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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 27, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, August 27, 2007

Ridge tries to explain to Brooke why he asked for sole custody. She yells at him for betraying her and letting Stephanie poison him against her. He says she's not herself but she says he isn't either. He wants to help her but she spits that he's just like all men: just take and take from her. He sees that something is wrong but she clams up. When he goes to touch her she freaks out. He grabs her to calm her down and she eventually admits that she was raped.

At the concert Phoebe/Constantine are declared the winners and they sing together. She and Rick also sing together and the romanticism sweeps her away and they end up kissing right on stage. Later they go back to his place and kiss more and talk. She tells him she's changed and grown. He asks her to stop kissing as he wants to make love with her. She starts kissing him again and they start to lie down together.

Stephanie is telling Eric and Thorne about the custody when Donna storms in screaming at Steph for what she's done to her sister. She tells them that she wants to end the Logan/Forrester feud with the wedding but Steph scoffs at that. Donna then asks Stephanie to stand up for her along with Brooke at the wedding but Stephanie adamantly refuses. She would rather spend eternity in Hell than stand next to her at the wedding. Donna doesn't love Thorne, she says.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ridge comforts Brooke about her attack. Ridge tells Brooke that he will protect her and tries to convince her to press charges against Andy. Brooke doesn't want to press charges she wants her children back. Ridge promises her that he will not let anyone take her children from her and leaves to locate Andy. Ridge finds Andy at Café Russe. Stephanie and Ashley admire Eric's designs for the upcoming show when Stephanie begins to insult Brooke, accidentally mentioning Andy's name. Eric signs paperwork for another loan. Phoebe confesses to Rick that she has been sending him mixed signals regarding sex. Phoebe tells Rick she loves him, but isn't ready to make love. Both Jackie and Nick don't think their designs will beat the Forrester's. Nick and Jackie brainstorm on alternate ways to beat Forrester this season.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ridge chases Andy when he runs out of Café Russe after Ridge notices him. Ridge follows Andy onto a rooftop where Ridge lunges at him. Andy grabs a high voltage antenna to defend himself and reveals to Ridge that he had an accomplice; someone who knows Brooke well. Donna gives Stephanie a sample wedding invitation and Stephanie is aghast when Eric insists that the wedding be at their house, no matter what Stephanie wants. Brooke calls into work to let them know she isn't coming in and Nick tells her to take her time. Nick, Jackie and Storm brainstorm ideas to beat Forrester. Brooke confesses to Bridget that she told Ridge about the attack. Brooke decides to press charges if Andy is found.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Up on the roof, a crazed Andy brandishes the juiced electrical wire and talks to pigeons and Ridge. Ridge quizzes nutty Andy about where he got the key, but a security guard opens a door, pigeons fly and a startled Andy stumbles into an electrical box as he meets his maker in electrocuting fashion.

Youngest sibling Katie Logan shows up at Donna's door saying she's in LA for the wedding. Katie quizzes Donna about her love for Thorne. Stephanie visits amd meets Katie, but the mud flies.

In the lab, phone queen Ashley leaves a romantic message for Ridge while Rick stops in with some displays. He dishes that he and Phoebe are done. Ash tells Rick she and Ridge are happy, but Rick's hoping otherwise as he flashes back to hot lovemaking sessions with Ash.

At Brooke's, she worries that Andy stalked her, but Ridge arrives and tells Brooke Andy is dead. He confides that someone helped Andy get to Brooke. After some heart-to-heart bonding, they kiss.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Ridge brings Brooke breakfast in bed, and tells her about the article in the paper of Andy's accident. Ridge also tells Brooke that her children will be coming home to her today. Ridge goes to Stephanie's to pick up his children and bring them back to their mother. Stephanie yells at Ridge and tells him that he is making a mistake. Taylor finds out that Nick and Jackie are suing the Forrester's over their name. Nick tells Taylor to concentrate on her pregnancy and not to worry about the fashion wars. Katie surprises Brooke at her home and Brooke tells Katie that Ridge has dropped the custody suit. Brooke is reunited with her children while Ridge watches with tears in his eyes. Brooke thanks Ridge for bringing her kids back to her, and Ridge tells her that he will find out who Andy's accomplice was. Stephanie glances at the newspaper and sees the article on Andy being electrocuted on the roof. She is shell-shocked.

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