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Monday, November 5, 2007

A shirtless Nick wakes up and reaches across to find an empty bed. He looks around and sees Taylor standing by the bassinet. He walks up behind her and Taylor asks him if they can move the bassinet into another room and he says yes, until the baby comes home. She walks away from him crying and says she knows that Brooke signed the papers and said the baby was hers, but she feels no connection to the baby. When Nick tries to talk to her, she says she needs to shower and leaves a puzzled Nick watching

Out of the shower, Taylor is sitting on the bed holding a stuffed animal and has her back to the door. Nick lets her know he's back and without turning around, she tells him she doesn't blame him for wanting to leave as she's been emotionally unavailable to him and he's been nothing but supportive. She hears a baby and turns around to find Nick standing in the doorway holding Jack. Taylor is surprised that Jack is home but Nick assures her the doctor's gave him the okay but he is only allowed to be around his parents. He hands her the baby and she starts to cry and talks about how beautiful he is as Nick beams and watches both of them. She reaches for Nick's hand as he sits beside her and she thanks him and they both look lovingly at the baby.

Stephanie sneaks into Felicia's office at Forrester Creations, talking about how she has to sneak into her own company and how the clause in the contract is unenforceable. Felicia tells her, "Daddy would have agreed to bungee jump over water filled with crocodiles if that's what it took to get Forrester Creations back." Stephanie walks around the room and wonders why two men in her life lose their minds when it comes to this bimbo (Donna). Felicia says to her, "Cheese fries. You know they are bad for you but you just have to have them." Stephanie tells Felicia that she can't blame this on Donna as she did this on her own and wonders why at her age she can't stop making these mistakes.

Felicia points out that Eric has made mistakes too but Stephanie says she doesn't listen to him, not the way he wants or deserves to be listened to. Felicia brings up Brooke and Stephanie says it was stupid on her part, ill thought out and she should've checked Andy out but instead she pushed him on her. She tells Felicia she's apologized repeatedly but it will never be enough and now Eric has cast his eye on Donna.

In Eric's office, Brooke walks up behind him as he's designing. They talk about how he used to design while they were married. He tells her how happy he is right now and she wants to talk with him about it but before she does, he apologizes to her for not stopping Stephanie from coming to see her. She tells him it was upsetting and how she will never be able to trust her again and asks Eric if he's forgiven her. Eric tells him that Stephanie is out of the company. She tells him that Ridge broke off his engagement to Ashley and she and Ridge are back together as she and Eric smile.

Brooke walks over to pour some tea and brings up Donna. She asks Eric if they are having an affair, if he is using her or is she using him. She tells him how Donna thinks it's the real deal. Eric tells her it is a real relationship and Donna walks in knocking on the door. She asks if she's interrupting anything and Brooke tells her she isn't but wants to know what is going on with them. Donna tells her she is hopelessly in love with Eric and gushes about all his qualities and how he's the first man she's connected with. Eric stands behind her and rubs her shoulders and gushes to Brooke about Donna's qualities. His phone rings and he answers it and then has to leave to go solve a problem and kisses Donna on his way out.

Donna tells Brooke how the kids can't stand her and how Eric needs to file for divorce. Brooke tells her one thing at a time. Donna talks about how she wants everyone to know what Stephanie did to Brooke and Brooke tells her no, she doesn't want to hang onto this hatred and revenge. Donna tells her it's not revenge; it's justice. Brooke agrees with her but tells Donna it's her battle, and Donna asks if it's because she has Ridge now. Brooke asks if she is wrong to not want to mess this up and Donna tells her she's naive if she thinks Stephanie is out of her life. Brooke promises her she won't let her guard down but she has everything she's always wanted but she doesn't want to make waves. Donna tells her they have Stephanie against the ropes so they should knock her out now.

Stephanie walks into Eric's office to find Donna sitting there so she starts reciting the nursery rhyme "Little Miss Muffet..." Donna tells her she is not allowed in the building and Stephanie reminds her she is still Mrs. Eric Forrester. Donna tells her not for long and picks up the phone and calls security to remove an intruder. Two security guards walk in and Donna instructs them to remove Stephanie. Both guards look at each other, unsure of what to do and then one of them asks Mrs. Forrester what they should do. Stephanie smiles and tells them that it's okay, she's leaving and the guards leave. Donna tells Stephanie that Eric has found another woman to spend his life with. Stephanie tells Donna that she is not going to have this discussion with her husband's little slut and turns to walk away. Donna tells her to not dare look down on her because she's a Logan and Stephanie tells her why should she limit herself to one when there are so many and leaves.

