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Ridge tried to assure Taylor that Rick and Phoebe's relationship had been put on ice. Phoebe and Rick told each other that, as soon as Brooke and Ridge were married, they would go public with their own relationship. Stephanie and her mother, Ann, argued over Ann's refusal to find a place of her own to live. Brooke caught Phoebe and Rick in a kiss after thinking that their relationship had ended. Taylor and Nick shared a romantic night on the Shady Marlin before disaster hit, sending the two overboard and rendering Taylor unconscious.
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Stephanie and her mother, Ann, argued over Ann's refusal to find a place of her own to live
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Monday, February 26, 2007

At Taylor's, Ridge and Taylor argued about Rick's involvement with Phoebe. Taylor thought Ridge was underestimating the depth of Phoebe's feelings. However, Ridge maintained that there was nothing to worry about, since Brooke had convinced Rick to call things off. Taylor remained skeptical, arguing that Phoebe might go after Rick and try to win him back. Taylor tried to get Ridge to look at it from Phoebe's perspective as a young woman experiencing her first time of real heartbreak.

Ridge believed Taylor might be too distracted with Nick to keep an eye on their daughter. Taylor assured him she was capable of taking care of Phoebe and herself. Ridge pried into Taylor's love life, worrying that Nick was just a rebound to help her forget about the pain of losing Thorne. Taylor assured Ridge that Nick was not a rebound for her, and she added that she finally understood what Brooke had seen in him.

At Jackie M's, Brooke stopped by, and Nick jokingly asked if she was lost. Brooke told him that she was on her way to check out the site for Forrester's new store. Nick was impressed with the location and wondered how much the Forresters had had to borrow to secure it. Brooke admitted that she hadn't gone there to discuss business; instead she wanted to know what the holdup was on the divorce papers. Nick thought she was just using that as an excuse so she could stop by and find out about his relationship with Taylor. Brooke denied it, telling Nick she was far too busy trying to keep her life on track with Ridge to worry about him.

Nick told Brooke he knew about the Rick/Phoebe situation and that it was wrong for Ridge to make her go against her son. Brooke told him she'd had to put a stop to Rick and Phoebe's relationship after she'd found out that they had kissed. Giving Brooke a lusty look, Nick told her the attraction between Phoebe and Rick would be there whether they were together or not. He argued that Ridge had no right to stop it, but Brooke caught him in his hypocrisy when she asked him how he would feel if it were Hope in the same situation. Seeing that her question struck a nerve, Brooke apologized and hurriedly said goodbye.

At the new building site, Stephanie commended Eric for finding such a prime location on Rodeo Drive for their first store. Eric worried that he might have gotten in over his head, but he was glad it would be easy to sell the building if his store didn't succeed. Stephanie scolded her husband for having such a negative attitude and reminded him that it had been his idea in the first place. Stephanie advised Eric to stop second-guessing himself. She stressed to her husband that he had to be confident, strong, and determined, or the whole thing would come tumbling down on them -- and the press would eat them alive.

When Brooke and Ridge arrived, Stephanie told them of Eric's sudden apprehension. Ridge suggested that if he and Brooke had their wedding at the store's grand opening, it would be a huge success. Eric and Stephanie were excited by Ridge's idea; however, Brooke wasn't thrilled about her wedding being a publicity stunt. Stephanie didn't think Brooke had ever had a qualm about making a spectacle of herself before. Ridge managed to sell Brooke on it after he promised her a private ceremony later. Excited with his victory, Ridge pulled Brooke into a passionate kiss and told her nothing could keep them from being husband and wife.

Meanwhile, at Forrester Originals, Phoebe daydreamed of her sexy kiss with Rick in the rain. As her photoshoot began, the photographer unsuccessfully tried to get Phoebe to sparkle. As soon as Rick walked in, Phoebe lit up. Rick admired Phoebe as she continued to pose. When the photoshoot ended, they sneaked back into a dressing room and kissed.

Rick told Phoebe he didn't like sneaking around but admitted that he wanted to be with her. Phoebe promised they wouldn't have to sneak once Ridge and Brooke were married. As things continued to get hot and heavy, Rick tried to put a brake on it. Hungry for more kisses, Phoebe insisted that they weren't doing anything dangerous.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

At the Forrester Boutique, which was under construction, Bridget and Felicia questioned Ridge and Brooke's plan to turn their wedding into a publicity stunt for the boutique. Ridge explained that the public was often more interested in him and Brooke than the merchandise. Phoebe asked him to make sure he told her mother about it first, and he affirmed that he would.

Rick arrived, and Ridge approached, hoping Rick got why Ridge and Brooke had had to put distance between Rick and Phoebe. Rick murmured that they had to do what they had to do.

