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Monday, November 26, 2007

In the hospital room, the family is around Stephanie when Ridge comes sauntering in. The doctor wants to get her to surgery but Stephanie is trying to tell them the shooter's name. Ridge finally hears her say "Logan" and he asks which one but she slips into unconsciousness again and is wheeled off to surgery. Eric follows them to the OR and they ask him to leave as it is a sterile environment but he is insistent and they allow him to stay.

In the waiting room, Felicia says, "I knew it was a damn Logan" and Ridge thinks she means Brooke and both he and Thorne say no, it couldn't have been. Felicia tells them her money is on Donna and talks about how angry she was about being locked in the steam room and "mother" stealing her thunder. Ridge looks shocked as Thorne tells her not to jump the gun as it could have been Stephen as he threatened to push Stephanie off the balcony. Felicia and Thorne hash out who it could have been and Ridge tells them he has to leave and runs out the door as his siblings watch him leave.

Stephanie's bullet is removed and the doctor tells a worried Eric that she will have a full recovery. He walks up to her as they are sewing her up and says "We would have lost her. Who could have done this?" The doctor leaves and goes out to tell Thorne and Felicia the good news and they embrace.

In the showroom, Donna is being questioned alone by Detective Charlie Baker while Brooke is being questioned by Lieutenant Baker with Storm and Stephen standing with her. Lt. Baker twists Brooke's words around about how she argued with Stephanie and this sparks an argument between Stephen and Storm and Stephen shocks them when he blurts out "I'd like to shake the shooters hand." Donna tells Det. Baker that she didn't like Stephanie but she had no reason to shoot her because she'd already beaten her, her husband was in love with her and she worked at the company. She tells him she's lucky the old goat didn't shoot her.

Storm tells Lt. Baker that while he knows his family are prime suspects and his sisters had plenty of time and reasons to shoot her long before this, his family is innocent. Lt. Baker tells them that he is just trying to get to the story and says to Stephen, "All three of your daughters work at Forrester Creations; Brooke is involved with Stephanie's son and Donna is involved with Stephanie's husband. Doesn't that bother you Mr. Logan that your daughter is involved with Eric Forrester?" Stephen tells him, "I imagine it bothered Stephanie quite a bit too. Maybe Eric got tired of hearing about it all the time, why don't you go talk to him. The fact is, there are people lined up around the block wanting to see that woman dead, but in case you didn't get it the first time, I didn't do it and neither did my kids."

Brooke, Storm, Eric and Donna are in Brooke's office and Katie walks in. She tells them that she went to the ladies room right after the show ended and Brooke tells her Stephanie was shot. Katie wants to know who did it but they tell her they don't know. Storm turns to Stephen and tells him if he did it to tell him right now so he can go and make a plea deal with the DA before Stephanie wakes up. Brooke tells him they all had motive to do it but it doesn't mean they did and Storm points out that Stephen had threatened her numerous times. Katie mentions the gun and Brooke walks over to her desk and opens the drawer to find the gun. They all begin arguing how they all knew where it was and Katie searches the desk to see if it was moved. Donna yells at them to stop before they say something they shouldn't. Brooke tells them a family should be honest and asks each of them if they did it and they all say "no". Stephen tells them, "While I've fantasized about it and how happy you kids would be if Stephanie were gone, no I did not do it, it's not who we are."

Ridge comes barging in and wants to know who shot his mother. Brooke walks up to him, asks him how she is and he tells her she's in surgery. He asks them all who did it and turns to Donna and asks if she did because she was sleeping with his father. Brooke asks everyone to leave and after they do and she shuts the door, she tells Ridge, "One more word, not one more word do you hear me." Brooke yells at him for accusing her family and he wants to know if everyone in her family has an airtight alibi. She tells him she hopes he knows she didn't do it and he says he knows she didn't but asks about her father. She tells him he said he didn't do it and she believes him and then he says, "So I can't take my mother's word but you can take his?"

Brooke reminds Ridge that the list of suspects doesn't begin and end with her family that Stephanie humiliated Jackie and how upset Nick was over it. She also tells him that it's not the point, the point is that Stephanie has hurt a lot of people and Ridge tells her that she was hurt most of all. Brooke tells him again she didn't do it. He says he knows she didn't, but her family is angry and they would want to avenge all that Stephanie has done to Brooke and maybe locking Donna in the steam room and stealing the limelight at the end of the fashion show was enough to push one of them over the edge. He tells her that the truth is going to come out when they question his mother.

