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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 18, 2008 on B&B
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Monday, February 18, 2008

At Brooke's, Katie paces the living room as she leaves Donna a voice mail message. When she hangs up, Katie expresses concern to Brooke about Stephanie catching Eric and Donna together. Brooke says that Donna knows the consequences and she won't let that happen. The front door opens and Hope, RJ, and Ridge come walking in. Katie brings the kids upstairs to get ready for bed as Brooke looks worried. Ridge tells Brooke he knows that look and asks what is wrong, but Brooke tells him she's fine. She thanks Ridge for his patience while she's been worried about Jack. Ridge says he was just fighting for his family and then kisses her.

In the bedroom, Brooke is ready for bed when Ridge walks in and tells her he needs to get something off his chest. He sits beside her on the bed and tells her that he loves her more than anything, but that the situation with Jack has taken its toll. He says he wants to get married without any doubts at all and he believes they both need more time. He gets up, turns out the lights and tells Brooke it's time they rediscovered each other. He joins Brooke on the bed and begins to make love to her.

After making love, Brooke and Ridge snuggle. Ridge tells Brooke about Stephanie hiring a private investigator to follow Eric. He tells her that when he left Stephanie's, she had gotten a call that Eric was somewhere he shouldn't be. Brooke looks worried.

Nick is pouring a glass of wine as the doorbell rings. He answers it thinking that it is Bridget and she's changed her mind about staying for dinner and is surprised to find Katie instead. He invites Katie in and she immediately tells him that he cannot be a part of Brooke's life anymore. Katie says that Brooke shares a son with Ridge and she's happy, so Nick and Brooke need to stay away from each other. Nick asks Katie what the guy's name is that hurt her so badly. He sips his wine, wipes the rim of his glass, hands it to Katie and invites her to stay for dinner. Katie watches him walk away with her mouth hanging wide open.

At the dinner table, Nick asks Katie again what the guy's name is. Katie says there was no man that hurt her and switches the subject back to Nick and Brooke. She tells Nick that he should spend more time with Bridget, as he cares for her. Nick feigns surprise and says that it's to conveniently keep him away from Brooke at the same time. Katie says she would never suggest he use Bridget as a substitute. Nick talks about his history with Bridget but says that he won't open that door again as he wouldn't hurt Bridget that way. Katie says she knows he wouldn't intentionally hurt Bridget, but Bridget's an amazing woman and she has a connection to Jack. She says that Nick has a chance to reconnect with Bridget and then asks Nick if he really does love Brooke. Nick chooses to keep the answer to himself. Katie says he should think about what she said as a puzzled Nick watches her leave.

In Donna's apartment, Stephanie gets the bathroom window open and looks out as a naked Eric hides behind a post on the other side of the ledge. Donna tells Stephanie to get out but Stephanie tells her she hired a private investigator. Donna's face drops as Stephanie tells her that the investigator followed Eric to Donna's so she knows he was there.

Stephanie confronts Donna about still sleeping with Eric. Donna claims innocence until Stephanie says that she counted Eric's pills and knows he's still sleeping with someone and it's not her. Donna is surprised and says that Eric doesn't need enhancements as he's au natural. Stephanie laughs and says that Eric hasn't been natural in years. Outside on the ledge, Eric slowly makes his way back towards the window. Claiming it is strictly business, the private investigator takes pictures of Eric from the street.

Donna finally admits to Stephanie that Eric was there, and he brought her a valentine's gift and then she sent him away. Stephanie asks why she should believe her and Donna gets huffy and says that it's not her fault that Eric is still in love with her and not Stephanie.

Out on the ledge, Eric is kicking away pigeons, muttering for Stephanie to get lost. Inside Stephanie humbly tells Donna all she wants is a fighting chance to win her husband back and she believes she has a chance as long as Donna stays away from him. Donna tells Stephanie she can't compete with her and Stephanie tells her she's not trying to. Stephanie warns Donna that she had better not catch them together or Storm goes to jail. Donna wishes Stephanie luck in getting her husband to love her again and then tosses her out. She bolts the door and then runs to let Eric in the window. She tells Eric that she didn't know what had happened to him when Stephanie didn't see him. They both laugh about having fooled Stephanie and they kiss. Out on the street, the private investigator is sending picturemail of the pictures he took of Eric to the media. He calls the newspaper to make sure they got the photos. The editor is ecstatic and stops the presses to have the story and pictures run in the next edition.

Donna lights candles around her bedroom as Eric sits on the bed. She joins him and they joke about how they have fooled Stephanie. As they kiss and roll around on the bed, Stephanie calls his cell phone asking aloud where he is and why he is not at home.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

At home, Eric looked at the morning newspaper and was shocked to see the photograph of him standing on the window ledge of the building. When Ridge arrived, Eric asked for his help. Ridge had already seen the photograph in the newspaper and understood why Eric needed help. Eric decided to take Stephanie as far away from L.A. as possible, with the hope that she would not see the photograph.

