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Monday, March 3, 2008

At the Forrester Mansion, Felicia and Stephanie talked about Jack's custody hearing. Stephanie revealed that Taylor fell off the wagon and Felicia said that she would not leave Dominic alone with Taylor. Stephanie said that Taylor's drinking was no reason to take the baby away, and she hoped that Brooke and Nick could not convince a judge of it either.

Felicia was surprised Eric was still living in the Mansion. Stephanie said that Eric was finally seeing compassion in her and, while Stephanie could not compete with Donna physically, she had other things to offer him like style, class, substance, history, and family. Felicia asked what Stephanie had up her sleeve. Stephanie said she had nothing up her sleeve but she was hoping for a miracle for their anniversary. Felicia said she had already begun planning it and the whole family would be there. Felicia asked Stephanie what she was going to do to keep Eric after the party. Stephanie said she had no schemes or plans, she was going to rely on the love he would feel from the family and hope for a miracle that they would remain together "'til death do us part."

Donna showed up at her apartment to meet up with Eric. Donna rambled on about how she had kept her distance to give him space and how much she missed him. She asked Eric if he wanted to meet with her because he ended things with Stephanie. Eric informed a shocked Donna that he was going to stay with Stephanie.

Eric said that he told Stephanie if she showed compassion, he would stay with her. He said he agreed to stay and celebrate his anniversary with Stephanie after what she did for Storm. Tearful, Donna said she understood her family owed Stephanie for freeing Storm. Eric said that he would celebrate the anniversary with his family but when it was over, he would return to Donna and they would get married.

Order was restored in the courtroom and the proceedings began again as Storm called James to the stand. James stopped by Taylor's table to apologize and inform her he had been subpoenaed. After discussing James and Taylor's friendship and professional relationship briefly, Storm questioned James about Nick's reasons for asking James to help Taylor. James admitted that Taylor had been in an extremely stressful situation and had welcomed his help. He testified that he felt Taylor should be commended, not condemned for it. Storm responded that nobody wanted to condemn Taylor, they were only in court to do what was best for Jack.

Taylor's attorney cross-examined James and asked him if he felt Taylor was capable of caring for Jack. After an objection from Storm, which was overruled, James said he felt Taylor would be as good a mother to the baby as she was to her three grown children. Storm was granted permission to redirect and he asked James if he was aware that Taylor was an alcoholic. James called Taylor a recovering alcoholic but under further questioning from Storm, admitted that Taylor had recently begun drinking again. James testified that Taylor told him in front of Nick that she was also suffering from delusions and hallucinations. James said that Taylor was a psychiatric professional and was doing the best she could to handle the situation and remain in control. Storm said that Taylor was not in control and Taylor stood up and yelled at Storm that he wasn't being fair and could not analyze her. The judge had Storm's remark stricken from the record and Storm dismissed James from the stand.

Tension mounted in the courtroom as Storm called Brooke to the stand. Storm had Brooke recall the events of the night of the dinner party with Nick and Taylor. Brooke testified that Taylor invited a minister and wanted Brooke and Ridge to marry that night but Brooke refused. She said that Taylor made accusations against Brooke, then grabbed a glass of wine and threatened to drink it but ended up smashing it against a wall instead.

Taylor's attorney got her chance to question Brooke. She asked Brooke about the length of her engagement to Ridge and if they'd been married before. Brooke admitted they'd been married before and at present they had been engaged for a few months. The attorney asked what the delay was in Brooke marrying Ridge. Brooke got defensive and asked if it was about her and Nick, but the attorney changed her line of questioning. The attorney asked Brooke if she'd seen Taylor drink the night in question or at any time, and Brooke told her no. The attorney told Brooke she had one final question and asked if Brooke had signed a legal document giving up all rights to the Marone child. Stunned, Brooke scanned the faces in the courtroom then answered yes. The judge dismissed Brooke from the stand as an angry Taylor watched Brooke step down.

