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January 7 to 11, 2008
Donna agreed to seal the deal between the Logans and Forresters-she gave up Eric by turning down his marriage proposal. In exchange, Stephanie told the police she never saw who shot her, and she assured the police that it wasn't Stephen. Stephen got to go free, and got help for his son, Storm, who framed him for shooting Stephanie. The plan was set in motion, keeping Storm in the dark, and he and his dad returned to Europe in search of Beth, mom to all the Logan kids. Eric, who knew nothing of the plan, set up a romantic dinner with Donna at the cabin at Big Bear. To save her dad and brother, Donna knew she must tell him that their relationship was over, or Stephanie would tell the police it was Storm who shot her. She continued to put on the pressure as she prepared for a visit to Chicago to see her sister and mother. As Eric proposed to Donna, he planted a giant diamond on her finger, but she told him she couldn't marry him because, she lied, she was a sex addict. Instead of rejecting her, Eric told her they would work through her problem together. At Nick and Taylor's house, Taylor decided that she didn't want Bridget as Jack's godmother, since Bridget covered up the entire egg mix-up. Taylor also discovered that Brooke's eggs were in the lab because Brooke wanted to give Nick a baby when she found out that Taylor couldn't conceive. Taylor also freaked out that she saw Brooke every time she looked at Jack, since he was Brooke's biological child. She screamed that Brooke would get everything she wanted-a baby with Nick and Nick, but Nick assured her he was committed to Taylor and Jack. He left to have coffee at Insomnia where he ran into Brooke. More than coffee was brewing as they grabbed hands while discussing that Taylor might need professional help. Brooke suggested Nick share his feelings with his mom, Jackie. As they confided in one another, Taylor steamed as she entered the coffeehouse and spied them together.
January 14 to 18, 2008
It was a bad week for Taylor. First, she spied Brooke and Nick having coffee together with Brooke telling Nick that Taylor needed some mental help to raise Jack. Taylor verbally attacked Brooke and was so upset, she passed out. At home, Nick dished to his mom, Jackie, that Brooke was Jack's mom, and Jackie started a relentless campaign to get Brooke and Nick back together-visiting Brooke and Nick almost daily to intervene. Meanwhile, Taylor, a recovering alcoholic, fought the temptation to drink, and poured some booze in her coffee cup. She didn't sip, but she was caught by-who else-Brooke. Freaking out, Brooke took baby Jack, and raced to Nick's office to share what had happened. He sided with Brooke, sending Taylor into another meltdown. Donna continued to try to dump Eric as part of her agreement with Stephanie that would keep Storm out of jail, but it wasn't working. While Donna pretended to be a sex addict, Eric insisted he'd stand by her, and worried that she was not a sex addict at all, but just wanted to break it off with him because of his age. Donna broke down and said nothing could be further from the truth. She gave in to lovemaking and knew she'd be in trouble-and so would Storm-when Stephanie found out.
January 21 to 25, 2008
Taylor's life spun out of control as Jackie and Rick discovered Baby Jack was Brooke's biological child. Jackie visited Nick daily to tell him he belonged with Brooke since they were the biological parents to Jack. She said it was too much for Taylor to mother a child in whom she saw her nemesis, Brooke, every day. Rick told Brooke the same thing, and asked Brooke and Bridget if Bridget intentionally switched the eggs so Taylor would carry a Brooke-Nick baby. Bridget and Brooke were offended. Brooke and Taylor had multiple encounters with Taylor, who was claiming she'd get it together. Nick and Taylor had several emotional conversations about Taylor loving "their" baby-the one she nurtured for nine months. He worried that Taylor, a recovering alcoholic, was drinking again, but Taylor denied it. Taylor started seeing things-visions of Brooke holding and cuddling Baby Jack and Brooke in scanty negligee mounting Nick in bed and on the couch. The visions sent Taylor straight to the liquor cabinet where she gulped liquor right out of the bottle. Then, she peeked around to see if the Brooke visions disappeared, and they had. Taylor calmed down, and decided to keep a flask of booze in the bedroom, as well. Katie worried that Donna still didn't end it with Eric as stipulated in Stephanie's blackmail so that Storm could stay out of jail. Stephanie headed straight to Eric's upon returning from Chicago and caught Donna there. Stephanie blasted Donna and again warned her to end it with Eric for the sake of her brother, Storm.
January 28 to February 1, 2008
Donna couldn't submit to Stephanie's blackmail to end things with Eric so Storm wouldn't go to jail. Instead, Donna finally told Eric the truth about the blackmail. Eric decided they'd turn the tables on Stephanie, and he returned to the mansion, asking Stephanie to forgive him. He told Stephanie it was over with Donna. He wanted to get back together with Stephanie. Taylor had been loopy ever since she found out that she had carried Nick and Brooke's child rather than an anonymous donor's egg. Everyone worried that Taylor would go off the deep end, including Rick, who found that Taylor had been drinking. He didn't tattle. Instead, he offered to help her no matter what or when. Meanwhile, Nick called in help in the form of Dr. James Warwick who acknowledged Taylor had needed to cope with a lot, and he offered his support and counseling, but Taylor maintained she was fine. Taylor asked Ashley to be Jack's godmother. Ashley wanted to get back together with Rick. Taylor threw a dinner party where she tried to convince Brooke and Ridge to marry on the spot because it would keep Brooke away from Nick, but Brooke refused. Taylor started to believe that Brooke was again after Taylor's husband, Nick.
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February 4 to 8, 2008
Everyone, including Stephanie, James, Rick, and Taylor accused Brooke and Nick of still being in love. James, the psychiatrist, encouraged Nick to be completely honest with Taylor about his feelings for Brooke, because Taylor was going batty with hallucinations. The only way she could get her head back together would be for Nick to be committed only to Taylor, but he needed to be honest and figure out if he could do that. Nick headed to the Shady Marlin and reminisced about the good times with Brooke and her kids, and Brooke showed up. Later, Nick admitted to Taylor that he still loved Brooke, but he was committed to Taylor and Jack. Taylor thanked him for his honesty, but refused to live in Brooke's shadow again. She said she thought it was time to go their separate ways. Nick begged her not to leave, but Taylor moved out and returned to her home in Bel Air, where Rick visited her. Taylor dished that she had lost everything and every man in her life, including two husbands, to Brooke, and she felt like a big loser. Rick told Taylor to stop putting herself down because she was sexy, beautiful, and intelligent. He planted a romantic kiss on Taylor's lips. Nick called Brooke to tell her Taylor left. Brooke hightailed it over to visit Nick and Jack, and Nick asked Brooke to be a mom to Jack. Brooke grew teary-eyed, saying she planned a life with Ridge. Nick professed his love for Brooke, and believed she loves him, too. She agreed, and they made out passionately.
February 11 to 15, 2008
After Taylor walked out on Nick and Baby Jack, Brooke and Nick professed their love for one another in two passionate make out sessions. Brooke told Nick she loved him, but she belonged with Ridge. Katie warned a tearful Brooke not to fall for Nick again because it might be Brooke's last chance at happiness with Ridge. Stephanie suspected Eric and Donna were fooling around when she discovered Eric's Viagra prescription. Stephanie's private detective snuffed out Eric and Donna's love nest, and Stephanie barged in to find only Donna, but Stephanie insisted Eric was hiding. Out on the window ledge, a nearly naked Eric hoped Stephanie couldn't open the window. Bridget and Katie discussed that Brooke was moon-eyed over Nick again, but that Brooke belonged with Ridge. Katie pushed Bridget to go after Nick since Bridget was once married to him. Bridget took her advice.
