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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 11, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, June 11, 2007

Brooke goes to see Ashley in her lab, where she assures Ashley that she will not return to either Ridge or Nick. Dr. Caron convinces Bridget not to tell Nick and Taylor the truth. However, both Nick and Taylor sense that something is not right despite Bridget's insistence that all tests have come out negative. After Rick accuses Constantine of having ulterior motives with Phoebe, Constantine finds Rick's PDA with the questionable message from another woman (who he doesn't know is Ashley). Rick returns to Constantine's loft to get his PDA, feeling guilty as Phoebe professes her love for him.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

At the hospital, Bridget prepared to inform Nick and Taylor that Brooke's eggs could have been implanted into her by mistake. Before, Bridget could tell them however, Dr. Caren entered the office and realized what Bridget was doing. Dr. Caren asked Bridget to step outside the office with her for a private conversation. Dr. Caren told Bridget that she cannot be certain that Brooke's eggs were implanted into Taylor. Dr. Caren strongly advised Bridget not to tell Taylor and Nick because it was not one hundred percent certainty that a mistake had been made.

While Bridget was out of the office, Taylor convinced Nick to leave so she could talk to Bridget alone. When Bridget returned Taylor guessed that Bridget was feeling stressed about anything that might go wrong with Taylor's pregnancy. Taylor surmised that because Bridget lost Nicole she was somehow second guessing herself. Taylor told her that it was okay to be stressed, but that she and Nick still wanted her for their doctor.

At the LA County Jail, Stephanie and Brooke visited with Ridge to help support him and inform him of their plan to have Taylor assist Rick with recalling that he shot Grant. Stephanie hired an attorney with national experience for Ridge. Stephanie introduced the attorney, Christine Blair. Christine immediately began working on Ridge's case by talking with Brooke, Stephanie and later, Taylor.

Rick went to the jail to visit Ridge. Ridge asked Rick to help him build a defense. Rick could not imagine that he could be of assistance to Ridge especially if on the witness stand he was asked if Ridge were a violent person. Rick recalled that Ridge shot Grant and he worried about he, Brooke and Bridget being shot by Ridge after that. Ridge shocked Rick by telling him that he did not shoot Grant. When Rick asked who shot Grant, Ridge answered Rick by saying that Rick shot Grant!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

by PM

In Taylor's office, Tay has a flashback way back to when Ridge told her he would take the blame for Rick shooting Grant Chambers. In comes Christine Blair and Brooke do discuss Taylor's meeting with Rick. Taylor warns them again that getting through to Rick won't be easy, and there are serious risks. Brooke finally begins to fear Rick being traumatized, and wonders aloud if there is another way to convince the judge not to use Ridge's prior offense (shooting Grant) against him. Christine said they needed something concrete testimony or a note or diary from Grant that clears Ridge, but Brooke told her Grant died of cancer years ago. The ladies conclude Rick is the key to Ridge's freedom.

At the jail, Rick spewed insults at Ridge for accusing him of shooting Grant. Realizing the damage he just did to Rick, Ridge encouraged Rick to discuss it with Taylor, but Rick freaked on Ridge and accused him of trying anything to get off. After Rick leaves, Lt. Baker entered and sneered that he heard Ridge's high-powered lawyer was there to see him. Ridge told Baker he didn't kill Shane, and Baker laughed and said Ridge would probably try saying he didn't shoot Grant Chambers either. Later, Christine Blair and Brooke sat down with a despondent Ridge who claimed only a miracle would help him. Ridge told them that he and Rick argued, and Ridge blurted out that Rick was the one who shot Grant Chambers. Brooke was in disbelief, and both she and Christine expressed concern about Rick and the case. Brooke tried to calm Ridge by saying she had faith in Taylor getting through to Rick.

At Taylor's office, Rick dropped in per Taylor's invitation. He fished a little to see if his sister had told Taylor about the possible egg mix up, but Taylor told him everything was fine, and that she thought Bridget was apprehensive about the pregnancy and being their doctor since Budge and Nick had lost Nicole. She changed the subject to why Rick was there, and he told Taylor that Ridge said Rick shot Grant Chambers. He insisted that Ridge must be going crazy possibly had a stroke or was hallucinating. Taylor tried to get Rick to realize the truth, and said it was time to set the record straight. Taylor explained to Rick about repressed memory, but Rick insisted that he did not shoot Grant Chambers.

