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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 9, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, April 9, 2007

Taylor accuses of Brooke of trying to ruin her happiness with Nick. Brooke believes that Nick will come back to her. Their fight escalates until Nick breaks the two of them up. Stephanie tells Nick that Ridge made the mistake of leaving Taylor and he shouldn't do the same. Ridge confides in Felicia and says that things are over between him and Brooke because she went back to Nick. Ashley admits to Bridget that she had an affair with Rick in Paris. Ridge and Ashley accidentally get locked in the lab closet together.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

At Forrester Originals, Brooke reminisced about Ridge and the good times they had together. Brooke then played over in her mind Ridge punching Rick. Brooke recalled the reason she called off her wedding to Ridge. Rick came into the office. He apologized to Brooke for having caused the end of her relationship with Ridge. Brooke told Rick that things are not going well at Forrester Originals. Therefore, Brooke told Rick that she has decided to resign from Forrester Originals. Rick pointed out that he would support her relationship with Nick, but Brooke loved working at Forrester Originals. Brooke confided to Rick that she would resign from Forrester Originals in order to show Nick that he is her priority and the most important thing to her -- not Forrester Originals.

Ridge became locked in the storage room in the lab with Ashley. Ashley asked Ridge how he healed from a broken heart. Ashley teased Ridge about his little black book and hooking up with old girlfriends. Ashley acknowledged his badly broken heart which came from loving so deeply. Ashley disclosed she too had her heart badly broken before by Victor Newman. Ashley privately thought to herself about the cruel way that Victor broke off their relationship when he learned that she had an aborted his baby.

Ashley advised him that if he concentrates so much on the hurt, he might overlook new opportunities that could happen at any time. Ridge joked if Ashley meant being locked in the storage room with her.

Phoebe went to see Nick at his office. Phoebe told Nick that now that Ridge and Brooke have called off their wedding, she is hopeful that her parents would reunify. Nick didn't take what Phoebe had said personally. He did nicely tell her that he wanted a chance to prove himself with Taylor and with Phoebe.

Rick went to the lab to talk Ashley. He rescued Ridge and Ashley from the locked storage room. Later, Rick asked Ashley why she did not tell him that she had called Brooke about the job. Rick asked why Ashley had led him to believe that Brooke had called her about the job. Ashley told Rick that she missed what they had together in Paris. Ashley asked Rick if he really loves Phoebe and if he could have as good a relationship as she and Rick had in Paris. Ashley admitted that her feelings for Rick had intensified and she wanted to rekindle their relationship. Rick told Ashley that he is very much in love with Phoebe. Ashley kissed Rick and the kiss became very passionate.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ridge tells Ashley that he will really lose Brooke if she resigns. Brooke declares to Bridget that she wants Nick back. Taylor sees Brooke's resignation as a ploy to win Nick back and is furious. Nick tells Taylor that he would do anything for her. They make dinner plans to find out if they are pregnant. Brooke hands in her resignation letter even though Ridge tries to talk her out of it. Stephanie and Brooke share some harsh words before Brooke leaves. Brooke kisses Nick but he firmly tells her to stop. Rick tells Ashley that he loves Phoebe and doesn't want to cheat on her. Ashley and Ridge discuss new beginnings and kiss.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

