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Monday, February 12, 2007

At Brooke's house, Stephanie berated Rick for being romantically interested in Phoebe, a teenager he was practically related to. Brooke defended her son against all of Stephanie's accusations, saying that Rick and Phoebe were just friends and that everyone was overreacting. Stephanie thought Brooke was taking the situation too lightly and warned that if she didn't put a stop to it, she might lose Ridge

Desperate to buy him out, Nick made a deal with the devil, agreeing to give the creepy Mr. Golden whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it, as long as he signed over his company. After the documents were signed, Nick was surprised when Golden's assistant fingerprinted him for "security purposes." Nick hurried out after telling Golden he looked forward to their next conversation. Golden assured Nick he would be in touch soon. Once Nick got on his plane, he handed Storm the contract. After looking over everything, Storm told Nick the Forresters were going to be shocked when no one went to their showing. Nick wanted to make sure the Forresters didn't get a clue until their gowns hit the runway.

At Forrester Originals, Jackie stopped by and checked out Eric's new designs. She told him they were beautiful. Eric bragged that they were some of his best work ever and told her he was very excited about the show. Jackie felt guilty, knowing that his line would not sell if Nick's plan succeeded. Trying to ease her conscience, Jackie told Eric there would always be a place for his talent in the fashion industry. When Eric was summoned to the showroom, he left Jackie alone in his office.

Nick called Jackie from the plane, telling her his trip had been a success, which meant Eric wouldn't be able to sell his line. After Jackie got off the phone with Nick, Stephanie walked in and wasn't happy to see Jackie sitting in Eric's office. Jackie explained that she'd just stopped by to offer Eric her support, but Stephanie didn't buy it. Stephanie thought Jackie had to be really worried to have stopped over to check out the competition and warned Jackie that there would be no Forrester Creations after the following day. She went on to gloat about how her marriage and her company were stronger than ever, saying Jackie didn't have a chance with Eric anymore.

In the showroom at Forrester Originals, Ridge admired his daughter and told her how beautiful she looked. Phoebe told her dad not to stress about her and Rick's friendship and to let it be. Ignoring her request, Ridge lit into Rick as soon as he saw him, demanding to know what part of "stay away from my daughter" he didn't understand. Brooke unhappily witnessed the scene.

After Rick walked away, Brooke told Ridge he needed to lay off Rick and Phoebe unless he wanted to make the situation worse. When Eric walked in, he received a call from Thorne telling him that something was wrong because he was at Golden's, and it was closed. Busy with all of the preparations, Eric didn't give much thought to Thorne's message. Later, he gave a big speech thanking everyone for what they had accomplished by working together as family.

Meanwhile, at Forrester Creations, Stephanie stopped in to tell Nick she knew he was planning something. She told him that whatever he had planned would fail because he was swinging in the dark and knew nothing about the fashion industry. Not able to resist goading her, Nick warned her that none of her manipulations would be able to save her from the judgment day coming soon.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

At Forrester Originals, the Forrester family prepared for the preview of their new company fashion show. Eric was proud that the new company was a family effort. Stephanie, Ridge, Thorne, Felicia, Brooke, Bridget, Rick, Pam, and Phoebe were all involved in some capacity with the new company. As everyone gathered prior to the beginning of the fashion show, Stephanie told Eric that she was very proud of his and Ridge's talents, but particularly Eric's.

Meanwhile, Nick, Jackie, and Donna prepared to make an announcement to Eye on Fashion magazine that they had expanded Jackie M to Jackie M International. Prior to the fashion show beginning at Forrester Originals, one of the reporters heard from a source that Forrester Creations was about to make a major announcement. Consequently, the reporters left Forrester Originals to go to Forrester Creations.

Suddenly, Stephanie and Ridge noticed that there were no reporters in attendance for the fashion show. Stephanie began to become suspicious. Stephanie and Eric telephoned their buyers, who were vague and secretive about why they were not present at the Forrester Originals fashion show. Thorne informed them that he had noticed several of their buyers' stores were closed. Thorne recalled that when he had tried to obtain answers about store closings, he'd gotten the runaround.