Eric made a sudden suggestion to Stephanie that they go to Tahiti. Eric arranged for the Forrester jet to leave immediately. Eric told Stephanie that all of her clothing and luggage were taken care of. Stephanie believed Eric that the trip to Tahiti was a spur of the moment romantic idea.

Meanwhile at home, Donna panicked when she Eric's photograph in the newspaper. Donna was certain that Stephanie would find out that she and Eric had not ended their relationship. Katie and Donna attempted to convince Storm to go to Europe as their father had suggested. Storm sensed that something was wrong, but had no idea that Stephanie was blackmailing Donna.

On the Forrester jet, Stephanie told Eric that she was happy that he was making an effort to repair their marriage. She said she respected him and that he was a wonderful man. When Donna called Eric's cell phone, Eric told Stephanie it was a business call and went to another section of the jet to speak with Donna. While Eric was gone, the stewardess handed Stephanie the newspaper to read. Stephanie was angered and appalled to see the photograph of Eric. Stephanie came to a rude realization that Eric had been lying to her about Donna. When Eric returned to his seat, Stephanie confronted him about the photograph and his deception. Stephanie told Eric that he had embarrassed the family. Eric stood his ground. He told Stephanie that he was not embarrassed and that he loved Donna-and that he had no intention of staying married to Stephanie.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

At Brooke's house, Katie and Donna are talking about the photo of Eric in the newspaper. Katie tells Donna that she messed up. Donna says she knows she did but she is worried about Storm going to jail. Katie wonders if Eric got Stephanie off to Tahiti before she saw the paper. She tells Donna that they can't keep Stephanie away forever and eventually Stephanie will find out. Katie leaves to go find Brooke to figure things out while Donna worries about Storm's fate.

On the Forrester Jet, Stephanie confronts Eric about his affair with Donna. Eric says that his relationship with Stephanie has been about her dominating and controlling him, telling him what to think and feel. Stephanie tells Eric he lied to and betrayed her and he has the balls to stand there and make it her fault. She walks away as Eric smirks behind her back.

Stephanie tells Eric that his charade with Donna is a total disregard for all they have shared. Eric asks her what kind of woman resorts to blackmail to keep a man. He tells her that he knows everything, that he and Donna don't keep secrets from each other. He says that Donna has his heart, but she also has faith in him, something he has never felt from Stephanie throughout their entire marriage. Stephanie asks Eric if once he learned the truth about who shot her, if it was that easy for him to take Storm's side. Eric tells her it doesn't matter, the end result is the same. He says he intended to spend the rest of his days by Stephanie's side, that he wasn't out for a thrill but he found someone that treats him like an equal, unlike she ever did. Stephanie shakes her head as she listens.


Eric tells Stephanie that she needs to stop threatening to send Storm to prison. Stephanie says it's a consequence of Storm, Donna and Eric's actions and that they lied to her. Eric chuckles and tells her she doesn't like being lied to but people don't like being blackmailed either especially after her treatment of the Logan family over the years. Stephanie stands up and yells at him that is has nothing to do with the Logan family and everything to do with his wanting to have sex with a surgically enhanced young girl. Eric asks her if she would have been happy knowing her husband was back with her out of blackmail. Stephanie tells him that none of this would ever had happened had Donna kept her end of the agreement and now Storm will go to jail. Eric tells her that she will not go to the police and that boy will not go to jail. Stephanie says Eric has nothing to say about it and at least some consequences will come out of this entire fiasco.

Stephanie picks up the paper and tells Eric that this is him, pointing to the photo. She says that Eric has proven what she's said all along, that he needs Stephanie if only to save him from himself. Eric says that Storm is not going to jail and Stephanie insists he is and Eric can't stop her. Stephanie says she knows she is manipulative and controlling and she has tried to change but Eric is the one who doesn't want to see or hear it. Eric asks if the setup for Brooke and the rape was before or after her change and how the new, compassionate Stephanie will feel when a young man goes to jail for the rest of his life. Stephanie quietly tells him that Storm pulled the trigger and Donna didn't keep her end of the deal, so Storm is going to jail.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge walks into his office and Brooke informs him he missed a meeting then asks where he has been. Ridge says he was with his parents and it was all because of Donna. Brooke assures him Donna ended it and Ridge holds up the newspaper with the photo of Eric and asks her to explain it. Brooke is shocked and holds the paper and then worries aloud about Storm.