Donna grabs her purse and pulls out her cell and calls Nick. When he answers she tells him to meet her at Brooke's and he tries to tell her it's not a good time, but she tells him she has information about Brooke's rape. He hangs up and tells Taylor he has to go and kisses her, says bye to Jack and leaves.

Donna and Nick are in Brooke's living room and she tells him that Brooke was set up and how the person knew about the custody battle and where Brooke's key was. He asks how she knows this and she tells him Brooke told her. Nick asks who would want to do this to Brooke and Donna tells him only one person who hates her enough to hurt her. Donna tells him the person responsible is Stephanie and Nick looks shocked.

Brooke walks into Eric's office looking for him and Stephanie walks in behind her and shuts the door. She startles Brooke when she comments how Eric is making himself scarce. Brooke swings around and is shocked to find Stephanie behind her. Stephanie quietly asks her how she is and Brooke starts screaming at her to shut up and get out.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

At Forrester Creations, Stephanie again apologized to Brooke. Brooke did not want to hear from Stephanie. Brooke told Stephanie that she is supporting Donna's relationship with Eric because she can see that they are in love. Stephanie was ballistic with Brooke for supporting Donna and Eric's relationship. Stephanie told Brooke that she and Donna have the morals of alley cats.

Donna was in the office and Stephanie had another go around with her. Stephanie predicted that Eric would dump Donna prior to the Forrester Creation fashion show.

At the new M offices, which were formerly Spectra Fashions, Jackie held an attention catching press conference. Jackie conducted the press conference from a bathtub covered in suds. Clarke was very surprised by Jackie, but was very pleased with her idea.

Meanwhile, out of revenge against Stephanie, Donna met Nick at Brooke's house. Donna told Nick that Stephanie was responsible for Brooke's rape. Nick did not believe Donna, because he thought Donna might be just trying to make him angry towards Stephanie. Nick waited at Brooke's house for Brooke to return home. Nick asked Brooke if Stephanie played a part in her rape. Brooke admitted that Stephanie did give Andy information. Brooke begged Nick not to punish Stephanie as Stephanie had already lost a lot. Brooke told Nick that she wanted to put the rape behind her. Nick told Brooke that she means a lot to him especially now that she is the biological mother of his child. Brooke told Nick that she returns his feelings and they embraced.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

At Brooke's, she tells Nick she didn't want him to know and Donna had no right telling him. He wants Stephanie held accountable but Brooke tells him that she wants to move on with her life. She tells him Stephanie wanted her away from Ridge but they are together and stronger than ever. Nick says it would make him feel better if he went after Stephanie. Brooke tells him she just wants him to be a good father to Jack and a good husband to Taylor and she can take care of herself. Nick wants to go talk to Stephanie and see if she is truly sorry. Brooke looks skeptical but tells him if that is all he is going to do then fine. Nick smiles and then leans down and tells her to not keep things from him, she can tell him anything because there is nothing he wouldn't do for her and he leaves.

In Eric's office, Stephanie calls Donna a tart and tells her Eric would be a laughing stock if he walked the runway with her on his arm. Donna tells her that his days of being the laughing stock ended when he threw her out. They argue about Nick's condition of the sale of Forrester Creations and Stephanie tells Donna she is not worried about Nick as he is not interested in fashion. As Stephanie turns to walk away, Donna whispers "Don't be so sure bitch" and Stephanie turns to look at her. Stephanie tells Donna that in time the company will be returned to her. As she starts to walk away, she says to Donna, "There is no doubt in my mind that you could put a smile on any mans face darling, but just tell Eric I stopped by." Donna informs Stephanie, "I'm not his secretary. I am his lover." Stephanie tells her the former has more job security and tells her to stay away from her husband. Donna walks up and gets in her face and says "Or what? You'll send someone after me too? A lot of people are intimidated by you Stephanie but not me." Stephanie smirks and then leaves the office as Donna walks over to the desk and says to herself, "or Nick Marone. I can't wait until he gets his hands on you."