February 18 to 22, 2008
Nick and Brooke affirmed their love for each other again, but Brooke said she was sticking with Ridge. Taylor returned to Nick's place and they discussed that their marriage was over since Nick admitted he would always love Brooke. Nick was uncomfortable discussing Brooke, but Taylor saw right through him and realized Brooke chose Ridge over Nick. Taylor prepared to take Baby Jack to her place in Bel Air, but Nick told her she was not taking the baby since she abandoned them both. The private detective that Stephanie hired gave her the location of Eric and Donna's love nest, so Stephanie barged in looking for Eric, but he was hiding outside on the window ledge in plain sight of the private investigator who took a photo of a nearly naked Eric. The photo appeared in the newspaper, and the never-ending blackmail saga continued with Stephanie reiterating to Donna that Storm would go to jail because Donna and Eric continued their affair and made a fool of Stephanie. All the Logans showed up at Stephanie's, begging her not to tell the police that Storm shot her, as Lt. Baker asked who had done it. Everyone waited for Stephanie's answer.
February 25 to 29, 2008
Eric was pleasantly surprised when Stephanie told the police she wanted the case closed on who shot her. In exchange for a note disclosing that Storm shot her, Stephanie asked Eric to join the family in one last anniversary celebration. Eric agreed. Nick and Brooke affirmed their love for each other, but Brooke planned a life with Ridge. Taylor took Baby Jack to live with her, but Nick and Brooke tried to talk Taylor out of it because she admitted to drinking again. Rick offered Taylor his help and a little romance. Taylor and Ridge discussed their complicated relationships. Nick hired Storm as his lawyer to get an emergency custody hearing for Jack. Ridge told Brooke she was too attached to Baby Jack. At the courthouse, Taylor blew it big time when she grabbed Brooke. Storm, Rick, and Nick all showed up in time to break it up, but the judge saw the encounter. As the hearing started, Taylor interrupted the judge, and launched a verbal attack on Nick and Brooke while the judge called the courtroom to order.
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MARCH 2008
March 3 to 7, 2008
Taylor's outbursts during the custody hearing proved her instability to the judge, and she lost custody of Baby Jack until she had therapy. A totally depressed and lonely Taylor turned to the bottle, but Rick wrestled the bottle away from Taylor, and pulled her into an embrace. They shared a sizzling kiss, but Taylor later said they couldn't be together-it would hurt Phoebe. Ridge interrupted a tender moment between Brooke, Nick, and Baby Jack. He later told Brooke to choose between Nick and him. Brooke got down on one knee and proposed to Ridge. She wanted to run away and get married. Eric and Stephanie celebrated their anniversary. Pam then visited Donna with Tiny in tow. Pam ordered Donna to stay away from Eric, but Donna flashed her engagement ring. Pam repeatedly warned that she would kill Donna if Donna messed with Stephanie's happiness. Bridget hung out at Nick's place and said that fate may have brought them together again.
March 10 to 14, 2008
Eric attended the anniversary party, but announced he planned to marry Donna. Crazy Pam returned to L.A. Over coffee, Pam chewed on a tea bag and admitted to Donna that she had a borderline personality bipolar disorder with paranoia. Outside she pulled a gun on Donna. Ridge told Brooke he would marry her when she was ready to give up Nick and Baby Jack. Katie filled in for Bridget to babysit Baby Jack while Nick worked at home. Katie ended up chatting it up with Nick while they shared some scotch. Bridget blasted her mother, Brooke, who told Nick to stay away from Bridget. Brooke claimed she was concerned, but Bridget called Brooke selfish for claiming to love Nick and Ridge-never letting one of them be happy with someone else. Bridget staked a claim to Nick, and she told Brooke that she gave Nick up to Brooke once before, and Brooke blew it. Brooke cried to Nick, but he told Brooke that he thought she would stay with him. Instead, she had made her choice, and it was Ridge. Eric invited Stephanie to return to work at Forrester.
March 17 to 21, 2008
Rick and Taylor had some steamy make out sessions, but Brooke told Rick to knock it off while Ridge told Taylor the same thing. Taylor started to feel guilty. She admitted to Rick that she had feelings for him, but she could not act on them. Later, she told James she regretted not having acted on her feelings. Her admission came too late because her daughter, Phoebe, surprised Rick with a love letter that said Phoebe wanted to get back together with Rick and make love to him. Rick told Taylor about the letter, and Taylor told Rick to move on with Phoebe, but he refused. He gave her a smoldering kiss as she begged him to forget her. Pam sabotaged all of Donna's beauty treatments. Her tanning session resulted in a super dark tan and her hair and teeth turned green in coloring and bleaching sessions. Brooke fretted to everyone that Bridget would get hurt since she became involved with Nick again. Nick reconnected with Bridget in the bedroom quite a few times. Katie spent a lot of time at Nick's as the official babysitter for Baby Jack. Nick took a time-out from Bridget, and flirted with Katie. Storm talked to Brooke about dating.
March 24 to 28, 2008
The scales tipped in Taylor's favor over the course of a week. Rick surprised her with an impromptu visit from Baby Jack. Later, Taylor visited Ridge to tell him it would be a huge mistake to marry Brooke. She declared that Nick and Brooke were forever entwined in one another's lives because they were the biological parents to Baby Jack. Taylor told Ridge that Brooke wanted to steal Baby Jack away from her, and Brooke overheard Taylor ranting. Brooke laid into Taylor while Ridge and Rick refereed. Ridge left for a business emergency, and Rick told his mom to leave Taylor alone. Rick further shocked Brooke when he admitted he loved Taylor, and he laid a big romantic kiss on Taylor while his mom looked on in horror. When Ridge had a meeting with Ashley, he realized he still had feelings for her. Pam continued to threaten Donna over her relationship with Eric. Pam and Stephanie bonded together as sisters, and neither wanted Eric and Donna together. After Nick slept with Bridget while Katie baby-sat Baby Jack, a quizzical Katie asked if Nick and Bridget had a future. Brooke told Bridget she wouldn't stand in her way if Bridget wanted a relationship with Nick. Eric told daughter Bridget he didn't think Nick could appreciate Bridget, but he said he would support any decision she made because he wanted her to be happy.
March 31 to April 4, 2008
Rick continued to pursue Taylor, but she felt it was wrong because Phoebe wanted to get back together with Rick. Brooke encouraged her brother, Storm, to take Ashley out to lunch, and he did. Brooke regretted it when Ridge informed her that her brother was dangerous. Ashley and Storm hit it off, but when Storm told Brooke about it, she told him to wait to date Ashley or anyone else. She added that Ridge could never find out that she suggested the date with Ashley. Storm was furious. Ridge fired Storm. Ashley and Storm planned another date. Pam replaced Eric's Viagra pills with sleeping pills, and that put a damper on Donna's lunchtime seduction plans. When Donna dressed up in her wild and sexy leopard outfit, she was disappointed that Eric wouldn't awaken. Stephanie pleaded with Eric to repair their marriage. Nick sexed it up with Bridget, and later flirted with Katie. Nick wanted to allow Taylor to take Baby Jack home for the night, but Brooke showed up. Brooke wanted to see Baby Jack, and she told Nick that she didn't like Nick seeing Bridget again. Brooke also said Taylor was seeing Rick romantically. Nick changed his mind about allowing Taylor to take Baby Jack when she arrived to pick him up. Brooke was there, and she physically stood in the way as Taylor tried to take Baby Jack out of Nick's house. Nick was conflicted about what to do.