The doctor brings the bullet out and gives it to Lt. Baker. He asks how she is and if they can talk to her, save time and she can tell them who shot her. The doctor tells them she needs to rest and Lt. Baker mentions how the bullet is a .22 caliber and right now that is all they have to go on until they talk to Stephanie.

Thorne and Felicia are talking about Stephanie making it through surgery and Donna steps off the elevator and hears them. They don't see her but Felicia comments how Eric is with mother and the more time they have alone together, the better so Donna slips off unnoticed towards Stephanie's room.

Eric is kissing Stephanie's hand and telling her about how their lives are intertwined together forever, no matter what happens. He teases her about shocking him on the runway and then getting shot and she tells him he needed a big finish. He kisses her forehead as Donna watches from the window. Eric brings up that Stephanie mentioned "Logan" who shot her and asks her which one. Without hesitation, she tells him "Donna" as Eric reels from the news and Donna just looks on.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

At the hospital, Stephanie again told Eric that Donna shot her. Eric went into the hallway and spoke with Donna. Donna wanted to know if Stephanie knew who shot her. Eric told Donna who Stephanie named as her shooter. Eric told a shocked Donna that Stephanie had named Donna as her shooter. Donna assured Eric that she did not shoot Stephanie.

Ridge told Brooke that one of her family members shot Stephanie. Brooke defended Donna. Brooke was adamant with Ridge that she would continue to defend her family because they were not guilty of shooting Stephanie.

When Eric left the hospital, Donna went into Stephanie's room. Donna informed Stephanie that she did not shoot her. Donna informed her that she had been there immediately after her shooting, but Donna was there to help her. Donna even suggested to Stephanie that Stephanie shot herself in an effort to regain Eric's affection and sympathy. Donna assured Stephanie that there was nothing that she could do to win Eric back. Donna assured Stephanie that she would be the next Mrs. Eric Forrester

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bridget is at Nick and Taylor's giving baby Jack a clean bill of health. Bridget expresses disappointment she wasn't able to tell Taylor herself and Nick tells her that she is out taking time for herself but he'll let her know. Brooke comes in and asks if it's okay and they tell her yes. Nick tells her the transplant took, Jack can go public. Nick tells Brooke "see this, this boy is going to be healthy and happy and it's because of your bone marrow." He tells her he's glad some things are getting back to normal and asks how things are with Stephanie and if there are any suspects.

Nick comes downstairs after putting Jack down to sleep. Bridget mentions how they should go now and Brooke asks Nick if Taylor mentioned she was going to stop by. Nick says, "Yes she wanted me to give you these papers; you brought them by for her to sign and she signed them." Brooke is surprised and Nick tells her that Taylor realized she wanted a formal agreement as she carried the baby and is the mother but they will forever be grateful for what she did with the bone marrow. Things get a little awkward; Nick walks away and asks Bridget about the formula the pediatrician mentioned. Brooke questions why Taylor isn't breastfeeding and Bridget says Jack isn't gaining as much weight as they'd like and he's underweight because he was born prematurely. Bridget and Nick defend Taylor's decision and why she's not. Brooke tells Nick it's the wrong decision and Bridget gasps. Nick tells her that is her opinion and Brooke says "Yes, I think Taylor is doing something that could jeopardize your child." Bridget rolls her eyes and looks away in disgust.

Brooke continues to question why Taylor isn't providing breast milk to Jack and Bridget tells her that the only concern is that Jack is gaining weight. Nick tells Brooke to drop it, its Taylor's call. Bridget gives Brooke the brush off so Brooke grabs her purse and the papers and starts to head out but wonders why Taylor wasn't there after she asked her to stop by. Bridget excuses herself to go out to get the formula samples. Nick and Brooke talk some more and he wants to know what her issue is and she bluntly tells a shocked Nick "Frankly, I'm not convinced that your wife is doing everything she can for our child." Nick reminds her it's his child with Taylor and Brooke tells him he's right, but he can't deny it's their child on some level too. Bridget walks in, hears this and tells Brooke to stop, that Taylor will feed Jack formula in a bottle, hold and love him and that is all he needs from his mother. Nick tells her "it sort of puts things in perspective doesn't it Brooke?" She says sure and then Bridget's beeper goes off and she heads back to the hospital.

