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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 14, 2008 on B&B
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Monday, January 14, 2008

At Insomnia, Taylor watches as Nick and Brooke continue their conversation. Brooke believes Taylor needs a professional evaluation and is worried about Jack. Nick feels he has everything under control and tries to leave but Brooke stops him. She feels Taylor may need more support than he can offer. Nick gets up to leave again, thanks Brooke and kisses her on the forehead as he tells her everything will be fine. Taylor turns around and hides behind a plant so Nick can't see her when he leaves.

Nick arrives home as Jackie is putting Jack down to sleep. When she realizes Taylor isn't with him, she explains how Taylor went to join him and Nick says she never showed. She asks what is wrong as she can sense the tension between them. Nick tells Jackie about the donor swap and that Brooke is Jack's biological mother. Jackie feels Taylor's behavior makes sense and asks how Brooke is handling it. Nick explains about the bone marrow transplant and how Brooke signed over full custody of Jack to him and Taylor. Jackie gushes about what a wonderful woman Brooke is and wonders if Nick is downplaying his feelings for Brooke and the baby.

Standing by the cradle, Jackie tells Nick he now has the one thing he has always wanted, a child with Brooke. Nick reminds her Brooke is the egg donor. Jackie talks about how the baby looks like Brooke, how it's what Nick always wanted and Jack is their miracle child. Jackie worries how this is affecting Taylor and if she can't get a grip on the situation, what will happen to Jack.

Brooke gets up and asks for her coffee to go as Taylor approaches her. She doesn't hear the sarcasm in Taylor's voice as she greets her and offers to sit and have coffee with her. Taylor bobs around and jokes about them having coffee like girlfriends. Brooke retracts her invitation but Taylor stops and asks her, "Who the hell do you think you are?"

Taylor backs Brooke into a side room and asks her "Which part of stay away from my husband do you not get?" Brooke tries to explain it was a chance encounter and Taylor accuses her of lying and putting a tracking device on Nick's car. Taylor gets upset when Brooke reveals Nick talked to her about Taylor. She gets in Brooke's face and tells her, "Your relationship with my husband is disgusting. You are disgusting. I can't even look at you right now without wanting to puke. You ruined my life Brooke, I want you gone. I want you to go away." Brooke is taken aback by the attack.

Taylor feels that Brooke has taken everything away from her and all she wanted was to give Nick a child. Brooke tells Taylor she only wants what is best and the baby needs love and to feel secure. Taylor tells her to go to hell and wants to know one good thing Brooke has done to make her a decent human being. Brooke tells her she gave her a gift, her son. Taylor tells her it wasn't a gift, it was a disaster. Brooke is shocked at Taylor's words as she tries to take them back and accuses Brooke of twisting her words.

Taylor sits down and tries to gather her thoughts. She feels like she is trying but knows she's being driven by her emotions and it scares her. Brooke sits with her and tries to help her until Taylor brings up Bridget and her belief that the egg swap was intentional. Brooke tells her it wasn't and that she is being paranoid as Taylor begins having a panic attack. Brooke wants her to become the strong woman she used to be and to get control of herself so she can be a good mother and wife. She realizes Taylor is hyperventilating and asks someone nearby to call for an ambulance as Taylor passes out.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

At the Insomnia Café, after collapsing, Taylor was on the floor and unconscious. Brooke had called a rescue for Taylor. Taylor woke up and refused to obtain medical help. Brooke however, would not allow Taylor to drive. Brooke drove Taylor home. When Taylor and Brooke arrived home, Brooke explained to Nick that Taylor had observed her and Nick together at the Insomnia earlier and was furious with Brooke. Brooke explained to Nick that Taylor seemed to need mental health assistance. Brooke suggested that they call Bridget to help Taylor. Taylor sarcastically stated that Bridget had done enough and did not want her there.

Jackie assisted Taylor upstairs. Jackie told Taylor that she is her grandson's mother and the only mother that he has. Jackie implored Taylor to take care of herself and obtain any help that she needs.

Later, Ridge planned a romantic evening for Brooke. Ridge was happy that Stephen did not shoot Stephanie, because that could have come between him and Brooke.

Brooke could not focus on anything but Taylor's mental health condition. Brooke told Ridge that Taylor's condition is crucial, as she needs to be able to care for Jack. Ridge assured Brooke that if Taylor were in need of help, Nick would help her and Jackie would also help out. Ridge explained that Nick would take care of Taylor and Jack. Ridge asked Brooke to set a date for their wedding.

