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Monday, April 7, 2008

Phoebe stopped by to visit with Ashley. Phoebe informed Ashley that she was trying to rekindle her relationship with Rick. She asked Ashley if there was anything going on with her and Rick and Ashley replied no. Phoebe admitted she'd tried dating other guys but after watching Rick with Taylor, Phoebe realized she still wanted to be with him. The two women chatted about their love lives or lack thereof. Phoebe said she had been keeping an eye on her father and felt that he was always dodging a bullet with Brooke. She said he didn't seem happy but believed the only time Ridge had been happy was when he was with Ashley.

At Nick's, Taylor continued to plead with him to allow her to take Jack home for the night. Rick had come in and said Nick had promised Taylor one night with Jack. Brooke wasn't happy to find that Rick had come with Taylor. Nick agreed with Brooke and asked Taylor what she was thinking. Rick said Nick had no room to talk as he was dating Rick's younger sister, Bridget. Nick said the two relationships didn't compare because he'd been married to Bridget once. Rick said once upon a time Nick had been in love with Taylor so he knew what kind of woman she was. He said if Nick was half the man Rick knew he was, he'd allow Taylor one night with her son.

Nick said he wanted what was best for Jack but sided with Brooke about Taylor's involvement with Rick. Taylor said she was Jack's mother; she was what was best for him. She said she didn't understand why she couldn't have support from the only person who was giving it to her. Taylor said she and Rick had genuine feelings for one another, that not all relationships with such feelings were sexual. Brooke said what Taylor had with her son was sick and ordered Taylor to leave the house without Jack and Rick or she would call the cops. Rick said to go ahead and call the police because he would be arrested as an accomplice for driving the "getaway" car. Nick yelled for everyone to stop, said things were getting ridiculous, then asked Brooke to step aside so Taylor could go upstairs to get Jack. Brooke hesitated but finally moved out of Taylor's way.

After Taylor had gone upstairs, Brooke asked Rick why he was supporting Taylor. Rick apologized to Brooke and said someone had to understand what Taylor was going through and what she needed. Taylor came downstairs with Jack, informed Brooke that Jack would be fine and then thanked Nick. Taylor, Jack, and Rick left while Nick watched Brooke cry.

Brooke demanded to know why Nick let Taylor take Jack and wondered why he wasn't worried. Nick said he wasn't concerned; Jack was safe with his mother. When Brooke had continued to express doubts about Taylor, Nick stopped her and said she had no rights as far as Jack was concerned. Brooke asked Nick if it was because she was "only" the biological mother or the egg donor. Nick said he didn't see her as just Jack's egg donor, he had wanted all of Brooke but she chose to walk out. She said she didn't walk out on Jack. Nick said he was done talking to her-she had to leave. Brooke pleaded with him and Nick said his door was closed to her. He had wanted a family with himself, Jack, and Brooke but she walked out. Brooke said leaving him had been the hardest thing she ever had to do, but they shared a child together and it was a connection that could never be broken.

Taylor returned home and showed Jack where his toys where. She said she was thrilled to have him home where he belonged and realized she had been missing too many of the changes in his life. She and Rick laughed when Jack blew raspberries. Taylor thanked Rick for being there and supporting her. Rick said he felt he and Taylor were a team. Taylor said she couldn't believe he'd stood up to his mother, and Rick replied that watching Taylor with Jack made it all worthwhile. Taylor thanked him for being there for her through everything.

Rick reminded Taylor that having Jack was temporary and she asked him to just allow her to live in the moment. Rick said it felt right to watch her with Jack and he was going to help her fight Brooke and Nick for custody. He said he loved her, that the three of them could be a family, and that it was what he wanted. He placed his hand on her cheek and drew her in for a kiss.

In his office, Ridge contacted security to have them remove Storm from the premises and let them know Storm had been fired. Bridget stopped by to visit and asked Ridge if he had good news. Ridge knew she was wondering if he'd set a wedding date with Brooke and said he'd love nothing more than to marry Brooke, but things were complicated. Bridget said they shouldn't be as she was spending so much time with Nick.

