. Taylor is upset that everyone is focused on ripping apart Forrester Creations, the company they originally built. Eric believes Nick ruined the company when he bought it. Taylor asks Brooke and Bridget how they feel about the destroy "Nick mentality." Bridget is sure that Nick will be able to handle it and Brooke adds that Nick always likes a good fight. Later when they are alone, Ridge warns Thorne that he shouldn't trust Nick around Taylor. Thorne doesn't think there is anything to worry about, telling Ridge he trusts Taylor. Both of them agree that Nick could never be a serious competitor in the fashion industry. Ridge still fears that Nick may try to use Taylor in some kind of revenge scheme. Thorne refuses to doubt Taylor, and argues that the woman he intends to marry would never be disloyal to him. When Eric walks back into the office, Ridge informs him that Forrester Creations is in full production. Not concerned, Eric confidently tells his son he knows his clientele will remain loyal to him.

At Jackie M, Nick is an eager pupil as Jackie teaches him the ins and outs of the fashion business. She tells him who the important distributors and buyers are. Nick thinks the best plan would be to buy them all out in order to gain control of the entire fashion industry. Jackie thinks he is being overly ambitious. When Lauren Fenmore, one of the most important distributors, walks through the door, Jackie is thrilled to greet her. Lorenzo congratulates them on their new company, but is afraid it will be hard for them to compete with the well known talents of Ridge and Eric. However, Lorenzo promises to keep an open mind and compliments them on their first collection. Jackie steers the conversation onto a more personal level and asks Lorenzo if she would ever consider giving up her career to become a full-time mother. Lorenzo is surprised by Jackie's boldness, but assures her she is keeping her career. Before she leaves she wishes them luck and tells them she will send her buyer to their next show. After she leaves, Jackie is upset that Nick didn't get a clue and tells him he should have offered to buy Fenmores from Lorenzo. Later Taylor drops by and warns Nick that the Forresters are out for blood. He is touched by her concern but tells her he doesn't want her to get caught in the middle. As he caresses her face and looks longingly into her eyes, he tells her she is going to have to make a choice because there is going to only be one man standing in the end, and that's going to be him.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

At Jackie M.'s, Nick managed to convince Taylor to join him for an innocent lunch between two friends at Chuck's bar for a bucket of wings. When they arrived, Taylor recalled that the last time they were there together they both were going through bad times. Taylor told Nick her life history.

At Forrester Originals, Ridge warned Thorne again about Nick. Thorne did not listen to Ridge's advice. Thorne was defensive about Taylor. Arthur Roark assured Ridge and Brooke that he supports their new company. He had to cancel their meeting, though, because of his daughter's recital in San Francisco. Later Ridge christened his new office when he and Brooke locked the door and had sex.

As he started to leave LA, Nick called him on his cell phone him and offered to fly him to San Francisco on a jet he was renting for the day. During the flight, Arthur told Nick that he did not want to carry Forrester Creations designs because it might confuse the customers. Nick then made Arthur a whopping offer to purchase his string of boutiques.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

On the jet, Nick tries to persuade Arthur Roark to sell his father's stores. He tempts Arthur by telling him if he sold Harrison's he would have more time and money to devote to his true passion, cars. At first Arthur isn't interested, but he starts to reconsider once he discovers how much Nick is willing to pay. Nick pressures him to make a decision fast; telling him his offer won't last for long. Arthur promises to give him an answer within two days. After Arthur leaves the plane, Nick calls his lawyer and instructs him to draw up the papers for the sale; he is confident that it will go through. He then gazes at a picture of Taylor, Thorne and Aly that was in his briefcase.

At Forrester Originals, Bridget stops by to see Thorne and check on how things are going with Ally. Although Thorne is frustrated that everything is up in the air about the wedding, he tells Bridget he is hopeful that Aly will come around. Then Thorne tells her about Ridge's theory that Nick is interested in Taylor. Bridget just thinks Nick is grateful to Taylor for helping him with his past. Before they can discuss it further, Thorne gets a call. While he is on the phone Bridget begins to wonder if Ridge may have a point, and rushes out of the office to go speak with Taylor.

