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In open court, Rick testified to the events that had happened the night of the Grant Chambers shooting, but in private with Ridge, Rick revealed that he hadn't really remembered a thing. Taylor suffered through bouts of morning sickness, and Bridget suspected that a mix-up had occurred with Taylor and Brooke's petri dishes.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 18, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Carl tells Bridget that he knows who the mother of Taylor's baby is, and Bridget leaves the beach house to go meet him. When Phoebe asks, Rick tells her that there was someone else, but he still loves her and wants her forgiveness. After much discussion, Phoebe forgives him and they decide to get over their problems because they want to stay together. Taylor reiterates to Brooke that she does not feel insecure about her and Nick working together. When meeting with Nick, Brooke tells him that she respects his relationship with Taylor, but also believes that it's not over between her and him.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

At the hospital, Carl persuaded Bridget to meet him at the Café Rouse. Carl was able to make Bridget agree to meet him by telling her they needed to talk in private so he could tell her about Taylor's implantation and whose eggs were implanted.

At the prison, Ridge informed Phoebe that he had confessed to Grant's shooting but he did not shoot Grant-Rick did! Ridge explained that he confessed to the shooting to save Rick from being arrested, removed from home and sent to the juvenile correction center. Phoebe was amazed that Ridge had confessed to the shooting in order to save Rick.

Christine Blair, Brooke, Taylor and Stephanie met to find ways to help Ridge with his defense. Rick entered the room. Rick was ballistic with all of them for believing that he shot Grant and not Ridge. Rick believed that Ridge could have paid off Grant to have him say that Rick shot Grant. Rick left after becoming very aggravated with all of them, particularly, Stephanie.

Rick went to the prison to talk to Ridge. Rick told Ridge that he placed a gun in his hand and tried to picture himself shooting it so he might recall shooting Grant. Rick said he had no recollection what so ever about shooting Grant. Rick believed that Ridge was lying about the shooting to save himself from prison time over Shane's death.

At the Café Russe, Carl admitted that he used the excuse of the information about Taylor's implantation to get Bridget to agree to meet him and spend time with him. Carl admitted he did not know whose eggs were implanted into Taylor. However, Carl told Bridget that he could obtain access to the locked file where the information is about Taylor's implantation.

Later, Stephanie found Shane's cell phone. It contained a message to Phoebe. In the message, Shane told Phoebe that this was goodbye forever. Taylor did not know if Shane was talking about suicide or not. Christine planned to use the cell phone message to show that Shane was suicidal with the hopes that they would find more evidence to help them prove more conclusively that he was suicidal.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

At Forrester Originals, Phoebe pleaded with Rick to remember that he shot Grant so he could testify and help Ridge, but Rick can't remember and worries that if he lies, he will be put in jail. Crying, Phoebe leaves for the trial.

At the beach house, Brooke looks for Rick but finds Bridget and tells her that she talked to her father (Stephen) last night and realized she can no longer blame her dad and now blames no one but herself for her running back and forth between men in her life. Brooke admits she needs to change, and she hopes it's not too late because she's afraid she and RJ may lose Ridge forever. Brooke leaves to find Rick at FO and begs him to remember shooting Grant Chambers, and to do it for Phoebe if he won't do it for Brooke. Rick tries to remember, but can't and instead practices saying, "I shot Grant Chambers."

At the courthouse, Ridge's trial was about to begin as Christine, Stephanie and Taylor discuss Taylor's testimony, the request for a delay and trial strategy. Stephanie, Felicia, Thorne and Eric watched as Ridge is brought in. The DA and Christine both began by speaking to the judge about Shane's possible suicidal motives. Christine submitted Shane's cell phone to the judge as Ridge wondered why Rick hadn't arrived. The judge did not agree to a continuance. Christine pleaded with the court to disregard Ridge's prior charge. The judge heard her arguments and decided to allow Taylor to testify about Rick's inability to remember that he shot Grant Chambers. Phoebe arrived in court as Christine questioned Taylor about Rick. The DA made a point of the facts of the Grant Chambers shooting. The judge found no reason to throw out the prior conviction and prepared to call in the jurors. Brooke arrived at court and told Phoebe she tried to talk to Rick. As the trial starts, Phoebe blurts out not to send her Dad to jail. Rick then came in and said, "I don't know who killed Shane McGrath, but I do know who shot Grant Chambers. Ridge didn't shoot him. I did."

