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Monday, April 21, 2008

At the Forrester Mansion, Eric, Stephanie, and Thorne got together for a memorial service for Pam's Doberman, Tiny. Pam joined them and thanked Stephanie for throwing together the memorial. Pam looked at Eric and said maybe his eyes would be open now to see what kind of woman Donna was for killing an innocent dog.

Thorne gave a brief eulogy for Tiny. Pam shared some of her favorite memories of Tiny. Stephanie comforted Pam when she broke down in tears. Pam excused herself and went inside. Thorne expressed concern for how Pam was dealing with the loss. Stephanie said Pam was taking it hard but they needed to keep an eye on Pam and make sure she took her medication. Donna showed up with a bouquet of flowers, apologizing for being late. Stephanie asked what she was doing there. Donna said she stopped by to pay her respects. Thorne and Stephanie blamed Donna for killing Tiny. Pam returned while Donna tried to defend herself. Donna tried to hand Pam flowers but Pam pushed them to the ground. Pam said, "My sweet puppy did more for this world than you ever will."

Donna handed Pam a framed picture of Tiny and Pam, but Pam refused it. Pam said for Donna to keep it to remember the innocent dog she'd murdered. Pam left to go inside with Stephanie, and Thorne following. Eric consoled Donna as she began to cry. Donna said she would never hurt an innocent animal. Donna told Eric she was afraid for her life after the way Pam looked at her. Donna worried that Pam would seek revenge while Eric dismissed Donna's fears. As Eric pulled Donna into an embrace, Pam came back and glared at Donna.

Alone, Donna sat by Tiny's graveside and placed the flowers and picture she'd brought. Pam returned, and Donna stood and once again tried to apologize. Pam continued to blame Donna for Tiny's death and said Donna had taken not a pet but Pam's baby from her.

At the courthouse, Brooke walked into the courtroom and saw Nick and Katie. Katie and Brooke exchanged a few words while Nick was busy with paperwork. Nick turned around and Brooke said that he needed to tell the truth, that Taylor wasn't a fit parent and Nick should retain sole custody. Nick said that would be cutting Taylor out of Jack's life, but Brooke didn't care. Brooke said Taylor didn't have very good judgment, especially considering her new boyfriend.

Taylor and Rick arrived at the courthouse. Taylor said she hadn't given Rick an answer to his proposal yet. She said she needed to focus on regaining custody of Jack, and also worried about Phoebe's feelings. Rick said he hadn't expected an answer yet but he was patient. They walked into the courtroom and spotted Brooke. Angry, Rick said Brooke shouldn't be there. Brooke said she needed to be there to protect both of her sons. Taylor shook her head in disgust.

Rick said Brooke didn't belong in the courtroom, and Brooke said Rick didn't belong there. Rick said he was there to support Taylor while Brooke said she was there to see that Jack was kept out of harm's way. Taylor said Brooke would not keep Taylor from her son any longer.

The judge entered the courtroom and was pleased to discover both Nick and Taylor had shown up without counsel. The judge felt it was a good sign that the parents were willing to work things out. He reviewed Taylor's evaluation and the existing custody arrangement, and said he knew what he needed to do.

The judge questioned Nick as to how Jack was doing. Nick said Jack was thriving and surrounded by a lot of people who loved him. The judge asked about Taylor's visits. Nick said Taylor saw Jack all the time and felt her visits were positive. Surprised at Nick's testimony, Brooke looked at Taylor who, in return, grinned at Brooke. Nick continued to sing Taylor's praises as a mother and said he had no problem sharing joint custody with her. The judge said he had all he needed to make his ruling, but Brooke stood. She said she was Jack's biological mother and needed to be heard.

Taylor stood and argued that Brooke had signed away her rights and had no cause to be heard. The judge agreed to hear Brooke out anyway. Brooke said she loved Jack and had bonded with him right away. She said things weren't supposed to turn out the way they had, but it was too late to change things. She said Taylor was mentally unstable, but the judge pointed out Taylor had passed her evaluation. Brooke said Taylor had fooled the psychiatrist because of her sick relationship with Brooke's son. She explained Taylor and Rick's relationship and told the judge she felt it was "an eye for an eye." Taylor stood up and disagreed, but Brooke was adamant it was true. Brooke said Taylor was a sick, sick woman and that precious little baby should not be in Taylor's care.

Rick stood up said he'd heard enough. He said his relationship with Taylor was not what Brooke had described. He said it started out as his supporting Taylor and they fell in love. He then confessed they were engaged to be married. Brooke gasped in horror while Nick looked away and Katie raised her eyebrows.

Rick said he'd assumed Brooke would be supportive of their engagement because it meant he would be there all the time. Devastated by Rick's news, Brooke gave one last plea to the judge. Taylor stood and said she was being attacked because Brooke despised Taylor's relationship with Rick. Taylor said she'd done everything the court had asked and begged the judge to reunite her with Jack. The judge said he'd heard enough and called a brief recess while he made his ruling.