The Forresters learned that Forrester Creations was about to make a major announcement and turned on the television. Stephanie, Eric, Ridge, Thorne, Felicia, Rick, Brooke, and Phoebe were shocked to learn that Nick had purchased all of the Forresters' buyers, and the stores had become part of Jackie M.

After the initial shock of what Nick had done wore off, Stephanie went to see Nick -- against Eric's strong advice not to. Stephanie asked Nick not to take her mistakes out on the rest of her family. Nick indicated that he was equally upset with Stephanie's family for enabling her behavior. Stephanie asked Nick why he would do that to Eric, especially because Jackie wanted a relationship with Eric. Nick was arrogant and told Stephanie that the entire Forrester family would have to pay for everything she had done to people over the years.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

At Forrester Originals, Stephanie and the family speculated on how Nick had been able to afford to buy out all of the distributors. Felicia felt he had to be under a lot of debt, and Ridge stated that they were, as well. Ridge suggested they sell to department stores, but Eric refused to sink so low, saying he'd rather burn all the gowns than make them accessible to the average Joe. Ridge thought his father needed to be realistic, but Brooke said if they did that, Fenmore's would drop them, and they would never be in another specialty store again.

Despite Ridge's urging, Eric refused to consider making gowns at half cost and half quality. Ridge then told him they should sell the Forrester name while it was still worth something -- before Nick ruined it. Eric adamantly refused; instead, he thought they should open their own stores all over the world to sell their line. Rick supported his father's idea, and he and Ridge bashed heads over it. Brooke broke up the fight then left. Ridge thought Eric's idea was too risky and said he would not be a part of it.

At Taylor's, Taylor admired the flowers Nick had sent her and made plans to meet him for dinner. They agreed to be each other's valentines. When Phoebe walked in and noticed the roses, Taylor confessed that they were from Nick. Phoebe thought Taylor should send them back after what Nick had done to Eric and Ridge. Taylor felt bad for the Forresters, but she thought they had asked for it. Taylor sat Phoebe down and explained that since things were over with Thorne, Taylor intended to move on with her life. Later, Taylor daydreamed about being in Nick's arms as she eagerly prepared for their date.

Meanwhile, at Forrester Creations, Jackie fretted to Nick about Eric's downfall, worrying about how much he had suffered in their revenge plot. Nick maintained that the Forresters had gotten their due, and Eric had to go down with them. Jackie continued to bemoan Eric's plight. Storm said they could always slash their prices and sell to department stores. Jackie argued that Eric would never resort to that, but Nick agreed that would be their best option. Donna was impressed that Nick had been able to pull everything off so smoothly.

Later, Brooke dropped by and confronted Nick. She told he would end his war with the Forresters if he'd ever loved her. Nick said it was not war, just a business that she'd chosen to walk away from. Getting really close to him, Brooke begged him to sell Forrester Originals at his store, and he told her he would have to think about it.

Before Brooke got the chance to use her feminine wiles to persuade Nick further, Taylor burst into the room. Brooke was surprised that they had plans for Valentine's Day and questioned Taylor about it. Annoyed, Taylor said it was none of Brooke's business, since Brooke was engaged to Ridge. Taylor then boldly kissed Nick in front Brooke, who demanded that they stop. Taylor lit into Brooke, telling her Nick was much too smart for her tricks, and she should just go back to her gullible Ridge, who fell for them every time.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

In Nick's office at Forrester Creations, Taylor, dressed for a romantic dinner with Nick, jousted with Brooke, asking why Brooke wasn't home with her fiancé. Brooke turned the tables and stated that she wondered if it was too soon after her relationship with Thorne for Taylor to be dating. Taylor advised Brooke that Thorne had ended their relationship, and she and Nick were getting on with their lives and celebrating Valentine's Day together. They headed out the door while Brooke whined that she wanted to continue her discussion with Nick about carrying the Forrester line in Jackie M boutiques. She asked Nick to think about it, and he promised he would as he and Taylor left for dinner.