Thursday, June 21, 2007

In the courtroom, Rick takes the stand, and Christine questions him. He movingly describes being a child and pointing the gun at Grant Chambers whom he hated. He makes everyone believe that he really remembered shooting Grant. The DA accuses Rick of being willing to do anything to help Ridge, but Rick surprises everyone by saying he hates Ridge. He's just telling the truth.

After some arguments, the judge rules in Christine's favor that Rick's testimony negates Ridge's conviction for Grant's shooting. Ridge takes the stand and explains that he and Shane struggled, and the gun went off. He adds that Shane had a wild look in his eyes and died instantly. He panicked and disposed of the body. The judge buys into the whole story, and tells Ridge he is free to go.

Everyone takes a turn embracing Ridge -- including Stephanie who tearfully admits it was torture for her knowing he was in jail. Ridge and Christine finish up some paperwork in the jail, and Rick visits Ridge. Ridge thanks Rick for helping him, but Rick says he's only there to tell Ridge he doesn't remember anything and that his performance in court was only for Phoebe's sake. In exchange for his testimony, Rick asks Ridge to leave them alone, and Ridge agrees as long as Rick doesn't hurt Phoebe. Brooke later shows up to take Ridge home, and the two reminisce about their relationship. She forgives him for belting Rick in Australia, and he says it will never happen again. She tells him he now has his whole future ahead of him, and they hug smiling.

At the Forrester mansion, it's "Ridge is free" party time with the whole family, but Eric is sullen and tells Stephanie that Rick will need all their support now that he knows the truth about shooting Grant, but Steph says she's more worried about Brooke coming after Ridge again now that Taylor and Nick are happy. Eric is clearly disgusted with her. Out on the balcony, Rick and Phoebe hug and kiss, and she tells him she never loved him more than when he came into that courtroom and saved her dad. He is her hero and she's so grateful he remembered the incident. Rick doesn't tell her the truth, and instead tells her that Ridge has decided to accept their relationship. They are both elated.

Friday, June 22, 2007

by PAM

Brooke and Ridge join the pool party at Eric and Stephanie's with family and friends. Eric toasts Ridge's freedom and thanks Rick for his help. Ridge thanks Rick, and Phoebe gives Rick a kiss. Rick later chats with Bridget at the pool quietly discussing the possible egg mix up. Bridget says Carl is looking into it, but Rick urges her to tell Brooke, Taylor and Nick. Bridget gets an urgent call from Carl telling her to come to the lab right away. As she leaves, Eric and the family express concern about her, but she says she's fine. Inside the house, Ridge and Brooke watch as their son, RJ, sleeps on the sofa. Ridge tells Brooke that he won't stand in the way of Rick and Phoebe. He becomes very serious saying he came close to losing it all. Brooke agrees and says she doesn't know what the future holds, but she wants to know how Ridge feels about Ashley. Ridge playfully calls her jealous, and Brooke admits she still cares. Ridge and Brooke re-hash their past love, hurt, and the child they share. Ridge asks Brooke to return to work at Forrester Originals and for them to spend time together with their son. She says she signed a contract with Forrester Creations, and Brooke decides to go to Forrester Creations and tell Nick she is going back to Forrester Originals. She told Ridge it feels right for many reasons. Outside, Phoebe gets a call from Constantine who says how happy he is that her dad is free – he read it online. Phoebe invites him to the party. Constantine arrives, and Phoebe introduces him to Ridge. As they talk, Rick interrupts asking who the hell invited him. Phoebe pulls Rick aside to talk, and Ridge asks Constantine about the problem between him and Rick. Constantine tells Ridge that Phoebe deserves better -- someone who's not a two-timer. Ridge asks Constantine if Rick is seeing someone behind Phoebe's back, and Con says, "yes."

In his office at FC, Nick meets with Taylor and Jackie, and Jackie tells him Brooke is at the party for Ridge. Nick is angry Brooke is not at work. They discuss the bedroom line, and two models show up wearing some of the lingerie. Brooke arrives late, and Nick wants to get to work, but Brooke informs him she can't work there after all and resigns. Nick, puzzled and angry, asks Brooke how she can get sucked in by Ridge again after all he put her through. Brook emphatically states it is about RJ and she must accept things as they are, and not how she wants them to be.

Bridget gets to the lab, and in a long convoluted explanation, Carl reveals a Petri dish lid labeled MARONE, and says the cryo lab and the fertility lab use different printers thus different labels so they can tell if the eggs were Brooke's by checking the label used. He prints a new label for comparison as he stares at it, and they wait and wait. Bridget yells, "Whose eggs were used? For God's sake, Carl, tell me!"

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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