Meanwhile, Jackie told Nick that for Jack's sake, he needs to be with Brooke. Jackie reminded Nick that Brooke is his passion and he needs Brooke also.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nick is eating breakfast while Jackie pours him coffee. Jackie expresses her concern over Taylor's wellbeing and her ability to get past Brooke being Jack's mother. She encourages Nick to be true to his heart and to go to Brooke before she marries Ridge and it's too late. She tells him she knows he's committed to Taylor, but that he knows in his heart, he and Brooke are soulmates.

Snuggled in bed, Brooke tells Ridge she is concerned about Jack. She wonders if Taylor can take care of him and Ridge tells her there is nothing she can do to help; she needs to stay out of it and let Nick handle it.

Brooke walks downstairs and her doorbell rings. She opens the door as Jackie comes barging in and tells her they need to talk about Jack. She tells Brooke she knows the truth about his paternity and is worried about how Taylor can't handle it. Brooke tells her that Taylor is a wonderful mother and she will persevere. Jackie tells her that while Nick loves Taylor, it's not like the way he loves Brooke. She talks about their past together, the connection they had and still have, and feels Brooke can give Jack all the love he needs. Jackie worries about how he will suffer if Taylor can't snap out of it.

Jackie is concerned about Brooke's well-being and her future with Ridge. Brooke tells her that she and Ridge have worked out their problems and they are moving forward. Jackie wants to know if Brooke is ready for a lifetime of misery with the Forresters and dealing with Stephanie. She tells Brooke she would be honored to have her for a daughter-in-law. She reminds Brooke of the how happy she and Nick were and the only thing missing was having a child together, but they now have that. She says although she loves Taylor, she feels Taylor can never make Nick happy like Brooke did. Jackie begs Brooke to be Jack's mother.

Ashley knocks, walks into Ridge's office and talks business. She sees he's worried and asks him about it and he expresses his concern for Taylor. Ridge tells Ashley about Taylor and Brooke's confrontation. He worries that the whole egg mix-up is something that Nick and Taylor may never get over it.

Ashley tells Ridge that it is normal for a biological mother to have the feelings Brooke does and he should be patient with her. Ridge is worried that Nick will use the "test tube baby" as a way to get back together with Brooke. Ashley laughs and tells him that he dumped her to get back with Brooke and that they were supposed to put the drama behind them but they are smack in the middle of it. She tells him that part of her hopes that he and Brooke stay happy together, and part of her, as his ex. lover, hope's they don't.

Nick wakes Taylor to see how she is feeling. She feels better and apologizes to him about the way she has been acting as they kiss. Taylor assures him she wants to get past her feelings and move on. Nick reassures her she's doing fine and they will get through it together as he holds her.

Taylor feels ashamed and that she hasn't handled herself or the baby well. She feels she hasn't been a good mother and she's failing at it. Nick tells her she's great at it and that she's strong and capable. He reminds her that they are a partnership; a team with the cutest shortstop in town. She smiles and says that Jack is why she is going to get it together. She tells him that the way she feels is scary because it makes her vulnerable and then asks Nick to make love to her.

After making love, Nick and Taylor agree they both needed it after the day before. Taylor tells him she gets all emotional when she sees Nick with Brooke and she needs to get her emotions under control. He tells her she has nothing to worry about. Taylor heads downstairs for coffee as Nick watches her leave with a concerned look on his face.

Nick calls Brooke and tells her everything will be fine; Taylor is getting better by the minute. Brooke is worried about Jack and Nick reassures her that he is giving him all the love in the world. He asks her to stay away and she tells him she's trying, but if Taylor doesn't get past this, she will not stand by and do nothing.

Downstairs, Taylor holds her coffee and eyes a bottle of alcohol. She puts her coffee down, uncaps the alcohol bottle and smells it. She quickly glances at the stairs and when she sees nobody is there, she pours the alcohol into her coffee cup and puts the bottle back. She picks up her drink and with tears in her eyes, stares longingly at the cup.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Katie and Donna scheme to make Eric break up with Donna so Storm can go free -- keeping their deal with Stephanie who has gone to Chicago for a visit. They're surprised when Storm shows up. He had gone to Europe with his dad for therapy, but he says he decided to do his therapy in LA rather than halfway around the world. Hiding their actions from him, Katie and Donna spin a goofy plan to have Eric catch Donna in the arms of an unsuspecting Jake. They pull it off in Eric's hotel room as Eric catches Donna and Jake in a half-naked clinch.

