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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 5, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, March 5, 2007

At Nick's, Taylor lays in bed while Nick jokes about almost getting her killed. Taylor feels bad about Nick losing his boat, but he tells her he can always get another boat, but she is irreplaceable. They share a romantic kiss after he admits how frightened he was when he couldn't find her in the ocean. When the doorbell rings, Nick is disgusted to find Stephanie lurking outside. She comes in and confronts him about his relationship with Taylor, telling him Brooke is more his kind of girl. Stephanie eagerly informs him that Brooke's relationship with Ridge is about to blow up and when it does she knows Brooke will come running to him. Nick berates Stephanie for turning on Brooke so soon, saying he knew all along that her loyalty to Brooke was only a hoax. Stephanie argues that Brooke brought it on herself this time, by secretly supporting Rick and Bridget's relationship. She tells Nick that she knows he will drop Taylor like a hot potato as soon as Brooke is available again. Nick denies her allegations and angrily throws Stephanie out. When he comes back upstairs he tells Taylor about Stephanie's visit. Taylor wonders what Stephanie is up to and hopes Nick won't allow her manipulations affect their budding romance.

At Forrester Originals, Brooke and Rick argue about Stephanie. Brooke fears that Stephanie will try to break her and Ridge up, now that she knows Brooke has been lying to her favorite son. Rick worries about putting his mother in such a bad position but tells her that's to be expected when dealing with Ridge. Their conversation is interrupted when Phoebe, Ridge and Felicia walk in. Phoebe is wearing a very sexy gown and Ridge pointedly asks Rick if it is too revealing. Rick tells him Phoebe looks hot, but that isn't the way they want to present her. Trying to keep thinks amicable, Ridge asks Rick about his latest ideas for the launch. Rick suggests they develop a signature fragrance for their grand opening. Ridge likes the idea and thinks it would set them apart from the competition. After everyone else has left, Ridge complains to Felicia about Stephanie's negative attitude toward Brooke and vows that he won't tolerate it anymore.

Meanwhile in Brooke's office at Forrester Originals, Brooke tells Rick she can't lie to Ridge anymore and begs him to keep his distance from Phoebe until after the wedding. She warns her son that Stephanie is watching him too. Before they get a chance to discuss it further, Stephanie barges in with Phoebe and manages to drag Brooke out of the office to discuss a private matter. Once they leave, Rick and Phoebe are thrilled to be able to seize a moment alone, not realizing that Stephanie left the phone on intercom. Once Brooke and Stephanie get into Ridge's office, Stephanie demands that Brooke be honest and tell Ridge what's going on. However Brooke refuses and orders Stephanie to keep her mouth shut and leave Rick alone. After she leaves, Stephanie goes to the phone and eavesdrops on Phoebe and Rick's conversation. When she hears that the two lovers are planning a secret rendezvous in Big Bear, she decides that she'll have to get Ridge there so he can see with his own eyes what has been going on behind his back.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Brooke goes to Nick's house to give him a home-made DVD from Hope and finds that Nick is with Taylor. Meanwhile, Stephanie tells Ridge what she heard; that Rick and Phoebe were planning on sneaking up to Big Bear. Ridge decides to drive up there. Brooke calls Ridge and Ridge tells her that Phoebe and Rick are up at the Big Bear cabin and he and Stephanie are headed up there. He lets Brooke know that he will put an end to Rick and Phoebe's relationship. Up at the cabin, Rick and Phoebe are enjoying their time alone as the sexual tension rises between them. Ridge and Stephanie walk in on Rick and Phoebe's romantic set-up, and Ridge confronts Rick. Brooke gets to the cabin and is upset to see Ridge holding Rick's shirt about to use physical violence. Back at Nick's place, Nick tells Taylor that he is with her because he wants to be and they make love.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

At Nick's, worried about what Stephanie said about her daughter, Taylor tries to get in touch with Phoebe. Nick assures her that Phoebe is fine and jokingly tells her the next time Stephanie comes over he plans to put duck tape over her mouth. Attempting to get Taylor to relax, Nick spoon feeds her some soup. Despite his attentiveness, Taylor remains insecure about his feelings. Nick tells her that whether Brooke and Ridge stay together or not will have no effect on him. He goes on to tell her how happy she makes him and how much he loves being with her. Things heat up and they make love. Afterwards he tells her Brooke is his past and warns her that Stephanie will probably be pushing Ridge on her next. Taylor tells Nick that doesn't matter since he is the only man for her. Still obsessing on the subject, Taylor states that she can't believe Ridge and Brooke would end things at this late date. Bored with the topic, Nick shuts Taylor up with a kiss.

