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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 25, 2008 on B&B
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Monday, February 25, 2008

In the Forrester living room, Lieutenant Baker asks Stephanie if she knows who shot her and then tells her he is losing his patience. Stephanie remains silent as both Eric and Ridge walk over to ask her what is wrong. Katie places a hand on Stephanie's shoulder and Stephanie finally talks. Stephanie tells the police that she is responsible for her shooting. The police assume she set up her own shooting but she tells them that it has been a bad year; she's done a lot of bad things, angered and hurt a lot of people. Stephanie says she wants the investigation closed but Lieutenant Baker says they can't do that so Stephanie insists as far as she is concerned the case is closed forever. Brooke, Storm, and Donna exchange shocked glances as Eric and Stephanie stare at each other.

Brooke asks Stephanie what she just did and Stephanie says that enough blood has been shed, and Stephanie closed the case. Stephanie tells Storm she forgives him and he is free. Stephanie says that Katie made a very eloquent plea for him and she realized what a positive influence he has been on his sisters' lives, so she felt he was worth saving. Ridge says that it does not excuse what Storm did and Stephanie says he's right, but only she can do that. Stephanie looks at Storm and tells him she is never going to speak about it again-it is over and he is free to live his life.

Katie says she is glad Stephanie listened to her and she will never take what Stephanie has done for granted. Brooke says she realized Stephanie is a woman of her word and thanks her. Donna steps in and thanks Stephanie as well, and Stephanie rolls her eyes, makes a face, and turns away. Stephanie looks at Eric who is just staring at her.

In Nick's living room, he reminds Taylor that she left them. Taylor says she left only until she was doing better, which she feels she is, and she's ready to have Jack with her. She reminds Nick that she is Jack's mother. Taylor tells Nick that things changed for them when the egg switch came to light and Nick says that they need to accept that Brooke is Jack's biological mother, not some anonymous egg donor. Taylor says she is Jack's real mother and Brooke has no legal claim to him. Nick says that Jack needs two parents who can love him unconditionally and Taylor says she's ready to do that now. Taylor insists Jack's place is with her.

Nick wants to take time to think about what is best for Jack before Taylor takes him. Taylor realizes Nick thought she wasn't going to take Jack and asks why he would think that of her. She offers to share joint custody of the baby with him. When Nick remains silent, she assumes Nick and Brooke were planning on raising Jack without her. She reminds Nick she is Jack's mother and she will be a part of his life. Nick asks her to leave Jack as he is sleeping and tells her to go and take time to think about things.

Taylor tells Nick that her heart is still breaking because their marriage ended. She says she loved him and always will, but she could not remain in a marriage where her husband's heart wasn't completely with her. She kisses Nick, says that Jack is her son and she wants him with her. Nick watches Taylor walk out the door. After Taylor leaves, Nick calls and leaves Brooke a voice mail message that Taylor wants joint custody of Jack, and he asks Brooke to call him back as soon as she hears his message.

Taylor is looking at Jack's toys in her living room when her doorbell rings. She opens the door and finds Rick standing there. Taylor invites him in and he sees the toys and assumes she has company. She says that they are Jack's and she plans on bringing him home with her the next day if all goes well. Rick says that they have one more night of adult time while she is unencumbered. They hug as Rick smiles over her shoulder.

Taylor tells Rick about Nick's assumption she did not want Jack. Rick says he thought the same way, as he knew she had issues with Jack's maternity. They talk about Taylor wanting Jack back and she says she feels Brooke wants to steal her son away and she won't let that happen. She apologizes to Rick because she's badmouthing his mother. Rick tells her it's okay and then jokes that Jack is his half-brother. Taylor says it complicates things for him. Rick laughs and says he can handle complications and tells her he admires her for how fast she got herself together again. Rick pulls Taylor into a tender kiss. She breaks it off after a minute and then tells him he should leave. Rick says goodnight and walks out the door.