Brooke walked to the back of the courtroom in tears. Nick joined Katie while Taylor and Rick held hands and chatted. Rick and Taylor turned and stared at Brooke, with just a hint of a grin on Taylor's face. With tears in her eyes, Brooke could do nothing but watch.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

At the courthouse, the judge returned to the bench to notify Taylor and Nick of his decision. Brooke told the judge that Taylor was displaying instability by having a relationship with Brooke's son for revenge. He commented that he did not think that Rick would pose a threat to Jack as Brooke had insinuated. The judge concluded that Rick's presence in Taylor's life had helped to stabilize her.

The judge acknowledged that Brooke had no standing with Jack and that her opinions had no bearing on his decision. The judge concurred with the results of Taylor's psychiatric evaluation that she had stabilized. The judge changed the custody back to joint custody between Nick and Taylor. Taylor thanked Rick for his help and support in re-obtaining custody of Jack.

After the hearing, Brooke approached Taylor. Brooke admitted to Taylor that in her head, she understood that she was not Jack's mother, but that in her heart, she loved Jack and needed to have contact with him. Brooke attempted to appeal to Taylor as a mother. Taylor insisted that Brooke ask Nick about contact with Jack. Brooke then demanded that Taylor end her relationship with Rick. Brooke reasoned that Taylor had her son back, so Taylor should let Brooke's son go. Taylor informed Brooke that she was not using Rick. Brooke bluntly asked Taylor if she and Rick had had sex. Taylor gave Brooke an answer and told her that they had not had sex-yet. Rick overheard some of what Brooke said to Taylor. Rick asked Taylor if she was going to listen to Brooke or him, the man who loved her.

At the Forrester Creations lab, Ashley was surprised and worried to find Storm waiting for her. Storm gave Ashley a pair of pearl earrings with an apology. Ashley asked Storm if he had done something wrong. Storm commented that he must have done something wrong because Ashley had not returned his phone calls. Ashley would not accept Storm's gift. Storm questioned Ashley about what she and Ridge had discussed at the Café Rouse the evening of her and Storm's date. Ashley stuck to her story that she and Ridge discussed business. Storm questioned if Ashley lied to him about what she and Ridge had discussed. Storm then left after Katie called him to draw up the custody papers for Jack.

Later at Nick's house, Katie supported Nick. He voiced disappointment that Jack would not be living with both of his parents. Katie explained that the three of them were a family, even if they did not live together. Storm arrived at Nick's house to draw up the legal papers for custody of Jack. Storm told Katie that he had feelings for Ashley. Storm mentioned that he had never felt for a woman the way he felt for Ashley. He commented that if Ridge could end his interference that he and Ashley could have a relationship. Before Nick came back downstairs, he overheard Storm mention that he shot Stephanie.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In the courtroom, Rick yelled at Brooke for undermining his relationship with Taylor. He told Taylor not to listen to his mother about marrying him and said he loved her. Taylor said she'd just gotten custody of her baby back and wanted to focus on that. She said she didn't want to ruin the day by arguing with his mother and suggested they leave. When Rick said they should pick up Jack together, Taylor told him she wanted to do it alone. As they were leaving, Taylor told Brooke to think about what Taylor had said-for Brooke to focus on her own family and get her priorities straight.

Back home, Brooke was deep in thought when Ridge approached her. He asked if she'd been to court and she said she had, filling him in on what happened. Ridge said he was happy Taylor had gotten her son back, and the courts knew what they were doing. Brooke said she wanted to still see Jack and be a part of his life. Ridge offered to speak to Taylor on her behalf and figured Taylor would want company because she had the house to herself. Brooke said Taylor wouldn't be living alone with Jack because Taylor was engaged to Rick. Ridge didn't believe it until Brooke said Rick had announced it to the court. Ridge said it had to be a ploy for the courts, there was no way Taylor would accept Rick's marriage proposal.

Ridge struggled to understand the relationship between Taylor and Rick. He said Phoebe would be devastated to learn of their relationship. He said it would tear Taylor and Phoebe apart and Taylor was too good of a mother for that. Brooke said if Taylor was going to be a mother to Jack, she needed to make wise, healthy choices, and marrying Rick wasn't one of them. With tears streaming down her face, Brooke said Rick always wanted to protect the woman in his life. Ridge tried to reassure Brooke that nothing would come of the engagement as he pulled her into an embrace.

Nick stood by his patio looking pensive. Katie asked what was wrong and Nick admitted he'd heard Storm's confession and demanded to know if it was true. She confirmed it and begged Nick not to tell anyone. He said he wondered what Ashley would do if she knew. Katie said it was her family's secret and asked him to keep it. Their conversation was interrupted when Taylor arrived to pick up Jack.

Katie went upstairs to get Jack while Taylor and Nick talked. Taylor asked about visitation arrangements and Nick said they could worry about it at a later date. He said he'd never meant to keep Jack from her; he just had to do what was right for the boy. He then inquired about Taylor's intentions towards Rick. She said she didn't know but whatever she did wouldn't be detrimental to Jack. They embraced while Taylor apologized for how their marriage ended. Nick said they had a big job-to raise Jack and be parents. She said they'd raise him together but in separate homes. Katie came downstairs with Jack and handed him to Taylor. She stood by Nick and they watched Taylor with Jack.