Bridget said she understood Ridge's hesitation, but his inability to move forward stopped other relationships from moving forward as well. Ridge said with Jack in the picture, it complicated things. She said everyone just needed closure and if he married Brooke, they would all have it. She also said she was the one who made the stupid mistake in the lab, and if it hadn't happened, Brooke and Ridge would have married months earlier and things would be different for everyone.

Ridge spoke frankly with Bridget. He said he'd been around the block and wanted to go into this with his eyes wide open. He said Bridget's marriage to Nick didn't work due to Nick's feelings for Brooke, and his relationship with Brooke wouldn't work because of Brooke's feelings for Nick and Jack. Bridget said Brooke assured her she didn't have feelings for Nick. Ridge said Bridget needed to open her eyes because Brooke's being Jack's biological mother was drawing her into a relationship with Nick. When Bridget inquired what Ridge was trying to tell her, he said for her to be careful going into a relationship with Nick because it could be the biggest mistake she had ever made. Ridge said he'd rather lose Brooke before he married her rather than after, and Bridget admitted that Nick had made no promises or commitments to her. Ridge said Bridget was a wonderful woman who deserved a man who loved her completely.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

After Rick brought food to Taylor and her baby, she expressed to Rick how appreciative she was for his assistance in convincing Nick to allow her to have an overnight visit with Jack. Later, when Nick called to check on Taylor, he agreed with Rick to extend the overnight visit a few more hours. Rick told Taylor that he wanted to protect her and share his life with her. Rick commented that he didn't want Taylor to avoid a relationship with him for Phoebe's sake. He also did not want excuses such as his younger age or the fact that Brooke was his mother to prevent a relationship between him and Taylor. Rick proclaimed that Taylor would have the perfect relationship with him. Taylor told Rick that he was making himself very difficult for her to resist because he was so good for her.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke told Ridge that Taylor was very unstable. Ridge questioned why Brooke was at Nick's home the previous night. Brooke explained that she was concerned for Jack's well-being. Brooke asked Ridge to realize that she had a connection to Jack and always would. Brooke told Ridge she wanted to have a life with him.

At Nick's home, Katie asked Nick to stop dating Bridget. Katie knew that Nick did not share the strong feelings that Bridget had for him. Nick explained to Katie that he was recently divorced and was playing the field. Nick explained that he was acting on his impulses. Nick made fun of Katie for being so serious. Nick told Katie she didn't act on her urges. Katie decided to show Nick that he was wrong about her and she impulsively kissed him.

When Phoebe came home from school unexpectedly, she was surprised to find Rick with Taylor. She thanked Rick for being supportive to Taylor. She announced to Taylor and Rick that Constantine had invited her on his concert tour during her school vacation. She asked Rick if he approved of her being with Constantine on the tour. She also invited Rick to attend with her. Rick politely declined Phoebe's invitation. While Phoebe and Rick were still there, Ridge and Brooke paid Taylor an unexpected visit. Phoebe told Ridge of Constantine's invitation. She also mentioned that she was resuming her relationship with Rick. Ridge realized that Phoebe was still interested in Rick. After Phoebe left, Ridge and Brooke lambasted Taylor for her sick behavior. Brooke repeated over and over to Rick that Taylor was using him. Ridge and Brooke both described Taylor's behavior as sick and unstable. They both agreed that Taylor did not have a home stable enough for a baby. Ridge and Brooke decided that they were going to bring the baby back to Nick's house until Rick intervened on Taylor's behalf and stopped them. Brooke was infuriated with Rick's support of Taylor. Brooke warned Taylor and Rick that she would put a stop to their relationship.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nick and Katie had broken off their kiss. The realization of what had just transpired dawned on Katie and she freaked out on Nick. She asked him how he could have made her do that. Katie ranted and raved that no matter how good the kiss had been it was wrong. She blamed Nick for telling her to act on her impulses and said she would never follow them again.

Nick had offered Katie water since she looked flustered. Katie declined and hurriedly grabbed her purse, knocking over an expensive glass in the process. Embarrassed, she couldn't get out the door fast enough and nearly ran into Bridget. Bridget asked why Katie was there and Katie said she'd stopped to give Nick a message. Bridget asked what the message was and Katie said it was about Jack but since Jack had gone to Taylor's, it didn't matter anyway. Nick explained to Bridget how Jack ended up at Taylor's.