At Brooke's, the Logan siblings are expressing their happiness over Storm's freedom. Both Brooke and Donna feel that Stephanie has an ulterior motive. Katie says that Stephanie may just be trying to show people she has a heart-and show Eric that she can change and be the woman he wants her to be. Irritated, Donna says she doesn't care what Stephanie's motives were, Storm is free and Donna is confident Eric will remain free as well, because he is committed to her. Brooke says she has known Stephanie longer than her family has, and they should never count Stephanie out.

Brooke tells Donna to keep her eyes open. Katie challenges Donna about her relationship with Eric. Katie says that Stephanie just did a grand thing for their family and Donna needs to give Stephanie space before Donna goes rubbing her nose in Donna and Eric's relationship. Katie tells Donna that she should wait for Eric to call, unless she's afraid Stephanie will win him back. Donna tells Katie that she knows Eric is committed to her. Donna agrees she will wait until Eric calls her but the minute he does, she is going to him.

Stephanie is gazing at a photo of Eric when he walks into the living room and hands her a margarita. They sit down to drink them when Eric asks Stephanie what brought about her change. Stephanie says that she wanted him to know that she has a heart; she does care about people and notes how much she loves him. Eric asks if she finally listened to him, and Stephanie says she did and she always has. He asks her if she freed Storm to get something in return and she insists she didn't. She reminds Eric that their anniversary is coming up and asks if he will agree to spend the day with her and the family. Eric sits by her and tells Stephanie that after what she did, they will celebrate their anniversary together with their wonderful family. They embrace and smile over each other's shoulders.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

At Nick's house, Brooke voiced her concerns to Nick about baby Jack living with Taylor. Brooke did not trust Taylor to adequately care for baby Jack. Nick admitted, although he did not like the idea, that Taylor is Jack's mother and has the right to have custody of the child. Even so, Brooke and Nick tried to think of ways of preventing Taylor from taking Jack to her home.

At Taylor's home, Ridge admitted that he had concerns that Brooke still loves Nick. Ridge told Taylor that she is an awesome mother and that he supports her. Ridge told Taylor that he would always care for her. Taylor warned Ridge that she did not want Brooke interfering in her life. She did not want Brooke visiting baby Jack since Brooke had no legal rights as to the baby. Taylor told Ridge that Rick had been supportive and helpful towards her recently. Ridge did not think that Taylor having a friendship with Rick was a very good idea.

Meanwhile at the Forrester Creations Lab, Rick told Ashley that Taylor had left Nick and baby Jack. Rick said that he was concerned for Taylor, and that he did not want to see her suffering. However, Rick did not tell Ashley that he had made romantic advances towards Taylor since she had left Nick. Later Rick went over to see Taylor. Rick told Taylor that he did not want her to get hurt by the situation with Nick and Brooke any longer. Rick questioned if she had made the right decision to have baby Jack live with her. Taylor told Rick that she loved her baby. She reminded Rick that she left Nick because he was in love with Brooke, not because she did not love her baby. Rick told her that he could name one man with whom she would never have to worry about competing with Brooke or any other woman.

Back at Nick's house, Brooke told Nick that she loved him, but loved Ridge as well. Brooke told Nick that she could not be with him and baby Jack, because this was her last chance with Ridge. Nick was adamant that Brooke could not love Ridge as deeply as she loved Nick. Nick said that Brooke was sacrificing herself to be with Ridge, RJ, and Hope.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In the Forrester lab, Ashley was working on a new fragrance when Stephanie stopped by to see her. Stephanie invited Ashley to her anniversary party. Ashley was reluctant to accept at first, but then agreed to consider attending. Stephanie brought the conversation around to the fragrance Ashley was working on and recommended that Ashley bring Ridge in on the testing. Ashley commented that Stephanie's ulterior motive was showing. Ashley then shocked Stephanie by admitting she was interested in Rick these days.

