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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 31, 2008 on B&B
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Monday, March 31, 2008

Katie questioned what Nick meant when he said he had unacceptable thoughts about her. Nick said he wanted to show he was over his past; he had a new attitude and new choices-and it could start with her. Katie accused Nick of toying with her while Nick asked her why she had a chip on her shoulder-if it was he or men in general she hated. Katie denied having a chip on her shoulder, and said she didn't hate men and wasn't a prude. She said Nick could not hurt Bridget.

Nick said nobody would get hurt, least of all Bridget. Katie said she would feel guilty if, after she'd encouraged Bridget to go after him, Nick hurt Bridget. Nick had finished his glass of wine and let out a loud belch. Katie told him how disgusting it was as they joked around about it. Bridget had slipped in unnoticed, smiling as she overheard them teasing one another, then announced her presence by asking what was going on. Katie and Nick greeted her then Jack began to fuss. Katie went up to check on Jack but not before she witnessed Nick and Bridget kiss.

Ridge walked into his office where Ashley had been doing paperwork. They discussed her recent business trip to Genoa City and the fragrance line for Forrester Creations. Ridge told Ashley that he thought about her all the time and how any man would be lucky to have her. He used Ashley as a sounding board about his relationship with Brooke but Ashley said it wasn't a good idea for him to talk with her about his relationship. Ashley said Ridge had left her for a fairy tale life with Brooke, but Ashley didn't see it happening and didn't believe Ridge saw it either.

Ashley decided to be honest with Ridge about her feelings while Brooke stood outside the door, eavesdropping on their conversation. Ashley said she still cared about Ridge even though she tried not to. She said Brooke was in need of serious therapy because when Brooke was with Ridge, she wanted Nick and vice versa, and that Brooke had also been married to both Ridge's father and brother, and Ashley felt it was sick. Ashley begged Ridge to get out of the relationship while he could. Ridge said he partially agreed with Ashley and admitted that since Nick had come into the picture, Brooke's heart had been divided. Ridge said although he knew this, he still wanted a life with Brooke and their children.

Brooke walked into Ridge's office after Ashley left. Ridge said if she wanted to review the fragrance projections, she'd just missed Ashley. Brooke said she would rather hear his thoughts on Ashley's projections about them. Ridge realized she'd overheard his and Ashley's conversation but refused to apologize for it. Brooke said Ridge shouldn't question her commitment to him. Ridge reminded Brooke he broke his engagement to Ashley because Brooke had promised him a complete commitment, free of Nick, but Brooke had yet to fulfill her promise.

Brooke asked Ridge not to force her to walk away from Jack, her biological son. Ridge said he was more worried about Nick being Jack's father and Brooke's heart still belonged to Nick. He asserted that all three of them-Nick, Brooke and Ridge-were aware of it. Brooke asked Ridge why he had begun to question their relationship and if he had been having second thoughts about leaving Ashley.

Taylor broke off the kiss and reminded Rick that Phoebe was in love with him. When Rick tried to talk to Taylor, she ran to her car, leaving him alone in the rain. Dripping wet, Rick walked back into the house as Phoebe ran to close the door. She thanked Rick for having supported her mother and being there for Taylor when nobody else was. Phoebe said she'd never stopped loving Rick, and wanted to show him how much she'd grown by giving him a night he would never forget.

Taylor showed up at a restaurant and sat at the bar, wondering to herself what she was doing falling for Rick. The bartender approached and offered her alcohol, which Taylor refused. She ordered sparkling water instead. She reminisced about kissing Rick while the host congratulated some newlyweds on their marriage. The waiters passed around complimentary glasses of champagne to everyone in the room, including Taylor, to toast the happy couple.

Taylor had been playing with her glass of champagne when her cell phone rang. She realized it was Rick and asked why he was calling her. Rick said he planned on telling Phoebe the truth about his feelings for Taylor. Taylor begged him not to and said she did not want to be the mother sleeping with her daughter's boyfriend. She said she loved Rick but loved Phoebe more and wanted to maintain her relationship with her daughter, then hung up on Rick. She sat back down at the bar and stared at the glass of champagne.