Bridget said goodbye to Katie and told Nick she'd meet him upstairs. After Bridget had gone upstairs, Katie begged Nick not to tell Bridget about their kiss. Nick said he had to be honest about his feelings because his heart was not in the same place as Bridget's. Nick said Bridget would not get what she needed from him. Katie hurried out the door, but didn't close it, as Bridget called down for Nick. After Bridget reached the banister, she asked Nick if something was wrong. Nick looked towards the door, where Katie stood on the other side out of Bridget's view.

Bridget had come down the stairs and asked what had been wrong with Katie. Nick said he didn't know. After she'd expressed concern about Katie, Bridget said she'd taken the rest of the day off so she could come home and focus on Nick. She kissed and hugged him as Katie listened from the other side of the door. Bridget realized something was wrong with Nick and asked him about it. Nick said he loved Bridget, but the relationship wasn't working. She asked him if there was another woman and before he could explain, she lashed out at him. Bridget said she would not be there if it hadn't been for "her" (giving no indication who "her" was) and she was sorry she had gotten involved with him again.

At Taylor's, Brooke flipped out over Taylor's declaration of love to Rick. Rick said he was grown-up and Brooke could not tell him what to do any longer. Ridge said Rick needed to step back and think because Phoebe had just expressed her feelings about Rick and, at the same time, he was involved with her mother. Rick said it was a funny thing about feelings because they had a mind of their own and couldn't be controlled. Brooke said they could control who they hurt and Phoebe would be devastated when she found out. Taylor sarcastically asked Brooke if she was an expert, as Brooke had slept with both of her daughter's husbands. Ridge said there was a situation going on and Taylor didn't need to make things worse.

Brooke said Jack shouldn't have been there and she and Ridge would bring him back to Nick. Taylor said neither of them had a say in what happened with Jack. Brooke reminded Taylor that the judge ordered Taylor's visits to be supervised. Rick said Taylor had Nick's permission to have Jack at her house. Taylor said Brooke had been concerned that she wouldn't bond with Jack and now that Taylor was, Brooke was trying to take him away. Taylor said for Brooke and Ridge to walk out her door and have a great life.

Ridge and Brooke remained united in their stand against Taylor and Rick's relationship. Brooke said she loved Rick-he was her first-born son-and made one last plea for him to not get involved with Taylor. Rick said it was what he wanted and if it turned out to be a mistake, it was his to make. Brooke kissed him on the cheek and left with Ridge. Taylor hugged Rick and thanked him for standing by her while Rick gazed at the door his mother had just walked out of.

Rick had been admiring Taylor from across the room and said she looked like a woman in love. Taylor said how much fun it had been to shock Ridge and Brooke. Rick asked if Taylor really did love him or just wanted to stick it to Brooke. She said she meant it when she said she loved him, but made no promises to him for the future. They embraced briefly before Rick went up to get a fussy Jack from his crib.

Sitting on the couch, Taylor held and talked to Jack. She asked Rick if he believed she'd regain custody. Rick said he would help her fight and, without a doubt, she would regain her rights to Jack. He drew Taylor to him as the three of them snuggled together on the couch.

Brooke and Ridge returned to his office. Ridge embraced Brooke as she cried and asked Ridge why Rick had lashed out at her. Ridge said sooner or later Taylor would realize there was no future in her relationship with Rick. Ridge gave Brooke some hope that Rick would come to his senses, then left to attend a meeting. After he left, Brooke called Storm and left him a voicemail expressing her concern for Jack's safety. After she hung up, she grabbed her purse and ran out the door.

