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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 4, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, June 4, 2007

While at work, Bridget notices that Brooke's eggs were send to the fertility lab instead of the research lab, and furthermore, that they were sent out the same day that the donor's eggs for Taylor were fertilized. Brooke visits Ridge in prison and offers her support, but does not think it will help to get him out. Before Taylor starts to experience morning sickness, Nick shows her some designs for a new maternity line. Phoebe tells Rick that she needs him and the two promise each other that nothing will break them up again. Rick visits Ashley and give her a passionate goodbye kiss, but it is clear that the two have a special connection.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

At the hospital, Bridget could not stop worrying that she had implanted Brooke's eggs into Taylor during the invitro procedure. Both eggs had been labeled Marone. Somehow Brooke's eggs were in the lab at the time of Taylor's implantation. Bridget spoke to a lab assistant about the situation. The lab staff indicated they thought it was strange that Bridget was using her mother's eggs. Bridget became even more concerned when Nick told Bridget that Taylor was having morning sickness which she never had with her other pregnancies.

Phoebe visited Ridge at the prison. Phoebe supported Ridge. Phoebe promised Ridge that everyone was committed to helping him. Phoebe assured Ridge that she and Rick continue to have a platonic relationship also. Meanwhile, Stephanie visited Taylor. Taylor told Stephanie that their friendship is over due to her allowing Nick to be convicted of murder to save her own son.

Rick visited Ashley. Rick told Ashley that he loves Phoebe and is committed to her. Ashley was very calm and told Rick that he could be with Phoebe if he needed to. Rick and Ashley decided that they did not want anyone to know about their romantic fling in México. Rick admitted that although he loved Phoebe he was still very attracted to Ashley and had feelings for her.

Brooke visited Ridge at the prison. She told him she was working to having him proven innocent. Brooke mentioned that the fact that Rick killed Grant and not Ridge would have to come out somehow. While Stephanie was still at Taylor's house, Brooke went to Taylor's to request that Taylor engage Rick in counseling to help him recall the fact that he shot Grant. Taylor was hesitant about having Rick recall such a traumatic event. Taylor could not guarantee to Brooke that Rick would recall the event or how it would affect Rick if he was able to recall shooting Grant.

The bottom line at the lab was that everyone involved indicated a conclusion could not be drawn about which eggs were implanted into Taylor because the other eggs would have been destroyed. Bridget panicked that Taylor was pregnant with Brooke's eggs.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

by PM

Bridget freaked out over the egg mix up. She admonished the lab techs involved and demanded answers. Bridget got upset and began to panic. She blamed herself. When she returned home she was still in a panic. Rick found her sitting on the sofa crying. She told him she ruined someone's life. Rick insisted she rest while he went for take-out food but returned to find her passed out on the floor.

Nick went to the office and Jackie scolded him for being there instead of with Taylor. They discussed the new maternity line and what Stephanie and Ridge had tried to do to Nick. Jackie informed Nick about what Brooke did to help Nick and what Stephanie did to Brooke. Nick asked Jackie what she meant and Jackie gave him the details and praised Brooke's actions.

Brooke got a call from Stephanie who wanted to know if Brooke and Taylor were ready to get Rick to remember shooting Grant Chambers. After the call, Brooke and Taylor continued to discuss getting Rick to remember as well as Brooke's motives in helping Ridge. Brooke insisted she was not going to interfere in Taylor and Nick's marriage. Brooke admitted to still loving Nick but stated she will never break up an innocent child's family.

Nick returned home to find Brooke and makes a joke about how "Taylor" has changed. Brooke said Taylor is upstairs with nausea. They have a talk about what Ridge/Stephanie did to Nick and what Stephanie did to Brooke. Brooke said that did not matter now that Nick is free. Nick said that he was indebted to her. Brooke went over all their history and her regrets. She then insisted that she just wished for Nick and Taylor to be happy with their new baby (as she hugged him).

Thursday, June 7, 2007

At Bridget's house, Rick returns with takeout and tries to revive an unconscious Bridget. She comes to and starts giving Rick an earful explaining the mess about the eggs and finally blurts out that Taylor could be carrying their mom's child. Rick wonders how that can possibly happen – and tells her they still don't know for sure. Blabbermouth Bridget decides she must tell Taylor about her egg suspicions, and calls her, but Rick says no—not to tell her and certainly not on the phone. Bridget finally tells Taylor she will just see her tomorrow for her glucose test.