Over dinner, Phoebe said the meal she cooked was the same one they'd first had together. Rick said that while they'd had good times together, nothing could ever happen between them because they had both moved on and changed. Far from discouraged, Phoebe said she loved him, was always remind of him when she saw other couples, and felt there was "magic" between them. With thoughts of Taylor in his head, Rick said he knew what Phoebe meant. Phoebe caught Rick off-guard when she told him she was ready to prove to him how much she loved him by taking their relationship to the next level.

Phoebe walked into the living room and offered Rick a dessert of fortune cookies. Rick opened one and discovered they were leftover from the previous summer's "Boldface Challenge" with a fortune asking people to vote for him and Phoebe. Phoebe said she realized how much he'd loved her for trying to win the competition and she was ready to show him just how much she loved him. She moved closer, put her hand on his face, and kissed him.

Taylor walked into her bedroom to find a shirtless Rick sitting on her bed. She inquired about Phoebe's whereabouts and Rick said Phoebe had gotten called into work for a last-minute photo shoot. He said he loved Taylor, and begged her to make love to him so they could have an unforgettable night. He placed his hands on Taylor's face and drew her in for a kiss.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

At the Forrester Creations offices, Brooke professed her commitment to Ridge. She explained once again that she had a bond with her baby Jack and always would be tied to him emotionally. Brooke denied any feelings for Nick. She stated that her feelings for Jack would not interfere with their plans to remarry.

Ashley was surprised when Brooke appeared at the product development lab to have a chat with her about Ridge. Brooke arrogantly told Ashley that she and Ridge intended to go ahead with their plans to get married. Brooke warned Ashley that if she was planning to reunite with Ridge that it was not going to happen and Ashley would be hurt once again by Ridge.

Phoebe went to the Forrester Creations office for her photo shoot. Thorne and Ridge told her the shoot was canceled. Phoebe sent Rick a text message that she would be back to resume their romantic evening. Phoebe did not tell Ridge that she was once again becoming involved with Rick.

Later, Brooke entertained Ridge in his office when she showed him the sexy undergarment that she was wearing. Brooke was frustrated when Ridge got called away to a meeting with Ashley. When Storm arrived, Brooke asked him to help her with getting Ashley out of her life. Brooke explained that Ashley was in love with Ridge and was trying to steal him away from Brooke.

Meanwhile, back at Taylor's house, Taylor arrived back home to find Rick waiting for her in her bed. Taylor tried to explain to Rick that they could not be together as a couple because Phoebe still loved Rick. Phoebe came upstairs to Taylor's bedroom. Rick ran into the closet to hide. Phoebe told Taylor that she was still in love with Rick and wanted to resume her relationship with him. When Phoebe left the house, Taylor again explained to Rick that she could not be with him because she did not want to hurt Phoebe. Rick wouldn't accept that their relationship was over. As Taylor sat on the bed to talk to Rick about ending their relationship, Rick kissed Taylor and she could not resist him. Their emotions got out of control and they started to make love.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In Ashley's lab at Forrester Creations, Brooke had been reminiscing about her last conversations with Nick and Ridge when Storm walked in. Brooke said she wanted Storm to date Ashley as he was looking for someone in his life. Storm said he had no interest in Ashley but saw through Brooke's plan. Brooke had to confess that Ashley still wanted Ridge and Brooke hoped Storm could provide a distraction by dating her. Storm expressed concern about Ashley finding out that he shot Stephanie but Brooke reassured him it would not happen.

Ashley had walked into her lab and discovered Storm waiting for her. Storm said he had legal paperwork to go over with her and invited her to lunch. At first Ashley turned him down but then changed her mind and said a little lunch wouldn't kill her.

During their lunch date, Ashley and Storm made small talk, joking and laughing. She unknowingly made references to Storm as being "dangerous" because she did not know him well. Storm asked Ashley how she'd been doing after her engagement to Ridge had ended. Ashley said she'd moved on but there were other things that had happened like Stephanie getting shot. Storm looked uncomfortable while Ashley said the authorities hadn't caught the guy, and one had to be careful as there were a lot of demented people out there.

