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Eric and Donna grew closer. Felicia took off to be with Constantine on his tour. Ridge told Brooke that he couldn't go forward with her again, but she said things would be different. Brooke found the engagement ring, which she quickly tried on, believing that it was for her. Ridge informed Brooke that the ring was for Ashley. Eric and Donna made love after Donna convinced Eric that he owed Stephanie nothing. Nick learned from Brooke that Ashley and Ridge were engaged. Jackie suggested to Brooke that they revive her Brooke's Bedroom line in order to compete with Forrester. Moments before walking down the catwalk, Brooke lost her cool and began tearing apart anything in her way while a comforting Ridge rushed to her rescue.
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Jack Abbott arrived in town for a business meeting at Forrester
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Monday, September 24, 2007

Ashley finds herself enjoying Rick's massage but leaves when he tries to advance further. Brooke joins Ridge for dinner where she tries to charm Ridge into giving her another chance. Ridge leaves the room and Brooke finds an engagement ring while looking for his ringing cell phone. She assumes it's for her and puts it on. Before Ridge can explain, Brooke throws her arms around him just as Ashley walks in and sees them. Donna and Eric are thinking about their kiss when they hear Felicia enter. Donna runs away as Felicia comes in to tell Eric that Thorne is over Donna, and to be careful now that Stephanie is out of the picture.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

At Ridge's house, Ashley was appalled to see that Ridge had just proposed to Brooke. When Ashley showed her upset over Ridge's proposal to Brooke, Ridge had no choice but to tell Brooke that the engagement ring was not for her. Brooke was horrified and embarrassed when Ridge told Brooke that the engagement ring was meant for Ashley.

When Ridge and Brooke were alone again, Brooke told Ridge that he does not love Ashley the way he loves her. Ridge acknowledged that he loves Brooke. Ridge sadly explained that he cannot go through the pain again if they would reunite. Ridge reminded Brooke that she does not know how hurt he was when she broke off their engagement and immediately tried to reunite with Nick. Brooke could not accept that Ridge had reached his limits with her. Brooke tried to appeal to Ridge through their son RJ. Brooke asked Ridge if his marrying Ashley would be right for RJ.

Meanwhile, Donna managed to get into Eric's bedroom after supposedly leaving his house. Donna had a feeling that Eric did not really want her to leave. Donna talked Eric into making love while they were in his and Stephanie's bed.

Thorne went to Brooke's house to thank Katie for saving him from marrying Donna. Thorne casually invited Katie to go out with him to a 90's nightclub sometime.

Back at Ridge's house, Brooke got ready to leave. She felt that Ridge did not really love Ashley and that he couldn't marry Ashley knowing that he and Brooke had a chance to start over again together with their son. Brooke wasn't able to change Ridge's mind. Brooke left. Ashley listened to Ridge's conversation with Brooke. Ridge then proposed to Ashley. Ashley was not certain that Ridge really loves her and wants to marry her. Ridge told Ashley that he is completely certain that he wants a life with her and not Brooke

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ridge visits Ashley. Brooke tells Nick about the ring Ridge bought for Ashley and how Brooke doesn't think Ridge ended up proposing. Brooke tells Nick that he is the reason Ridge doesn't trust her. Nick tells Brooke to give up on Ridge but she's worried about R.J. Rick visits Ashley and again tries to convince her to leave Ridge. Ashley tells Rick to leave her and Ridge alone. Ashley also tells Brooke to back off but Brooke says nothing can come between her and Ridge. Phoebe tells Taylor that Ridge is engaged to Ashley. Taylor tells Ridge she supports his decision to marry Ashley and that he needed to move on with his life. Ridge says he feels bad about leading Brooke on.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

At Forrester Originals, Ridge and Ashley announce to anyone who will listen that they are engaged. Rick isn't happy, but Thorne, Felicia and Phoebe are. Ash wonders where Eric and Steph are, but Ridge says not to worry. Ridge shares more happy news he thinks Forrester Creations is in trouble. The crew at FO believes Brooke will make a difference, but Ridge isn't sure she can pull them through right now.

At home, Donna receives flowers and a visit from Eric after their hot night in the sack together. Eric tells her he wants to spend more time with her and asks her to dinner, but Donna thinks he just wants to make Stephanie angry. Eric argues that he wants to spend time with her -- someone to talk to. Donna is thrilled. They kiss and Eric says he has to get to work he's inspired.

At Forrester Creations, financial news is bleak. Nick gathers Jackie, Brooke and Clarke together to brainstorm, and they all support the idea to resurrect Brooke's Bedroom with Brooke back modeling again. Everyone but Nick. In private, Nick tells Brooke he doesn't want her hurt, and doesn't think this is a good idea, but Brooke gives her "I am strong, independent Brooke Logan" speech saying she's ready for the runway!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Brooke is ready for the fashion show and everyone is counting on her. Ridge is horrified that Nick is making Brooke model lingerie after her attack. Ashley and Ridge try to set a wedding date. Katie comes in and tells Ashley that Brooke might be in trouble. Ridge looks for Brooke and runs into Nick who tells him that this is what Brooke wants. The fashion show starts but is getting poor reception. Donna checks on Brooke backstage and Brooke assures Donna that everything is okay. Brooke peeks from behind the curtain and thinks she sees Andy in the audience. She freaks out and runs back to her office and breaks down.

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