At Forrester Creations, Brooke tells Nick she knows he loves her, and Nick continues to resist telling her over and over again that their relationship is in the past. She was the first woman he really loved, and she broke his heart when she married Ridge. Brooke persists in telling him how happy they were and that he needs to forget the bad times and remember the good times. She realizes she made a mistake constantly having one foot in and one foot out of their marriage, but she wants to correct that now. As she tells him they can be together, he snaps at her and says they can't, and now she'll know how it feels to have her heart broken. He tells her he has moved on and he refuses to go back. He grabs his briefcase and heads out the door to Taylor's for dinner, but in runs Hope with Aunt Donna close behind. They were going to a movie, but just happened to stop by to see Nick instead. Hope tells Nick she wants to spend time on his new boat, but Nick says they can't because he has plans. Then Hope starts asking if he'll be coming home tonight so she can see him then. A surprised Nick looks at Brooke and Donna, and explains tonight he has plans, but they can get together on the weekend. Hope reels him in with some card tricks and again says maybe she can see him after dinner, but he says no, and Nick asks Donna to take Hope to get something to drink. After they leave, Brooke tells Nick that Hope loves him, and asks if he really thinks he can love his own child as much or more than he loves Hope. Nick looks disgusted, and tells her that's not fair. Brooke tells him adoption is always an option, and then he would have the child he wants. Nick freaks out on her asking what she wants. He scatters all the papers off the desk and says maybe they should just have sex on the desk one last time so she can try something else to convince him, and then maybe she'll stop this. He tells her to quit trying to manipulate him. Brooke looks crushed, and Nick leaves her there.

At Taylor's, she's getting ready for dinner with Nick, and in walks Stephanie to tell her that she cares about her and doesn't trust Nick claiming he will leave her. She adds that Taylor may be giving into having a child with Nick because it will keep him with her so he won't go back to Brooke. Taylor says she thinks Steph has a point, but that she really wants a fresh start with a man who loves her a new life with a baby to raise. The relationship is about her and Nick and a new life without the Forresters. She missed raising her own children, and when she fought so hard to come back from the coma, she returned home to find Ridge dumped her, and her kids were all grown up. She wants it all now she wants a second chance, and she is truly happy and loves Nick. She asks if Stephanie and everyone else could just be happy for her since she is happy. After Stephanie leaves, Nick shows up and they banter about taking the pregnancy test. Nick wants to hurry saying the wait is killing him. Taylor takes the test out of the box and promises they'll know if they are parents in a few minutes.

At Forrester Originals, Ridge pulls away from a kiss with Ashley, and apologizes saying he needs to put on the brakes. They discuss going out in his hot sports car for a night on the town, but Ridge says it's probably not a good idea to be seen around town since the wedding with Brooke was just cancelled. He apologizes to Ashley, and says maybe another time. In Rick's office, he and Phoebe are getting ready for a dinner date when they argue about whose mother belongs with Nick. The argument heats up as they both stick up for their moms, but Phoebe says after all her mother has been through in the last year, she won't stand for Brooke trying to destroy her mother's happiness by thinking she can quite Forester Originals and go to work at Forrester Creations just to be around Nick. She wants Rick to tell Brooke to stop it. Rick wants to stay out of it and just go to dinner, but Phoebe says she's no longer hungry and walks out. In walks Ashley who guesses they had an argument since Phoebe didn't look happy. She asks Rick about the fight, but he says they really don't need to be discussing it considering their relationship. She points out to Rick that she really isn't rooting against them. She was fine before she met him, and she's still an independent woman. They change the subject to a marketing projections report on the new fragrance that Rick needs for an early meeting, and Ash says it's back in her hotel room. If he gives her a lift tonight, she can give it to him then. He agrees.

At Brooke's house, she cuddles a sleeping Hope telling her she wants Nick home too, and she knows in her heart that he wants to be there. A knock at the door brings in Stephanie to gloat that Nick and Taylor are proceeding to start a new life with a baby. Brooke doubts Taylor will get pregnant this fast at her age, but Stephanie says they have been doing a lot of practicing, and she warns Brooke to leave them alone.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Taylor tells Nick that she is nervous to take the pregnancy test. Nick affirms his commitment to Taylor. Phoebe shows up unexpectedly and tells Taylor that she had a fight with Rick about her mother's relationship with Nick. Stephanie warns Brooke to leave Nick alone. Brooke won't give a clear answer to Stephanie when she asks Brooke if she can leave Nick alone if Taylor is pregnant. She tells Stephanie to find out if Taylor is pregnant. Taylor and Nick decide it's time to take the pregnancy test. Ashley suggests going over the marketing plan at her hotel with Rick. Ashley and Rick remember their amorous time in Paris. Phoebe calls Rick to apologize and Ashley senses Rick's attraction to Phoebe.

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