Donna walks in to the house as Brooke is heading up the stairs. Brooke turns around and starts yelling at Donna for telling Nick, especially when she knew Nick would go after Stephanie. Donna asks Brooke where Nick went and Brooke tells her to talk to Stephanie. She is worried that he might lose control. Brooke keeps telling Donna how she wants to forget it and move on. Donna tells her that her family is there for her but Brooke tells her that it's her life and IF she asks for help but she doesn't want to be a part of Donna's vendetta against Stephanie, to just leave her out of it. Donna looks up as Brooke walks upstairs. She walks over to the couch and takes her cell phone out of her purse and calls her father. She tells Stephen that something terrible has happened to Brooke and she doesn't want to explain over the phone, but could he come out right away. Stephen tells Donna he will be there as soon as he can. Donna hangs up, walks towards the stairs and says to herself, "Brooke please don't be upset with me, somebody has to protect you from Stephanie!"

Eric, Felicia and Thorne are in Thorne's office discussing the upcoming fashion show. Felicia talks about how she likes the ad campaign and Eric mentions how Stephanie criticized it. Felicia remarks how her tastes can't be that bad because of all the men in the world, she chose him. Eric returns the conversation to the fashion show and Thorne says it will be a great moment for their family so they are best not to bring Donna into it. Eric turns around, looking upset with Thorne. Eric talks about how Donna picked him up after what Stephanie did and how she helped him move forward. Thorne returns the conversation to the Fashion Show and mentions how they want Eric to walk out with the models for the finale and then reach out for Stephanie's hand. Eric drops the bomb on his children that Stephanie cannot be a part of the company as it was part of the purchase agreement. Felicia believes Donna had something to do with it and begs Eric not to let Donna make a fool of him like she did with Thorne.

Eric goes to the door to leave and he's angry and tells them he will not stay to be called a fool by his own children. He tells them Donna had nothing to do with the stipulation in the contract, that it was his decision. He tells them Donna did not twist his arm and Felicia asks "What did she twist?" Eric tells them he feels like somebody other people would like to know, someone who is worthy to get to know and someone who is worth loving. Eric tells them he knows they don't approve of his relationship but if they can't see what she has brought to him, they have nothing else to talk about.

Thorne tells Eric that this is a family business and a triumphant return but if he won't share the spotlight with Stephanie than he can do it alone. Felicia tells him that if he brings Donna to the runway, nobody will be talking about his designs the next day and that he should keep Donna under wraps. Eric tells him he has lived his life for decades for Stephanie, the family, the business and reputation of Forrester Creations and how exhausting it has been for him. They both look surprised as he tells them he will make his decision at the Fashion Show on who he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Stephanie lets herself into her hotel room, chains the door and is reading her mail. The balcony door flings open and Nick is standing on the other side with an evil grin on his face. Stephanie is startled and says "Oh my god" and Nick replies "Scare ya?" She wants to know how the hell he got in her room and Nick tells her he found her key under the flower pot. Realization dawns on Stephanie that he is there to confront her about Brooke's rape.

Nick tells Stephanie to sit and talk and she tells him to leave. She walks toward the door and tells him she'll call hotel security and he tells her to call the cops instead. She tells him he can be arrested for breaking and entering and he asks "what about conspiracy to rape?" She tells him that he, Ridge and Eric have treated Brooke like a victim for so long, and she doesn't know how to act any other way. She starts to explain to him how she's apologized to Brooke but stops and tells him she doesn't have to explain anything to him. She unchains the door, opens it and reminds him he has a newborn and a wife at home, shouldn't he be there? Nick walks up and gets in her face and quietly says to her, "I've been very patient with you, but if you ever hurt Brooke again, I'll kill you" and he leaves. Stephanie looks shocked at Nick's threat.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Nick threatens to take Forrester Creations back if Eric does not divorce Stephanie. Eric will select the woman he thinks is right for him at the end of the fashion show. Brooke tells Katie she wants Stephanie to be left alone when Stephen arrives. Stephen Logan shows up at Brooke's home but she's not happy to see him. Donna arrives and forces Brooke to tell her father about the rape.

Friday, November 9, 2007

At Brooke's house, Brooke is cornered by Stephen, Katie and Donna. Her father asks her if it's true, if Stephanie had her raped. Donna walks in front of Stephen and tells Brooke their father has a right to know. Exasperated, Brooke says, "Yes, it's true. Are you happy now?" and walks away from them. Stephen is angry and says, "I can't believe that Stephanie Forrester had you raped!" Stephen looks shocked and angry.