Stephanie reminded Ashley that relationships like Ashley's with Rick don't work. Stephanie talked with Ashley about the strain of Brooke and Ridge's relationship, and was surprised to discover Ashley knew the truth about the egg mix-up. When Stephanie continued to push Ashley to reconcile with Ridge, Ashley said that she had already gotten hurt and was over it, and she would not go down that route again. Ashley agreed to be a friend for Ridge if he needed one, but said that she had other doors that were open.

Stephanie pointed out that Rick wasn't man enough for Ashley, and their age difference. Ashley got upset and informed Stephanie that she was not comfortable talking about her personal life with Stephanie and if she wanted to take a walk on the wild side with Rick or anyone else, she was "damn well" going to enjoy every second of it. Ashley said that she had other doors open with Rick, or Gene from Accounting, who had invited her out to dinner, and she wasn't going to sit around hoping Brooke dumped Ridge. Stephanie rolled her eyes and said that she would hope for both of them if Ashley were considering Gene in Accounting.

At Nick's, he and Brooke were in an embrace, and Nick asked Brooke if she loved him. Brooke replied that she did, she would always love him but it was not possible. Nick told her that anything was possible if she wanted it badly enough. Nick pulled away and told Brooke that no matter what happened between them, she'd always be a part of Jack's life. They were discussing Taylor taking the baby home with her when Taylor and Rick walked in the house.

Taylor said she was not shocked that Brooke was there and Brooke replied that she had come over when Nick called. Brooke asked Rick why he was there and he replied he was there to support Taylor. Brooke turned and told Taylor that the baby shouldn't be taken from his father. Taylor lashed out at Brooke and told her that Jack needed his mother, and Taylor, not Brooke, was his mother and Brooke had better get used to it.

Brooke tried to talk to Taylor, but Taylor got emotional and continued to lash out about her conspiracy theory of Brooke and Bridget intentionally switching the eggs. Nick told Taylor it was an accident or fate-or Taylor could call it whatever she wanted-but they all needed to move forward. Taylor yelled at Nick that only she and Nick could move forward and be a part of Jack's life and she wanted to make sure Brooke had nothing to do with Jack. Nick expressed concern over Taylor's emotional meltdown and whether she was capable of taking Jack home with her. Taylor told him she was emotional because she didn't expect to find Brooke there and then pleaded with Nick to let her take Jack.

Rick came to Taylor's defense and told Nick he felt that Taylor had really worked hard on herself. When Brooke started to talk, Rick pointed out to her that her very presence was what was driving Taylor crazy. Brooke excused herself and Rick to allow Nick and Taylor some privacy to talk. After they left the room, Nick quietly begged Taylor to not take Jack out of his home and told Taylor she could visit anytime, day or night. Taylor offered the same but informed Nick she was taking Jack home with her as Jack needed to be with his mother.

Nick told Taylor that he felt she was still exhibiting unstable behavior and he wasn't comfortable with her taking Jack from his home. Taylor explained that they could work out custody, but at that moment all she had left was Jack, and she wanted him with her. Taylor said that her greatest fears were all out in the open so she had nothing to worry about, and the fact was that she never had Nick to begin with. Nick turned away and Taylor asked him not to give her a hard time with it as she was taking Jack with her. She also asked Nick that when Jack was in his care that Brooke not be allowed anywhere near Jack.

In the den, Brooke told Rick that Taylor needed psychological help because she was an alcoholic and delusional. Rick told Brooke that the situation had taken a toll on Taylor. Brooke warned Rick that he should stay away from the situation and if Taylor started drinking again, she didn't want him anywhere near it. Rick stated that he came with Taylor to support her because she had every right to be with Jack and he didn't want Nick standing in her way. Brooke and Rick argued about Taylor and Nick until they heard Jack crying through the baby monitor so they took the back stairs to go check on Jack.

Brooke came down the stairs carrying Jack, with Rick right behind her. Taylor walked up to her, put out her arms and insisted Brooke hand Jack over. Nick tried to reason with Taylor about leaving Jack with him, but Taylor insisted on taking him. Nick told Taylor she could not drink around the boy.