In Ridge's office, Stephanie walked in when he was blowing off steam. Stephanie asked what was wrong and Ridge said that Storm had still been working at Forrester Creations doing legal work for them. Stephanie said Eric probably kept Storm on to keep Donna happy, but Ridge said it was bad for the company because Storm Logan was dangerous. Stephanie said she wasn't comfortable having Storm anywhere near her. Ridge said he would not allow that to happen and furthermore, he didn't want Storm to be near anyone in the building. The venomous tone in his voice caught Stephanie off-guard as she just stared at Ridge.

After Stephanie had left, Brooke entered Ridge's office boasting about "someone's" lucky lunch date. She said Storm had taken a lucky lady from Forrester Creations to lunch. Angrily, Ridge said he didn't care who the lucky woman was, Brooke had to stop the date because Ridge didn't trust Storm. He said Storm could not socialize with any woman in the company as he was dangerous and Ridge had a responsibility to protect the company's employees. Brooke said Storm was getting help while Ridge believed Storm to be a loose cannon who could not be allowed to get near anyone.

Finishing lunch, Ashley thanked Storm and commented how much fun she'd had. Storm said he'd like to do it again and he would not take no for an answer. Ashley smiled as viewers heard Ridge's voice in the background saying "whoever Storm is with is in danger."

A rather psychotic Pam talked to her dog, Tiny, of the things she'd done to Donna. She said she was aware the "hot tamale" (Donna) had planned to seduce Eric at lunchtime. She picked up Eric's Viagra prescription and said that she had other ideas to make Donna's afternoon a "downer" instead.

Eric had returned to his office, caught Pam up on his afternoon meetings and said he had a change of plans for lunch so he'd be out of the office. After handing Eric a bottle of water, Pam went back to her desk. Donna had called Eric before he left and said she'd hoped he was well rested because she planned on giving him a preview of their honeymoon. Eric hung up, took out his Viagra, downed a pill, then left the office, while Pam smirked behind his back.

Donna called Eric's office again and Pam answered. Donna asked for Eric but Pam said he'd gone and let Donna know that she was a distraction because Eric should be working rather than out cavorting with her. Donna said she was Eric's inspiration and she fully expected him to return to the office inspired, if he returned at all. Pam said Donna appeared to have a lot of confidence in her abilities to inspire a man. Donna retorted that Pam had probably never even been on a date, so inspiring a man wasn't anything Pam would know about. Donna hung up.

Pam had grabbed Eric's prescription when Stephanie walked in and found her. Pam said she'd just been straightening up Eric's desk and informed Stephanie Eric was off with Donna. Stephanie asked Pam about Donna's recent run of bad luck and wasn't pleased when Pam confessed she had been behind it. Pam said Donna only had her confidence in her sexuality to keep Eric, and Pam had made sure there wouldn't be any sexual escapades for Donna and Eric at lunchtime. Stephanie rolled her eyes when Pam laughed and held up Eric's prescription as she realized Pam had messed with it.

Pam admitted she'd switched out Eric's Viagra with sleeping pills. Stephanie just stared at Pam in disbelief.

When Eric finally showed up, Donna asked what had taken him so long. Eric said traffic was a jungle and Donna said it was going to be a jungle inside as well as she kissed him. As she'd turned and looked in the mirror, Eric asked Donna if she was convinced Pam was behind everything that had happened to her. She said she was and Eric said that he was there to show her his passion had not changed by the "hue of her hair, the unfortunate stains of her teeth, which fortunately had been cleared up, or the wonderful color of her skin." After a brief kiss, Donna pulled away and said she had a preview of their honeymoon for him and made Eric promise not to go away as she ran into the bathroom. Eric removed his suit jacket and lay down on the bed, awaiting Donna's return.

Donna returned to the bedroom, dressed like a leopard, complete with ears, tail, and seductive lingerie. She crawled across the floor while talking about the hunter being hunted, then pounced on Eric only to discover he had fallen asleep, wasting all of her sexy dialogue. She asked if Eric was hibernating as he let out a loud snore. Donna wanted to know why her jungle seduction hadn't worked as Eric continued to snore.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

At Forrester, Ridge laid it on the line for Brooke that Storm was dangerous, and Ridge couldn't let Storm be involved with anyone at Forrester. Little did Ridge know that Brooke had encouraged Storm to take Ashley out to lunch. Brooke countered that her brother was getting help, and he deserved some happiness. Ridge insisted he didn't want anyone at Forrester to have anything to do with Storm.

