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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 30, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, April 30, 2007

Nick and Taylor are ecstatic for their upcoming wedding and the thought of starting a family together. Jackie is thrilled to learn that Taylor and Nick have an IVF appointment after the wedding. Brooke tells Rick and Bridget she thought she was ready to accept Nick and Taylor's wedding but indeed she's not. Taylor and Phoebe share their happiness of being in love with Nick and Rick. Rick tells Taylor that Nick is running a little late. Brooke shows up at the church and secretly visits Nick's groom's room. She tells him that it isn't too late to back out. Lieutenant Baker informs Taylor of the restraining order for Shane to protect Phoebe. Lt. Baker asks Stephanie and Ridge for Shane's address so they can serve the order. Meanwhile, the police identify Shane's image in a crime scene photo.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Prior to the wedding, while Nick prepared to marry Taylor, Brooke arrived and made a last pitch to Nick to marry her instead of Taylor. Although Nick still had feelings for Brooke, he made her aware that he loves Taylor and will marry her. Nick reminded Brooke that she shares a child with Ridge, and that Ridge would always be a part of her life. Nick emphasized that he would never return to Brooke because of her feelings for Ridge that she would always have.

Nick and Taylor were married. Jackie participated in the ceremony by doing a reading. Phoebe, Taylor's made of honor sang a song to Taylor and Nick. Rick was the Nick's best man. Brooke watched the wedding ceremony in the background with the hope that Nick would change his mind at the last moment and not marry Taylor.

After the wedding, Brooke was distraught and headed home. Brooke found Stephanie waiting for her at her home. Stephanie cruelly told Brooke, that Nick would have reunited with her when she returned home from Australia, but Nick did not want Brooke. Stephanie described Brooke as "the woman with no man and no job." Brooke reminded Stephanie that she left Ridge because of his temper. Stephanie defended Ridge's behavior. Stephanie informed Brooke that Ridge was protecting his daughter when he hit Rick out of rage. Stephanie demanded that Brooke never speak badly of Ridge by ever telling anyone that he has a temper and is a violent person. Brooke acknowledged that Stephanie wanted her to stay away from Ridge and she was. Brooke reminded Stephanie however, that she shares a child with Ridge and that would be forever.

Back at Forrester Originals, Ridge flirted passionately with Ashley. They planned to take the company jet to an immediate trip San Francisco. Lt.Baker came to the office before they left and announced that Shane had been murdered. Lt. Baker informed Ridge that he was there to ask Ridge some questions about Shane's murder!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Nick and Taylor get ready for the Invitro process. Bridget wishes them wedded bliss. Nick and Bridget remain professional in an awkward situation when she hands him a specimen cup. Taylor "helps" Nick when he doesn't get inspiration from DVD's and men's magazines. Ridge tries to feign surprise as Lt. Baker tells him that Shane's body washed up on the Venice Beach. Ridge tells Stephanie he's worried the situation has gotten out of hand. Lt. Baker learns that the Shady Marlin left the harbor two nights ago and has his forensic team search the boat for anything that could be tied to Shane. Ridge tells Stephanie he has to turn himself in.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

At Forrester Originals, Phoebe reads the paper and finds that Shane is dead from a gunshot wound. Rick sees how distraught she is, and he tells her it has nothing to do with her, but she cries that recently, all the people who reach out to her - Darla and Shane - end up dead. She tells him to run as fast as he can, but Rick comforts her and says he's not going anywhere. Accidents happen, and she couldn't prevent Darla's nor Shane's death, but she worries that she let Shane down. He was homeless and started to make something of himself, and then when he asked for her help, she turned away.

At Nick's office, Tay brings in the newspaper and tells Nick how concerned she is that Shane is dead, and she could be a suspect. Nick tells her there is no reason for that, but she says she is the one who took out the restraining order right before he disappeared. He calms her down, and says there's nothing to worry about. She leaves and Lt. Baker arrives with his assistant and three uniformed police officers. They say they have a search warrant since Shane's employer said he was there on his last sales call. Nick says the call was very brief, and Baker asks if Shane had ever been on the Shady Marlin II, and Nick says no. Nick rudely tells them he is busy, but Baker flashes the search warrant.

Meanwhile, Taylor visits Stephanie worrying that the police could come looking for her. She explains that she asked for the restraining order right before Shane disappeared. Step coyly says that's not possible because Taylor doesn't own a gun, but Toy says Ridge did, and she never got rid of it. Then, she spills the beans that she was with Nick during an encounter with Shane at her house when he threw Shane off the property and told him to leave Phoebe alone. Then, he and Shane came to blows at his office. Plus, she added that Nick told Lt. Baker that if the police couldn't handle Shane; he would. The wheels start turning in Stephanie's head that Nick could be a suspect, and Taylor suddenly realizes she's already said too much asking Stephanie to forget she had ever been there. Back at the police station, Baker knows Shane's hair wound up on the Shady Marlin II, and he asks his assistant to check on what kind of gun killed Shane. Since they may never recover the murder weapon, he wants to know if Ridge and Nick own guns that match the bullet caliber. Later, Taylor returns to tell Nick the hormone shots must be making her wacky because she went and visited with Stephanie to discuss her concerns about Shane's murder. He tells her she has nothing to fear, but the police visited him, and asked a lot of questions, but they are gone now. Nick hugs her, but both of them look worried.

At Ridge's house, he talks to Steph on the phone about confessing, and she tells him not to do anything yet. He hangs up when Brooke brings R.J. (much older than we last saw him) for an afternoon visit with Ridge, and he alludes to the fact that he would like to spend more time with R.J. today because he may not have a lot of time in the future. He tells her how much he loves her and RJ, and says he's sorry her opinion of him changed in Sydney. Brooke says they've said everything they have to say, and they need to give it some time and that no matter what, she would never prevent him from seeing R.J. Stephanie shows up and Brooke leaves to get R.J.'s car seat. Steph can see guilt all over Ridge, and she surmises he was about to tell Brooke the whole sordid truth. Ridge says everyone will know soon enough anyway, and he wants Brooke to hear it from him. Steph says not to worry because the police have no sure time of death due to the way salt water decomposes a body. She adds that Nick could now be a suspect since the body was dumped from his boat, and he made threats against Shane at Forrester Creations and at Taylor's house. Ridge reminds her that he was the one who dumped the body, and put it in a garment bag - the same color and style that they have been using for years. "Yes, at Forrester Creations," smiles Steph. A look of relief comes across Ridge's face.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Stephanie tells Ridge not to confess because Nick will pay for the crime. Ridge is worried that it is too risky to put the blame on someone else. Rick wants to take Phoebe to a hotel to relax and see where that leads them. Phoebe is confused because they had said they would wait until marriage to have sex. Rick is clearly "frustrated." Rick is surprised to learn that Ashley is seeing Ridge. Bridget tells Eric that she's moved on from Nick and wishes Brooke would do the same. Stephanie informs Eric about Shane's murder. Jackie questions Nick about Shane but he says he had nothing to with the murder. Stephanie, Eric, Ridge, Phoebe, Nick, Taylor, Jackie are called over to the Forresters by Lt. Baker. Lt. Baker informs everyone that he knows who the killer is and that person is in the room right now.

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