At Big Bear, Brooke orders Ridge to let go of Rick. Stephanie agrees, telling Ridge he should direct all of his anger toward Brooke since she has been lying to him the whole time. Ridge questions Brooke and she admits that she knew the truth but argues that Rick isn't a threat to Phoebe. Ridge is appalled by Brooke's betrayal. Brooke says she tried to tell him earlier but things got too crazy once he decided to turn their wedding into a hug press event. Ridge angrily tells her she had no right to do it and Brooke counters that he had no right to threaten her son's life. Stephanie butts in and tells Brooke to stop blaming other people for her lack of judgment. Brooke argues that Ridge can't expect Rick and Phoebe to turn their feelings off just because he says so. Ridge sadly replies that he wished she had as much respect for his feelings as she does for the children's. Exasperated, Brooke drags Rick into another room so she can have a moment alone with her son. Once they are alone, Rick apologizes to his mother and explains that he had no idea Stephanie was spying on them or he never would have set up a secret meeting at the cabin. Rick adds that he thinks Stephanie's main objective now is to split up Brooke and Ridge. Brooke tells Rick she isn't worried about Stephanie, she is more concerned about his situation with Phoebe spiraling out of control and causing something really awful to happen. Brooke pressures her son to be mature and end things with Phoebe before it's too late.

Back in the den at Big Bear, Stephanie warns her son that a marriage of lies will never work. Phoebe apologizes to her Dad for sneaking around behind his back. Ridge accepts her apology and admits he could have handled the situation better. When Brooke and Rick come back in, Brooke tells everyone that Rick and Phoebe need to talk alone. Despite Stephanie's protests, Brooke manages to get everyone to leave. Once they are alone again, Phoebe tells Rick that she is relieved that everything is out in the open. Sensing that Rick is in a strange mood, Phoebe asks him what is wrong and wanders what his mother said to him. Fearing that Brooke tried to guilt trip him into breaking up with her, Phoebe tells Rick that Ridge and Brooke would never break up because of their relationship. She pleads with Rick not to worry about what people think, telling him all that matters is that she loves him. Relenting, Rick gives her a kiss, but looks very troubled afterwards.

Meanwhile in the car, Brooke and Ridge argue and Ridge threatens to turn the car around and head back to Big Bear. Brooke makes him pull over then she lays into him for being so violent with Rick. She orders him to never lay a hand on her son again. Ridge promises he won't, but worries about what kind of future they have if Brooke feels she has no other choice but to lie to him.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

At Nick's, Nick watches a DVD of Hope's school play while Jackie walks in and notices that he's enjoying it, and must miss Hope. Jackie talks about Brooke and Hope and how happy they made him. Nick tells his mom that that's over, but Brooke and Ridge may be over too since they are experiencing some tension over the Rick and Phoebe relationship, so there may not be a wedding after all. Jackie says there might still be hope for them, but Nick tells her Brooke is gone, and he doesn't want her back. Taylor comes in and overhears, and an embarrassed Jackie tries to make light of it. Jackie says good night, and Taylor tells Nick she needs to go home because she has a feeling Phoebe needs her, but Nick wants her to stay. She assures him everything is fine. She just needs to be home for Phoebe. As they embrace, Taylor is disconcerted as she looks over his shoulder to see the picture of Hope on his laptop.

At Brooke's, Ridge and Brooke discuss the Rick and Phoebe situation agreeing that they each have different parenting styles, but Ridge admits he is still upset about her hiding that Rick and Phoebe were seeing each other. He feels Rick is too worldly for Phoebe since he has been married, divorced and lived in Europe. He feels Phoebe needs someone her own age. Brooke assures him Rick will be ending things with Phoebe for the family. She also tells Ridge he must accept her son and love him - maybe not the relationship between him and Phoebe, but Rick as a person. She adds that she can't have a dysfunctional family, and she needs to resolve this now before she goes to Australia to help open the new store.

At Big Bear, Rick and Phoebe continue to cuddle, kiss and hug as they discuss their feelings. Rick tells Phoebe he loves her, but they can't do anything about it right now for the family's sake. He assures her that they'll be fine, but for now, they need to put on the brakes. He adds that no matter what, he will never let her go. Phoebe says she wants him to love her now, but he tells her she deserves better than a few hidden moments at the cabin. He wants their time together to be special - very special. He leaves to return home, and Phoebe says she will follow in her car in a few minutes. As Rick leaves, he calls Brooke on his cell phone to tell her that he and Phoebe know how it has to be. Meanwhile, as Phoebe packs up to leave inside the cabin, she tells herself that her father is wrong. "I don't care what you say, Dad."

Friday, March 9, 2007

by ED

At Forrester Originals, everyone was excited about their new designs and additions to the new line. Ridge mentioned that Rick and Phoebe's relationship was over and that he and Brooke were on the same page with regards to this issue. Stephanie was not as convinced, insisting that Brooke could not be trusted given her feelings towards her son. Felicia decided to focus the conversation on the new fragrance line, product which presented a new challenge to conquer.

In Rick's office, Rick received a phone call from a woman with a strange voice but Rick dismissed it and asked his secretary to take down her name and ask her to call him back. She did as she was told, but Rick did not appear to recognize the mystery woman's voice and hangs up. Later, Rick is stunned as Ashley Abbott, an old acquaintance of his from Paris, appeared in his office.

Looking for Ridge, Brooke entered his office to find Phoebe. Phoebe argued over her relationship with Ridge and attributed her change of heart to her wedding with Ridge and not wanting to disrupt it. Afraid that Rick will find someone else, she vowed to continue her relationship with Rick despite his concerns and would never forgive Ridge should Rick find someone else.

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