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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 20, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, August 20, 2007

Nick is worried about Brooke and the upcoming hearing. Taylor assures him it is fine if he wants to check on Brooke; she says she is used to men in her life rescuing Brooke. Brooke is going through her worst nightmare and Taylor cannot imagine how she would deal with the egg donor coming forward and wanting custody.

Stephanie and Eric argue again over the custody case. He tells her to stay out of it. Dorothy stops by to tell Stephanie she is not needed at court tomorrow. Stephanie urges her to go back to Brooke's in the morning to see if Brooke's had any inappropriate visitors. Stephanie knows that Brooke would never be violent, but she has concerns about the men she night take home.

Brooke has just been raped by Andy in her living room. He talks about how hot it was and all the fun he had. Brooke is traumatized. When she tells him to leave he warns her not to "piss" him off as it could cost her the kids. He goes on to explain that he's not stupid; he knows she has her court case tomorrow and to have yet another 9-1-1 call on record would tank her chances of getting her kids back. Plus, he tells her that no one will believe that she was raped considering her history with men. When the Dorothy, the social worker, shows up he tells Brooke to keep quiet or else. A shaken Brooke explains that she's just tired and was planning to go to Donna's for the night and tries to get a ride over there to escape but the worker can't give a relative of a client a ride. After she leaves Andy taunts Brooke more about how hot it was to rape her and that he's looking forward to doing it again. She pulls a letter opener on him and threatens to stab him. He laughs and mocks that her aggressiveness turns him on. Brooke lunges at him and stabs him in the shoulder. She goes after him again and he flees. Later, Brooke goes to her bathroom, clearly in a state of shock, drops the bloody knife in the sink and showers frantically, trying to clean Andy off of her body.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Brooke recalls her memories of the attack from the night before and reinstalls the security system in her house. Dorothy makes a surprise visit to Brooke and demands that she explain her change in behavior from the night before. Brooke releases her frustration and anger on Dorothy. Jackie wonders if Donna will still marry Thorne if Brooke gets her children back. Donna sees no reason to give up her relationship with Thorne, and Jackie warns her to the dangers of Stephanie. Donna informs both Jackie and Thorne that the hearing has been postponed. Thorne wonders if it has anything to do with Stephanie. Stephanie introduces Ridge to the custody lawyer and makes it clear he doesn't want full custody. Dorothy calls Stephanie to let her know that the hearing has been postponed.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bridget is stunned to learn of the attack on Brooke. Brooke tells her it was Andy from Café Russe, but she will not report him for fear of losing custody of her children. Bridget counsels Brooke and takes proper and appropriate steps for Brooke's physical and emotional well-being. Donna taunts Stephanie by asking her to help plan her wedding. Stephanie refuses to believe she and Thorne will make it to the altar. Ridge is torn between fighting for full custody of the children and his concern for Brooke. Stephanie tells him he is doing the right thing. Thorne tries to convince Ridge that he is being controlled by Stephanie, leaving Stephanie furious.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ridge wonders why Brooke won't talk to him when he calls and gets Bridget. He sees a photo of her in the paper with Andy, and wants to discuss custody arrangements with her since the hearing was postponed. Steph is pressuring Ridge big-time to go for custody. Ridge agrees to sign custody papers, but wants to see Brooke.

At the Boldface Challenge, Felicia's on hand to wish Con luck. Ash tells Phoebe that Rick loves her and she should not let him go. Con gives Felicia a didy sum for the hospital and she rewards him with a kiss. Rick tells Phoebe he wants to win tonight.

Nick visits Brooke wondering why there is a security guard outside, and he wonders why the custody hearing is postponed. He knows something is wrong, but nobody is talking. He leaves and Bridget has to run some errands. Somehow, Steph gets into Brooke's and heads up to her bedroom. Stephanie lays into Brooke for seducing Andy and placing him above her children. Brooke turns away shaking and crying as she hugs the framed picture of her kids.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Brooke and Stephanie argue about Andy and Brooke insists that Stephanie doesn't understand what she is talking about. Stephanie reveals the petition in which Ridge seeks full custody of the children which pushes Brooke over the edge. Constantine, along with special guest stars Jon McLaughlin and Elliott Yamin, perform during the Boldface Challenge concert. When all of the performances are done, Phoebe, Constantine and Rick nervously wait for the results. Ridge hopes that Phoebe won't have to sing with Rick.

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