Alone in his studio, Constantine replayed Ashley's phone message to Rick the one he pirated from Rick's PDA. Phoebe walks in and apologizes for the blowup between Rick and Con the day before. Con said he was amazed at how badly men treat women and get away with it in the name of love. Phoebe asked Constantine if he'd give Rick another chance, but Con doesn't know what Phoebe sees in Rick, and asked Phoebe if she really knows Rick. Phoebe defends Rick, and Con tears him down habitual conversation between these two. Con tells Phoebe how special she is, and he plays his new song, "Waiting for a Girl Like You" as a music video of him and Phoebe reveals Con imagining them walking along in Hollywood hand-in-hand passing by a star engraved with Phoebe's name on it. Phoebe was touched, and Constantine tells she is going to be a big star as they share a hug.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

At Constantine's, Phoebe is tickled that Constantine wrote a song for her, and as he tells her she is the girl every man dreams of, she is taken with the idea that he is going to make her a star, but he tells her it will take a lot of hard work. Then they babble on about how Rick maybe isn't the guy Phoebe thinks he is, and Phoebe defends Rick again while Con questions Rick's commitment again. Phoebe calls Rick and he's too busy to talk to her -- giving Con more to go on. He launches into another conversation about Rick not caring about her, and then he brings up the recording he has from Rick's PDA. He plays the message from Ashley for Phoebe, but she doesn't recognize the voice as Ashley.

At Taylor's office, Rick is fuming that Ridge has fooled both Taylor and Brooke into thinking that Rick shot Grant when he was a little kid. Taylor tries to explain, but Rick keeps ranting that Ridge just wants a lighter sentence and he'll do anything and blame anyone in order to get it. Rick storms out.

Brooke finds Rick at the mansion, and he is holding a gun. Brooke calmly asks him to put it back in the safe where it belongs. He says he's never held a gun before. She discusses Ridge's claims with him, and tells him about the scenario with Grant that Rick hated Grant and shot him. Rick still denies it. Even Grant told Brooke that Rick shot him, she says. At the time, they all decided that Ridge would take the blame to protect Rick, but Rick refuses to believe her, thinking Ridge has brainwashed her. He continues to believe he did not shoot Grant, and Brooke cries as he shouts that he did not do it.

Friday, June 15, 2007

by PM

At the beach house, a shirtless Rick calls Phoebe and leaves an urgent message for her to call him. Then, Rick receives a call from Brooke telling him how worried she is about him after their discussion regarding Rick shooting Grant, but Rick doesn't want to talk. Bridget comes in from a walk on the beach, and Rick is surprised she isn't at work, and that she has calmed down after her outbursts over the egg situation. She explains that she should have allowed the hospital to investigate first, because she thinks everything is fine, but Rick says it might be a cover-up. Bridget disagrees. Dr. Caron calls to suggest Bridget take a few more days off, but Bridget plans to return the next day. At Caron's lab, Carl, a lab assistant overhears the call. Rick shares with Bridget that Brooke, Taylor and Ridge are trying to convince him that HE shot Grant. Bridget can't believe it, and says she will talk to their mother. The conversation turns to Phoebe, and Rick comes clean on his trip to Mexico with Ashley. Bridget tells Rick not to tell Phoebe, and he leaves to find Phoebe and patch things up. Bridget takes a call from Carl, who says he knows what REALLY happened with Mrs. Marone's eggs in the lab that day.

At Brooke's, Nick and Taylor arrive. Nick wants to discuss Brooke's return to Forrester Creations, and Taylor says they have other important business. Brooke and Tay explain the whole scenario of Rick's remembering that he shot Grant Chambers and how important it is to Ridge's case. Brooke tells Tay she hopes they can put the past behind them.

At Forrester Originals, Phoebe hangs out in the lab and wonders aloud about the woman who left Rick the sultry message that Con played for his in his studio. Ashley arrives, and Phoebe shares her concerns while Ashley plays dumb to the whole thing, telling Phoebe that Rick loves her. Rick arrives, and he and Phoebe argue over unreturned phones messages as Ash leaves to give them privacy. Phoebe puts Rick on the spot, and asks if there is someone else.

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