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Monday, March 24, 2008

Nick and Katie continued to talk about his feelings for Bridget. Katie asked if Nick was too chicken to commit because he was still holding out for Brooke. He said that Brooke had made her decision and it was over between them. He said that he'd just gotten out of a relationship; he didn't think it was right to start another one, but felt Katie wouldn't know that as she was inexperienced. Katie had been bouncing a basketball in her hands, threw it at him, called him a jerk, and challenged him to a game of one-on-one.

Nick declined her challenge to a basketball game and offered to challenge her in darts. She said she would rather talk about Bridget, and Nick replied that the topic of Bridget was off-limits to Katie. She said she thought things would progress nicely between Nick and Bridget once they reconnected, and asked him why he slept with Bridget if he was wavering on his feelings. Nick said all that mattered was what was right for him and his son and walked upstairs.

Bridget showed up at Nick's and thanked Katie for encouraging her to go after Nick. Bridget said she had been living in fear of going after her dreams but now her dreams were coming true, all thanks to Katie. Katie told her no thanks were needed but tried to get Bridget to slow it down. As Nick walked to the top of the stairway, he overheard Bridget ask Katie if she thought Nick was the greatest. Katie looked uncomfortable as she agreed.

Nick and Bridget were talking in the living room and Bridget suggested they hook Katie up with someone. Katie walked in with a baby bottle and said she would pass on Bridget's suggestion. Bridget said that they could hook her up with someone like Nick. Katie forced a smile and said men like Nick didn't grow on trees-they swung from them. She left the room with Nick glaring after her and Bridget trying to hide a smirk.

Brooke screamed for Taylor and Rick to stop kissing and told them they were sick. When they ignored her, she took matters into her own hands, broke them apart, and slapped Taylor across the face. Brooke accused Taylor of trying to use Rick to get back at Brooke for "supposedly" stealing Jack. Taylor said she did not have to give Brooke any type of explanation and Rick said he was a grown man and could make his own decisions. Brooke told them both that whatever was going on between them had to stop as she would not stand for it.

Taylor said she wasn't using Rick but he had been a lifeline to her the last few months and Brooke remarked how convenient that it was her son that was helping Taylor. Taylor tried talking to Brooke but Brooke kept twisting Taylor's words around to insinuate Taylor was using Rick. Taylor said that Rick was a wonderful young man and Brooke said that he was wonderful and young, much too young for Taylor.

Taylor thanked Rick for his support and told Brooke that she was stealing Rick after Brooke took Jack from her and that "all was fair in love and war." Brooke asked to speak with Rick alone but Rick refused and told her to say whatever she had to in front of Taylor.

Brooke asked Rick if he was acting out, as she didn't understand why he'd want to get involved with Taylor. Rick said he wasn't acting out and Brooke wouldn't understand. Brooke asked if he was making a statement, which he denied. Rick admitted he had genuine feelings for Taylor and might be falling in love with her. Rick talked about his feelings for Taylor as Brooke listened with tears in her eyes.

Rick closed the door after Brooke left and tried to apologize for Brooke's behavior. Taylor said he never had to apologize for Brooke as she'd developed a thick skin where Brooke was concerned. Rick admitted he kissed Taylor to make a statement in front of Brooke, so Taylor asked if the kiss was meant for Brooke's benefit or hers. Rick admitted it was for both women's benefit and he'd been nothing but honest with Taylor all along. He joked about hearing a little voice in his head to kiss Taylor so he pulled her into a quick kiss. Taylor joked she heard a little voice telling her they needed to leave before Brooke returned, so they left Forrester Creations and went back to Taylor's house.

At Taylor's, she and Rick discussed the kiss and Taylor admitted he had floored her when he did it. She expressed concern about Phoebe finding out or Brooke telling her. She realized she didn't have to worry, as there was nothing for Phoebe to find out. Rick said he felt there was and talked about his feelings for Taylor. They discussed the age difference, the fact that he was Brooke's son, and how they really felt for one another. Rick said he thought about Taylor every minute, he wanted to be with her, touching her and making love to her. He grabbed her hand, placed it under his shirt on his heart and said his heart was pounding for her. Rick said he was in love with Taylor, pulled her into a passionate kiss and they sank onto the couch.