Upon hearing Nick's disclosure, Brooke got upset, claiming she knew she was right, and Taylor expressed her displeasure at Nick for having revealed something she told him in confidence. Taylor turned to Brooke and demanded she hand over Jack. At Nick's nodding, Brooke gave the baby to Taylor. A teary-eyed Taylor told Nick she'd be in touch about arrangements then asked Rick to bring her home.

When the door closed, Brooke cried and ranted to Nick about Taylor's emotional instability. She expressed her concern about Taylor drinking while the baby was crying and begged Nick to get Jack back home with Nick where he'd be safe. Nick turned and told Brooke that Taylor would have one night with Jack and he would have his son home the next day.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

At Nick's place, Brooke and Nick huddle together to fret that Taylor took Baby Jack home to her house in Bel Air. Nick wants Jack back, so he called Storm to get an emergency custody hearing. Storm shows up and agrees to be Nick's lawyer even though he defended Taylor a few years earlier. Nick and Brooke explain to Storm that Taylor is drinking again, and Storm is surprised since he successfully defended her in the DUI and hit-and-run case where Taylor accidentally killed Darla. Nick tells Storm he wants to protect the baby, and he believes Taylor will eventually be fine, but he worries that she is mentally unstable at the moment. Storm wonders why she would be drinking and unstable after making such a great recovery over the previous few years. Brooke and Nick sheepishly explain about the egg mix-up that made Brooke the biological mother to Baby Jack. A surprised Storm says he understands why Taylor would go off the deep end. After Storm leaves, Brooke and Nick wonder aloud why Rick is being so attentive to Taylor. Nick and Brooke acknowledge that Taylor will emotionally break down when she gets news of the emergency custody hearing. Brooke says Taylor will feel awful having the baby taken away-just as Brooke did when she lost her children in a custody dispute the previous year. Nick points out that Stephanie set Brooke up to lose her kids.

At the Forrester mansion, Phoebe worries to Ridge that Nick and Taylor's marriage is on the rocks, but Ridge claims Taylor will be fine.

At Taylor's place, Rick and Taylor discuss her ability to take care of Baby Jack by herself. Rick offers his support, and Taylor is happy to have it. She asks Rick to scour the house for alcohol and get rid of anything he finds. He does so, and then sucks up to Taylor with romantic and flirtatious compliments. He adds that he is the one man who will never fall in love with Brooke Logan. They embrace, but bad news interrupts the romance as a man delivers a summons to Taylor for an emergency custody hearing the next day. As she reads the papers, Taylor says she can't believe Nick would do this to her, and wants to call her husband. Rick discourages Taylor from calling Nick because she is so emotional, but she gets the sailor on the phone. Nick tells Taylor he believes she will pull herself together, but she needs time, and he wants to ensure Jack will be safe. Taylor blames Brooke for the custody hearing and yells that Nick and Brooke will not take Baby Jack away from her. As Nick and Taylor hang up, Brooke comforts a distraught Nick while Rick comforts a crying Taylor.

Friday, February 29, 2008

At Brooke's, Ridge expressed his frustration to Brooke about Nick's attempt to take Jack from Taylor. Brooke informed Ridge that Taylor had begun drinking again. She said that Taylor should not be alone with Jack or anywhere near him. Ridge informed Brooke he knew Taylor, the mother, better than anyone and he was shocked Brooke had taken Nick's side. He said Brooke's knowledge of the intimate details of Taylor and Nick's problems made him aware she was still seeing Nick. He inquired as to how involved Brooke was with Nick.

Ridge told Brooke she had an attachment to Jack, which meant an attachment to Nick as well. He reassured her he loved her, that he had every intention of spending his life with her, but said she was not ready. He said that he had no doubt they would spend the rest of their lives together but when the rest of their lives started would be was up to her. Ridge picked up his briefcase and waked out the door as Brooke ran after him, shouting his name.