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APRIL 2008
April 7 to 11, 2008
Nick allowed Taylor to take Baby Jack overnight when Rick intervened on Taylor's behalf. Brooke threatened Taylor numerous times to stay away from Brooke's son, Rick. Brooke also claimed she would take Baby Jack away from Taylor in court. Rick supported Taylor, and warned Brooke to leave them alone. Nick was confused about his feelings for just about everyone. Katie kissed him, and Bridget couldn't get enough of him in the sack. Nick told Katie, Bridget, and Brooke that he didn't know what he wanted. He reminded everyone he wasn't divorced from Taylor yet. Bridget discovered that Katie kissed Nick, and she angrily quizzed Katie about her feelings for Nick. Storm had a dinner date with Ashley, but when Storm was gone from the table, Ridge showed up to warn Ashley that Storm was dangerous and that Storm had shot Stephanie. Ashley was in disbelief, and she agreed with Ridge that she should end things with Storm for her own safety. Ridge told Ashley not to let Storm know that Ridge informed her of Storm's past. Too late-Storm watched suspiciously from across the room. As Ridge left Ashley and Storm alone, Ridge worried aloud that Ashley was in "grave danger."
April 14 to 18, 2008
Eric had busy days, and Donna was miffed that he didn't have much time for her. Pam and her dog, a Doberman named Tiny, continued to harass Donna. When Tiny cornered Donna, she threw him a lemon bar as a distraction. Tiny later died of congestive heart failure, according to the vet who gently chastised Pam for not giving the dog his full measure of heart medication. Pam went ballistic and wanted to blame Donna for the dog's death. Brooke repeatedly begged Nick for more time with Baby Jack because she wanted to be a mother to him. Nick didn't think it was a good idea. Taylor received a good psychological evaluation from the doctor so she would regain shared custody of Baby Jack. Rick and Taylor celebrated the good custody news with hugs, kisses, and talk of lovemaking. Rick proposed to Taylor. Brooke ranted to Nick and Katie that Taylor might have received a good psych evaluation from a doctor, but Brooke claimed Taylor was unstable. Brooke whined that Taylor's relationship with Rick created an unhealthy environment for Baby Jack. Nick and Katie doubted that Jack was Brooke's main concern, and they both noted that Taylor was Jack's mother. When her sisters weren't around, Katie flirted with Nick, and Nick appeared to be interested in Katie.
April 21 to 25, 2008
At the court custody hearing, the judge decided to give Nick and Taylor shared custody of Baby Jack since Taylor received a good psychological evaluation. Brooke demanded that the judge listen to her argument that Taylor was not stable. Brooke whined that Taylor was carrying on with Brooke's son, Rick, and it was unhealthy. The judge told Brooke that she had no rights in the case, and that Rick appeared to be a positive influence. Stephanie surprised everyone with her decision to sell the Forrester mansion to Eric, and Stephanie gave Eric her blessing to live there with Donna. Storm broke into Ashley's house, and pulled a gun out while he spilled his guts about how he shot Stephanie, and framed his dad, Stephen, for the shooting. Katie showed up, and saw Storm with a gun. She tried to wrestle the gun away from Storm, and it went off, shooting Katie in the chest. At the hospital, the entire family gathered around to find that the bullet nicked Katie's heart, and she had little chance of survival. Brooke hoped for a miracle.
April 28 to May 2, 2008
After Katie was shot, the doctors said she needed a heart transplant in order to survive. No heart was available, so Storm, who was riddled with guilt over the accidental shooting, shot himself to give Katie his heart. Stephen returned to be with his daughters, and he was devastated to find that Storm had died. Stephen, Brooke, and Donna took turns saying heartfelt goodbyes to Storm. When Katie awakened, she was horrified to learn what happened and that she had Storm's heart. Her body began to reject the heart until her family and the voice of Storm convinced her to accept Storm's gift to her. Stephanie visited Donna to offer her help when Donna moved into Stephanie's former home. Donna voiced her surprise at Stephanie's sudden change in attitude. Ridge told Eric that Eric seemed saddened to be divorcing Stephanie and marrying Donna. Eric told Ridge he loved Donna and would marry her the next day. Stephanie told Ridge she would attend Donna and Eric's wedding because she couldn't believe that Eric would marry Donna in front of Stephanie and the family in the same house where Eric had lived with Stephanie for decades.
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MAY 2008
May 5 to 9, 2008
Katie struggled with the fact that Storm had died so she could live-giving her his heart. Her mood worsened when Ashley visited while Nick was with Katie. Ashley told Katie that they all misunderstood Storm. Ashley didn't think Storm was dangerous even though he brought a gun into her home. Katie was horrified, and she cried that she killed her brother. Nick claimed that Storm was troubled. It was understandable that Katie thought Storm was threatening Ashley when Katie saw Storm with the gun. Katie disagreed and asked Ashley and Nick to leave. Nick refused and promised he would take care of her. Eric and Donna's wedding went off without a hitch, but none of the Forrester kids was happy. Brooke laid into Taylor for showing up at the wedding with Brooke's son, Rick. Stephanie, Pam, and Felicia watched in sadness as Eric kissed the bride. Stephanie toasted the happy couple, and later she watched from outside as Eric and Donna danced. Stephanie remembered a time when she and Eric danced in the same spot of the house. She whispered goodbye to Eric.
May 12 to 16, 2008
Stephanie started a new post-Eric life and reclaimed the beach house for her new home. That sent Bridget and Rick packing. At Katie's encouragement, Bridget decided to move in with Nick. Storm's memorial service was a tearjerker where Katie admitted her conflicted feelings about having Storm's heart. She cried that he died so she could live, and she told everyone at the service that she felt guilty for it, but that she would do her best to live life the way Storm would have lived it. After the service, Brooke spied Katie and Nick together in a clinch on the terrace. Stephen headed back to Paris, and Donna met a stranger at Storm's memorial service. The stranger told her he shared her sadness about Storm. The next day, he returned and asked Donna if there was a possibility that she was his mother-the one who had given him up as a baby. Stephanie formed a new friendship with Katie, and Stephanie renewed her friendship with Taylor. When Stephanie and Taylor talked, Stephanie asked Taylor about Rick and Phoebe, and their inappropriate relationship. Taylor told Stephanie they were no longer a couple, but Taylor never mentioned that Rick was Taylor's new love interest.
May 19 to 23, 2008
Katie moved to Nick's home, but felt out of place since Bridget had moved in. Phoebe returned from her concert tour, and caught her mother in bed with Phoebe's former boyfriend, Rick. Taylor told her daughter she would end things with Rick. Marcus presented Donna with his birth certificate, and they had an emotional mother-son reunion at Nick's with Katie looking on. The reunion was short-lived when Donna admitted she gave him up for adoption as a teen mother. She said her father had abandoned the family so they had nothing, and she had no means to support a baby. Donna wanted Marcus to have a better life, and Donna never stayed in touch with Marcus' father. Marcus accused her of being ashamed of him as an infant and as an adult-he left in a huff. At Forrester, Thorne, Felicia, Ridge, and Ashley ganged up on Eric. They wanted him to step down as the head of Forrester Creations and didn't want Donna to have a role in the company. Eric was hurt, and said he would step down if Donna brought any shame to the company. Brooke was angry that Ridge said neither Donna nor Rick had any business working for the company.