Down in the lab, Ashley and Storm returned from their lunch date, and Ashley seemed very pleased and a bit smitten with Storm. When Storm left Ashley, he visited Brooke, and thanked her for pushing him to have lunch with Ashley. He told Brooke how much he and Ashley enjoyed the time together. An uncomfortable Brooke waffled about her encouragement of him asking Ashley out. She then told "Stormy" that maybe he should wait to date until he finished more therapy sessions. Storm freaked on her, and told her he knew Ridge was behind her latest change of heart. He couldn't believe she was telling him to slow down after she begged him to take Ashley out to keep Ashley away from Ridge. Brooke told Storm that Ridge should never find out that Brooke encouraged Storm to see Ashley. Brooke defended Ridge. Storm stormed out of her office in a rage that Ridge wanted to keep Ash in the wings just in case things didn't work out with Brooke. Meanwhile, back at the lab, Ridge walked in and sulked. Ashley detected Ridge was moody. She conjectured his mood was due to Brooke, but Ridge said he didn't want to talk about Brooke. He left the lab and ran into Storm. Ridge fumed that Storm was dangerous, and Ridge wanted Storm out of Forrester for good. Ridge fired Storm.

At the Honey Bear hideaway, Donna gave up on trying to awaken Eric who was snoring away thanks to Pam's "switcheroo." Pam placed sleeping pills in Eric's Viagra bottle. Donna left a sleeping Eric and returned to Forrester where she whined to Katie that Eric slept through her seduction, and maybe wasn't interested in her anymore. Nosy Pam overheard and threatened yet again that Donna would never become Mrs. Eric Forrester. Pam told Donna that Eric was slipping away, and that Donna's sex-capades wouldn't work anymore. Donna warned Pam that if she had anything to do with Eric's sleeping problem, Forrester would fire Pam. The banter continued until crazy Pam altered the Wicked Witch of the West's line from "The Wizard of Oz." She said, "I'll get you my pretty-me and my little dog, too." Pam left, and Donna told Katie it was time to play dirty.

Crazy Pam told Stephanie what she did with the Viagra, and offered the key to the Honey Bear hideaway to Stephanie. She told Stephanie to talk some sense into her husband. Stephanie obeyed Pam, and went to the hideaway after Donna left. Steph sat on the bed waiting for Eric to awaken. When he saw Stephanie, he knew she was up to something. Stephanie told him she thought Donna was just another inspiration that would fade like all the others. Stephanie told Eric that when she was shot and lying in the hospital, she knew Eric had love and concern for her. She refused to believe those feelings had disappeared, and she held out hope they would get back together.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Rick stopped by Taylor's to support her visit with Jack and because he knew Phoebe wasn't home. Taylor said nothing could happen between them, and Rick said he would respect her feelings if she didn't want a relationship with him, but he could not turn his feelings off that quickly. He changed the conversation and said he wanted to be there to make sure Nick allowed Taylor to have Jack for an overnight visit and encouraged her to call him.

Taylor called Nick to ask to visit with Jack. Nick said she'd be able to visit with him at his house. She said she wanted him overnight but when Nick hesitated, Taylor reminded him that the judge left visitation to his discretion. She assured him she wasn't drinking, her house was safe and she would call him regularly with reports. Nick agreed to the overnight and hung up. Taylor threw her arms around Rick and thanked him for supporting her. When Rick asked to ride along with Taylor to get the baby, she was reluctant at first but finally gave in.

At the hospital, Bridget dropped her purse, causing a few items to fall out. She bent down and picked up an old photo of her and Nick and reminisced about him, prompting her to call him. When Nick answered, he assumed it was Taylor again and joked with Bridget at his mistake. Bridget offered to swing by after work and help Nick with Jack but he informed her that Jack would be spending the night with Taylor. Bridget attempted to say something else but Nick's doorbell rang so he said he'd get back to her. As Bridget went to put the photo back in her wallet, she envisioned a romantic evening with Nick filled with candles, music, dancing, and ending in a marriage proposal.