At Constantine's, Phoebe gives Constantine some Phoebe cologne for his girlfriend. He tells her he doesn't have one, but he's working on it. She goes into the studio to lay down some tracks but she wishes aloud that Rick was there. Phoebe calls Rick to beg him to come to the recording studio at Constantine's because she needs him there. He tells her he can't be there – he's in the middle of something. Constantine badmouths Rick for not having time for her with all she's going through with her dad and all. She defends Rick, and Constantine says she must be exhausted and convinces her to sack out on his couch. Then, he plays his guitar and sings a song.

At Nick's, Brooke and Nick are hugging and saying goodbye while Taylor is hurling upstairs. As Brooke leaves, Nick says he has a business proposal for her to come back and take over Brooke's Bedroom at Forrester Creations. Brooke wonders if he was talking to Jackie, who already tried to get Brooke to return. Nick says he understands why Brooke turned Jackie down. Brooke admits it was to stay away from Nick and Taylor and how she is being unselfish – something so unlike her – she smiles. Nick says the idea would be fine with Taylor and the mamma-to-be appears on the staircase asking what's up, and Nick explains his idea to re-launch the Brooke's Bedroom line. Taylor admits everyone needs lingerie and Nick is a brilliant businessman so she has no problem. Brooke says she'll think about it, and Nick says he'll messenger a proposal over to Brooke's house. Brooke advises Taylor to enjoy her pregnancy because babies are a blessing. After Brooke is gone, Taylor feigns anger at Nick for not discussing hiring of Brooke with her since they are a team. Nick defends his decision, and Taylor starts to laugh saying she's only joking. She relates her earlier conversation with Brooke and says they are far from friends, but she believes Brooke will respect their relationship. When Bridget calls, Nick is distracting Taylor with kisses, and as she hangs up, the two begin making out. Outside, back comes Brooke down the sidewalk– opening the door and seeing them happily kissing, hugging and laughing. Brooke sadly closes the door and walks away.

Friday, June 8, 2007

by PM

Rick woke up and asked Bridget if she didn't sleep last night. Bridget said she can't stop thinking about the egg mix up. She is interrupted by a call from Taylor about the glucose test appointment. Bridget insisted to Rick that Taylor and Nick have the right to know what may have happened with the eggs. Rick stated that Brooke has a right to know too.

Ironically, Rick was mixing eggs for breakfast as Bridget was getting ready for work. They discussed more about the mix up of the eggs at the lab. Brooke dropped by and could tell something was wrong. She asked Bridget what was wrong and said that Bridget needed a break.

Brooke volunteered to help mix up the eggs for breakfast and Rick says Bridget already did that. Brooke shocked them by saying that Nick wanted to give her "baby" back (letting her go back to work on Brooke's Bedroom line at Forrester Creations). Rick and Bridget both objected but for different reasons.

Brooke told Rick and Bridget that Taylor was okay with Brooke taking the job.

Bridget got to work with the egg mix up still on her mind. Taylor arrived for the appointment and Bridget tried to tell Taylor about the mix up but Taylor kept thanking Bridget and hugged her as Bridget wondered how she could possibly tell Taylor about the mix up.

Phoebe woke up after spending the night on Constantine's sofa. Constantine told her how great a girl she was and how he sent her mom a text message from Phoebe's phone saying she was spending the night at a friend's. Phoebe thanked him.

Constantine sang and they discussed the new song he was writing. Phoebe sang in the studio. He told her how great it sounded. She said it would be better with Rick singing too. Constantine and Phoebe discussed Rick and he coached Phoebe on her singing. Rick came into the studio to see Phoebe and Constantine closely at work. He acted jealous and accused Constantine of not being interested in Phoebe for her voice.

Taylor called Nick to tell him to meet her at the hospital later for the glucose test.

Stephanie went to Taylor's house to discuss what Taylor had done to help Rick remember the Grant Chambers shooting in order to help Ridge. Taylor and Stephanie argued over the situation with Ridge. Stephanie said she was sorry for her part. Taylor was angry and said some mistakes you can't un-do.

Stephanie continued trying to apologize for setting Nick up. Stephanie warned Taylor not to allow Brooke to go back to work for Forrester Creations. She told Taylor to keep Brooke away from her precious husband or Taylor will regret it.

Taylor told Stephanie she is not afraid of Brooke and that she can't take away the baby she is having with Nick. Stephanie and Taylor disagreed over whether Taylor was being too naive.

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