May 26 to 30, 2008
Taylor and Rick weathered the storm when Phoebe caught them making out, and then they endured lectures from Ridge and Brooke. Although she was crushed at first, Phoebe later told Taylor and Rick to continue their relationship. Rick slipped an engagement ring on Taylor's finger right in front of Ridge and Brooke while Brooke begged Rick to rethink his actions. Rick and Taylor headed home and made love for the first time. Bridget discovered that Katie showed signs of rejecting the heart transplant, and Katie's birthday party was somber when she felt ill and collapsed. Ridge, Thorne, Felicia, and Ashley wanted Eric to step down as CEO rather than give Donna a position in the company. They told Eric that Donna would be an embarrassment to Forrester, but Eric stood up for Donna and said he would quit if his wife caused any scandals. Meanwhile, Donna tried again to explain to Marcus that she had given him up for adoption when she was a teen mother because she couldn't take care of him. Marcus resented that she gave him up, but he later visited Donna to tell her that Pam had tracked him down and accused him of having an affair with Donna. Eric saw Donna and Marcus together at the mansion, and Donna admitted to Eric that Marcus was her son.
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JUNE 2008
June 2 to 6, 2008
The realization that Katie's body was rejecting the heart transplant had the Logans working to ensure Katie had as much happiness as they could arrange. Katie went to Catalina Island with Nick where she shared that she wouldn't mind her last days being on the island beach. She refused to return to the hospital to die. Nick understood, but said she needed to spend time with her family. Katie had an emotional meltdown in Nick's arms. It was only a daydream that Donna told Eric about Marcus being her son, and it wasn't a good one since Eric went ballistic and told Donna their marriage was over. After she recovered from the daydream shock, Donna decided to keep her secret, but she and Marcus did experience some emotional bonding as mother and son, and she begged Marcus to stay in L.A. Donna finagled an interview at Forrester for Marcus, and Eric hired him, unaware that he was Donna's son. Steffy Forrester returned from England and planned to start working with Marcus in the Forrester shipping department. Taylor told Steffy about her relationship with Rick, and Steffy told her mom to enjoy her "walk on the wild side."
June 9 to 13, 2008
With her health failing, Katie rallied and experienced a prom to remember when Nick, Brooke, Donna, and Bridget recreated a prom for her. Eric and Ridge designed and sewed a dress for Katie, and Nick danced the night away with her. Katie shared that she-the shyest girl in her senior class-had a date with the hottest guy in high school for her original prom. At the end of the night, though, she discovered it was all a joke and he had taken her to the prom to win a bet. Afterwards, Nick carried Katie up to her room and they shared a romantic kiss, but she started to fade quickly. Nick thought she had died. At that same time, Bridget stumbled upon an experimental treatment so she and Brooke brought IVs to the house and hooked Katie up. Nothing appeared to be working at first, but Katie revived and showed signs of improvement. Meanwhile, the Forrester brood of Ridge, Felicia, Thorne, Steffy, Phoebe, and Ashley met and decided that Donna was the reason the company's sales were down, so they planned to oust her and bring their mom back on board. Marcus overheard the conversation, and told Donna that she was in for a tough ride.
June 16 to 20, 2008
Bridget saved Katie's life, and all was right with the world for a few seconds. Then Katie told Nick she loved him, and Nick was speechless. Bridget told Katie that Nick was her man and she understood Katie cared for Nick. Katie decided she missed her mom, Beth Logan, who hadn't been seen in L.A. or the U.S. in years. Katie cried after her mom all but hung up on her. Nick came to the rescue. He went transcontinental and visited with Beth Logan in Paris. He asked how any mother could ignore her children. Beth was missing when Storm committed suicide, and when Katie nearly died after a heart transplant. The whole time Beth sat in Paris-never attended Storm's funeral and never saw Katie through a near-death experience. Nick wanted answers from Beth, and Beth looked clueless. She stared at him and said she had no answers. The Forrester kids and company-Ridge, Thorne, Felicia, Phoebe, Steffy, and Ashley-continued to dig for secrets on Donna. Rick got wind of the gang's plan to bring Donna down, and he told Ridge to stop the witch-hunt. It was Steffy who discovered that Marcus was Donna's son, but she claimed she'd keep the secret to herself, and she and Marcus went out on a date. Brooke met Marcus, and encouraged Donna to tell Eric about her son. Donna was still dragging her feet on telling her hubby that she had a son many years earlier.
June 23 to 27, 2008
Nick shamed Beth into returning to L.A. after years in Paris. Shortly after she arrived, Brooke caught her trying to book a flight out and laid into her for not caring about her family. Beth finally admitted to Katie that she had suffered a series of strokes that made her lose her memory. Beth didn't want to be a burden to her family and felt more comfortable in Paris. Phoebe blabbed to daddy Ridge that Marcus was Donna's son, and Ridge told the entire family-saving Eric for last. Eric thought it was absurd when Ridge, Felicia, and Thorne told Eric about Donna having a son. Donna arrived with Marcus as Eric told her the "absurd" news his children shared, but she admitted it was true. Eric told Donna and Marcus, in front of his children, that she should have told him sooner, but he certainly understood her fear of telling him because of what his children would do. Eric said he looked forward to welcoming Marcus into the family. Eric told his children that Donna had not created a scandal in any way. Ridge met with Steffy and forbade her from being involved with Marcus. Steffy laid into her dad and told him he knew little about her life for the past four years and asked how he could tell her how to choose her friends.
June 30 to July 4, 2008
Beth revealed that dementia and strokes had stolen part of her memory, and she didn't want to be a burden to her family. Brooke and the rest of the family, especially Hope, persuaded Beth to stay in Los Angeles. Dr. Bridget started her search for a cure. Katie told Brooke and Nick that she knew Bridget and Nick belonged together, and she wanted them to get married. Nick proposed to Bridget, and Katie cried when she overheard the proposal. After Eric accepted Marcus into the family, Marcus and Steffy acknowledged they had feelings for one another and agreed to another date. Ridge told Phoebe he didn't like Steffy and Marcus seeing one another. The Forester kids-Felicia, Thorne, and Ridge-whined to daddy Eric that Donna and Marcus were getting attention as "the future of Forrester" in a magazine article. Eric couldn't believe the kids would be so petty, but Stephanie sided with her adult children. Owen showed up at Forrester and reminded Marcus that he-Owen-was responsible for finding Donna, and getting Marcus a plane ticket out of Texas. Owen told Marcus that he expected $2,500 and a bonus. Marcus was shocked at the monetary requirements. Donna, unaware that Owen was browbeating Marcus for big money, met Owen, and thanked him for bringing her son back to her. Felicia and Ashley watched Owen and Donna talk, and plotted a new course.