Brooke showed up at Taylor's because she hadn't felt right about the way things had been left. When she discovered Taylor was alone with the baby, Brooke expressed concern. Taylor said Brooke needn't concern herself with Taylor's son. Brooke said it was her blood running through Jack's veins and Taylor demanded she never make that statement again. Brooke said she only cared for Jack and his well-being and Taylor said she knew that. Brooke asked Taylor to leave Rick alone. Taylor asked Brooke to leave their history behind and allow her and Rick to see where their relationship was headed. Brooke said she had one word for Taylor's relationship-disgusting. They argued about Jack, and Brooke said until Taylor let go of Rick, Brooke would see that Taylor didn't regain her rights to Jack. Brooke stormed out the door while Taylor sat down, clutched Jack's teddy bear, and cried.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bridget freaked out on Nick while Aunt Katie was eavesdropping at the door. Bridget claimed that she loved Nick so much. Then, she yelled that she had been stupid again. She believed he could love her, but she felt she screwed up because Nick was still stuck on her mother. Nick set Bridget straight that Brooke had nothing to do with his feelings. He admitted that he was confused and he loved Bridget, but he couldn't give her what she wanted at that point. He felt things had moved too quickly for him. He wasn't even divorced yet. Bridget believed he was scared. She said she still wanted to help him out with Jack. She kissed him and left.

Later at Forrester, Bridget whined to Katie that Nick appeared to have cold feet in their relationship. Bridget quizzed Katie if there was another woman involved. Bridget suspected it was Brooke. Katie defended Brooke, and said Nick was not involved with Brooke. Bridget thanked Katie for being so supportive and for always being there when Bridget needed someone. Bridget believed Nick was just nervous. Katie looked guilty.

Katie raced over to Nick's house. She told him she felt guilty about kissing him the day before. She blabbered on about how they had to tell Bridget that Katie and Nick had kissed. Katie whined about her interference and her own big mouth. She wished she had stayed out of his relationship with Bridget. Nick admitted he had moved too quickly into a relationship with Bridget, but Bridget had been there when he needed someone. Tears started flowing for Katie and she said she knew Bridget was in love with Nick. Bridget was convinced something was wrong, and Bridget knew he was involved with another woman. Katie talked a mile a minute about how she couldn't do it. She knew she was making too much of a kiss, but she couldn't handle the fact that she had kissed him. Nick hugged her and comforted her. Meanwhile, it was Bridget's turn to eavesdrop. She overheard the end of their conversation as she walked in the door. "What's going on?" Bridget asked.

In Brooke's office, she couldn't believe that Ridge had fired Storm. Brooke said she would straighten things out with Ridge, but Storm claimed that he didn't think it would work since Ridge was adamant that Storm should not be permitted near anyone at Forrester-especially Ashley. Brooke whined that she needed Storm. She begged Storm to help her become a part of Jack's life. Brooke regretted signing away her parental rights. Brooke insisted she wanted to play a role in her son's life, and Storm had to find a way for her to get legally involved because Brooke was so concerned that Taylor would be drinking and not taking care of Jack. Storm told Brooke she needed to confide in Nick. She should not make this a Brooke versus Taylor battle to be a mom to Jack. Storm suggested Nick, Brooke, and Taylor calmly find a peaceful way to all be parents to Jack without turning it into a court case. He remembered that everyone had been concerned about Taylor for the previous few months, and Brooke pointed out that she was tired of everyone being concerned about Taylor. No one was concerned about Brooke's feelings.

At Taylor's place, Rick entered to find Taylor crying after the Brooke hurricane left. Taylor said that Brooke had returned after Rick and Ridge left earlier. Brooke threatened Taylor that if Taylor fought for custody of Jack and kept up her relationship with Rick that Brooke would find a way to stop her. Brooke warned that she would take Jack away from Taylor. Upset and crying, Taylor ranted that Brooke always ruined Taylor's happiness. Rick said he would walk out of Taylor's life if it would improve her chances of getting Jack back. Taylor said she wanted Rick in her life. Rick said Taylor needed protection from his mom. Taylor cried that Rick was stuck in the middle. Rick reminded Taylor that she was Jack's mother, and he hugged her.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Katie had cried on Nick's shoulder and questioned why she got involved in the whole Nick/Bridget situation. Bridget walked in on them and asked what was going on. Katie said she felt she was getting too attached to Jack so she came over to tell Nick she couldn't babysit for him anymore. Bridget didn't know what to make of it and said she felt like she was missing something. Nick said Bridget hadn't missed anything, everything was exactly as he and Katie said.