Ridge walked into Eric's office and found Ashley doing paperwork there. He complimented her on the sales figures for her new fragrance and joked that her name should be added to the company's name. She said it was good to hear that as she had been questioning her move to L.A. until recently. Ridge said he was glad she hadn't left town, as she was a strong, independent woman who did not need a man to make her happy. He brought up her business trip to Genoa City, her hometown, and told her to make sure she came back. Ashley smiled and said she hadn't planned on staying in Genoa City as things had just started to get interesting in L.A. Ridge said to let him know how things went as Ashley left to go catch the company jet.

Brooke showed up in Ridge's office telling him they needed to talk. Ridge assumed it was about Bridget and Nick and accused Brooke of being way too involved in her older children's lives. When Brooke said it wasn't about her, he assumed it was about Jack, but Brooke blurted out that Taylor was out for revenge and had seduced Rick. Ridge tried hard to hide a smile as he said Brooke was mistaken. He said maybe someone had played a joke on Brooke and she was being melodramatic. Brooke said Taylor had seduced Rick and that Taylor was a sick woman.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

At the Forrester Creations office, Brooke convinced Ridge to talk to Taylor about her relationship with Rick. Ridge was not certain that there was a problem with Taylor, but he agreed to speak with her.

Eric warned Pam to not harass Donna in the future. Eric said that if it continued, Pam could not stay at Forrester Creations. Meanwhile, Donna planned to make herself beautiful for her upcoming wedding by obtaining a tan from a tanning salon.

Rick stopped over at Taylor's home. Taylor thanked him for being a gentleman the night before. Rick admitted that he wished that they had spent the night together. Rick told Taylor that he meant everything he had told her. Rick again told Taylor that he was in love with her. Rick suggested to Taylor that they have a romantic dinner for the two of them at her home.

Later, Brooke approached Rick who was at work at Forrester Creations. Brooke demanded that Rick end his relationship with Taylor. Brooke accused Taylor of using Rick to take revenge against her. Rick tried to explain to Brooke that he had genuine feelings for Taylor. Rick could not convince Brooke that she was wrong about Taylor. Rick again explained that he was a grown man and could make his own decisions about relationships. Rick boldly told Brooke that he was planning a romantic dinner for Taylor that evening and he was hoping they would begin to be together as a couple in every way.

A mean-spirited Pam went to the tanning salon before Donna. After Donna was in the tanning booth, Pam jammed the door so it would not open. Pam turned the tanning tone to very dark. Donna had planned for a very light tan.

Ridge arrived at Taylor's home to find out what really was going on between her and Rick. Taylor was hostile with Ridge. She told Ridge that if he did not approve of her relationship then he had to leave her house. Ridge accused Taylor of using Rick to exact revenge against Brooke. Taylor explained that Rick has been a great support and friend to her. Taylor also explained that she was not in love with Rick. She commented that she did not plan on crossing the line with Rick. Taylor said she could never do that because Rick was Brooke's son and she did not want to be married to Rick with Brooke as a mother-in-law. Rick arrived at Taylor's with flowers for their romantic evening. Before he went inside of Taylor's house he overheard her tell Ridge that she did not love Rick, nor did she plan on falling in love with him. After Rick heard Taylor's remarks, he took the flowers and left instead of going inside.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rick eavesdropped from the crack in the door at Taylor's house as she told Ridge she would never cross the line and fall in love with Rick. Taylor said Ridge should go running back to Brooke with his report; Rick has supported her and that's what she needed, she's not using him for revenge. She said one person brings light into her dark world and all Ridge can say is it's wrong. Taylor told Ridge not to tell her who to care about since she wasn't going to explain herself any longer and demanded he leave her home. Upon hearing this, Rick had quietly closed the door and hid in the bushes. Ridge said that a lot of people would get hurt if Taylor crossed the line, including their daughter and left. After Ridge left, Rick had emerged from the bushes and watched Taylor through the window.