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JULY 2008
July 7 to 11, 2008
Plans were underway for Nick and Bridget's wedding with everyone pitching in-especially Katie, who took over planning. Jackie did her usual droning about how Nick was in love with two women, and she wondered if he was certain Bridget was the one he wanted. Eric and Donna held an engagement party with Pam and Owen crashing the party. Pam's chronic insults got her an invitation to leave-from Eric. Owen made himself at home, and he arranged to meet with Donna regarding reimbursement for Marcus' airline ticket. Felicia overheard Donna and Owen talking, and later met privately with Owen. She wanted another meeting with Owen at Forrester. Stephanie sat alone in her beach house during the engagement party. Donna worried that Katie was in love with Nick. Marcus and Steffy continued to flirt with each other. At Nick and Bridget's wedding, Taylor showed up with Rick and got her usual tongue-lashing from Brooke for being there. Bridget got the justice of the peace to somehow deputize Katie so that she could marry Nick and Bridget. Katie went along with the whole thing until she got to the altar. Nick was clearly dismayed. Katie started off well, and then said she couldn't do it. She had to tell everyone how she felt about the couple. Bridget looked shocked and somewhat angry.
July 14 to 18, 2008
Katie presided over the Nick/Bridget wedding and offered a too-lengthy, ho-hum soliloquy in the garden about how wonderful it was to give rather than receive. Some of the family was present for the wedding, but Felicia was busy at Forrester buying off Owen to romance Donna away from Eric to the tune of $200,000. Owen became Donna's personal assistant while Eric left to meet with buyers in New York. Felicia bugged Owen daily about his progress. Owen defended Donna, and he told Felicia that she might never get what she wanted because Donna loved Eric more than anyone in Felicia's family could understand. When Eric returned, Ridge and Brooke pounced on him with a legal document that would give them control of Forrester. Ridge told his dad it was time to pass the torch because Eric should enjoy his new wife and retirement. Eric scoffed at Ridge's concern, but Ridge added that Forrester was facing financial trouble since the buyers in New York weren't buying as much as the previous year. Eric looked defeated and agreed to new ownership. Donna couldn't believe Brooke and Ridge could be so heartless. When Donna and Eric were alone at home, Eric drank a martini made with the gin that Owen had given him as a gift. Eric realized he didn't want to give up his position at Forrester, and he and Donna celebrated with some lovemaking, but afterwards, Eric was unresponsive and Donna panicked.
July 21 to 25, 2008
At the hospital, Doctor Bridget revealed that Eric had a heart attack, and the news worsened when she announced that Eric was in a coma. Ridge blamed Donna for a rowdy bout of lovemaking, but Donna fired right back at Ridge that his insistence that Eric step down as CEO, giving the company to Ridge and Brooke to run, could have sparked a heart attack in any healthy man. Donna said they needed to stop arguing and worry about Eric. Eric remained in a coma while all of his family visited. Stephanie said she didn't know what she would do without Eric, and a distraught Steffy found comfort in Marcus' arms. Donna later discovered that she had Eric's power of attorney, and Brooke convinced Donna to sign the business transfer documents that would give Ridge and Brooke control of the company. When Owen found out about the business transfer, he persuaded Donna to reconsider signing once he came clean to Donna that Felicia offered him $200,000 to romance Donna away from Eric. Felicia had wanted him to get some incriminating photos that would end Donna's marriage to Eric. Owen told Donna not to trust any of the Forresters. Donna confronted Felicia, and Felicia slapped Owen for tattling on her. Donna later took her wrath out on all the Forresters in front of the press when she announced that she would be running Forrester Creations along with Rick and Marcus. She said Ridge, Thorne, and Felecia would be stepping down. At Brooke's house, Nick made numerous visits to Katie, and Beth discovered that Katie was still in love with Nick.
July 28 to August 1, 2008
While Eric remained comatose, Donna refused to rehire the Forresters she had fired, but Brooke hung around to help her sister out. Ridge contemplated enjoying unemployment. Owen sucked up to Donna and planted a kiss on her, then became her hero when Donna discovered someone had broken into her home. Owen came over to console her. As Donna freaked out and prepared to pour herself a drink from the bottle of gin that Owen gave to Eric, Owen stopped her and poured the gin down the drain. Steffy and Marcus grew closer, and delved into Owen's past. Marcus wanted Owen out of Forrester when Owen admitted that he was crazy about Donna. Marcus shared his concerns about Owen with Brooke and Donna. Later, Donna admitted to Owen that she had to let him go because of all the press exposure about the $200,000 bribe from Felicia to Owen. Before Owen left, he laid another smooch on Donna. All alone in the mansion, Donna clutched her photo of Eric and cried. Nick, Bridget, and Katie had dinner together, and Bridget gave Katie a framed photo of Nick and Katie on Katie's "prom night." Nick and Bridget talked about adding another baby to their family. Meanwhile, Katie had her physical with Doctor Patrick. He announced that Katie was pregnant. Doctor Bridget came in but missed the announcement as Katie looked at Doctor Patrick in disbelief.
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August 4 to 8, 2008
Still comatose, Eric grew worse and was placed on a respirator. Bridget explained to the family that even if Eric did recover, there might be brain damage, and he might not be the person they all knew before. She recommended that they all hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Donna refused to give up hope for Eric, and she wanted to bring Eric home, but Bridget said it wouldn't help. When Bridget later met with Brooke and Ridge, she shared that Donna was the ultimate decision-maker since she had Eric's power of attorney. Ridge conceded that Donna and Eric truly loved each other, but he insisted to Brooke and Bridget that if a decision on Eric's life had to made, the family would gather to discuss it. He turned back on that promise in a hurry. The next day while visiting Eric at the hospital, Ridge was distraught and believed he heard Eric say, "Let me go." Ridge grew emotional and pulled the plug on the respirator. Katie was stunned when her doctor (not Bridget) told her she was pregnant. The doctor also dished that both Katie and the baby were at very high risk considering she was a heart-transplant patient. Katie worried that the mega-doses of anti-rejection and pain medications would harm the baby. Another doctor agreed and confirmed there was little research on Katie's particular situation. Katie dramatically delivered the news to Nick on the Shady Marlin that their tryst at Catalina had resulted in a baby swimming around in her toxic body. When she was alone, Katie had a vision of a naked Storm in the water off the Marlin. He encouraged her to join him and leave the sadness of her world behind. She agreed and naked Storm eventually took the form of a ghoulish demon pulling her underwater, and then it was all just a horrible daydream. Katie suddenly realized the baby was a miracle, and Nick agreed. They decided that they shouldn't tell Bridget immediately because so much was uncertain about the pregnancy. They hugged, but they didn't look like a loving couple. When Nick spent the next day with Bridget, she quizzed him about something being wrong.
August 11 to 15, 2008
After Ridge turned off Eric's respirator, the medical staff returned to the room to restart the machine. Ridge was remorseful and claimed that he heard Eric's voice begging him to let Eric go. Ridge later met with the family, and tried to convince them that Eric wouldn't want to live like that. Bridget agreed that Eric might have suffered mental damage while in the coma, and might never come back to them as the same man. Most of the family agreed with Ridge, but Stephanie wasn't present, and Ridge said he would contact her. Donna persuaded Ridge that Eric needed more time. Ridge finally agreed when Owen showed up to support Donna. Owen later planted another kiss on Donna, but she told him he had to respect her marriage. Beth discovered that Katie was pregnant with Nick's child, and told her daughter not to worry. Beth said she knew Katie had no intention of hurting anyone. Bridget pushed Taylor to make Katie Jack's godmother, and Taylor agreed. It was news to Nick, however. Katie refused Bridget's offer to become Jack's godmother, but Bridget wouldn't give it up. Bridget asked Nick to intervene, and when he talked to Katie, he told Katie that he loved her, and everything would work out, yet he returned home to Bridget. Marcus and Steffy spent a romantic day in a cabana on the beach. They professed their love for one another verbally and physically. Ridge worried to Brooke that Marcus had dated Steffy. Brooke told him to stop worrying.