Storm called Nick to the stand and Nick asked the judge if he could speak freely, which the judge granted. Nick testified that he felt Taylor was an extraordinary woman he was proud to have been married to. He said even though they were divorcing, she'd always have a place in his heart. Nick admitted that Taylor had recently removed Jack from his home and he had to wonder if his son was in safe hands. Nick said that Taylor was a strong, confident woman when she was together but that she wasn't together at the present time. He talked about Taylor's hallucinations, delusions, irrational behavior, and drinking. Taylor stood up crying and kept asking Nick why he was doing this to her. Taylor told him she loved the baby, but Nick said she should understand that he was doing what was best for Jack. Nick told her that she was unstable and, in his opinion, the safest and best thing for Jack was for him to not be in Taylor's care. A devastated Taylor broke down sobbing.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

At the emergency court hearing, Nick took the witness stand first and was questioned by Taylor's attorney and Storm. Taylor's lawyer questioned Nick as to why his and Taylor's marriage ended since he loved Taylor and was devoted to her. The lawyer pointed out that Brooke was interfering with the baby and that Nick wanted to be with Brooke.

Taylor next took the witness stand. Taylor's lawyer asked her a sequence of questions that revealed the issue which lead to Taylor's relapse with alcohol. Taylor addressed the court and informed the court that, through a mishap in the hospital lab, Brooke is the biological mother of Jack. Storm questioned Taylor and emphasized that she had relapsed with alcohol, had hallucinations, and was emotionally unstable.

Felicia and Stephanie reminisced while looking through photo albums. Stephanie told Felicia that she was hoping that a miracle would happen and that Eric would decide to remain married to her.

At the end of the court hearing, the judge made the decision for Jack to live with Nick because Taylor was unstable. The judge recommended that Taylor obtain a psychiatric evaluation and that she be allowed to have supervised visitation with Jack. Taylor was shocked by the judge's decision. Taylor who became more distraught by the second went over to Nick and asked him why he was doing this to her if he loved her. Taylor also accused Nick of taking her baby away so he and Brooke could raise Jack together. Taylor was hysterical, and her emotions were out of control due to the loss of her baby. She fell to the floor crying uncontrollably.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

At his home, Nick expressed his concern to Brooke about Taylor going into a nosedive after the outcome of the custody hearing. Brooke said that Taylor was unstable so it would have happened anyway, and there was no way to control it. Nick said he had to leave to get Jack so Brooke hugged him, wished him luck, and told him she'd wait there until he got back.

Rick showed up at Nick's house and was surprised to find Brooke there. Rick admitted he was glad things had worked out the way they did-he was just worried about how it would affect Taylor. He said that Taylor would never accept Brooke as the baby's mother and Brooke said she hoped he was wrong. Rick questioned if his mother meant it and she said she did and felt Taylor was dealt a bad hand. Rick questioned why Brooke was at Nick's waiting for him to come home with the child they shared when she was supposed to be marrying Ridge. Brooke asked what he was suggesting, and Rick answered that her actions spoke volumes. Brooke defended her reasons for being there but Rick told her that she was more comfortable waiting for Nick and Jack than she was being with Ridge, and told her to think about that. He kissed her and left.

Phoebe consoled her mother and apologized for not knowing all that Taylor had been going through. She offered to stay to support her mother but Taylor encouraged her to return to college and study for her mid-terms.

Nick showed up at Taylor's and said he never meant to hurt her. Taylor said she knew it was for the best so she could heal but was trying to deal with letting her baby go. She made Nick promise that no matter what, they would never argue in front of Jack and that she always be a part of Jack's life as well. Taylor said she was sorry their marriage ended and she wasn't fighting the divorce. She said she was blaming Brooke for the end of their marriage, as things could have been so different for them had it not been for Brooke.

Taylor brought Jack downstairs and asked Nick about her supervised visits. Nick said he would be there for them to begin with. Taylor lamented that while Brooke was allowed to see Jack alone, she was only permitted supervised visits. She said a heart-wrenching goodbye to Jack and then handed him over to Nick. Nick left with the baby as Taylor curled up on the couch in a fetal position and sobbed.

Taylor got up from the couch and ransacked the liquor cabinet, coming up empty-handed. She grabbed the phone book, called a liquor store, and requested they deliver premium vodka to her home. She paced the living room until the deliveryman arrived. After receiving the delivery of vodka, Taylor neglected to shut the door. She saw one of Jack's teddy bears, picked it up, hugged it to her chest, and then threw it on the ground. She went to the bar and began to open the vodka when Rick walked in and angrily demanded she not take a drink.