Taylor had set the table for dinner as Rick rang the doorbell. She let him in and he announced what he'd brought for dinner, handed her a dozen red roses. He took two candles out of the bag, placed them on the table and lit them while he informed Taylor that it would be a night she would remember forever. They enjoyed a quiet dinner together and made small talk but Taylor had noticed Rick wasn't himself so she asked what was wrong. After some prodding on Taylor's part, Rick admitted he had overheard her conversation with Ridge and asked her to be honest with him and tell him if she felt he was acting like a fool.

Rick pressed Taylor to answer him and when she didn't, he turned to leave. Taylor stopped him and said part of her wanted to throw caution to the wind to see what would happen but the other part felt it wasn't right. Rick appealed to Taylor, telling her he cared for her and wanted things to work between them. She said she was worried about Phoebe as Rick was Phoebe's first love and Taylor wouldn't hurt her daughter that way. Taylor said Rick knew her needs and while she's like to take a chance with him, she would be a fool to believe something could come of it.

Rick asked if Taylor could deny she felt anything when they kissed. Rather than answer, Taylor said she had grown children and she and Rick were at different stages in their lives. Rick said that he didn't want to be analyzed, treated like one of Taylor's patients or think ahead. He said he would rather live in the moment and be impulsive. He put his hands on the side of her neck and gently kissed one side of her face, then the other and whispered in her ear asking if she felt anything at all, because her heart was racing and she was breathing heavy. He asked her to enjoy the moment and she replied she was enjoying it too much and stepped back. Taylor said she was worried about how Phoebe would react but Rick cut her off saying Phoebe would never know. Taylor said there would be nothing for Phoebe to know because she wouldn't allow it to go anywhere then pleaded with Rick to leave. He walked to the door, opened it, turned and took one last look at Taylor before leaving. As Rick shut the door, Taylor sat down at the table and began to cry.

At his office, Ridge found an anxious Brooke, who demanded to know how things went with Taylor. Ridge said Taylor wasn't using Rick for revenge as Rick and Taylor had genuine feelings for each other. Brooke got angry and asked if Taylor was going to continue seducing her son. Ridge said Taylor wouldn't cross the line with Rick but Brooke told him about Rick stopping by and his big plans of consummating his relationship with Taylor. Brooke was convinced Rick would have to pay the price once Taylor broke his heart. Ridge reassured Brooke that Taylor would keep her word. Brooke looked relieved as Ridge pulled her into an embrace.

At the salon, Pam laughed outside the tanning booth as Donna remained trapped inside but Pam ran off when the attendant returned. The attendant heard Donna's screams for help, opened the door and apologized to Donna as she came out crying then ran off to get dressed.

Donna stood in front of a mirror looking quite dark and asked the attendant what happened and why the hot water in the showers wasn't working so she could rinse off the tanning solution. The attendant had no explanation for Donna but assured her nothing like that had ever happened before. Donna asked how long before the color faded and the attendant said 7-10 days provided Donna remained out of the sun. She offered Donna a free coupon but Donna refused it and said that if the color didn't fade, the salon would be hearing from her brother, the attorney, then stormed out of the salon.

Pam had returned to Forrester Creations and was giving directions to a delivery man when Eric walked out. He inquired if Pam had seen or heard from Donna because he wasn't able to reach her on her cell phone and Pam said she hadn't.

Donna arrived at Forrester Creations and stormed by Pam, who started laughing after Donna went into Eric's office. Eric had looked up, saw Donna and asked what happened. She cried on his shoulder as she told him about the salon incident while Pam peeked through the crack in the door watching and laughing.