Donna asks Brooke how much more she has to suffer before she puts a stop to it and Katie tells her that maybe Brooke is doing that by cutting Stephanie out of her life. Donna walks to Brooke and tells her that they always let it slide and wants to know how much more the Logans have to suffer, especially her. Brooke walks away from her, turns and angrily tells her that Eric cut her out of the company, nobody is talking to her and why can't she just leave it at that. Katie smirks and says they all know the answer to that question. Brooke tells them she has her future with Ridge and the kids to look forward to and the nightmare is over. Stephen is looking at Brooke who has tears in her eyes. Brooke tells them to leave it alone; she doesn't want to pursue it. Stephen tells Brooke that someone needs to break the cycle and stop Stephanie. Brooke tells him to go to his hotel and get some rest before he does anything. Donna offers to take him to his hotel but before he leaves he apologizes to Brooke for what happened to her and she tells him it's alright as long as things stay quiet. Once they get outside, he asks Donna what the plan is and she tells him she'll let him know on the way.

In Stephanie's hotel room, she hears a knock on the door and is pleasantly surprised to open the door and find Eric. He tells her he just stopped by to warn her about Nick. She tells him that he already stopped by and threatened her but she told him to go home to his wife and he left. Eric asks her if she hurt him and she laughs and then thanks him for worrying about her.

Stephanie asks Eric if he's taking care of himself and he tells her he's not taking his cholesterol medication, which she just happened to have in her purse. She jokes with him as about the older the husbands get the bigger the wives purses get. He tells her that by the time he is 80, she will be carrying around a small freight car with a handle on it and she responds that it will be whomever he is with then. She tells him Felicia informed her that he is going to make a personal decision at the fashion show. She speaks to him softly about she didn't listen to him and the mistakes she's made. She lets him knows she wishes she could go back and change things but she can't change what happened but she hope's it's not too late for them and he pulls her into an embrace.

Katie and Brooke are sitting and Katie comments how Brooke can't eat. Brooke voices her concern about Stephen going after Stephanie. Katie hopes that he respects what Brooke wants but comments how Donna can be persuasive when she's in her "down with Stephanie" mode. Katie brings up Eric and Donna's relationship and says how when Donna looks at Eric she looks like a "lioness with a nice juicy gazelle". Brooke defends Donna and Eric's relationship and talks about how Donna might be the right woman for him. Katie is surprised and reminds Brooke that Eric is still married. Brooke tells her that it doesn't matter who he is with as long as it's not Stephanie.

Eric is back in his office adjusting designs on the models and Donna comes in wanting to rearrange the seating chart for the fashion show. Eric dismisses the models and Donna realizes something is wrong and shuts and locks the doors behind the models. She walks up to him and they kiss. Eric breaks away, walks behind his desk and tells her how Brooke confided in Nick about what happened and then about Nick's visit to Stephanie. Donna shocks Eric by telling him that it was her, not Brooke who told Nick. She told him word was getting out and Nick would've found out sooner or later. She then tells him that her father is in town and Eric walks away mumbling about more trouble. Donna walks up behind him, puts her arms around him and tells him Brooke needs her father and wouldn't he do the same if it was Kristen or Felicia? They kiss some more and Eric breaks off again and walks away. Donna tells him that it's not his fault that, Stephanie brought it on herself and that she is headed for a big fall.

In her hotel room, Stephanie is on her cell phone with Felicia talking about Eric's visit when there is a knock on her door. She discovers its Room Service so she ends her call with Felicia and opens the door commenting that she didn't order anything. The waiter tells her it's a gift and hands her a card and she reads it, smiles and says "you little dickens you." The waiter brings in a silver covered tray and then leaves. Stephanie takes the lid off and finds a dead black bird on the platter and says "Oh my god. Waiter, Waiter." and starts running to the door. She opens the door to an angry Stephen Logan.

Stephen walks into her room, points to the dead bird and says "Breast? Leg? Thigh? Just the way you like it, served up on a silver platter." She tries to tell him she accepts responsibility but he cuts her off and tells her the mountains of abuse she heaped on the Logans, especially Brooke, is done. She tries to talk to him but he yells at her to shut up and starts badgering her and walking towards her until she is forced to move to the balcony. She finds herself pressed against the railing as he tells her she's tortured his family for years and it's going to end now. He nods his head for her to look down and quietly tells her "Quite a ways down isn't it? I'd call that justice. I think your day of reckoning is here." Stephanie looks down and then looks at him and says "Stephen go ahead and push me if you think your man enough." Stephen just smiles at her...

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