Nearby, Bridget sensed that something was worrying her sister. Felicia explained that Dante had remained in Italy to work as an artist -- even if he was only the flavor of the month over there. When she'd declined to pack up the baby and move to Rome, Dante had threatened to sue for custody. Bridget couldn't believe Dante would let Felicia go. Tearfully, Felicia admitted that she'd always assumed that, if he ever had left her, it would be for Bridget.

Later, Brooke told Ridge that she had to bid Rick a good night before leaving for the evening. Ridge wondered if he'd gotten too carried away with the wedding/opening thing. Brooke preferred to get married quietly, but when Ridge looked disappointed by that, she asked what woman wouldn't want a sensational wedding. Happy, Ridge kissed her.

Brooke left, and Bridget approached Ridge. In conversation, she mentioned that he'd thrown Rick out of Brooke's house. Ridge asked if Bridget had ever been so worked up that she'd done things she wished she hadn't. She asked what he'd been worked up about. Ridge decided that it didn't matter. It was over, and he had Rick to thank for being a complete gentleman.

In the storeroom, Rick took inventory. Phoebe entered and swept him into a kiss. Rick told her that it was wrong, and he'd made a promise. Phoebe thought their parents had been wrong to make them promise. Rick decided that he was leaving on the count of three. He counted, but at "three," he kissed Phoebe instead of going. Brooke walked in, and, devastated, she asked what Rick and Phoebe were doing.

At the mansion, Eric solicited opinions about the boutique's decor. Ann frowned because she didn't taste cream in her tea. Pam said it was because Stephanie and Eric took milk, not cream. "We'll put it on the shopping list," Ann decided, setting down her tea without drinking it.

Stephanie quipped that the only shopping list Ann had was for a condo of her own. Stephanie was surprised to hear from Pam that Ann hadn't even gone to see the last place on the list. Ann tried to say that she could see problems with it from its brochure. Wanting to see "this brochure," Stephanie marched out the front door. Head down, Ann followed Stephanie.

At the guesthouse, Ann pretended to be unable to find the brochure. Stephanie readily found it and noted that Ann hadn't opened the package it was in. Ann quibbled about the place, but Stephanie asserted that she'd tell the real estate agent that Ann would take it.

Ann refused to live there. Stephanie guessed Ann had no intention of leaving the mansion. "Eric won't let me," Ann replied, grinning. Stephanie warned that Eric didn't know Ann like Stephanie did. Ann was done allowing Stephanie to deny Ann her place in the family. Ann proudly said she had grandchildren and great-grandchildren who adored her. She saw no reason to give that up.

Onto Ann, Stephanie said Ann wanted to be the head of Stephanie's family, but that position was already filled. Ann, who claimed she'd never seen Stephanie lift a finger around there, contended that Pam was more of a wife to Eric than Stephanie was. Stephanie refused to let her mother judge her. Ann asked what her daughter did except interfere with Eric's business.

"'Eric's business?'" Stephanie incredulously repeated. Stephanie touted her equal responsibility for the company's success, but Ann asked if women strutted around in Stephanie's designs. Ann minimized Stephanie's contribution to the start-up money from Stephanie's father and felt that Eric didn't need his wife poking around in everything he did.

Stephanie said her husband relied upon her. Ann stated that it was for a home, meals, and a warm bed. She questioned whether Eric even got that much and warned that marital problems began in the bedroom. Stephanie snapped that Ann knew nothing about Stephanie or her marriage, and if Ann didn't find a place to live, Stephanie intended to ship her back to Chicago.

Ann insisted that Eric wouldn't let Stephanie, but Stephanie said Eric didn't tell her what to do. Deciding that it was Eric's only flaw, Ann said, "If he took a firmer hand with you -- if he were more like your father -- " Ann stopped speaking, and Stephanie's ominous scowl dared Ann to open her mouth again. "I think you'd better pack," Stephanie uttered and left.

Back at the house, Eric was preoccupied, scrolling through camera photos of the boutique. Pam figured that he was worried. Eric said he suddenly wanted someone to talk him out of the venture. Pam chalked it up to jitters. She'd had them when he'd asked her to move to Los Angeles. She assured him that he was doing the right thing, even if it wasn't easy.

Later, Eric was alone when Stephanie strode into the living room. Arms crossed, she hoped Eric hadn't been telling her mother about their marriage. Eric didn't know what his wife was talking about. Stephanie wanted her mother back in Chicago, and she'd be fine if her sister left, too. "That's not going to happen," he declared, and Stephanie glared at him.

Eric decided that if Ann wasn't happy with any property, then she'd stay in the guesthouse. "I do not want my mother here!" Stephanie screamed. In Stephanie's view, Ann was contentious and complained just for the sake of disagreeing. "Well..." Eric replied knowingly.