Donna sobbed as she told Eric she had wanted to look beautiful for him while Eric consoled her and told her everything would be okay. Pam walked in and announced she'd brought Eric's dinner, "chicken, white meat not dark, just the way he likes it" and Donna began to cry harder. Eric had Pam put his dinner down and leave the office but she eavesdropped before she shut the door while Eric told Donna she'd always be beautiful to him. Pam mumbled to herself that Donna wouldn't be beautiful for long if she could help it. She shut the door, looked at Donna's appointment book and laughed as she realized Donna had a hair coloring appointment coming up.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

At Forrester, Dark Donna was reeling from her tanning debacle as she met with Brooke and Katie, who marveled at how dark she was after her botched tanning session. They encouraged her to get past it because it would only last a few days. Katie reminded Donna that she and Eric had an interview with Jarrett from "Eye on Fashion" magazine scheduled within hours. Standing in front of a buffet of her own homemade lemon bars, brownies, and other goodies, Pam got a kick out of the fact that Donna suffered from Pam's tanning sabotage. She greeted Eric on his way into the office. Eric told Pam that Jarrett could interview him and Donna, but no photos could be taken. During the interview, Eric and Donna said they were looking at dates for a wedding, and Donna pointed out that they had to wait until Eric's divorce was final. After the interview, Donna's hair stylist, Raphael, visited. While he chatted it up with Brooke and Katie, Pam sabotaged his coloring kit. Pam, of course, offered him brownies and lemon squares. Raphael met with Donna, and decided to darken her hair a bit to soften the contrast of her light hair and dark skin. Donna inserted teeth whitening trays while Raphael colored her hair. Raphael sat eating desserts with Pam while Donna's hair was processing. As he removed the foils, a look of horror crossed his face. Donna grabbed a mirror and screamed.

At Taylor's house, Taylor spilled her guts to James that she really cared for Rick. She admitted that she might have fallen in love with Brooke's son. James couldn't believe that Taylor could possibly be interested in Brooke's son, and reminded Taylor that Phoebe might be hurt. Taylor countered that Phoebe ended her relationship with Rick months earlier. Taylor struggled with her feelings, but she told James that she felt very close to Rick. She said she was confused about what to do, and she ended the relationship with Rick the previous night. She said that she regretted it already. James encouraged her to call Rick and talk to him, but Taylor said she wrote him a letter instead. Taylor worried that she may have explained herself to Rick too late.

In Brooke's office, Brooke told Rick it was best not to get into a relationship with Taylor. Rick told Brooke that he knew she sent Ridge to persuade Taylor to end things with Rick before they got started. He added that it worked, but Rick hoped Taylor changes her mind because Rick said he was in love with Taylor. As they continued bickering, Rick told his mother that they would not agree on it, and Brooke needed to let go of him. Brooke told her son that she couldn't watch him get hurt. Rick countered that Brooke had never liked any of his relationships. Rick again pleaded with his mother to understand. Teary-eyed, Brooke said she could not support him and Taylor. She hugged her son and headed out to a meeting. Rick called Taylor and left a message saying he loved her. When Rick left Brooke's office, Pam handed him a letter. The letter writer said she wanted to make love to him even though she had turned him down before, and the age difference didn't matter anymore. Rick hightailed it over to Taylor's only to find that Phoebe was waiting for him. She told him she saw he had received her letter. In surprise, he asked, "Your letter?" She hugged him, as he looked stunned.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Brooke and Katie were working in Brooke's office. Brooke said Donna would be okay but was worried about Bridget and asked Katie how things were with Nick and Bridget. Katie avoided the question. Brooke said she knew Bridget loved Nick but she wanted to know where Nick stood. Katie admitted that Nick loved Bridget but not in the same way. Brooke was upset to learn Nick slept with Bridget while his feelings remained unclear. Katie said that Nick had been honest with Bridget about his feelings and they were two consenting adults. When Brooke began to protest, Katie said Brooke was making it about her feelings for Nick because Brooke didn't want anyone but herself to be with Nick. Brooke denied Katie's allegations and said she was only worried that Bridget would get hurt. Katie said Bridget had waited a long time to get back with Nick and she was sure Bridget was making the most of the situation.