Bridget apologized and said she came back to finish her and Nick's conversation. She said she loved Nick very much and if he wanted to take things slow or not be intimate, she was fine with that. She said she would fight anyone or anything that got in their way. She said she knew he loved her and he admitted he did. Bridget said maybe they could have the family they had wanted like the last time they were together. She said Nick needed stability and she could provide that for him and Jack. Katie stepped in and said Jack was lucky to have Bridget in his life. Bridget said she felt a bond with him and assumed it was because of all that had happened with his conception and birth. They heard Jack fuss so Bridget went up to settle him down.

Katie said Bridget was acting weird and wondered if she suspected anything. She said she planned on telling Bridget about the kiss when Bridget returned. Katie continued to fret about whether or not Bridget knew about their kiss but Nick didn't take her seriously. Nick said telling Bridget they kissed wasn't the truth because the truth was Katie had kissed Nick. Katie let out a loud sigh and rolled her eyes. Katie admitted she initiated the kiss, but only after Nick's conversation about acting on impulses. Katie said she was feeling ill and while Nick was talking her through it, Bridget walked down the stairs.

Bridget said she'd gotten Jack settled again and Nick thanked her. Bridget asked if Katie was okay and if she could help. Katie said not really. Nick's answered his phone as it rang; it was Jackie who had pulled in and needed his help unloading stuff from her car. Nick excused himself and left the two women alone to talk. As soon as he shut the door, Bridget demanded to know from Katie what was going on. They went into the den and Katie admitted that she'd kissed Nick. Bridget demanded to know if Katie had feelings for Nick.

Ridge and Brooke talked about Taylor and Rick's relationship. Ridge said he was worried about when Phoebe found out the truth. Brooke said she would take care of the Taylor situation. He said he didn't think it was a good idea. Ridge's choice of words allowed Brooke to confront him about firing Storm. She said Storm was getting help but Ridge felt Storm was still a danger to himself and people around him. He asked why Brooke didn't tell him Storm was seeing Ashley.

Brooke said she didn't see any reason in alarming Ridge. She said it wasn't like they were on a date and Ridge wanted to know if Brooke knew that Storm's interest wasn't just purely professional. Brooke didn't respond so Ridge left to warn Ashley for her own safety.

During their dinner date, Storm revealed what he knew about Ashley. She joked that he knew all her skeletons and asked about his. Storm tried to pour her more wine, but Ashley said not to give her wine-she wanted to hear some about his skeletons. Storm said a while back he had done something scandalous that would shock people and downplayed that he had invited Ashley to lunch on a fictitious ploy. He asked if it could lead to something and Ashley asked if she could trust him or if she should call the authorities. They both chuckled but Storm looked uncomfortable. Ashley thanked Storm for dinner. He tried to get her to dance but she said it had been a long day. Storm walked away to pay the bill, leaving Ashley alone.

Ridge showed up the restaurant and joined Ashley at the table. He said her assistant had told him how to find her. Ridge said she had to know what kind of man her dinner partner was and what he was capable of. Ashley asked what he meant and Ridge said Storm was responsible for shooting Stephanie. Ashley didn't believe Ridge at first but he shared the details with her. Ridge encouraged her to end things with Storm before they started. Storm had been standing behind a plant, watching Ridge and Ashley talking. Ridge said Ashley wasn't in any danger but needed to end things. He said he'd see her at work and left. Ashley began to process the information as Storm watched her from across the room.

The elevator arrived and when Ridge went to get on it, Storm approached him. He demanded to know what Ridge had told Ashley. Ridge said he hadn't wanted to cause problems for Storm. Storm wanted to know if Ridge said anything about the shooting but Ridge didn't answer him. Storm said he hoped Ridge hadn't said anything because Storm cared about Ashley. Storm walked away. Ridge followed Storm back into the dining room and watched as Storm signed the bill. Ridge said to himself that Storm wasn't well and Ashley was in danger. Storm looked up and glared at Ridge.

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