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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 29, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, January 29, 2007

At Forrester Creations, Nick tells his mother now that he has Harrison's; he is determined to buy out the rest of Forrester's distributors. Jackie fears that Nick's ambitious plans will lead them to bankruptcy. After Jackie leaves, Nick meets with the next distributor on his list, Mr. Chen. At first Mr. Chen is hesitant, telling Nick he has always respected Eric Forrester and doesn't want to be any part of a revenge plan. However Nick makes him an offer that he can't refuse.

Meanwhile at Forrester Originals, in Ridge's office, Brooke and he continue to make out. They are excited about their upcoming nuptials and wish that Rick could share in their happiness. Realizing that they have a lot of work to do in order to be ready for the fashion show, they finally manage to tear themselves away from each other. After Ridge leaves, Phoebe comes by and Brooke fills her head with dreams of becoming a super model. Brooke compliments Phoebe, telling her she possesses all the qualities necessary to be the Face of Forrester. Brooke promises Phoebe that the day that she relinquishes that title, Phoebe will take her place.

In a Forrester Original showroom Rick works with a flirty model. As the model is leaving, Ridge walks in and tries to make peace with his future son-in-law. Rick bashes Ridge for his unfair attack on Jackie, telling Ridge many of their international clients were appalled by Ridge's actions. He also complains about being forced to fire a lot of his international employees. Trying to keep peace, Ridge says that they can hire them all back once Forrester regains power. Still not satisfied, Rick blames Ridge's ego for losing Forrester Creations, and hints that Brooke was much better off with Nick. Ridge argues that Nick screwed up his marriage all on his own. He encourages Rick to let go of his bitterness and focus on making Forrester Originals a success. Ridge believes that Nick doesn't stand a chance against them. Rick thinks Ridge is foolish to underestimate Nick and angrily storms out of the room when Brooke walks in. Ridge explains that Rick thinks he isn't taking Nick seriously enough. He adds that Rick still isn't happy about them being together. Ridge pulls Brooke towards him and assures her that everything will work out and that Nick is nothing to worry about, but Brooke looks doubtful. Later, after Ridge and Brooke have left, Phoebe eagerly poses in one of Forrester's new creations. Rick loves her enthusiasm and thinks she is going to make a great model.

Back at Forrester Creations, Brooke drops by to see Nick and figure out what he is up to. Before she can get to him she bumps into Jackie who tells her that Nick is in a meeting. Brooke doesn't understand why Jackie and Nick think they could possibly make it in the fashion business. Jackie assures her that Nick isn't worried and is determined to do whatever it takes. Suspicious, Brooke demands to know who Nick is meeting with and why Jackie is so confident that they will have no trouble competing with the Forresters. Just then Nick bursts in eagerly telling his mom the deal is done and he wants to celebrate. Nick is shocked when Brooke confronts him, asking him what deal.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

At home, Brooke allowed Nick to come over and visit with Hope. When he finished visiting with Hope, Nick had a long conversation with Brooke. Nick accused Brooke of recovering from their divorce and becoming happy again oh so quickly. Nick asked Brooke to show him how to move on with someone else. Nick informed Brooke that he is still heartbroken over their divorce.

Meanwhile, Rick tried to convince Bridget that Ridge is nothing but more heartache for Brooke. Bridget tried to explain to Rick how magical Ridge and Brooke's relationship was. Bridget explained that Brooke was her mother while they thought Taylor was dead.

No matter what Bridget said, Rick could not be convinced that Ridge would again hurt Brooke.

At home, Pam prepared a home made meal for Eric. Eric was ecstatically happy with Pam's home cooking. Pam encouraged Eric to reconcile with Stephanie when she returned from Chicago. Eric managed to convince Pam to stay in LA a while longer so she could be present for Ridge and Brooke's engagement party. Later, Pam fantasized that Eric kissed her.

Back at Brooke's Nick continued to be hostile toward Brooke and berate her for agreeing to marry Ridge so quickly. Brooke blatantly reminded Nick that she left him only after she had learned that he slept with Bridget. Brooke told Nick that he would always have a part of her heart. Nick was disgusted with Brooke for moving on and being so happy while he continued to be so miserable. Nick left and Brooke grieved the loss of Nick.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

At Brooke's, as Brooke and Ridge prepare for their family dinner., Ridge worries about Rick's negative attitude towards him. In an effort to appear more family oriented, Ridge decides to change into a more "paternal" shirt before Rick arrives. When Phoebe gets there Ridge is relieved, hoping she will make a good buffer between him and Rick. Before they get a chance to talk, Rick comes in kinda drunk with a bloody nose. Brooke questions him, and he sarcastically replies that he was just at a "lecture" at a biker bar. Later while they are having dinner, Rick explains that he got into a fight with a guy about politics. Ridge steers the conversation back to business by reminding Rick to keep in touch with all their former European employees so they can hire them back when the time is right. Rick informs Ridge that it's too late for that since most of them couldn't afford to wait around and now they work for Nick. With the mention of Nick's name, Ridge remembers Hope telling him that Nick stopped by earlier. He asks Brooke what they talked about. Rick angrily steps in, telling Ridge to butt out because he thinks there is probably some unfinished business between his mother and Nick. Then Rick boldly asks his mother why she and Nick split up. Refusing to tell him the reason, Ridge only offers that it was Nick's fault. Brooke attempts to get them to settle down, but Rick will have no part of it and storms out. Phoebe goes after Rick, to try to calm him down. When they are alone, Ridge tells Brooke that he thinks they should tell Rick that Nick cheated on her with Bridget. However, Brooke adamantly disagrees, stating she and Bridget deserve a little peace. Ridge understands how she feels and promises to keep quite and wait patiently until Rick is ready to get to know him again.