Nick asks Brooke if they are okay and she tells him she'll step back. She pulls a picture of Jack out of her wallet and thanks him for it and he tells her it was probably a mistake. She tells him it wasn't; she'll watch Jack grow up from a distance. She tells him not to back away from her. He steps closer as she starts to cry and she tells him that Stephanie fingered one of the Logans as the shooter. Nick says nothing as Brooke tells him she fears for her family.

A figure walks into Stephanie's darkened hospital room. It is Pam who talks to Stephanie although she is sleeping. She calls Stephanie her big strong, yet weak sister, lying in bed helpless and then tells her how conveniently her name was left off the guest list for Eric's fashion show after she had promised to put her on it. She tells her she brought her something and removes "Mr. Cuddly", Stephanie's favorite bed pillow from home, from a bag. She tells her while gripping "Mr. Cuddly", "Stephanie, I plan to see to it that you get exactly what you deserve."

Pam is sitting by Stephanie's bedside, hugging the pillow telling her "I spent so many gray winters in stuck in dreary old Lake Forest, catering to mothers every whim while you were out here in this beautiful sunny place leading your fabulous celebrity lifestyle. Now, I'm taking care of you, first mother, and now you; it must be my personal cross to bear in life. Always giving, giving, giving, and never getting a thing in return. But now you are helpless, can't boss me around, you can barely speak; much less lift a finger to defend yourself. What happens dear sister if the person who did this to you comes back to finish the job."

Pam talks to Stephanie about Stephanie's recent visit and how it wasn't easy but she didn't stay very long. She says, "What a week? Could you imagine spending your whole life with that woman? All those years of suffering and trying to deal with that woman, without any help or relief while you're out here in paradise" She puts her head next to Stephanie's on the pillow, still gripping "Mr. Cuddly" and says, "Sometimes, I think it would just be easier to close my eyes and never wake up. Wouldn't that be nice darling Stephanie? Just slip away on a cloud, never stop dreaming."

Donna and Eric are in his bedroom and she tells him that she did not shoot Stephanie and that the person who did is still out there and is a threat to Stephanie, not her. Eric tells Donna he wishes he knew what to say to her and she tells him "That you believe me." He doesn't answer right away and she gets upset that he actually thinks she could be capable of the shooting. She turns away from him upset and he grabs her shoulders, turns her back around, apologizes and tells her he knows in his heart she could not have done this. They hug and she tells him she knows he's looking for answers but reminds him Stephanie had a lot of enemies. He says "for somebody to shoot her, to actually try to kill her, who could that be?"

Donna tells him she should go and Eric mentions Pam is staying there. They talk about Pam's crush on Eric and Donna tells him how Pam is probably in love with him and wants Stephanie out of the picture and Eric won't hear it. He kisses her and says goodnight as Pam is eavesdropping at the door.

Donna walks down the stairs as Pam walks up and says "You must be Donna HOgan". Donna corrects her and Pam says, "Going after my sister's husband huh? Pleased to meet ya -- NOT. I heard you trying to talk your way into Eric's bed. Didn't go too well did it?" She holds up a pair of Donna's underwear all shredded and says, "Tiny found them, my dog. Lucky he didn't catch you wearing them, he HATES cats." A Doberman Pincer comes in and growls at Donna and she jumps back. Pam tells her to leave and never come back as Donna runs out the door with "Tiny" following. She turns around and looks at Pam who is glaring at her.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Brooke seems obsessed with baby Jack and his care as Bridget and Nick remind her that the baby belongs to Nick and Taylor. When Brooke sees Ridge, he too tells her he's concerned about her connection to the baby and Nick. Brooke promises the baby won't get in the way.

The Keystone cops are scratching their heads as Lt. Baker and son, Charlie, discuss the suspects in the "Who shot Stephanie?" case. The topic of Jackie Marone's unfortunate topple off the Forrester balcony comes up, and the fact that she has disappeared since sneaking out of Forrester ahead of the lockdown makes her a suspect as well. The dynamic duo shifts gears and decides to talk to Steph at the hospital.