Storm walked into Brooke's office and they talked business for a few minutes. He asked how Brooke was and she said it was one of the most complicated times in her life but she was okay. Storm said he knew he was responsible for some of it and Brooke said it would have been better if he had gone to Europe. Storm refused to leave town because he felt the need to be around his family. Storm said he was grateful for his freedom, to have his family, but maybe his sisters would throw a little romance his way. Brooke said Storm was a good man and maybe there was a special someone on the horizon for him. She said he was a good brother growing up and the Logan girls would not be the women they had become without him. She told him how much she loved him as Storm thanked her and pulled her into an embrace.

Pam was laughing at her desk because she overheard Donna scream in Eric's office. Donna's reflection in the mirror revealed that she had highlights greener than a shamrock! Eric jokingly said they would use Donna's new look for the next collection. Donna said he was just trying to make her feel better while she removed the teeth whitening strip then let out a blood curdling scream upon seeing her teeth were almost as green as her hair. Laughing, Pam left Stephanie a voice mail telling her not to give up hope as Eric was realizing how superficial his "hot tamale" was.

Donna said she only wanted to be beautiful for Eric on their wedding day and instead looked like the bride of Frankenstein. Eric tried not to laugh while telling her she looked fine. The light bulb burned "green" in Donna's head because she put two-and-two together and realized she was being sabotaged. She stormed out to the reception area and demanded that Pam follow her into Eric's office. Pam balked at how Donna spoke to her but Donna cut her off and told her to save it. Pam played innocent as Donna accused her of sabotage. Pam said Donna was barking up the wrong "cupcake." Donna said Pam could save her sugar coating for Eric, but Donna knew that Pam was responsible.

At Nick's, he and Bridget were in bed making love. Nick asked if she was okay with what was happening and Bridget assured him she was. As they began kissing, her beeper went off. Bridget tried to ignore it but Nick reminded her she was a doctor. Bridget was disappointed to have to cancel their plans when she realized it was the hospital and she had to go in. They promised each other they'd try for plans another evening.

Katie had shown up at Nick's to babysit so he could have a quiet evening with Bridget. After Nick explained that Bridget had to go to work, he invited Katie to have dinner with him. After complimenting Nick on dinner, she inquired about Bridget. He said he had a lot of questions about Brooke and Bridget, but knew there were also a lot of available women out there. Katie encouraged Nick to date a woman whose last name wasn't Logan. He said there were other Logan women besides Brooke and Bridget as he looked at Katie. She claimed she heard Jack and tried to leave the room but Nick stopped her by grabbing hold of her arm and said he was having inappropriate thoughts about her.

Rick was left speechless after Phoebe was revealed to be his mysterious letter writer. Phoebe said she still loved Rick and wanted him back. Taylor walked in and asked what was going on and Phoebe said she had expected to have the house to herself for the night so she'd made plans with Rick. Phoebe left the room to check on dinner and Taylor asked Rick what he was doing with her daughter. Rick said he had no idea.

Rick showed Taylor the letter and after reading it, she said it only proved why they could not be together. Taylor said she had written a letter for Rick as well expressing her feelings for him and why they couldn't be together. She said while they shared something special, Phoebe loved Rick and Taylor wouldn't be responsible for hurting her daughter. Taylor encouraged Rick to open his heart to Phoebe.

Rick said he was not in love with Phoebe, he loved Taylor. Taylor said while she may want and love him, she could not be with him. Encouraged by Taylor's admission of love, Rick pleaded with her to give him a chance. Phoebe walked in and asked what was going on. Phoebe assumed they were talking about how strong she came on to Rick, and Taylor said they were just caught off-guard by it. Taylor excused herself to run errands and ran upstairs to get an umbrella as it started raining. Phoebe said she was older, wiser, and had dated other men, but all she could think about was Rick, and she asked him if they could have another chance.

Taylor had returned with her umbrella and Rick excused himself to walk her to her car. Outside, she pleaded with Rick to forget about her and give Phoebe a chance. Rick put his hand on Taylor's cheek and pulled her into a passionate kiss. After he broke off the kiss, he said he loved Taylor and could never forget about her.

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