Nick and Taylor stopped at Nick's home. Taylor guessed he wanted to change, but when they entered, candles, flowers, and a pre-set table for two greeted them. "Too much?" he asked Taylor jokingly. They bantered over dinner, and he told her she was fired as his psychiatrist so they could start conversing on a more personal level. She agreed, and they discussed Brooke's proposal that Forrester Originals be sold in Jackie M Boutiques. Taylor said she was surprised he would even consider it, and he replied that he would always care for Brooke.

Taylor told Nick that she personally had no allegiance to the Forresters after Stephanie had used the information she'd overheard in Taylor's office about Jackie's past to humiliate Jackie at the Forrester Creations showing. After dinner, Taylor and Nick cozied up in front of the fire, wrapped in each other's arms. They started kissing as Nick asked Taylor if she was a passionate woman, and the conversation and the romance got more passionate while Nick's phone rang. He didn't answer it, choosing to get closer to Taylor.

At Brooke's home, Ridge and Rick faced off over just about everything. Rick started in on Ridge for being disloyal to the family and not supporting Eric in his dream of owning specialty boutiques. Ridge said he was a realist, but Rick countered that Ridge was responsible for many of the Forresters' problems: Taylor's drinking and tearing out Rick's mother's heart time and again. Ridge acknowledged he'd made some mistakes, but he was going to make up for them. Rick sarcastically noted that Ridge was going to do that by marrying Rick's mom again -- "for how many times is it?" he asked. Rick laid into Ridge for leaving his mom, and R.J. and Hope talked about how Ridge had gone back to Taylor the last time after Stephanie had faked a heart attack.

The door opened, and Brooke found the feuding Forresters. She told them to stop their bickering. She dropped the news that they might be able to sell Forrester Originals in Jackie M Boutiques, since Nick had said he would consider it -- much to Rick and Ridge's surprise. She sent Ridge off so she could talk to Rick privately. Her son reminded her that it was not too late to let Nick know she cared for him, but Brooke claimed she was building a life with Ridge.

Rick didn't let up, so Brooke told him that Nick had moved on, since he and Taylor were celebrating Valentine's Day together. Rick noted that it really bothered Brooke. Brooke admitted that it did because she would always care for Nick, and Rick continued to push her not to give up on a relationship with Nick, since other than his father, Nick was the only man Rick had ever approved of for his mom. Brooke said she was going to bed.

Upstairs, dressed in her black negligee, Brooke picked up the Eye on Fashion magazine sitting on the nightstand that prominently featured Nick and Jackie on the front cover with more photos of Nick inside. She flashed back to seeing Taylor and Nick kissing in Nick's office, and she put the magazine away as a shirtless Ridge walked in. He told her that Rick was trying to break them up, but she said she wouldn't let it happen. They started in on an unforgettable Valentine's Day love fest.

Downstairs, Rick called Nick's cell phone and left a message that he needed to talk to Nick as soon as possible -- and that it was about Brooke.

The Forresters reminisce and decide to launch boutiques

The Forresters reminisce and decide to launch boutiques

Friday, February 16, 2007

At Big Bear, Eric arrived with firewood, and Stephanie complained that there were no steaks in the kitchen. Assuming that someone had stolen them, Eric griped about being too old to cut wood or keep the cabin up. She reminded him that it had been his idea to have the meeting at the cabin, and she refused to sell the place.

Outside the cabin, Ridge arrived and met Brooke, who was leery of going inside because of the track record she and Stephanie had at the cabin. Ridge reasoned that Stephanie "likes you now," and he ushered Brooke into the house.

Inside, Eric and Stephanie were arguing about selling her jewelry before selling that cabin. Ridge inquired about the lack of a fire in the fireplace, and Eric asked if Ridge didn't see that Eric was getting to it. Stephanie asked if Brooke and Ridge had eaten the steaks, and Ridge assumed that Thomas had probably been at the cabin with friends.

Eric quipped that "Old Mother Hubbard" had found the cupboards bare. Stephanie noted that there was some old wheat cereal in there, and Ridge said it had been there since he'd been a kid. He didn't get why they'd had to drive up there in the snow for the meeting.