At Forrester, Eric shares that Stephanie told him Donna shot her, but he knows Donna didn't do it. Donna, in turn, accuses Pam of being the shooter, and Felicia and Thorne start a verbal assault telling Eric to get rid of her. On cue, Pam, now the creepy crazed sister, shows up to hand out fresh-baked goodies to the family and says she missed the fashion show because she wasn't on the guest list.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Ridge walks in Brooke's bedroom as she is looking at a picture of baby Jack. He asks if Taylor gave it to her and she tells him it was Nick. He tells her he can help her and give it back. She hands it to him and he stares at it as she walks away. Ridge mentions to Brooke that Donna left a message about calling a family meeting. Brooke tells her that she got it but he is her family also. They talk about whether or not Donna is capable of shooting Stephanie and Brooke tells him Donna is not capable of it. They talk more about Jack and talk about the objects that keep getting in their way and end up making love.

Afterwards, Brooke talks to Ridge about how sometimes all she needs is a touch from him and she is comforted. He tells her he feels the say way; they both agree they feel sometimes like they are walking on eggshells, afraid of what they might say wrong but the minute they are together, everything seems better. They kiss and make love again.

In Stephanie's hospital room, she is surrounded by Eric, Felicia, Thorne and Pam. Stephanie mentions to Pam she had a dream about her the night before and Pam changes the subject by pulling Stephanie's slippers out of a bag. Stephanie asks how she got in her hotel room and she jokes that she's a "slippery character." Just then Lt. Baker and Charlie walk in to question Stephanie and she blurts out Donna Logan. Eric points out how Donna found her and Lt. Baker gets out of her that she did not see actually see who shot her but awoke to see Donna over her. Lt. Baker mentions it was a .22 caliber used and then Stephanie mentions how she gave Brooke her gun and that it was in Brooke's desk drawer to give back to her. Lt. Baker tells her they search the office and didn't find any gun.

Pam comes in and mentions the Social Worker will be by to talk to Stephanie about her discharge, which will be in a day or so. Pam tells her that she will take care of her and Stephanie tells her she'd rather have a real nurse. Eric tells her she should come home and recuperate where she can "rest in her own bed and throw her own dishes." Felicia is overjoyed and starts to comment but clams up. Eric tells her they have a lot to talk about but they will do it when they are alone but that they are a family and nothing can change that.

Storm, Stephen, Katie and Donna are in Stephen's hotel room talking about the evidence or lack of. As Stephen tries to talk, Katie snaps at him "isn't it about time you've left already, shouldn't you leave before they find evidence or dust for residue." Stephen questions Katie if she thinks he did it. Katie tells them that he has made a lot of accusations and threats towards Stephanie and the finger will end up being pointed at him. Storm mentions how they all need to make sure they have alibis and how Katie's time wasn't accounted for. Still agitated, Katie wants to know why she is being looked at as a suspect and what about Brooke's alibi. She excuses herself to go to the bathroom and Stephen takes that time to thank Storm for being there for his sisters all these years.

Katie comes out of the bathroom while Storm has taken a call; he has found out that Jackie boarded a plane to London a few hours after the shooting. There is a knock on the door and Donna opens it to find the Lt. and Detective Baker. Donna asks if they are there to arrest her and they come in and mention about the gun in Brooke's office. Lt. Baker asks if they can search Stephen's room and Storm tells them no but Stephen tells them yes, he will cooperate. After a while he gets agitated with cooperating and tells Storm. Katie rushes to the closet to get her jacket as Lt. Baker pulls out Stephen's suit and comments how it was the suit he wore at the fashion show and that it's been dry cleaned. Stephen tells him he spilled coffee on it so why doesn't he check for coffee residue. Lt. Baker mentions how Stephen refused to be tested for gun residue and now it will be harder to check his suit. Stephen and Storm put an end to the search and tell Lt. Baker to get a warrant as Detective Baker comes out of the bathroom holding the gun. He bags it as Lt. Baker asks Stephen about it and he tells them he's never seen it before and Katie blurts out he did. Stephen tells them he saw it in Brooke's office but that was it as Storm tells them both to be quiet. Detective Baker starts reading Stephen his rights and handcuffing him as Storm tells him he'll be with him all the way. Donna is trying to tell them Stephanie blamed her, why arrest Stephen as Katie looks away uncomfortably.

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