Taylor flippantly told Rick she had no reason not to drink; she took Alexandra's mother away from her and lost her son and felt it was karma. She said booze started everything and booze would make it go away. Rick attempted to talk to her but Taylor waved the vodka in his face and said he did not understand what it was like to lose a child and she wanted the pain to go away. She began guzzling from the bottle and Rick grabbed it and smashed it. Taylor went for the door, claiming she was going to get more vodka, but Rick grabbed on to her and she fought him. He said that he knew she felt empty and had to find a way to fill the void in her heart but alcohol wasn't the answer. He said that she worked her whole life to become the amazing woman she was and he would not let her throw it all away. The fight went out of Taylor as she sobbed in Rick's arms. After a few moments passed, Taylor sought out Rick's mouth and they ended up in a passionate kiss.

Nick arrived home and Brooke took Jack out of his arms. Nick said that Brooke was a good mother to Jack, and Brooke reminded him she was committed to Ridge. He said he grew up an only child, faced that loneliness everyday, and didn't want that for Jack. Nick said he wanted Jack to have a brother or sister and that he and Brooke could create that family. They leaned in to kiss her as someone knocked on the door.

Nick opened the door and let Ridge in. Ridge told Brooke that Bridget had informed him of what happened, so he knew where to find her. Brooke said that she just wanted to make sure Jack was okay after everything that had transpired. Ridge looked at Jack and said that he looked okay and Nick could take it from there. When Ridge told Brooke it was time to go home, Nick informed Ridge that it was his house Ridge had walked into and what went on was his business. Nick said that Brooke would go home after they had finished their discussion. Ridge looked at Brooke and asked her if she was going home with him or staying with Nick. Brooke looked torn as she stared at both men.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

At Nick's place, Brooke is uncomfortable that Ridge popped in to bring her home. Ridge and Nick start a verbal battle as Ridge tells Nick he was wrong to take Baby Jack away from Taylor. Ridge reminds Nick that he had everything with a loving wife in Taylor and the son he always wanted, but it wasn't enough. Now, he wants Brooke too, and he is going to be left with no one. Nick tells Ridge to leave Brooke alone. Ridge tells Brooke it's time to go home. As they leave, Brooke looks longingly at Nick. When the door closes, Nick sits down on the steps dejected. Not for long, though. Bridget stops by to be a friend, she says. Nick says she always had a sixth sense about him. Nick worries to Bridget that he is going to be a single parent, and Jack will be an only child-not the way Nick had imagined his family.

At Taylor's, Rick and Taylor pull away from a sizzling kiss, and stare at each other as Taylor admits she really must have lost her mind if she's kissing her enemy's son. Rick laughs it off, and tells Taylor that he is there as a friend to her. He programs his number into her phone, and reminds her to call him anytime she thinks about taking a drink. Phoebe walks in on the surprised couple, and says she came to check on her mom. She leaves quickly to study for a test. Afterwards, Taylor tells Rick that Phoebe's visit was a good reminder that Rick and Taylor can't become involved since it would hurt Phoebe. Rick acknowledges that he would never willingly hurt Phoebe, but he wants to be there for Taylor.

Back at home, Ridge and Brooke discuss their complicated relationship, and Ridge repeats to Brooke that they cannot and will not build a life together if she continues to run to Nick and Jack every time Nick calls. Brooke whines that she was just showing concern for Baby Jack who is her biological child. Ridge stops her and reminds her that Taylor and Nick are Baby Jack's parents, and she must stop becoming involved. He warns her that she needs to be there for her own children and for him 100 percent. She has a family with Ridge and she needs to stop being emotionally involved in Nick's life. Ridge tells her that their love for each other is like no other. He left Ashley for Brooke because he knows their love will never end, but he wants Brooke to be honest and completely committed to him and the kids. He says he will only ask one more time-she must choose between Ridge, RJ, and Hope, or Nick and Jack. Brooke looks perplexed.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Eric stopped briefly at Donna's apartment before heading to the anniversary party. Donna fretted about how the evening would go, but Eric reassured her he was only fulfilling his obligations to his family and when the night ended, he would be returning to her. He kissed her and left as a worried Donna said she hoped so.

After Donna called her to come over, Katie showed up and asked what was wrong. Donna said that Eric was on his way to the anniversary party and it would be a big Forrester love fest. Katie said that Donna seemed pretty convinced Eric was committed to her so she wondered why Donna felt threatened by the party. Donna replied that the family would do everything they could to keep Stephanie happy and would pull out all the stops at the party to prove it. Katie reminded Donna that Stephanie set Storm free and Eric was keeping his end of the bargain. Donna expressed her concern about the guilt trip the Forresters were giving Eric and prayed he would not be too affected by it.