Outside of Brooke's, Rick apologizes to Phoebe for being such an ass. Phoebe admits she doesn't know what went wrong with Nick and Brooke's marriage, but she believes Brooke loves Ridge now. Rick isn't convinced of his mother's feelings. Trying to lighten the mood, Phoebe jokes that he should stop picking on Ridge and find a new way to make everyone miserable. Later things take a romantic turn when Rick and Phoebe lay down on the ground and stare up at the stars. Rick points out the big dipper, saying how different it looks from America. When Phoebe fails to see the dipper part, Rick moves his head really close to hers and points it out. Phoebe doesn't understand what the big fuss is over it. They laugh and flirtatiously begin making their own constellations calling one group of stars the "Big Zipper" and another the "Big Stripper."

Meanwhile, back in Brooke's house, Ridge tries to get Brooke to come to bed, and she promises to come as soon as she cleans up. Ridge asks her where Phoebe is and she tells him she is still out with Rick. Curious, Brooke goes onto the deck to see what they are up to. She smiles when she sees them lying on the ground staring up at the stars, not realizing that it could be the beginning of something not so innocent.

At the Forresters', after dinner Pam and Eric get cozy by the fire. He thanks her for making him feel better about his life and she thanks him for introducing her to a whole new exciting world. Before they can bond further, Stephanie bursts in explaining that she decided to come home early. Pam greets her sister with a hug and then goes to make her some tea. Smelling the pot roast, Stephanie jokes that Pam took such good care of Eric that he probably didn't even miss her. Eric brags on Pam, telling Stephanie she was a perfect guest and really helped to plan Thorne and Taylor's engagement party. While Eric is bringing in Stephanie's bags, the sisters chat. Pam tells Stephanie that Jackie showed up, but adds that Eric wasn't interested. Pam doesn't think Stephanie has anything to worry about. Stephanie hugs Pam, grateful for all of her help. Before Pam goes to bed, Stephanie tells her how glad she is that Pam is staying for the party. Once they are alone Stephanie tells Eric she's happy he didn't leave her while she was gone. Eric admits he thought about it telling her there is going to have to be some changes in their marriage if it is going to last. Stephanie is willing to cooperate and do whatever it takes. Eric wants her to stop berating him, saying he can take her criticism, but not her contempt. He adds that he won't stand for her going behind his back anymore implementing plots and plans that involve him. He also insists that she stop her never ending war with Jackie Marone if she wants to save their marriage. Stephanie admits that the hardest thing for her to accept is to think he could get something from another woman that he can't get from her. Stephanie tells him she loves him and they agree to give it another try. They hug as Pam sadly watches from the staircase.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

by ED

After hearing Rick's surprisingly stunning operatic voice, Brooke encouraged him to further his singing career by singing at their engagement party to which he declined for personal reasons.

Brooke expressed her concerns with Rick's estrangement towards Ridge stating that Ridge made her happy and that he should get over any resentment harbored towards Ridge to make it easier for them to get along.

At Forrester Originals, everyone, including Pam, were putting the final touches and getting ready for their big showing while Eric displayed the designs he had been working on while offering a dress to Pam to wear to Rick and Brooke's engagement party. Meanwhile Stephanie arrived ready to apologize for her temper and destroying their former company but later recanted amazed at the progress shown since her absence.

Rick told Stephanie about his concerns regarding Rick and Phoebe's relationship stating he was not to be trusted given Rick's resentment towards Ridge. Later, Phoebe defended Rick's friendship when Rick arrived and his told if he can't accept Ridge and Brooke's relationship, he should leave Phoebe alone.

In the Forrester Original showroom, Nick arrived gloating on his attempts to win the fashion war with the Forresters arguing as to which company will prevail.

At Forrester Creations, Nick and Jackie discussed strategies for taking over the European distribution market.

At Taylor's, Thorne agreed to put a hold on his relationship to Taylor in order to give Aly a chance to accept Taylor in her family and to forgive Taylor for killing her mother.

Friday, February 2, 2007

by ED

While preparing for Ridge and Brooke's engagement party Taylor and Phoebe discussed her relationship with Rick, which Phoebe found totally harmless and platonic. Taylor then sadly announced to all that her engagement to Thorne was over.

As Rick was getting ready in his bedroom, Brooke entered and tried to convince him once again to sing "Unforgettable" at the party, which he eventually does to everyone's amazement and applause.

At the party, Ridge assured Brooke that nothing would ruin this special evening, including Rick whom he later saw approaching Phoebe. Ridge then walked over and sternly warned him that if he ever touched Phoebe he would kill him. Brooke told Ridge that Phoebe's relationship was harmless and that they made each other happy.

Compliments filled the room as Pam entered wearing the newly designed dress that Eric gave her. Stephanie thanked her for taking such good care of Eric while she was away. Eric then waltzed with Pam leading to an unforgettable evening.

At Forrester Creations, Taylor told a relieved Nick that her engagement to Thorne was over and gently kissed him on the cheek and then asked him for lunch at Chuck's for a bucket of wings which he gladly accepted.

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