Stephanie guessed Eric thought the same of her. Eric had thought she'd vowed to support him, but in reality, she just wanted to control everything. She didn't know what he was talking about.

Pam almost entered the room but stopped in the foyer to listen in. Eric said it was like what Stephanie had done in the bedroom the other night. Stephanie asked if he was that shallow. He challenged her to say what was shallow about sex or love. Stephanie had thought they'd had a wonderful time at Big Bear. Eric quipped that it had been like a cool shower after a long drought.

Calling it typical of him, Stephanie said Eric had found the perfect retail space but had gotten the jitters. He complained that she'd harangued him for it and had given him the cold shoulder in bed. Eric guessed it would be the same that night, too, because he refused to waffle about Ann. He declared that Pam and Ann would stay at the mansion, even if it meant he had to sleep next to a block of ice for the rest of his life.

Later, Eric saw Stephanie preparing to leave the house, but Pam had dinner ready. Stephanie stated that everyone else was working, and someone had to be there to make decisions. It was how the marriage worked; he built air castles, and she did the brick and mortar. She reasoned that she couldn't be a "wifey wife" and the foreman at the same time.

Eric said he'd never asked Stephanie to do that. Agreeing, she replied that in his passive-aggressive way, he always threw a dozen balls in the air, expecting someone else to juggle them. Because of that, she couldn't turn on a dime and become a sex kitten. "Not even Brooke was that fast on her feet," Stephanie quipped and left the house.

Through the window of the guesthouse, Pam saw Stephanie leaving the estate. Ann guessed Eric and Stephanie had had a fight, but Pam said it didn't concern Ann. Ann revealed that Stephanie didn't want Pam there, either, because Pam showed her sister up in Eric's eyes.

"Oh, please," Pam murmured and wondered if it was best to return to Chicago. Ann doubted Pam wanted that. Ann felt that it was unfair that Stephanie hadn't had to do anything to deserve her life. Ann figured she was about to say a terrible thing. Though she was partially to blame, she had to admit that Stephanie was a "damaged person."

Ann loved Stephanie and had suffered without her, but Ann reasoned that Eric had it worse because he'd had to live with Stephanie. Ann asked if Pam agreed that Eric was a fine man. Pam did agree. Ann reasoned that he deserved better; he deserved someone like Pam.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

At Forrester's new building site, Brooke confronted Rick and Phoebe, furious to discover that they had lied about breaking things off. Rick told his mother he had tried to abide by her wishes, but in the end, he felt like what he and Phoebe were doing was not wrong. Instead, he argued that Ridge was wrong. Brooke pressured Rick to end it, telling him if Ridge found out that she'd known that they were sneaking around and hadn't told him, the wedding would be off for good. Phoebe offered to talk to her father, but Brooke told her not to bother, since Ridge would never accept Phoebe dating Rick.

Trying to appeal to Brooke's sense of romance, Rick explained the depth of his feelings for Phoebe, telling his mom that she, of all people, should understand the power of being in love. Rick admitted that he'd been wrong to try to come between Brooke and Ridge, just as Ridge was wrong to interfere with him and Phoebe. Rick added that he would end it if he felt that it was wrong, but he cared deeply for Phoebe and thought their relationship was worth fighting for. Moved by her son's passionate plea, Brooke conceded to allow them to explore their feelings but added that Ridge could not be kept in the dark any longer.

Phoebe and Rick told Brooke they were planning on telling Ridge after the wedding. Brooke decided it would be best for her to be the one to break the news to Ridge. She bravely headed out to tell him, hoping that eventually he'd come around.

At the Shady Marlin, Taylor surprised Nick with a picnic dinner and convinced him to take her out to sea on his boat. Once they got on course, Taylor complimented Nick on his steering skills. As things heated up, they began to kiss. When the boat ran out of power, Nick wanted to make a call to get them towed back to shore. However, Taylor persuaded Nick to take advantage of the situation and enjoy a romantic evening together.

As Taylor and Nick cozied up on the couch, Taylor admitted her life had felt empty until he'd come along. Nick was excited that they both were getting a whole new start. After they kissed passionately, Taylor told Nick she wanted him to make love to her.

Meanwhile, at Forrester Originals, Ridge told Stephanie he had set up an exclusive interview to announce his plans to wed Brooke at their store's grand opening. Stephanie feared Ridge was taking on too much, but he told her it was necessary in order to sink Marone. Still not sure about his choice for a bride, Stephanie asked him if Brooke was really the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Annoyed with her meddling, Ridge assured Stephanie that Brooke was the only woman he would ever love.

Stephanie then questioned Ridge about Brooke's feelings for Nick. Ridge said Brooke was over Nick, and things couldn't be better between them. He told her the only problem had been the Phoebe/Rick situation. He added that he had taken care of that, and Brooke supported his decision. Stephanie was upset that Brooke hadn't seen that Rick had had no business with Phoebe from the beginning. Ridge warned his mother to not start bashing Brooke again, or Stephanie would be the one out of his life.