At the Forrester Mansion, Felicia checked on last-minute preparations as Stephanie greeted a visiting Kristen. Pam walked in the door, greeted everyone, and handed homemade baked goods to Stephanie for the party. Felicia told Stephanie it would be a night she wouldn't forget.

Eric showed up at the party and was thrilled to see Kristen and Pam had flown in. Stephanie warned Eric their children had planned something, and Felicia smirked and said it was something that would change their family forever. Thorne raised his glass in a toast as a puzzled Eric looked on.

Pam told Eric she had to go because she was exhausted and still had to take Tiny for a walk. She encouraged Eric not to give up on Stephanie and reminded him that Stephanie was a product of a bad childhood. Pam said that no matter what, Stephanie still loved him. As Pam left, Stephanie appeared around the corner, raised her glass, and smiled at Eric. Felicia gloated from the sidelines that the magic was in the air for their parents.

Felicia brought the family into the living room for a toast, the first of many during the evening, she said. She toasted the family who loved and fought together, and hoped they reigned forever, as they all clinked their glasses and drank champagne.

Someone knocked on Donna's door; she opened it and was shocked to find Pam and a growling, teeth-baring Tiny waiting for her. Pam smirked and gloated to Donna about the anniversary party. Donna said for Pam to take her beast elsewhere and started to shut the door, but Pam used the dog to force her way in. Pam said that the Forrester family was healing and coming together as one and told Donna to stay out of the way. Donna said Eric was there to say his goodbyes, and that they were getting married-then she flaunted her engagement ring to Pam. Viciously Pam said that no way was Donna marrying Stephanie's husband, and Donna replied that they were going to have a big flashy wedding and Pam wouldn't be invited. Pam threatened that Donna would not be at the altar as Tiny barked at Donna. Pam said that if Donna dared to become Mrs. Eric Forrester, Pam would kill her and she was dead serious.

Nick brought a fussy Jack downstairs and was unable to calm him so Bridget asked if she could give it a try. As the baby stopped fussing, Nick said Bridget was a natural. Bridget said things would have turned out differently for them had their daughter, Nicole, lived. Bridget put a sleeping Jack to bed as Nick thanked her. He said that being a single parent was hard and he needed someone full-time. Bridget told him to look no further than in front of him. Nick asked if she had someone in mind and Bridget said she was there for him. Nick thanked Bridget but wondered if it would be too much for her after they had already lost a child together. Bridget admitted she had done a lot of soul-searching and felt that maybe the egg mix-up was meant to happen to bring the two of them back together again.

Nick said he did not know why the mix-up happened, but he was a single parent and alone, and Bridget replied he wasn't alone-he had Jack. Bridget said he would be a great dad and he was very blessed. She stated that she thought of Nicole every day, and that her reason to visit was to see him and bring him something. She handed Nick the baby blanked she had knit for Nicole and told him she wanted Jack to have it. Choked up, Bridget said that whenever he wrapped Jack in it, a very special angel would be watching over him. Nick leaned in and kissed Bridget, and when the kiss ended they just gazed at each other.

Upon hearing Ridge's ultimatum, Brooke said he was the man of her dreams, the man she wanted to marry and spend the rest of her life with. Ridge said he had no doubt that was what she wanted but she had critical issues she needed to deal with first. Brooke assured him she had no issues to deal with and suggested they elope that night. She said they should announce their news at the anniversary party and then afterwards take the company jet anywhere around the world and get married.

Ridge walked into the living room and Brooke followed asking why Ridge didn't answer her question. Ridge said he had been after her for weeks to get married and in one night she had a change of heart. He said he was skeptical about eloping when she was still clearly involved with Nick. Brooke tried to justify her involvement with Nick, but Ridge stopped her and pointed out that she had one foot in his door and one foot in Nick's. Ridge said before they could move on with their life together, Brooke needed to look in her heart and know that being with him would make her happy or if she would long for a life with Nick and Jack.

Brooke apologized to Ridge and said she understood she gave him cause to question her commitment to him. He said he knew she wanted to marry him but she wasn't ready. A beaming Brooke said it was their time, walked over to Ridge, got down on one knee, and asked him to marry her.

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