At Taylor's, Phoebe continues to grille Taylor about all the time she is spending with Nick. Taylor assures her daughter that nothing is going on between them. Phoebe believes her Mom, but just doesn't understand why she is spending so much time with Nick if he is no longer her patient. Taylor explains that Nick is her friend and she doesn't care if the Forrester's like it or not. While they are still talking, Nick stops by, with Taylor's sunglasses that she forgot and a wedding gift. After Phoebe leaves, Nick gives Taylor her gift and she is surprised to see that it is a framed picture of her, Thorne and Ally. He explains that even though he doesn't think she and Thorne should get married, he still supports her decision. He adds that he will always be there for her, if she ever needs him. Touched by his words, Taylor gives him a hug. As they are embracing Bridget walks in and is shocked by their closeness. She confronts them, asking how long this has been going on. Taylor and Nick attempt to convince her that she is over reacting, but Bridget is on to them. Bridget lashes out at Taylor saying she can't believe she would do this to Thorne after all he has forgiven her for. Bridget remembers how everyone used to always look up to Taylor as a model of virtue. Disgusted, Bridget asks Taylor, what the Hell happened to her.

Meanwhile, at the Forresters', Jackie spies on Eric and Pam from the balcony. She overhears Pam unsuccessfully attempting to get Eric to makeup with Stephanie. After they leave the room, Jackie sneaks in, thinking to herself that Pam is no match for her. Once she gets into Eric's bedroom, Jackie removes her clothes, gets into a bubble bath and sips champagne, eagerly waiting for her prey. When Eric walks into the bathroom, he is surprised to find Jackie soaking in his tub. She offers him a glass of champagne and toasts to his new company. Jackie tells him even though they are rivals in business, they can still be friendly outside the office. When she invites him to join her in the tub, Eric politely refuses, saying he is still a married man. He tells her he has to do some work. Not taking no for an answer, Jackie continues to throw herself at him. As he walks out, she tells him she will be waiting for him. Later, Pam walks in on her and is appalled by Jackie's nerve. Pam tells Jackie her sister was right, she is a whore. Proving she is no pushover, Pam forces Jackie to get out of the tub and leave.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Taylor and Nick stood before Bridget as she told them in no uncertain terms that their behavior was unacceptable to her and it would also be to Thorne. With the point taken, Bridget left after acknowledging that the Nick that she hoped she could finally move on with her life. After she left, both Taylor and Nick stood in front of each other a little embarrassed at what Bridget had just said. They finally admitted to each other that their friendship and the patient/therapist relationship had crossed the line and that they did have more feelings for each other. Acknowledging that she did love Thorne, both Taylor and Nick decided to end their moment of insanity by parting on friendly terms.

Eric asked his sister-in-law for a few words alone with Jackie. When she left, Jackie once again tried to move in on Eric. This time Pam again interrupted and Jackie was forced to leave. Pam admitted to not knowing what came over her or why she behaved as she did but Eric thought it was thoughtful of her to be so protective. He told Pam that when Stephanie returned, he did not know what was going to happen. He complimented her for the years that she spent taking care of her mother, sacrificing her own life to do so. He then leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek, making Pam perhaps think that it meant more than that.

A surprise visitor returned home to find his mother and Ridge playing with the children. A surprised Brooke was thrilled to see her son return, but was sorry for the reasons that he had to do so. Brooke was trying to explain what caused the change when she was met by a son who also thought that Ridge and Stephanie were to blame for what happened and not just Nick. Bridget then came in and she greeted her brother back home also. Sarcastically talking about how her relationship is going with Ridge, this time, he wondered how long it would last. He warned Brooke that if Ridge brought more problems than ever to his mother's life, Ridge would have to answer to him. While Brooke was proud of her son for standing up for her, Ridge stood listening quietly, not happy about what he just heard.

Friday, January 26, 2007

by ED

After overhearing Rick talking to Brooke about their relationship, Ridge promised Brooke he will prove himself to Rick.

At Forrester Originals, Phoebe had a dress fitting and the family gathered and was reminded that Nick will stop at nothing to destroy them and also announced their new design showing to be in two weeks. In his office Ridge told Brooke he wished her divorce was over so that he could marry her.

Nick told Jackie that he had made offers to all of the Forresters' distributors and Jackie was hesitant that such a risky venture would be too much of a financial burden.

Nick was confidant that destroying the Forresters would lead Brooke back to him. Later, Rick paid Nick a visit and apologized for his and Brooke's breakup but Rick was optimistic that Brooke's relationship to Ridge will be short-lived due to his inability to commit.

Storm was unsure about Nick's move to buy all of Forrester's distributors to which Nick reassured that if the contracts are ironclad, nothing would stop them. Donna then announced the news of the Forrester Originals fashion preview in two weeks which Nick promised will bring the Forresters to their knees.

The show concluded with a montage of memorable clips from Darlene Conley's 18 years with The Bold and the Beautiful. The actress passed away on January 14th.

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