Eric suggested that Ridge have a drink. There was plenty of booze, and there were decisions to make. He figured that they thought he was crazy for wanting to open his own retail shops, but he'd gathered them there to talk it out -- or fight it out if they had to. He asserted that they wouldn't leave until they'd made decisions about the future.

Later, Eric, Stephanie, Ridge, and Brooke had brandy by the fireplace. Ridge informed Stephanie and Eric that, after an unofficial talk with Brooke, "Popeye" was considering selling Forrester Originals in the Jackie M boutiques. Upset, Stephanie asked who'd authorized Brooke to talk to Nick. Brooke claimed it had been in passing, but Stephanie asked how Brooke thought it made the Forresters look.

Eric said he was afraid he had to agree with Stephanie. Stephanie asked what he was "afraid" of, and Eric decided that she'd had too much to drink. Ridge asked which couple would take the loft. Laughing, Stephanie quipped that Eric couldn't make it up the stairs to the loft. Eric retorted that he wasn't the one who had a headache every Friday night. Stephanie's mouth dropped open, and she requested to talk to Eric alone.

Turning the topic back to business, Ridge suggested that Eric go the Martha Stewart route. Brooke assumed Ridge meant that Eric should let Stephanie face prison time for what she'd done to Jackie. Stephanie was miffed that no one believed her version of the story. Ridge clarified that he'd meant selling their brand in department stores.

Stephanie suspected that Brooke was disappointed because Stephanie hadn't gone to jail. Brooke yelled that she could have had Stephanie prosecuted half a dozen times for what she'd done to Brooke in that very cabin. In an attempt to prevent an argument between the women, Ridge and Eric decided it was time to go to bed. "Once a caterer's daughter, always a caterer's daughter," Stephanie said, and Eric ordered her to go to bed.

As Stephanie left the room, she called Brooke "common." Perturbed, Brooke put on her coat and mumbled and griped about Stephanie's derision of her. Brooke left the house in a tizzy. Ridge and Eric exchanged glances, and Ridge followed Brooke out of the house.

Eric went upstairs. There, Stephanie sat with her arms folded, and he asked what the matter was with her. She was sure he was about to tell her what was wrong with her. Eric asked why she tormented Brooke. Stephanie asked why he didn't look at her the way he looked at Brooke. He replied that he did, but Stephanie just didn't notice.

Sighing, Stephanie admitted that she was afraid of their new venture. She recalled how hard it had been to start Forrester Creations from scratch. Eric touted that they had a lot more in their scratch than they'd ever had. Still leery, she wondered what they had to prove. Eric reminded her that he was supposed to be the quitter.

Stephanie suggested that they let the kids do it because it was the kids' turn. Eric asked if that meant he was supposedly washed up. She replied that he was Mr. Eric Forrester, and no one would take that away from him. He roared that "they" could take it from them if they started stamping the Forrester name on the soles of mass-produced house slippers.

Stephanie recalled that he'd badgered her about not being the wife he'd always wanted. She stated that she'd never get to do it if Eric started the venture. She then worried that the workload could give him a heart attack or a stroke. "Why can't we just sit back and enjoy all this money we've made?" she asked.

Taking Stephanie's hand, Eric proposed that the two of them charter a yacht and kayak around the fjords of Chile. "Me on a kayak?" she questioned. He concluded that they'd stick with the boat. She told him that they couldn't be gone for long because the kids would need their help with whatever business they'd start.

Eric wondered if he and Stephanie were just kidding themselves about the idea of spending the rest of their lives on a deck, sipping martinis. Stephanie remarked that she'd always wanted to learn how to fly a helicopter. Chuckling, he asked why they could only relax and enjoy themselves by risking life and limb.

Eric felt it would be safer to mortgage it all to the hilt and carry on. He stated that they wouldn't have lived the lives they'd led if they'd been the retiring types. Stephanie was awfully tempted to retire. Eric was, too, but he didn't want Stephanie to become some golden girl, hobbling along beside him. She asked if he wished she was 30 years younger. "Nah, I would just be insecure," he responded. She inquired about becoming 30 pounds skinnier, and he quipped that a waist was a terrible thing to mind.