At home, Nick talked to himself and said it wouldn't be long before Jack was home living with an old man he could count on. Jackie walked out of Nick's kitchen carrying tea and Nick relayed his phone conversation with Taylor to her. Jackie played up Taylor's issues to Nick and reminded him he was putting Jack's safety first. The doorbell rang, Nick let Brooke and Storm in and thanked them for coming. They discussed the case and Brooke questioned whether or not she belonged there due to her history with Taylor. Brooke's cell phone began to ring. She saw it was Rick, and answered it. Rick told Brooke that Taylor blamed her for the custody hearing and Brooke's presence was not wanted in the courtroom. Brooke promised Rick that she would not attend and hung up.

After Brooke hung up, she shared her phone conversation with Storm, Jackie, and Nick. Storm asked Brooke to reconsider if she expected Nick to get custody. Brooke looked to Nick but he left the decision up to her, and Jackie encouraged Brooke to go. Brooke was torn between Taylor's feelings and Brooke's concern for Jack but finally agreed to go. She made it clear to everyone that she did not want Taylor to know she was there and would remain out of sight unless she was needed to testify. They all agreed, and Storm volunteered to find a room for Brooke to hide in.

At Taylor's home, an emotional Taylor fretted about the custody hearing. She phoned Nick and begged him not to go through with the hearing. Nick replied that he wanted to do what was best for Jack, but felt Taylor needed more time after her display of emotions the previous day. Taylor argued that it was Brooke's idea for Nick to seek custody and, rather than answer, Nick just apologized and hung up. Taylor threw the phone across the room and screamed that she did not deserve this and that she hated Brooke.

Phoebe was consoling Taylor when the doorbell rang, so Phoebe ran and opened the door. Phoebe was surprised to find Rick at the door and assumed he was there to visit her, but he informed her he had stopped by to see Taylor. Taylor greeted Rick and repeated her conversation with Nick to him. Taylor said she knew Brooke was behind the custody hearing and asked Rick if he could get Brooke to back off. Rick informed Taylor she needed to focus on Jack and keeping him, not Brooke. Puzzled, Phoebe asked what Brooke had to do with the custody hearing. Phoebe's question went unanswered as Taylor told Rick that she would be fine if Brooke didn't attend the hearing. Rick pulled out his cell phone and called Brooke.

After Rick's phone conversation with Brooke, he told a relieved Taylor of Brooke's promise to stay away from the hearing. Taylor's attorney warned Taylor that she needed to stay in control of her emotions if she wanted custody of Jack. Taylor felt that she would focus and be in control, knowing Brooke would not be in attendance. Rick listened with a concerned expression on his face.

Taylor shared a few quiet moments with Jack before she left for the hearing. She talked to him about things they would do when she returned home. The nanny walked in. Taylor hugged Jack and handed him over to her.

At the courthouse, Brooke and Nick talked in the courtroom. Nick left her to find Storm so Brooke could get out of sight before Taylor arrived. At the same time, Taylor and Rick stepped off the elevator and Taylor thanked Rick again for being there to support her. He walked away to find Phoebe, and left Taylor to enter the courtroom alone.

An angry Taylor walked into the courtroom and demanded to know why Brooke was there. When Taylor learned Storm was Nick's attorney, she realized Brooke was there to testify against her. Brooke said she knew what Taylor was going through, as she had gone through it herself several months earlier, and she was not out to hurt Taylor. Taylor got hysterical and hurled accusations at Brooke. As Brooke attempted to calm Taylor down, Taylor grabbed Brooke and started shaking her. At that moment, the judge and everyone else returned to the courtroom. Nick pulled a shaken Brooke away as Rick grabbed Taylor. Taylor's attorney offered her apologies to the court for Taylor's outburst as Rick blasted his mother for showing up after she had promised she wouldn't go.

Once everyone was seated, the court officer called the court to order. The judge had begun to read the reason for the hearing but, before he finished, Taylor stood and started screaming at Nick and Brooke that they would not take her child from her. The judge called the court to order as Nick and Brooke watched Taylor's emotional meltdown.

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