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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 5, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, February 5, 2007

At Forrester Originals, in his office, Rick checks orders on the phone. Stephanie drops by and is happy to see Rick throwing himself into his work. He snidely replies that the only reason he wants Forrester Originals to succeed is for Eric's sake. In an effort to keep things friendly, Stephanie compliments Rick on his singing talent. Rick ignores her praises, and lights into her about all the damage she did to Forrester International by harming Jackie. Stephanie understands why he is angry, but feels he should let it go and look towards the future. Before he leaves Rick warns Stephanie not to take Nick so lightly and reminds her that Nick has already outsmarted her twice before. Disturbed by his words, Stephanie recalls Nick saying he was going to get her when she least expects it.

Meanwhile in one of Forrester Original's dressing rooms, Phoebe models clothes for Bridget as she continues to gush over Rick and daydream about the last evening she spent with him. Realizing her niece has a crush on Rick, Bridget jokes with Phoebe that she is just the type of girl Rick likes to charm. Bridget goes on to tell her what a player Rick has been in the past and how girls are always swooning over him. After talking with Bridget, Phoebe begins to feel that Rick was only toying with her. When Rick walks in and catches Phoebe in her slip, she acts really shy and embarrassed. Rick teases her about being a prude and tells her what a great time he had at the party. Feeling like she can't trust him, Phoebe accuses him of being a slick playboy. Rick is confused by her hostility.

At Forrester Creations, Storm is impressed with all Nick has accomplished with the buyouts. When Yvette, the next buyer walks in, Jackie greets her eagerly. Yvette informs them that she has no interest in selling her boutiques. However, Jackie and Nick skillfully manage to convince her otherwise and she signs her stores over to them. After the deal is done, Stephanie bursts in to see what they are up to. She questions Nick about the document he is holding behind his back. Before he can answer, Yvette walks back into the room and Stephanie is shocked to see her there. Step assumes Jackie and Nick were trying to get Yvette to carry their merchandise in her stores and advises Yvette not to trust Nick. Stephanie then brags about the talent being at Forrester Originals now, not here. Playing the guilt card big time, Stephanie tells Yvette she will count on her loyalty since the Forresters have always been loyal to her.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Yvette tries to avoid Stephanie's questions when asked whether they will carry Forrester Creations line or Forrester Originals line, which causes Stephanie to tell Ridge that she feels suspicious about Yvette meeting with Nick and Jackie. Phoebe is upset with Rick and tells him that she's not a toy to play with; she's hurt by knowing he's a ladies' man. Later, Phoebe asks Stephanie how she had found her Prince Charming while Stephanie makes sure that Phoebe knows that Nick is the real enemy, not her and Ridge. Meanwhile, Rick tells Brooke that Ridge threatened his life if he crosses the line with Phoebe but Brooke still encourages Rick to spend time with Phoebe. Rick then later tells Nick that Ridge threatened him and Nick reassures Rick that he is in his corner. Brooke confronts Ridge about threatening Rick as they discuss Rick and Phoebe's relationship. Brooke feels that they should spend time with each other but Ridge disagrees. To his dismay, Brooke insists that they will be understanding, welcoming, and encouraging of Rick and Phoebe's relationship.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

In Brooke's office at Forrester Originals, Ridge and Brooke continue to argue about Rick and Phoebe's friendship. Brooke puts her foot down, telling Ridge no more ultimatums, instead they will get along as a family. Ridge can live with Rick not liking him, but he tells Brooke he can't live with something going on between Rick and Phoebe. Brooke argues that it is perfectly innocent, saying Phoebe is only trying to make Rick feel welcome. Ridge reminds Brooke about how protective she felt of Bridget when she was Phoebe's age. Brooke insists that Phoebe doesn't need protection from Rick. Ridge doesn't' like the fact that Phoebe and Rick spend so much time together alone late at night. Brooke thinks Ridge's paranoia and threats will only bring Rick and Phoebe closer together. Still worried that Rick's interests in his daughter is not so innocent, Ridge decides to change the mood and get romantic with Brooke. At first Brooke puts up a fight, but never able to resist his charms, she gives in and they begin making love.

In the dressing room, Phoebe and a model chat about Rick. Phoebe questions her about Rick dating Forrester models and the girl tells her Rick is too smart to risk mixing business with pleasure. When the model ruffles through Rick's jacket to find a pen, a plane ticket to Paris falls out. Phoebe is upset when she sees the ticket and realizes Rick is scheduled to fly back to Paris the next day.

Over in Rick's office, Shane comes by. Once Rick realizes who Shane is, he is not happy to see him. Before they get a chance to really talk, Phoebe bursts into the room, angry with Rick for not telling her about his plans to go back to Paris. She is shocked to find Shane there. He explains that he finally made something of himself and hands her his business card. He proudly tells her he has become an assistant office manager and invites her to dinner at the Café Russe. Rick jealously watches from the side, but tries to keep an indifferent attitude about it. Phoebe accepts Shane's offer, but is disappointed that Rick doesn't seem to have a problem with her going out with Shane. Once they get to the Café Russe Shane continues to bore Phoebe with the details of his new job. Phoebe gets distracted when Rick walks in with one of the models. Shane then begins to blather on about how he is in the process of finding his birth mother while Phoebe ignores him and continues to stare at Rick. Shane becomes frustrated by Phoebe's lack of interest in him and her obsession with Rick and starts whining about how he did it all for her. Phoebe tells him she is proud of him, but implies that she isn't interested in a romantic relationship. Wanting to escape, Phoebe leaves the table to powder her nose. Rick stops her, and Phoebe is short with him, obviously upset that he is there with a model. Rick explains that the model is meeting a date and he only tagged along to keep an eye on Shane. Phoebe then lights into him about his ticket to Paris. Rick tells her he canceled it last week. Softening up, Phoebe asks him why, and he tells her she should know the reason.