At Nick's, Taylor's demons are calling as she nearly sips from her booze-laced coffee cup. She's shaken and nearly caught when Nick surprises her on his way out the door to help his mom at M. She still hasn't guzzled when Brooke shows up uninvited, and the two face off again over the baby. This time, Brooke accuses Taylor of drinking when she sniffs the coffee cup. Brooke calls Nick to tattle, but she gets voicemail, and Taylor is screaming in the background. Taylor throws Brooke out and then the boozed up coffee. While Taylor is in the kitchen, Brooke sneaks in and steals the baby with Taylor screaming after her.

At M, Jackie plays her broken record and again tells Nick that Brooke is the woman he loves most; he must go to her.

Friday, January 18, 2008

In Eric's hotel room, Jake asks what Eric is doing there. Eric informs him that it is his hotel room so Jake apologizes, grabs his shirt and leaves. Eric asks Donna what she is doing and she tells him she couldn't stop it, she has a problem. She tells him she has no idea when the sexual demons will come out and Eric tells her she is not the woman he fell in love with. Donna feels he deserves someone who is classier than she will ever be. He wants to know how she could do it to him; to them.

Donna finishes getting dressed and Eric comes in and asks how Jake got there. Donna starts to explain but he cuts her off and wants to know why he isn't enough for her. He thinks it's because of his age but she tells him she has issues with monogamy and commitment. As she goes to leave, she tells him she has made her decision and he needs to abide by it but she wants him to know that she will always love him. As she opens the door, Eric stops her from leaving.

Eric sits Donna down and tells her while he doesn't like her addiction, he told her he'd stand by her and he plans on keeping his word. She keeps trying to dump him but he feels that she is intentionally sabotaging their relationship and using her sexual confusion as an excuse and he wants to know why. She tells him it is beyond her control, the decision is out of her hands. Eric tells her that he loves her so much; he would forgive anything she did. She starts sobbing and tells him how much she loves him as he hugs her.

After making love, Eric is sleeping as Donna stares at him. She wonders how she is ever going to let him go. She quietly asks him how they are going to get through this.

In Jackie's office, Nick defends his marriage to Taylor. Jackie feels Taylor is his intellectual equal and the perfect wife, but she's not Brooke. She tells him the moment the baby was born, his fate was sealed and Brooke is the woman he is destined to be with. The door bursts open and Brooke comes in looking frazzled, holding Jack. Nick is puzzled and asks what she is doing there and why she has Jack.

Brooke explains to Nick how she went over his house and Nick gets upset with her for going when he told her not to. She tells him about the alcohol in Taylor's cup as Taylor calmly walks in, takes the baby from Brooke and kisses him. She hands the baby to Jackie and asks her to take him into another room. Taylor then turns to Brooke and tells her she had no right and that Jack is her baby.

Nick defends Brooke's actions to Taylor. He then asks Taylor if she'd been drinking. She admits she poured the alcohol in her cup and although she was tempted, she didn't drink it. He wants to know how she could think of drinking with Jack in the house. Taylor starts to cry and points to Brooke and tells him it's because of her and that everything wrong in her life is because of Brooke.

Nick tells Taylor to stop blaming Brooke and that she is also not responsible for the lab mix-up. Taylor wants to know why she is the only one having a problem with all of it and Brooke tells her it's an emotional time for all of them. Taylor snaps at her, tells her to butt out and then begs Nick to ask her to leave. Instead of siding with his wife, Nick tells Taylor she should be thanking Brooke. He reminds her of how she gets when she drinks and that type of behavior shouldn't be brought into their home. She tells him she knows what she did was stupid but she stopped before she did anything.

Nick tells Taylor that Brooke did the right thing and was protecting the child. Brooke tries to talk to Taylor but Taylor is too upset that Nick is defending Brooke. She believes Brooke has put seeds in his head that she is a bad mother. She yells at Nick and reminds him she is his wife and wants to know how he could side with Brooke against her. Nick tells her that he is standing by Jack and the thought of her drinking in the house while alone with the baby scares the hell out of him. Taylor tells Nick if he isn't going to stand by her, she'll do it alone.

Brooke tells Taylor she'll help her. Taylor tells her that she is the one who needs to get a hold of her emotions; to get a grip on reality. She tells Brooke to stay away from her family and her baby and everything will be just fine.

In another office, Jackie calls Bridget and tells her she needs her help and encourages her to come over right away. After she hangs up, she sits down with Jack. She tells him how much children deserve to be with their mother's and he is going to learn just how much his daddy loves his real mother. She promises him and prays that he will be a real family with his real mother and father soon.

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