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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 23, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, April 23, 2007

Ridge returns the Marlin to the dock and rearranges a few things. Stephanie follows Ridge back to the office where she confronts him on what she saw. Ridge confesses everything to Stephanie. Stephanie starts to do damage control, refusing to let Ridge call the police. Stephanie offers to help Ridge clean the blood stained carpet. Nick takes the Shady Marlin out and remembers the time he spent with Brooke, Hope, and R.J. on the boat. Nick then surprises Brooke by showing up at her doorstep.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

At Brooke's house, Nick told Brooke he would always love her but that he cannot be with her. He informed Brooke that he does not want to take the risk of reunifying with her and losing her all over again. Brooke continued to try to convince Nick that she would never leave him again. Brooke even offered to become pregnant for Nick so he could have his own child. Nick was taken aback, but felt in the long run, he would never have security with Brooke. He told Brooke that he not only loves Taylor, he feels very secure with Taylor. Brooke was adamant with Nick that she could provide him the security he needs and a child. Brooke promised Nick that she would never return to Ridge again. Nick did not trust what Brooke was saying. Nick told Brooke that he would remain with Taylor because he loves her.

In Ridge's office, Stephanie advised Ridge that she does not want him to call the police about Shane. Stephanie advised that Ridge killed Shane by accident and she does not want Ridge to go to prison for an accidental death. Stephanie explained that the accidental shooting of Shane was one thing, however, because Ridge hid Shane's body by dumping it into the bay, he would appear to be extremely guilty by the police and any judge. Stephanie told Ridge that she would stand by him and would not allow anyone to find out what had happened.

Meanwhile, Bridget told Taylor that she would not be able to conceive a child. Taylor was upset that Nick would be disappointed because she promised that they would have a child together. Bridget told Taylor that she understood exactly how she felt. Taylor telephoned Nick while Nick was still with Brooke. Nick asked Taylor what the information about her eggs not being viable meant. Brooke was suspicious that Taylor had just been told that she cannot conceive a child. Brooke went to Bridget's office and tried to confirm what she suspected. Brooke was then convinced that Taylor could not conceive a child. Brooke asked Bridget to test her also. Brooke felt that if she could become pregnant, then Nick would marry her and not Taylor.

Taylor gave Nick the bad news that she cannot conceive a child. Nick admitted that he was disappointed, but it did not mean that he wanted to end their relationship. Nick told Taylor that he loved her immensely regardless if she could conceive a child or not.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Taylor suggests Invitro Fertilization (IVF) to Nick. Nick is not ecstatic about the idea, but will do anything to make Taylor happy. Brooke undergoes a series of tests to see if she can conceive a child. She believes that Nick is not meant to be with Taylor if they can't have a baby together. Brooke is shocked to learn that Nick and Taylor are considering IVF. Nick tells Brooke to let him go. As they spend time together, Ridge kisses Ashley as Stephanie peeks in. Stephanie helps Ridge cover up the accident. A worker confirms that it can't be cleaned, so Stephanie has it destroyed. Ashley accuses Ridge of not being honest about why he missed their date.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bridget and Rick join forces to tell Brooke that Nick and Taylor are happy, and she needs to understan. Brooke tells them she understands, and she waited too long and left Nick too many times. He told her he loves Tay, and they will be doing in vitro in order to have a baby. She understands that Nick is really committed to Taylor, and she has to let him go, but she was so sure she could win him back and make him happy. Now, it's too late. She quit her job and she refuses to go back to Ridge, so now she'll just concentrate on herself and her children. Rick and Bridget seem surprised, but Bridget tells her mom she is proud of her. Rick heads off to see Phoebe, and they make peace in an office at Forrester Originals saying they missed each other, and don't want to fight. Rick tells Phoebe that she was right. Nick loves her mom, and Brooke now realizes it, so she's backing off. They both sound relieved, and want to get on with their relationship acknowledging that they can't control what their parents do, and they can't let it control them.

At Taylor's office, Nick and Tay check out donor profiles on her laptop, and Nick kids her saying he wants to know where the pictures are, but Tay tells him these are anonymous egg donors, and it's not about looks. They should be looking at interests, intelligence and other qualities. Nick jokes that he wants someone with a rockin' body. Taylor reminds him there will be no sex involved with a rockin body – that the fertilization takes place in a Petri dish. Nick has to leave, and she tells him her rockin body will be waiting for him after work. Nick leaves, and Brooke enters. Taylor is disgusted and assumes she's looking for Nick again, but Brooke sits down and claims she wants to talk. She admits she knows about the in vitro plans. Nick told her about it when he told her he loves Taylor, and she realizes that Taylor can give Nick much more then she can, and Brooke just wants Nick to be happy. Taylor looks shocked, but she and Brooke seem almost friendly, and Brooke says she doesn't know what she will do. She quit her job and she won't be going back to Ridge. Taylor tells her she will land on her feet because she always does.

In Ridge's office, Ashley says she understands Ridge must be going through something, and she wants to help. They begin making out, and he likes that kind of help, but she again offers to help him through whatever he's going through. Ridge has a flashback of the struggle in which the gun goes off and Shane drops over. He tells her he doesn't need to talk about anything. He needs to move on. Lt. Baker shows up to talk about Shane. He shares that Taylor had wanted a restraining order against Shane, but only Phoebe can request one. Ridge is surprised to hear this news. Baker seems surprised that Taylor and Ridge didn't discuss this, and he explains that he ran into Taylor and Nick, and Nick said he would handle this in his own way if the police couldn't take care of it. Ashley says that doesn't sound like a smart move, and Baker agrees. Baker says he doesn't think anything will be necessary because Shane is a drifter, and he'll likely disappear on his own. Meanwhile, a cell phone rings and the trio looks for it. Ridge finds it beside a plant and sees a picture of Shane on the screen. Ridge stares at the phone, and Baker remarks that Ridge looks like he's seen a ghost.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Taylor tells Nick that she's confident Brooke won't try to come between them again. Bridget calls Nick to tell him the donor is ready for the procedure. Nick asks Rick to be his best man but he declines out of respect for his mother. Taylor asks Phoebe to be her maid of honor. Brooke remembers her wedding to Nick and sees those happy times disappear. Brooke asks Rick to reconsider being Nick's best man and he calls Nick to tell him he changed his mind. Brooke tries to be happy for Nick but is in a lot of pain. Stephanie tries to keep Ridge calm regarding Shane. Stephanie encourages Ridge and Ashley to go away for a weekend together. The bag containing Shane's body is floating in water, with his arm protruding.

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