Brooke tells Ridge she has something to tell him. She confesses about Storm shooting Stephanie. Ridge is shocked as Brooke talks about the whole deal with Stephanie and wants to know if Ridge can believe his mother tried to blackmail them. Ridge says that what he cannot believe is that Storm shot his mother and that Brooke knew and didn't tell him. Brooks asks Ridge how she was supposed to tell him. Ridge says she should have trusted him enough to tell him.

Katie walks in and tells Ridge her family needs them now more than ever. Ridge asks what she means and she begs him to call off his mother. Ridge asks why he should help when they all lied to him and Katie reminds him his mother lied to him as well. Ridge tells Katie and Brooke that the psycho should be kept off the streets and Brooke reminds him that Storm is getting the help he needs. The three of them argue over whether or not Storm could snap again and Brooke pleads with Ridge that the answer isn't prison. Ridge tells her that it's not for either of them to decide; that Storm needs to pay for what he has done. Katie and Brooke continue to plead with Ridge but he tells them he's sorry but Storm did the crime and he needs to go to jail.

Donna is talking aloud to a picture of Storm when the doorbell rings. She rushes to answer it hoping its Storm only to find Stephanie grinning from ear to ear. Stephanie says she bailed on the plane halfway to Hawaii. She says that Donna is a good liar but she couldn't stick to the agreement to save her own brother. Donna tries to claim her innocence but Stephanie says because of Donna's actions, now Storm will go to prison.

Donna lies and tells Stephanie that the paparazzi doctored the photo. Stephanie laughs and says she just came by to tell Donna what is going to happen now. Donna wants to know how Stephanie can be so cruel. Stephanie tells Donna that she is not the one responsible for sending Storm to prison, Donna is.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

At Brooke's place, the Logan sisters band together to grovel and to reason with Stephanie so that she won't send Storm to prison for shooting her. Listening patiently, Stephanie watches Donna shed tears while Brooke and Donna whine that Storm is doing so well in therapy that he just doesn't deserve to go to prison. They all apologize for the shooting, and beg for mercy, but Stephanie says it's too late. They all blew the deal she offered: if Donna broke it off with Eric, Storm would go free. In dramatic fashion, Stephanie whips out her cell phone, and calls Lt. Baker, asking him to meet her at the Forrester mansion because she's discovered a new development in the shooting. Then, she turns and tells Donna it's her fault that her brother will land in prison. Donna threw her brother away-all for sex and fame with Eric, while her entire family lied for her. Stephanie leaves, and poor clueless Storm walks in to see his somber sisters, who tell him the truth about the blackmail-Stephanie offered Storm's freedom to Donna IF she gave up Eric. Storm thanks Donna for not seeing Eric, but Katie blabs that Donna and Eric never broke up, and Stephanie caught them. Storm says he knows how happy Donna and Eric are together, and he doesn't blame her for staying with Eric. Then, the girls give him the really bad news: Stephanie called Lt. Baker, and they all worry Storm will go to jail. Reality sets in, and Storm mumbles that he will be going to prison for 10 to 15 years.

Taylor visits Nick, and they rehash the fact that Nick admitted to Taylor that he will always love Brooke, and that's what destroyed their marriage. Nick claims he was committed to Taylor, and wanted to build a life with her in spite of his love for Brooke, but she repeats that she already lived in Brooke's shadow when she was married to Ridge. Nick doesn't like being compared to "dressmaker" Ridge. Taylor wonders if Nick contacted Brooke after Taylor walked out on him. Nick squirms and tells her he is uncomfortable talking about this, but Taylor presses on, realizing that Brooke already rejected Nick. Taylor adds that Nick has now lost both Taylor and Brooke. Taylor comments that if it weren't for the egg mix-up, she thinks they could have been happy. She blames Brooke for constantly sniffing around Nick and the baby. Taylor hopes she can find a man that loves her for herself, and that Brooke hasn't already been after him.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric begs Ridge to convince Stephanie not to press charges against Storm for shooting her. Ridge tells his dad that Katie and Brooke already made that request. Ridge thinks his dad and the girls are all nuts. Ridge says Storm needs to be punished for shooting Stephanie, and Ridge claims he is the only one protecting his mom. In walks Stephanie who agrees Ridge is protecting her while her husband isn't. She tells Eric that Lt. Baker is on his way over. Eric tells her blackmail and sending Storm to prison aren't the answers, but she shows no mercy.

Friday, February 22, 2008

In Brooke's living room, Donna apologizes to Storm and he tells her it's not her fault, Stephanie would have held it against them for the rest of their lives. Katie gets upset and tells them she's going talk to Stephanie and runs out the door as a tearful Brooke tries to stop her. Storm tells Donna and Brooke he needs to do the right thing and confess. Donna tries to talk him out of it, but he reminds her that once he confesses, Stephanie won't be able to hold this over their heads any longer.