Nick opened the door and Brooke stormed in asking him how long he thought it would take her to get the news. When Nick said, "What now?", Brooke asked how Nick could have taken up with her daughter again and if he was aware of how much it hurt her. Nick said Brooke could have had him but she walked away, and then he asked how the wedding planning was going. He laughed when Brooke admitted that she and Ridge had issues to deal with first. She asked to see Jack because she'd brought a gift for him. Nick asked how "Cliff" (referring to Ridge) felt about it. Brooke said Ridge didn't want her around Nick and Jack, but she believed he'd soften up. She asked about seeing Jack, and Nick informed her Jack was upstairs and Taylor was taking him overnight. Furious, Brooke said Taylor was unstable and Nick could not allow the overnight to happen.

Nick defended Taylor and the strides she'd made since the custody hearing. Brooke said Taylor was a good mother when stable, but felt Taylor was still unstable. When Nick pressed for more information, Brooke said Taylor was romantically involved with Rick. As Nick digested this news, the doorbell rang announcing Taylor's arrival.

Taylor walked in, remained courteous to Brooke, and told Nick she'd just head upstairs to get Jack and leave. Nick said he'd had a change of heart and Taylor could visit with Jack at his house for a few hours but could not take him overnight. Confused, Taylor asked what had changed and then realized it had to do with Brooke, which Nick confirmed when he inquired about Taylor's relationship with Rick. Taylor turned on Brooke and asked her whether or not she'd done enough already to ruin Taylor's life. Taylor pleaded with Nick to give her the one night he'd promised her with Jack. Torn, Nick kept looking back and forth between both women.

Taylor and Brooke argued about Taylor taking Jack. Nick reminded Taylor that Rick had been previously involved with her daughter, while Taylor countered that he'd been with Brooke's daughter not long ago, either, so he had no right to judge Taylor. When Brooke began to speak, Taylor said Brooke had no say since she'd signed off on her rights to Jack long ago. Taylor planned on leaving with her son. Brooke forced her way in front of Taylor, blocking the way up the stairs. Brooke unleashed her anger on Taylor when she said what Taylor was doing with Rick was sick. Brooke accused Taylor of being a woman in crisis and incapable of taking care of a baby. Taylor warned Brooke she had treaded into dangerous territory getting between Taylor and her son, then turned to Nick and pleaded with him to let her take Jack home with her. Rather than responding, Nick just looked at an angry Brooke and then at a heartbroken Taylor.

Ridge and Storm faced off outside Ashley's office. Ridge said Forrester Creations had hired a new firm to represent them in the new fragrance line so Storm's services were no longer needed. Storm said last he'd heard Eric was running the company so he would wait to hear the news from him. Ridge exercised the use of the family name by firing Storm and told him to get out of the building. Ashley poked her head out of her office and asked what was going on. As the two men continued to glare at each other, Ridge said there was nothing for her to worry about.

Ashley noticed the "BeLieF" legal papers torn up on the floor and asked what happened. Storm smirked and said Ridge had a problem with them. Ashley was surprised because while she knew the papers weren't complete she felt they were on the right track. Ridge hadn't realized Ashley had seen them and she said she'd gone over them at lunch with Storm. She excused herself to attend a meeting and told the men to behave. Ridge warned Storm to stay away from Ashley then walked into Ashley's lab. Storm followed Ridge and said Ridge had no right telling him who he could or couldn't see. Ridge said he knew what kind of man Storm was so that gave Ridge every right. Storm casually walked up to Ridge and said he had visions of Shane McGrath (the man Ridge had shot and killed, then tried to frame his half-brother for), and that everyone had done things they weren't proud of. Ridge said Storm had to stay away from Hope and RJ because he did not want Storm near them or Ashley. Both men continued to taunt one another until Ridge ended it when he punched Storm, then pinned him to the floor. Ridge said Storm was fired and had one minute to get out of the building before security came to haul him out, then stormed out of the lab.

Storm picked himself up off the floor and pulled himself together when he heard Ashley had returned. She asked if he needed anything so Storm invited her out to dinner. Ashley accepted as her phone began to ring, so she excused herself to get it. Storm said to himself that Ridge couldn't tell him what to do.

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