Before Ridge and Stephanie could talk more, Brooke walked in and told Ridge she needed to talk to him alone. After Stephanie left, Ridge blathered on about how wonderful it would be once they got married and how nothing would ever come between them again. Ridge was surprised when Brooke told him they couldn't continue to move on until they got in sync about a certain subject. She then told him she had some news about Rick and Phoebe that he wasn't going to like.

Stephanie wants to send her mother, Ann, back to Chicago

Stephanie wants to send her mother, Ann, back to Chicago

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Brooke prepared to tell Ridge that Phoebe and Rick needed to explore their feelings for one another, but Ridge stopped her and said Rick needed to stay away from Phoebe. He said it would all be over when Rick returned to Europe. Before Brooke could explain, Stephanie led in Jarrett, the reporter from Eye on Fashion. He wanted an exclusive advance interview before the proposed Rodeo Drive wedding.

As Ridge droned on about the plans, Jarrett finally interrupted and questioned Brooke, Ridge, and Stephanie about Rick and Phoebe's relationship, since he'd seen their photo from the coffee shop duet on the Internet. They all denied anything was going on, and Stephanie threatened Jarrett that the kids were off-limits, or Jarrett would never see another exclusive. After Jarrett left, Ridge and Brooke argued about Rick's understanding of the importance of his actions.

At Bridget's beach house, Rick was packing, and Bridget teased that he hadn't worn out his welcome yet. He filled her in on the fact that he and Phoebe couldn't stay away from each other. As Brooke entered, Bridget warned Rick that it would be a big problem to Ridge and Brooke. Brooke told Rick she hadn't had a chance to break the news to Ridge about Rick and Phoebe. As they talked, Stephanie walked in, accusing them all of lying about Rick's relationship with Phoebe.

Brooke, Rick, and Bridget told Stephanie it was none of her business, but she told them all that the family had bet the farm on the new business venture, and the bad publicity with the Internet photo could blow the whole thing. Stephanie continued telling Brooke she had supported Brooke's marriage to Ridge, but she thought it was a mistake, since Brooke was lying to cover for Rick. Stephanie also told them that she wanted to protect Phoebe -- a vulnerable 18-year-old girl who had been through a lot that year. Brooke and Rick said Rick would never do anything to hurt Phoebe. Stephanie appealed to Bridget, who said everything got worse when Stephanie got involved. Arguing escalated, with Rick and Bridget defending their mom to Stephanie, who warned them all she'd make sure Ridge knew about the cover-up.

Onboard the powerless Shady Marlin, adrift in the bay, Nick and Taylor cuddled, with Nick telling Taylor it was the first time he had made love on the Marlin while drifting at sea and that he has a deal with the Marlin that it would restart with a replacement fuse, so there was no need to worry about the power outage. Taylor told Nick she felt everything was going to be fine, and she wondered if they could sail around the world and be explorers. They dreamily snuggled in each other's arms, falling asleep.

Nick awakened to the sound of a tanker approaching as waves began to toss the Marlin around. He woke Taylor, telling her they had to get off the boat, but it capsized before they could get out. Searchlights illuminated the sea, which was strewn with debris that had once been the Marlin. Nick surfaced, desperately looking for Taylor but not finding her. He repeatedly dove underwater and finally found an unconscious Taylor. He pulled her to safety aboard a floating chunk of the Marlin, where he began mouth-to-mouth.

Friday, March 2, 2007

by ED

In his office, Ridge confronted Phoebe about the Internet photograph taken of her and Rick at C.J.'s club, Insomnia. Phoebe almost inadvertently let it slip out about her continued relationship with Rick but then realized that Brooke had not told him.

At Bridget's, Stephanie continued her attacks on Brooke and Rick and demanded the truth about Rick's relationship with Phoebe. Tired of Stephanie's constant badgering, Brooke threatened to cancel the wedding if it meant that her and her son's lives would be under constant surveillance. Meanwhile, Bridget received a phone call from Nick filling her in on Taylor's condition in the emergency room. Bridget left for the hospital to check on Taylor's chart, with Stephanie following right behind.

At the hospital, to Nick and Taylor's dismay, the whole family arrived to show support for the patient. Stephanie told Taylor that she was making a mistake falling for a "bum" like Nick. Nick later told Taylor that he was falling her, something he'd thought he would never do.

Phoebe and Rick shared their intimate feelings for each other. Stephanie warned Brooke that she had not told Ridge about Phoebe and Rick's relationship, but he would leave her. Brooke ignored Stephanie, saying that Ridge would not believe Stephanie because of her past history of meddling.

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