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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 14, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, May 14, 2007

Ashley and Nick continue their conversation and Ashley tells Nick that she doesn't believe Ridge could kill and set someone up. Nick learns that Ridge didn't show up for his date with Ashley and he was in no condition to see her afterwards. Nick plants the seeds of doubt in Ashley's head. Ridge wonders if Nick has a good lead when Phoebe tells him that Nick accused him of murder. Taylor wonders why Stephanie is bothered by Nick's attempt to clear his name. Stephanie learns that Nick visited Ashley and heads over there to do some damage control. Nick confronts Ridge at Forrester Originals.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

At home, Nick explained his case against Ridge to Taylor. At first, Taylor could not believe that Ridge could have killed Shane; however, as Nick kept explaining the evidence he had, Taylor became certain that Nick was correct about Ridge.

At Forrester Originals, Ridge told Stephanie that Nick knows that Ridge killed Shane. Ridge predicted that it is just a matter of time that before Nick proves that Ridge killed Shane. Ridge was aware that Nick had been asking Phoebe, Ashley, and Stephanie a lot of questions about the night that Shane was killed. Ridge told Stephanie that Phoebe told Nick that Shane had been at Forrester Originals the night that Shane was killed. Nick learned that Ashley was in the building the night in question. Nick had spoken to Ashley who disclosed that Ridge had canceled their date for an emergency business call to Sidney. Ridge again reminded Stephanie that he is not comfortable lying to the people that he loves and feels guilty over what happened to Shane. Stephanie advised him to leave the country for Paris.

At the Insomnia Café, C.J. showed Phoebe and Rick the video of them singing together that had been posted on the internet. Constantine noticed Rick and Phoebe's video on the internet. He also noticed that in only twelve hours that video had five thousand internet visits. Constantine made a point of going to the Insomnia to meet Phoebe and Rick.

Later, Taylor paid Stephanie a visit. Stephanie was certain after Taylor left, that Taylor left there believing that Ridge killed Shane. Once again, Stephanie advised Ridge to leave the country.

At home, Taylor concluded with Nick that Ridge killed Shane. Taylor believed it could have been accidental, but for certain that it was Ridge. At their request, Lt. Baker arrived at their home. Nick and Taylor informed Lt. Baker that Ridge killed Shane

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Phoebe is flattered that Constantine was looking for her. He tells her he wants to sign her for his label. Phoebe tells Rick about Constantine and wants to give him a shot. Jackie wants Brooke to come back to Forrester Creations. Brooke tells her she can't work with Nick everyday because it is too painful. Nick and Taylor try to convince Lt. Baker to pursue the leads against Ridge. Bridget calls Nick and Taylor into the hospital for Taylor's blood test. Nick and Taylor are completely elated to learn they are pregnant. Nick calls Jackie with the good news and Brooke overhears in the background. Brooke is upset by the news because she knows she has lost Nick forever.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

At Constantine's invitation, Phoebe – minus Rick who is busy with Ashley -- hangs out at his recording studio and they chat it up about her becoming a recording artist and him beginning his own recording label. She meets Todd – sound mixer to the stars and shares one-on-one time with Constantine.

Ashley comes clean to Rick at Forrester Originals – telling him about the night she thinks Shane was killed in the Forrester Originals building. She and Rick discuss her hearing a gunshot – not the freight elevator as Stephanie had suggested. Rick says he believes her. He knows Phoebe did see Shane – who was unhinged -- at the office that night and called security. Rick believes it may have been Ridge who disposed of Shane's body on Nick's boat, and he believes Nick is telling the truth.

At Nick and Taylor's, Nick takes a call from Steph that she wants a face-to-face meeting with him at her place. After Nick leaves for Stephanie's, a police officer arrives with a document, and Taylor signs for it -- a restraining order for Nick to stay away from the Forresters.

At the Forrester mansion, Stephanie tries to persuade Ridge to go to Paris since she already told Taylor and everyone that's where he went. She tells him she fears that if Taylor talks to him, he won't be able to lie to her. Ridge calls her on the lies she's telling, and wonders aloud when the lies will catch up to her – to both of them. She tells him to let the police handle the investigation. So far, no one is catching on, and they won't. In comes Nick questioning why Steph wanted to see him. Playing him for a fool, Steph fumes about Nick accusing her and Ridge of framing him – upset that he's shared his theory with Taylor since Ridge is the father of her children. Not all of them, Nick quips telling Steph that Taylor is pregnant, and he plans to be around to see his children grow up. She's taken back for a second, then disagrees coyly saying that he will be behind bars sooner than he thinks. Ridge walks downstairs with a suitcase surprising Nick who says he thought he was in Paris. Ridge says he doesn't owe anyone any explanations. Ding-dong the police arrive asking Nick if he has any weapons, and he's surprised, asking why he would have weapons. The police arrest him for violating the restraining order that Steph took out against him. Shocked and unaware of the restraining order conveniently delivered to his house while he was at Steph's, he insists Stephanie called to invite him there, but she denies it saying how glad she is the police came so quickly because she fears what would have happened if they hadn't shown up. As they take Nick away in cuffs – yelling that she'll go down for this -- Ridge looks at his mother in amazement asking about the restraining order. She hugs him, and he looks distraught.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Nick is outraged for being arrested again. He is sure the restraining order proves Stephanie and Ridge's guilt. Stephanie wants to bring the D.A. Jennifer Tartaro on the case to speed it up. Phoebe is angry and in shock when Rick tells her about his conversation with Ashley regarding Ridge being involved in Shane's death. Nick asks a torn Rick for help because he has access to Forrester Originals. Storm tells Brooke that he is sure Ridge killed Shane and wants her to get a confession. Stephanie wonders if Brooke is onto something when she comes to see her. Brooke confronts Stephanie in hopes of getting a confession.

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