August 18 to 22, 2008
Ridge held a family meeting, and told everyone he regretted turning off Eric's breathing apparatus and he was glad that Owen stopped him from forcing Donna to sign a document that would have removed Eric from the machines that kept him alive. Marcus told Brooke and Bridget that he believed Owen poisoned Eric and the poison triggered the heart attack. Marcus conjectured that Owen had given Eric a bottle of gin, and Eric was the only one who had a drink from the bottle. In fact, Owen dumped out the gin and disposed of the bottle when Donna was about to drink from it. Marcus persuaded Bridget to run toxicology tests. Bridget discovered that Eric had indeed been poisoned with potassium chloride, and the Baker boys showed up at the Forrester mansion to investigate just as Bridget announced the poisoning news to Donna, Owen, and Marcus, The Foresters accused Donna and Owen of scheming together to kill Eric. The Bakers searched the house and found sodium chloride hidden in Donna's lingerie drawer, and they asked Donna to accompany them to the police station. Owen said that Donna was innocent. He claimed he poisoned Eric. He later told Donna he only admitted to it to save her from the police. He knew that whoever did it was still on the loose. The handyman at the Big Bear cabin warned Pam that there had been some bear attacks at the cabin. He said anyone going up there needed to be sure to lock up garbage in the garage. Stephanie brought in a coma expert to review Eric's case. The expert said that actually removing Eric from some of the machines might increase his chances for recovery.
August 25 to 29, 2008
After Owen was arrested for admitting he poisoned Eric, Owen told the truth to Donna and Marcus that he accepted the blame because he knew Donna would have been arrested. He worried that whoever poisoned Eric was still out there, and Donna wasn't safe. Katie and Nick met with a doctor regarding the extreme risks of her pregnancy and the possibility that she should terminate it, but she and Nick decided to have the baby. Beth and Stephen grew closer and admitted they still loved one another. Donna told Brooke that since Owen wasn't guilty, she believed Stephanie might have poisoned Eric, but Brooke couldn't believe it. Donna wasn't convinced. When Donna went home, someone attacked her, but Donna got away and drove to Big Bear where Pam showed up in fishing gear. Brooke and the family gathered at Eric and Donna's house and found Stephanie's keys in the door leading them to believe Stephanie attacked Donna. A call from Stephanie's mom revealed that Pam had been off her psychiatric medications for three months, and all the pieces fell together that Pam was responsible for the attack on Donna and much more. Steffy and Marcus bailed Owen out, and he discovered that Pam had been poisoning Eric with her lemon bars. He stole a police car and raced out to the Big Bear cabin where Pam held Donna at gunpoint. Pam had covered Donna with honey, tied her to a chair, and lured a bear in to attack. Owen saved Donna, and Ridge, Brooke, Stephanie, Marcus and Steffy showed up. Later Owen kissed Donna, and they fell onto the bed passionately kissing and pawing one another. At the hospital, Eric was off the breathing machine and opened his eyes and said, "Donna. Donna."
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September 1 to 5, 2008
Katie told Nick that in spite of her high-risk pregnancy, she wanted to have the baby. She and the baby were fine as she finished her first trimester, and she believed that was a good sign. Katie added that if she died, Nick and Bridget would raise the baby. Nick and Katie agreed it was time to tell Bridget, and Nick took Bridget out on the Shady Marlin to break the pregnancy news. After Nick and Bridget made love, Nick announced that something had happened at Catalina with Katie. At Brooke's, Katie told Brooke that she and Nick made love at Catalina, and that Katie was pregnant. Brooke responded with a slap and a sharp tongue full of insults for her sister. Brooke softened a bit when she realized that Katie could die as a result of the pregnancy. Stephanie was at Eric's bedside when he awoke from the coma. Donna turned down Owen's advances at the cabin, but she later cozied up to him in a passionate clinch at the mansion. While they made out, Stephanie snuck in and saw them, but she left unnoticed. Stephanie returned to the hospital and vowed that Eric would get well and come back to Stephanie and the family. She kissed Eric and called Donna a bitch who wouldn't wait for him.
September 8 to 12, 2008
Bridget blew up at Nick and Katie after finding out that her husband and aunt were expecting a baby. Bridget told Nick and Katie the marriage was over. Bridget handed her rings to Katie. Stephanie and the Forrester kids managed to move Eric home from the hospital while Ridge sent Donna and Owen to Paris on Forrester business. Eric, who had awakened from the coma once, seemed to drift off again, and the doctor told the family he was not getting better. Stephanie and the kids rallied around Eric to say goodbye, but Eric awakened, and the family sat him in an electric wheel chair so that he could enjoy the fresh air out on the balcony. At the same time, Donna and Owen had returned from Paris and were down the hall from Eric, but didn't realize that Eric was at home and awake. Owen pressured Donna to give into her passion and stop waiting for Eric. Donna refused, but quickly changed her mind with a kiss from Owen. The Forrester family went downstairs to wait for the doctor, and Eric was alone. He heard Donna's voice and wheeled into the room where Donna and Owen were in a passionate clinch. Eric freaked out and repeatedly told Donna to "get out." Stephanie and the Forrester kids came to Eric's aid. At Rick and Taylor's, Brooke insisted something was wrong because Jack was crying every time she visited. Rick admitted that Taylor couldn't comfort Jack when he cried. Brooke calmed the baby down, and gave Taylor another reason to question her mothering skills.
September 15 to 19, 2008
After Donna was thrown out of the mansion by Eric and the Forresters, Donna dumped Owen in her quest to get back in the house, since she was Eric's wife. The Forrester family wouldn't let Donna near Eric after he caught her making out with Owen. Donna got Marcus and Brooke to intervene with Eric on her behalf Marcus delivered a love letter from Donna, but Stephanie snatched most of it, and tossed it after Eric only got a quick peek. Brooke got in to see Eric, and discovered that no one had told Eric of Pam's attacks on Donna or that Donna had kept the family from pulling the plug on Eric. Marcus delivered Donna to the house inside a package that the family mistook for medical equipment. Donna snuck upstairs to plead with Eric to give her another chance. Rick, Taylor, Nick, and Brooke worried that Taylor was beside herself taking care of Baby Jack. Brooke offered to help, but Taylor was skeptical. Ridge and Brooke planned their umpteenth wedding as Ridge showed Brooke wedding gown designs. Stephanie wondered how Ridge was going to cope with Brooke's attachment to Baby Jack, but Ridge insisted it wouldn't be a problem. Ridge told his mother that Taylor was the baby's mother and Brooke understood that.