At Nick's, he tells Taylor that she sounds much better. Taylor tells him she's finally found inner peace, something she hasn't had in a long time. She apologizes to Nick for the way things ended and tearfully tells him he could have been the love of her life. Nick says love doesn't die for him it just shifts and changes, it's always there then he laughs and says that's part of his problem. Taylor says sometimes you just can't let go and asks what he will do if Brooke marries Ridge. Nick says that he will just move on and Taylor says she only wishes the best for him.

Taylor tells Nick that he was a wonderful husband, but she can't share him in her marriage. She says she couldn't handle the stress and she is finally beginning to feel like herself again. Nick says that that is the Taylor that is closest to his heart. Taylor says she's going upstairs to get her things and Jack and Nick says how nice it is she is going up to say goodnight to him before she leaves. Taylor turns around and says that she is packing Jack's things, she came back for him. Nick tells her she walked out on both of them and she isn't taking Jack anywhere. Taylor tells Nick she left him not Jack and she is not leaving without her baby.

At the Forrester Mansion, Stephanie yells at Eric about the scandal he has caused with his affair. Eric defends his relationship and tells Stephanie he does not care about the scandal. Ridge stands by listening as Eric and Stephanie get into a heated argument about all the lies and broken promises they have made to each other during their marriage. Stephanie tells Eric she only wanted to protect her family and Eric laughs saying Stephanie always uses that excuse and for just once, can't she show some compassion for someone else. The door opens and Katie lets herself in, apologizes for interrupting and asks to speak with Stephanie alone.

Brooke, Donna and Storm walk into the Forrester Mansion as Ridge spots them and begins yelling at Storm. Brooke holds Ridge back as he goes to attack and Ridge asks Storm what kind of sick bastard he is, shooting Stephanie and pinning it on his father. Storm tells Ridge he plans on turning himself in. Ridge viciously tells Storm that it's good he is turning himself in because Storm has no choice otherwise. Ridge also tells Storm that he will have plenty of time to think about what he's done while Storm rots behind bars Storm tells Ridge that Stephanie isn't innocent either after all she's done. Storm says once he confesses it'll be all worthwhile for him as Stephanie won't have any more power over his family and Donna won't have to give up Eric.

Out on the terrace, Eric is consoling Donna. Donna cries and says she is to blame for Storm going to jail. Eric tells her it's nobody's fault but Storm's for what he did. He reassures her that he will help Storm; they will mount the best defense possible and protect him in court. Eric says there are no promises Storm won't get to jail, but they will do their best to keep him out of jail. Donna hugs him and says her world is falling apart but she feels safe in his arms.

In the den, Katie tells Stephanie that she understands what it's like to lose someone you love to someone else. Katie says to Stephanie that even though Stephanie is a strong woman, it must make her feel small and insecure. Stephanie says that sounds like something Felicia would say, not one of the Logan girls. Katie points out the similarities between the two families. She says to Stephanie that in her head, she knows what Storm did was wrong and she cannot defend what he did, but in her heart, Storm is just her brother.

Stephanie tells Katie that she understands Katie's love for her brother but it won't change what she is about to do. Katie talks about how bad Storm's childhood was, how angry he was over having to grow up so fast and then compares Stephanie's childhood to Storm's and says they are no different. Katie says that Stephanie focused all her anger on Brooke and that anger made her do terrible things. Stephanie asks if that is supposed to excuse Storm for putting a bullet in her and Katie says she is not trying to excuse Storm. Katie begs Stephanie to find her heart and compassion or she will live to regret it.

Stephanie tells Katie that it's an interesting conclusion she has drawn; that Stephanie shows compassion and helps Storm and also helps herself in the process. Katie tells Stephanie that Eric has been crying out for Stephanie to show compassion for years and she can show it to him now by showing it to Storm. As Stephanie walks away, Katie says that this is a rare opportunity for Stephanie to change her life. She says that maybe it's a chance for Stephanie to do something big, surprise everyone and herself; it's a chance for Stephanie to start healing her old wounds and letting go of some of her anger. Stephanie smiles, then apologizes to Katie and leaves the room.

Eric and Donna walk back into the living room and a tearful Donna apologizes to Storm. Stephanie and Katie walk into the room as Storm tells Eric to take care of his sister for him. Eric reassures him he'll take care of all 3 Logan girls and he'll hire the best defense team to help him. Storm says he did a horrible thing and he needs to suffer the consequences. Lieutenant Baker and his son, Detective Baker, walk in the door and ask Stephanie what she called them over for. She tells them that the day she got shot was the most frightening experience for her as she didn't know whether she would die or not and it haunts her every day or her life. Lieutenant Baker asks Stephanie if she knows who shot her. The room gets quiet as a tearful Donna and Storm face Stephanie.

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