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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 7, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, May 7, 2007

Rick wonders if Ashley is seeing Ridge to get under his skin. Rick tells her that a part of him wants to get back with her but Ashley wants full commitment. Rick is torn between her and Phoebe. Dr. Kimbrough tells Bridget the fertilized eggs are ready for implantation. Lt. Baker insinuates that Taylor, along with Ridge's assistance could have disposed Shane's body. He names Ridge and Nick as suspects. Taylor receives a call from Bridget about the fertilized eggs. Lt. Baker makes an arrest.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

At home, Ridge struggled with guilt over having allowed Lt. Baker believe that Nick killed Shane. Ridge told Stephanie he did not know if he would be able to keep it to himself that he killed Shane. Stephanie pointed out that Ridge tried to save Shane from suicide when the gun went off by accident.

At the police station, Nick told Taylor to go to the hospital and get the eggs implanted. Nick was certain he would meet her at the hospital soon. The police processed Nick. They fingerprinted him and took all of his personal possessions. Nick was especially emotional about taking his wedding ring off.

At the hospital, when the doctor got called out on another emergency, Bridget was left to do the implantation procedure with the eggs for Taylor. Nick called Taylor and informed her that he would have to spend the night in jail.

Meanwhile at the house, Stephanie tried to convince Ridge that he could not tell the police what happened because he has a previous record and prison time for killing Grant. Ridge revealed to Stephanie that he did not kill Grant. Ridge disclosed that he confessed to killing Grant only to cover for Rick who killed Grant. Stephanie tried to reason with Ridge that although Nick did not kill Shane, Nick took the family business away with blackmail against Eric. She added that Nick did not care that he hurt the Forrester family or that he took Eric's livelihood away. Stephanie admitted that she did not care if Nick were convicted and had to remain in prison. Stephanie reminded Ridge that what goes around comes around and Nick deserved the "comes around."

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

C.J. asks Rick and Phoebe to sing to get the buzz going about karaoke at the Insomnia, but Phoebe isn't in the mood. Phoebe tells Rick she doesn't want to go away with him because she doesn't want them to be tempted to have sex. Stephanie pushes Ridge to remain quiet. Ashley shows Ridge a newspaper article about Nick's arrest and claims that the wrong man was arrested. Ashley suggests going somewhere with Ridge to take his mind off of things. Stephanie urges Ridge to enjoy an evening with Ashley. Taylor comes to see Nick in prison and shows him a picture of the embryos. Nick tells her that there could be a chance somebody framed him. After making bail, Nick arrives at Stephanie's and demands answers.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

At Stephanie's, Nick starts questioning Steph and Ridge about who killed Shane. He believes Ridge killed Shane, and that they are both involved in framing him. He warns them that they won't get away with it, and he leaves as Stephanie threatens to call the police. Eric calls Steph and Ridge to tell them reporters are hounding him at the office, and they need to be there. As they leave for the meeting, Stephanie cautions Ridge about what he says, With a roomful of reporters and photographers at Forrester Originals, Eric, Ridge, Steph, Felicia, Thorne and Ashley are all there. Eric expresses his family's sorrow for Shane's family, and then Jarrett pointedly asks Ridge if he thinks his half-brother, Nick, is guilty. Tongue-tied, Ridge doesn't respond, having flashbacks of the shooting and his mother talking to him. Mommy Steph responds, but Jarrett presses Ridge who finally says the police have the evidence, and he is confident the justice system will do its job. He doesn't feel sorry for Nick, but the families involved have his sympathy. Lt. Baker watches from the doorway.

Brooke runs into Rick and Phoebe who are hanging out at Insomnia, and they update her on Nick's arrest. She insists on going to see Nick in spite of their warnings to stay away. She leaves, and C.J. coerces Rick and Phoebe to sing "You're the one that I want." After they finish, C.J. and a friend watch recorded video of the duo on a laptop, and they discuss how he will use the video to promote the Insomnia and let everyone know that it is the greatest place for karaoke.

Brooke shows up at Nick and Taylor's, and the discussion turns to murder Ridge murdering Shane, and both Brooke and Taylor find it hard to believe that Ridge could commit murder, but Nick reminds them both of Ridge's temper tantrums and the fact that Shane was hanging around Phoebe stalking her. Nick proclaims he will prove his innocence, and he leaves to contact his private investigator. Taylor and Brooke start talking about how hard it is to believe Ridge could commit murder, and Taylor laments that this is so stressful for them since she could be carrying Nick's child. Brooke looks crushed, and asks if she is pregnant. Taylor shares that Bridget handled the procedure and thinks there is a good possibility that she is already pregnant.

Later at Nick's, a shadowy figure appears in the dark on the balcony. It's Nick lighting a cigar vowing aloud that he will prove Ridge killed Shane, and Forrester will rot in jail forever.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Ridge and Ashley reschedule their date. Ridge arrives at Ashley's place to spend the evening with her. Nick questions Phoebe about her night on the Marlin. Phoebe is shocked by Nick's accusations against her father. Nick wants to see Ashley but she is busy with Ridge. After Ridge leaves, Nick arrives and Ashley is shocked when Nick tells her he thinks Ridge killed Shane. Stephanie and Taylor talk; Taylor is confused by Stephanie's strong reaction to Nick's pursuit on a lead against Ridge.

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