September 22 to 26, 2008
Donna told Eric that what he saw between her and Owen was a mistake. She said that she kept the family from pulling the plug on him. Eric listened intently, but Thorne came in and physically dragged Donna out of the house. Stephanie added her two cents. Stephanie told Donna that Eric never wanted to see her again, but Donna claimed she would be back. Bridget moved out of Nick's house and ran into Katie at Brooke's. Bridget told Katie that the way was clear for Katie to pursue Nick. Bridget added that she did not consider Katie a friend. Katie hightailed it over to Nick's place and the two ended up in bed in a matter of minutes.-. After an impromptu meeting at Big Bear with Brooke, Hope, and R.J., Taylor made a decision to step aside and let Brooke become a mother to Jack. Taylor told Nick about her decision to allow Brooke to become Jack's mother. Taylor returned home and cried to Rick that it was hard to let go of her child. She and Rick made passionate love. Afterwards, Rick was asleep, but Taylor was awake thinking about flashbacks of making love to Ridge. Brooke explained to Ridge that Taylor wanted Brooke to share custody of Jack with Nick. Ridge was dumbfounded, but he later decided that he would go along with the plan to raise Jack as part of their family.
September 29 to October 3, 2008
Eric admitted to Donna that he intended to end their marriage, but he still loved her and was not ready to make a decision. Owen was fired, and he told Donna he still wanted to be with her, but she turned him down. Stephanie told Thorne and Felicia that she was sure Eric would divorce Donna, and she had a plan to ensure it happened. Katie moved in with Nick, and the new couple visited with Ridge and Brooke to revise custody arrangements that named Brooke and Nick as Jack's legal guardians. The foursome gathered around the paperwork, and Brooke announced her engagement to Ridge, showing off the huge rock of an engagement ring Ridge gave her. Later, Katie had stomach pains and rushed to the hospital, where she suffered a miscarriage. Katie told Nick he was free of her, but Nick told her they would build a life together around Jack. Katie held Jack and called him her sweet baby as Brooke looked worried. At Forrester, Thorne ordered Marcus around, boasting that the Forresters were back in charge. An important shoe shipment from India arrived and was delivered to the rooftop. Donna was supposed to open the crate, but she took a phone call. Marcus opened the crate under the watchful eye of Pam looking on from binoculars atop a neighboring building, whispering that Donna was about to die for trying to slither back into Eric's life. A snake emerged from the crate and bit Marcus. Pam smiled as the Forrester team called 9-1-1 and Stephanie arrived on the scene. Donna whispered, "Pam."
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October 6 to 10, 2008
Marcus was bitten by the snake that Pam stuck in a crate to bite Donna, but Marcus recovered at the hospital thanks to anti-venom. Stephanie showed up at the hospital and Donna gave her an earful about how she believed that Pam was behind everything. Stephanie pooh-poohed the idea, but later that day, Beth was hit by a car, and Donna again realized that Pam was to blame. While Donna was at Brooke's to watch the kids, Pam threatened Donna and everyone in the Logan and Forrester families including Brooke's kids. She warned Donna that if Eric didn't go back to Stephanie, people would die - even Eric and Brooke's kids. Sure enough, Eric showed up and told Donna that he loved her and wanted her back, but Pam, wielding a gun, was hidden from his view. Donna was terrified that Pam would kill him so she tearfully told Eric it was too late for them. Katie became obsessed with Jack after she lost her baby. Taylor was surprised when Rick planned their wedding, but she got another surprise when Brooke showed up bluntly trying to talk her out of the wedding. Brooke said she would do anything to get Taylor to set Rick free, and Taylor blurted out, "Then, give me back my husband." Brooke was shocked and asked if Taylor wanted to marry Ridge or Rick.
October 13 to 17, 2008
Taylor realized Ridge was the love of her life, and she told him so. They shared a kiss. Stephanie visited Owen and Donna. She wondered why Donna would give Eric up. Donna told her to get out, but Owen later told Stephanie the truth. He said that Donna really loved Eric, but Pam threatened to kill Donna's family members including Eric if Donna didn't divorce Eric. Taylor accused Brooke of really wanting to be with Nick so they could raise Jack together. Rick made wedding plans for his marriage to Taylor, but both Brooke and Stephanie warned him the wedding would never take place because Taylor still loved Ridge. Brooke accused Taylor of using Jack to cause problems between Ridge and Brooke. Ridge met with Taylor, and she told him Brooke and Nick were meant to be together. Taylor felt she and Ridge should get back together, and she kissed him.
October 20 to 24, 2008
Rick was furious that Taylor dumped him because she was still in love with Ridge. He laid into Ridge verbally and physically. Rick punched Ridge and then tried to choke him, but in the scuffle, Rick went flying off the roof at Forrester. Rick told Brooke it was all Ridge's fault, and Ridge said Rick attacked him. Ridge told Brooke that he was convinced Rick would have killed him if Ridge hadn't broken away. Brooke didn't know what to believe. Later, at the hospital, Rick discovered he was paralyzed. Stephanie, Eric, Owen, and Donna teamed up to coax Pam out of hiding. Pam admitted she had hurt Eric, Marcus, and Beth, but she only meant to scare them so that Donna would divorce Eric. Pam said she wanted to make sure that Eric returned to Stephanie. Pam ended up in surgery with a mass in her brain. Eric met with Donna and thanked her for protecting him from Pam.
October 27 to 31, 2008
When Pam awoke in the hospital after brain surgery, she claimed she didn't remember anything. She still thought her dog was alive. Donna didn't buy her act, but agreed that Pam would be better off in Chicago at a facility with her mother nearby. Brooke acquiesced to Rick's demands that Ridge move out so Rick could convalesce after the fall that temporarily paralyzed him. Taylor and Brooke declared war on one another because they both wanted Ridge. An unhappy Ridge visited Taylor, who enlisted the help of Thomas, Steffy, and Stephanie to win Ridge back. Rick was frustrated at his lack of movement, but managed to drag his legs to dangle over the side of the bed. He stood up while trying to reach for a photograph. Surprised and relieved, he took a couple of shuffled steps, and then sat down on the bed. He didn't share his recovery with anyone. Instead, he vowed to get Ridge out of his mother's life, no matter what it took.
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November 3 to 7, 2008
Ridge argued with Eric about the future of Forrester Creations, and wanted Eric to turn Forrester over to him as he had promised before his heart attack. Eric refused. Stephanie and Taylor renewed their friendship and vowed to fight against the Logan girls for their men. Donna, Stephanie, and Eric were living under one roof. Ridge spent the night at Taylor's house with Thomas and Steffy, since Brooke made him leave their home for Rick's sake. Rick recovered from the fall off Forrester Creations' roof at Brooke's house, and hid the fact that he was able to stand and walk. He begged Brooke not to marry Ridge. Rick and Eric discussed the future of Forrester, and Rick told his dad that Ridge had shut off Eric's respirator when Eric was in a coma. Eric announced to a stunned Brooke and Ridge that Rick and Ridge would become co-presidents of Forrester. When Rick was alone, he stood up next to his bed, and Brooke came in. She stared at him as she witnessed that he was able to stand by himself. Rick saw her and said he could explain.
November 10 to 14, 2008
Ridge refused to share the presidency of Forrester Creations with Rick, so Ridge said he would be working from home. Eric, Brooke, and Rick taped a podcast announcing Rick as the new president. Rick altered Brooke's praise of Ridge in the announcement before the podcast went over the Internet. Instead, her praise seemed to be attributed to Rick in the actual podcast, without any mention of Ridge being involved in the company whatsoever. No one knew Rick edited the podcast, so when Ridge went ballistic that Brooke let him down, she had no idea what he was talking about. Ridge walked out on Brooke and said that maybe they weren't meant to be together. Rick admitted to Stephanie that he altered the podcast, and he also told her that he could walk unaided. He tried to enlist Stephanie's help in keeping Ridge and Brooke apart. Taylor was surprised that Brooke would knowingly hurt Ridge's feelings, and quizzed Rick about what happened, but he played dumb. Katie and Nick wondered what happened between Ridge and Brooke, and Nick said he couldn't believe that Ridge would hurt Brooke again. Katie looked worried. Ridge and Brooke wound up on the beach at the same time - neither knowing the other was there until Ridge spotted Brooke and called her name.