Stephanie broke into laughter. Giving in, she told Eric to have his stores. He had her blessing to mortgage everything. He kissed her cheek, and she called him a pushover. Deeming her the pushover, Eric pushed her down on the bed. A pillow fight ensued, and feathers began to fly through the air. Eric ordered Stephanie to give him a kiss.

Outside, Ridge found Brooke sitting on a ladder that had been propped against the cabin. He asked how long she planned to be out there. Brooke said she'd rather risk frostbite than be with Stephanie. Brooke asked why Ridge had even mentioned that she'd talked to Nick. Feeling that Stephanie had had a point, Ridge said Brooke should have asked someone before talking to Nick. Brooke asked why no one had asked her before they'd outed Jackie as a whore on television.

Ridge took Brooke's point, and Brooke asked why he couldn't just let Eric have what he wanted. Ridge contended that the retail plan would bankrupt them. Brooke reasoned that Eric had built his fortune; therefore, it was Eric's to risk. Ridge asked if they owed it to their children to leave their children as well off as they were. Brooke didn't think so. She felt they owed it to their children to leave them with pride and self-respect. To her, that was worth more than a fat trust fund.

Above Brooke and Ridge, a window opened. A half-naked Eric tossed feathers out of the window, saying that he was getting rid of evidence. "Close that window and get your naughty ass back here," Stephanie ordered, and Eric closed the window.

Brooke climbed up the ladder, and Ridge asked her what she was doing. The bed in the cabin began to creak. As Brooke stared through the window, she made several peculiar expressions. "You don't want to see this," she told Ridge. At that, Ridge promptly joined her on the ladder. He glanced into the room, shook his head, and hit his forehead. "My eyes are burning now! Thanks, Logan! Thanks a lot!" he rasped.

Later, Eric was alone with his brandy and writing pad in the living room. He flashed back to the evening Beth and Brooke had catered Ridge's engagement party at the mansion. Scenes played of Stephanie, Eric, and Ridge each separately meeting Brooke that night. He reflected upon working with Ridge on sketches and putting on fashion shows with his son.

Interrupting Eric's musings, Brooke and Ridge returned to the house. He asked where they'd been in the dark. "Trust me, we got an eyeful," Brooke responded. She thought it was best that she and Ridge head home, but Eric wouldn't hear of it. He had something to discuss with them, and he added that Stephanie was in a better mood. "Oh, yeah. I'm sure she is," Brooke replied.

Eric lit candles on the coffee table. Stephanie entered and apologized for the brandy going to her head earlier. Brooke waved around a pillow feather, and Stephanie asked what that was about. Brooke teased that they all knew what Stephanie had done earlier, using her body to get what she'd wanted. Eric and Stephanie exchanged looks.

Deciding to move the topic along, Stephanie announced that she'd given her blessing for Eric to open retail stores. Ridge grimaced. Though Brooke thought it was risky, she believed that they could do it. Eric said that, before he heard Ridge's view, he wanted to ask a question.

Eric asked if Ridge knew how many pieces the four of them had done together as a team. He held up a number on his pad. Amazed, Ridge read, "Five Thousand?" Eric considered it a huge accomplishment. They had created their art, and the world had accepted it. In Eric's mind, Ridge was the glue, and they couldn't do it without him.

"All right. I'm in," Ridge relented. Everyone cheered, and Brooke told Stephanie that it was the four of them from the beginning to the bitter end. "Happy five thousand!" Ridge exclaimed and hugged Eric. Brooke asked Stephanie for a hug, but Stephanie decided she'd wait until ten thousand. Brooke told Ridge that she'd see him in the bedroom, and Stephanie snapped that some things never changed.

Stephanie tensed when Brooke slipped up from behind, drew her arms around the seated Stephanie, and whispered, "I know you love me." Stephanie cringed as Brooke kissed her cheek.

Brooke left, Ridge and Eric began chatting about work, and Stephanie grinned at the camera.

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