At the Forrester, Pam sadly prepares to leave, but Eric tells her she isn't going anywhere until he has a chance to talk with her and Stephanie. Stephanie walks in and hugs her sister, saying she is really going to miss her. Eric tells Stephanie there is no need to miss Pam since she won't be going anywhere. Eric then tells Pam he can't believe what an impact she has had on the family in such a short time. Flattered, Pam thanks him for making her feel included and giving her the time of her life, but adds that she could never desert her mother. Just as she and Stephanie start to leave for the airport, Ann walks in and tells them she isn't sure about moving to LA, but since Eric offered she has agreed to consider it. Pam and Stephanie are stunned. Eric offers Ann a luxury condo in Santa Monica with full time help and he tells Pam he wants her to live in the guest house. Both of the women are excited about this prospect, however Stephanie is less than thrilled and drags Eric out to the veranda to speak with him in private. Once they are alone, Stephanie tells him she is furious with him for doing this without consulting her first. Eric remains firm, telling the old Battle Axe it is time for them to give Ann a break. He maintains that Stephanie owes Pam this after all the years Pam took care of Ann. Stephanie angrily tells him that is between her and Pam and not any of his business. Becoming suspicious of his motives Stephanie demands to know the real reason Eric is so determined to have Pam closer.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Away from the crowd at Café Russe, Phoebe and Rick discuss Rick's decision to stay in LA, and his concern about Shane. They decide Phoebe will tell Shane that she isn't feeling well sp she can leave, but when they return to the dining room, Shane is gone. Rick drives Phoebe home to Brooke's where Phoebe inquires what Rick thinks of her –fishing for his true feelings for her. He gives her a hug, and tells her she's funny and beautiful, but he has to stop there. The conversation turns from serious to funny as they remember they have been in each other's lives forever. They recall some childhood pranks while they sit on a garden bench together laughing. Brooke spots them from her balcony, and sports a disapproving look.

At Café Russe, Nick meets Storm at the bar, and the two discuss a meeting with the elusive distributor, Harvey Golden. Storm has done some checking on Golden, his company and aliases, and isn't sure who he really is, but plans to set up a meeting for Nick. Storm gives Nick a folder of information on Golden, and quickly leaves -- barely greeting Brooke as she enters the bar. Brooke and Nick amiably discuss old times including a time on the island when he tried to teach her something about constellations. She says she will never forget that night, and discusses Rick and Phoebe's similar star-gazing at home. She shares that Ridge is worried about the Rick-Phoebe relationship, but she thinks he's wrong to worry. Nick offers that Rick is a stand-up guy while Ridge is not a man's man – he's a woman's man. Nick's phone rings, and he says good-bye to Brooke as it's Storm telling him the meeting with Golden is set.

On the Forrester terrace, Eric informs Stephanie that his decision to move Pam and Ann to LA is final, and Stephanie reiterates that she is unhappy with him. They return to the living room to discuss arrangements with Pam and Ann as Ann wonders how she'll get around LA since freeway driving is out of the question. Eric offers her a car and driver as Ann further negotiates for a new wardrobe and a possible stint as a Forrester model. Eric smiles agreeing to all the terms while Stephanie appears miffed. Later and alone in the den, Pam makes Eric a martini and tearfully thanks him for giving her a life she never even dreamed of. Eric says he's sorry it took so long, and as Pam turns her head away in tears, Eric awkwardly refrains from embracing her, but comforts her just as Stephanie appears on the balcony above.

Friday, February 9, 2007

by ED

On the way to meet the elusive Harvey Golden, Nick and Storm expressed their suspicion about creating a monopoly of suppliers and putting the company in deeper debts. Storm offered to tag along, but Nick insisted that he meet with him alone in his warehouse.

Arriving, he is met by Mr. Golden's bodyguard who scrutinized Nick before introducing him to his boss who appears in the form of a speakerphone. Harvey informed Nick that he is very much aware of the reason for his visit and told Nick that he will sell his company to him but could it end up costing him more than he bargained for.

Ridge expressed his deep concern to Stephanie about Rick and Phoebe's developing relationship. Stephanie was appalled at the suggestion that any romantic feelings should exist between the two and proceeded to Brooke's house to confront her about this situation.

At home, Brooke is adamant about Rick's relationship with Phoebe but he assures her that he will continue to see Phoebe no matter what Ridge says or does.

As Eric arrived at Forrester Originals and Phoebe prepared for her fitting, he expressed enthusiasm over the positive change in Phoebe lifestyle and wondered what the reason might be as Phoebe started thinking about Rick.

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