November 17 to 21, 2008
Ridge and Brooke made up after an argument. They repeatedly proclaimed that nothing would prevent them from getting married. They shared a sexy sushi dinner and planned a romantic wedding. Brooke asked Rick to move out, and she asked Ridge to move back in. At Forrester Creations, Rick took over and made big changes. He told the staff to remove Ridge's name from everything at Forrester. Rick sent Marcus to Paris for a few weeks and told him that it could become permanent. Rick made a romantic play for Steffy, but she shut him down and slapped him. Rick considered it a challenge. Stephanie debated an alliance with Rick. Eric installed a camera in Owen's office to spy on Owen and Donna. Thorne insisted that if his father didn't trust Donna, he should divorce her. Thorne was angry that Eric kept stringing Stephanie along. Thorne and Eric watched the live camera feed from Owen's office where Owen locked the door and moved close to Donna. Thorne hoped aloud that Owen would make a move on Donna so that Eric would see she couldn't be trusted.
November 24 to 28, 2008
Ridge and Brooke decided to marry at the beach -- the same site as one of their previous weddings. They planned a "red carpet" rehearsal dinner with men in tuxedoes and women in gowns so the press could publicize the event. Rick continued to pursue Steffy and she shunned him. Rick told Steffy about his hatred of Ridge for everything Ridge had done to Rick, Brooke, and Taylor. Steffy reminded Rick that he had been a really good guy until he fell off the roof. She worried that Rick was trying to destroy Ridge for everything that had ever happened to Rick. Eric was about to tell Donna he wanted to continue their marriage until Thorne interfered. Thorne hired models who looked like Owen and Donna to get into a lovemaking session in Owen's office. The surveillance cameras picked up the feed, and Thorne made sure Eric saw it. Eric was furious and told Donna their marriage was over. Donna had no idea why Eric was accusing her of being of unfaithful.
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December 1 to 5, 2008
Eric reconciled with Stephanie because Thorne tricked him into believing that Donna had cheated on him with Owen. Brooke and Stephanie met, and Stephanie agreed to come to the wedding. Ridge and Rick had a polite meeting. Ridge asked Rick to be his best man, but Rick refused. Ridge and Brooke held a "red carpet" rehearsal dinner at the Forrester mansion. Taylor, Steffy, and Phoebe discussed how Rick had put the moves on all three of them. The Forrester ladies agreed that Rick was bad news. Stephanie consoled Taylor while everyone else was at the rehearsal dinner. Marcus returned from Paris to be with Steffy. Phoebe confronted Rick while he was driving. She grabbed the wheel, forcing the car to crash close to the Forrester mansion. Phoebe was thrown from the vehicle. Rick broke the news of the accident to Ridge, and they called an ambulance. Ridge held a bloodied Phoebe, who insisted on singing some of the song she wrote for him. She weakly sang to Ridge, but then collapsed in his arms before the ambulance arrived.
December 8 to 12, 2008
Rick tearfully came clean about his past manipulations to Eric. He admitted kissing Steffy, altering the podcast and faking paralysis. Rick cried when he told Eric that Phoebe was furious with him and grabbed the steering wheel as she screamed at him for hurting her entire family. Rick said he lost control of the car. Stephanie threw out accusations that Rick was responsible for killing Phoebe in the car accident. Stephanie maintained that Rick had been erratic and revengeful for months, and she ranted to Brooke and Ridge about all of Rick's deceptions. Ridge was furious. Brooke countered that the truth was that Phoebe was angry and grabbed the steering wheel, and Rick lost control of the car. Ridge and Stephanie were shocked that Brooke and Rick made it sound like Phoebe caused the accident. Taylor and Ridge embraced as they visited the scene of the accident. Steffy delivered heartfelt messages to her dead twin sister. Rick apologized to Taylor for the accident. Taylor blamed herself. She admitted that her relationship with Rick was too much for Phoebe to handle.
December 15 to 19, 2008
Taylor and Ridge briefly consoled each other before Phoebe's memorial service. In spite of Stephanie's urging, both Ridge and the police refused to bring criminal charges against Rick for Phoebe's death. The families paid tribute to Phoebe, but Rick, who was uninvited, showed up. He was ushered out by Brooke. Ridge demanded that Brooke persuade Rick to give up the presidency at Forrester and return to France. Ridge said the family needed time to heal and that required some distance from Rick. Brooke agreed and broke the news to Rick, but Rick felt Brooke chose Ridge's needs over Rick's needs yet again. Donna boarded the company jet to leave Los Angeles, since her relationship was over with Eric. Owen discovered that Thorne had hired models, who resembled Donna and Owen, to stage an affair for the surveillance camera. Eric believed it was Owen and Donna. Owen confronted Thorne and tattled to Eric. Eric apologized to Donna, and they agreed to rekindle their marriage.
December 22 to 26, 2008
All the Forresters and Taylor's family shared the holiday together at the Forrester mansion. At Nick's, Nick proposed to Katie while Jack slept. Brooke decided she couldn't send Rick to Paris, but Ridge told her that he didn't think he could cope with seeing Rick every day at Forrester. Stephanie insisted that Rick should go to Paris, but Eric disagreed. During their discussion, Eric enlightened Stephanie that Thorne had hired models, who resembled Donna and Owen, to stage an affair for the surveillance camera. Eric told Stephanie that he had made his decision to leave Donna and stay with her based on that video. Stephanie wondered what that meant to their relationship. Eric told Donna they would be together after Christmas. Donna waited for Eric to join her for a night of romance. When she opened the door, she found Pam waiting with a screwdriver in her hand. Steffy visited Rick to tell him that the accident that killed Phoebe was not his fault. She didn't want Rick to leave for Paris, and they embraced. She told Rick she needed him to stay in Los Angeles, and they shared a steamy kiss and a passionate clinch.
December 29, 2008 to January 2, 2009
Rick and Steffy shared a passionate, forbidden kiss, and got carried away. They tore their clothes off. Ridge and Brooke interrupted when they knocked on the door, and Steffy hid in another room. Rick promised Brooke and Ridge that he would leave Ridge's family alone to heal. Eric and Donna reunited. Ridge told Taylor that he planned to marry Brooke, and she was disappointed. She told him that she wished he would marry her. Brooke told Rick that she and Ridge were about to be married. Rick finally agreed to accept Ridge as Brooke's husband. Rick apologized for causing so much trouble. Rick and Steffy agreed to cool it for the sake of their families, but they shared a few more impassioned make-out sessions. Eric insisted that Donna wear a new bikini as the showstopper for the Forrester surf line fashion show. Eric told the crowed that Donna designed it. During the show, Pam recognized the bikini as her creation and fumed that it had been attributed to Donna. Backstage, she laid into Donna. Stephanie was unhappy to see Eric back with Donna, but decided that she and Pam would live together. Brooke and Ridge bagged the fashion show to go get married at the beach.
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