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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 6, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, August 6, 2007

Phoebe and Stephanie are guests on the Rich Ginger show where they make an announcement of a charity concert for Boldface Records. Ridge watches the show and becomes horrified that Phoebe is going to sing with Rick on television. He vows to not allow it to happen. Stephanie makes it clear to the audience that Forrester Creations is not – in any way – involved with Forrester Originals. She also makes it clear that Brooke is no longer a member of the Forrester family. Brooke, Donna, Eric and Ridge are stunned by Stephanie's actions on the show. Stephanie continues to make slanderous remarks about Brook's name and company. Thorne is upset with his mother and calls Donna for comfort. He wants to run away with her.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

At Forrester Creations, Nick arrived back from his trip and called the newspaper reporter. Nick announced to the reporter that not only had be hired Brooke, but that because of the confidence in her, he had promoted her to designer. Brooke heard Nick's conversation and was encouraged.

Taylor went to the office to see Nick. Taylor knew that because of what Stephanie had said on television about Brooke and Donna that it required an immediate response to the media.

Donna told Jackie that she may marry Thorne. Jackie was appalled by Donna's behavior because Jackie realized that Donna does not love Thorne. Donna, however, advised Jackie that she could love Thorne and that she would be good for Alexandria.

Meanwhile, Donna went ahead and booked a hotel in Las Vegas for her and Thorne. Donna told Brooke that she would be away overnight. Donna did not mention that she would be with Thorne. Donna predicted for Brooke that soon Stephanie would regret causing problems for the Logan sisters.

Thorne informed Stephanie that he would be away, but did not tell Stephanie where or with whom. Donna and Thorne arrived in Las Vegas for a romantic stay together.

Brooke went to Ridge's house for a visit with her children. The children were excited to see Brooke. Brooke was curious when Ridge mentioned that Ashley had given the children paper. Ridge explained he had forgiven Ashley because they were not together and Rick and Phoebe were not together when Ashley slept with Rick. Brooke begged Ridge not to let Stephanie take the children from her permanently

At the Café Rouse, Stephanie spoke with attorney Andy Johnson who was sitting at the bar. Stephanie explained that Brooke was her ex-daughter-in-law. Stephanie encouraged Andy to pursue a relationship with Brooke.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dr. Bridget conducts yet another sonogram for Nick and Taylor, and Nick claims it's a boy, but Bridget says no way to tell just yet. Clueless Carl enters and dumps a box all over the place as Bridget asks what he's doing there – it is an exam room. He babbles about thinking the room was empty while Nick inquires about amnio and Bridget says there's really no need for it. Carl opens his mouth, and Bridget gets him out of the room. Nick notes how odd Carl is while Bridget later tells Carl to zip it about the eggs. They belong to the donor, and she wants to hear nothing else.

In Las Vegas, Donna and Thorne are living it up with room service, but Donna gets a call from Brooke who shares that her visit with her kids was great. Donna tells her Steph will pay for what she's done. Thorne offers Donna a glass of champagne, but she blubbers and sputters that their relationship will never work because of his mother's treatment of the Logan family. Thorne argues that his mother can't run his life, but Donna says Steph will interfere, and Donna knows that he and Aly can't handle another disappointment. Thorne says Donna finally helped him out of his depression, and he won't let her go. She says there's no way they can be together -- reeling him in. Poor Thorne falls into her trap asking her to be his wife.

At Café Russe, Stephanie pushes Andy to pursue Brooke with a romantic gift or a personal apology for spilling a drink on her. After Steph leaves, Andy finds out from the bartender that Steph is a Forrester – founder of two fashion houses. He is puzzled. Later at Taylor's office, Steph pops by to talk about Thorne, but shrewd Tay brings up Steph's trashing of Brooke on national TV. Steph counters that she only speaks the truth, but Tay believes Brooke will get it together in order to get her kids back. Steph disagrees saying it won't be long before Brooke falls into the sack with yet another man since Ridge and Nick are taken.

At Brooke's lonely house, Nick checks in on Brooke to see how her visit with the kids went and she's grateful, but forlorn so Nick supplies a hug, of course. After Nick leaves, Brooke unknowingly talks over the intercom to Andy, who is posing as a delivery man waiting at her gate. She buzzes him in, and he delivers a package noting that she has a beautiful home. He brings up kids pointing to the photos of the kids, and Brooke becomes suspicious. Andy leaves and Brooke reads a card identifying the package is from a secret admirer. She opens the box to find a singing bird inside a birdcage as Andy creepily watches her through the partially open front door.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Nick stops at Brooke's house -- again -- and Brooke starts to thank him for being her secret admirer, but he tells her he isn't. So Brooke gets a little creeped out that she doesn't know who it is. Nick says he admires her, but Brooke scoffs that he loves Taylor and admires her. She whines that she's lost him and the kids and she's so alone. She asks for a hug, and claims nothing will stop her from getting her kids back.

It's merry mayhem at the Forrester mansion with the grandkids having a great time while Stephanie and Eric share martinis. They discuss Brooke becoming a designer at Forrester Creations, which is kind of a crazy idea, but Eric says they shouldn't underestimate her. She wants revenge on Stephanie! While Eric is making popcorn, Andy shows up and tells Steph he's interested in Brooke, but wants to know what's in it for Steph. He's a smart guy and figures out she wants him to keep Brooke occupied and away from the Forresters, and he knows about her possibly losing her kids. Steph tries to backpedal, but Andy has her figured out and he leaves. Later, Brooke calls Steph to talk to the kids who are sitting nearby. Steph says they're sleeping, but Brooke knows when it's bedtime. Brooke threatens her, but Steph warns that if she shows up over there, she'll end up in jail.

What happens in Vegas may not stay in Vegas for Thorne and Donna after she accepts his marriage proposal. Donna worries about his mom, and he worries that Donna will have to become a stepmother, but Donna says no problem, she just loves Thorne's little girl. Later, after some hot fooling around time, sweaty Donna claims they'll be into under-the-sheet action three times a day. An even sweatier Thorne makes a quick call to have the finest jeweler in Vegas pop on up to his room with engagement rings and wedding bands. The jeweler arrives with the latest styles. Donna says a simple solitaire will be just fine, but Thorne wants a bigger rock. He picks out a triple-stoned whopper, and Donna finds it's a perfect fit, but claims it's just too much. Thorne disagrees saying he wants everyone to know how special she is to him. Then they look at wedding bands. Later, Donna wants to head to a wedding chapel, but Thorne says no and Donna freaks out, but Thorne says he wants Allie to be part of the wedding. Donna puts on her happy face.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Phoebe interrupts Ridge and Ashley's romantic morning when she comes over to discuss her duet with Rick and Ridge warns her about getting back together with him while Rick brainstorms with Bridget for ideas to win the contest and wow Phoebe. Ashley visits Rick to tell him that she is back with Ridge. Thorne returns to his beach house with Donna where they make love and discuss more plans for the future. Aly anxiously awaits Thorne's return, and Stephanie and Eric take her to see him where things go awry. Eric brings Aly to the beach when they notice luggage outside of the house, and Stephanie becomes furious when she discovers Donna and Thorne together. Stephanie attempts to drag Donna out by her hair, and is shocked when Thorne reveals their secret, telling her to leave his fiancé alone.

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