After Taylor left, Nick and Katie resumed their conversation. Katie defended Storm and said he was getting help. Nick was upset that Storm had shot Stephanie and wondered how Ashley would take the news. She said Stephanie had dropped the charges, giving Storm a second chance. She told Nick that Storm would never hurt anyone he cared about.

Taylor arrived home with Jack. Rick greeted them with a welcome home sign, confetti, and a horn blower. She walked up to him. They smiled and kissed. Smiling, Taylor sat on the couch with Jack. She told Rick how happy she was and said she felt at peace. Rick said he was happy for the three of them, that they could be together. She said she didn't know how she would have gotten through it without him. He replied that she'd have done it with or without him. Taylor said she was thrilled to not have Brooke hanging over her head. Rick laughed and said nobody intimidated Brooke the way Taylor did, other than Stephanie. He said Taylor had love, compassion, and respect for people. Taylor smirked and said "Saint Taylor, right?" She told him she was far from perfect and Rick admitted he'd always believed she was perfect. He got down on one knee, opened a jewelry box to reveal an engagement ring, and asked her to marry him.

Taylor didn't answer him, so Rick asked again. He asked if she wouldn't marry him because of what Brooke had said to her in the courtroom. Taylor said Brooke had some good points except about the revenge, but she did enjoy watching Brooke squirm. Rick said he was ready to be with her and be a stepfather to her children. Taylor said she needed time to talk to her family, especially Phoebe, before she made a decision. He said he'd hang onto the ring and she could take all the time she needed. He said when she was ready, he would be there waiting, and leaned in and kissed her softly.

At home in a bikini and wrap, Ashley was sipping wine, trying to relax. She flashed back to when Ridge told her that Storm had shot Stephanie. She was startled and dropped her wine glass when Storm appeared out of nowhere and said he hoped she'd been thinking about him. He apologized for scaring her and told her they hadn't finished their last conversation. He said he had things to tell her about himself and when he cared for someone, he couldn't just let the person go.

Storm helped Ashley pick up the shattered wine glass and apologized for startling her. When he remarked she wasn't wearing much of anything, she said she'd just been in the hot tub. She tried several times to get him to leave, but Storm said he had something to tell her about himself, something she probably already knew. Storm admitted to his anger and rage at seeing his sisters humiliated over and over by Stephanie. He confessed to Ashley that he was the one who shot Stephanie.

Scared, Ashley remained quiet and rubbed her arms. Storm said she didn't seem surprised and she replied she didn't know what to say. He said she had already known because Ridge told her. He asked why she was playing games with him and lying to him. Storm walked closer to Ashley and said he really hated it when people lied to him.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nick told Katie that Storm was dangerous, and Ashley had every reason to be afraid of him. Katie tried to explain that Storm was not dangerous-that he was taking care of his family when he shot Stephanie. Nick argued that Katie defended Storm because she loved him, but Nick insisted Storm needed help. Katie countered that Storm was getting help, and she said that Storm shot Stephanie because of everything that Stephanie had done to his sisters. Nick reminded Katie that Storm shot Stephanie when she was alone in the showroom, and then framed Storm's dad. Nick worried about what Storm would do if Ashley dumped him. Katie looked frightened and raced out the door to Ashley's house.

At the Forrester mansion, Thorne, Ridge, and Felicia conjectured that Stephanie would be conniving to get the house and company away from Eric in the divorce. As Stephanie entered and overheard, she said she wouldn't let Eric's wedding to Donna bother her anymore. Stephanie declared she was done fighting Eric over his relationship with Donna. Stephanie said she had made several decisions-she decided to step away from a public role in the company. Then, she added that she decided Eric should marry Donna at the house if he wanted to. The house belonged to Eric, too. The kids were in awe.

Eric entered and said he doubted that Stephanie was sincere, but Stephanie insisted that she didn't want to live there alone any longer. She wanted the house and memories to stay in the family. She added that if Eric wanted the house, he should buy her out. Stephanie then met with Eric privately. She said she would be moving out, but she wanted Eric and Donna and the family to continue to enjoy family get-togethers. Eric insisted that Stephanie would be a part of those gatherings, and Stephanie said possibly-even if it was in spirit only. She insisted she wanted to move on. Eric told Stephanie she was a very classy lady. He kissed her goodbye, and he left looking wistful as he stood outside the house.

At Ashley's, Ashley begged Storm to leave. He asked her to believe that he was not violent. Then, Storm grabbed her and told her that he was falling in love with her. Ashley repeatedly asked Storm to leave, and he said he needed to talk to her first. Ashley listened as Storm told her that he shot Stephanie because of the anger that he had pent up in him. He explained that he was the father figure and caregiver for his sisters for years. Then, when the Forresters came into their family, their lives were forever changed. Storm said he felt humiliated by the Forresters. Storm told Ashley that Stephanie sent a rapist into Brooke's home. Storm was angry with Stephanie for that, and then Storm's father, Stephen, returned to avenge Brooke's rape. It further angered Storm that Stephen returned to try to become a hero after abandoning his family decades earlier. Storm felt he could get back at Stephanie by shooting her, and he could get back at his father by framing him for the shooting.

Ashley remarked that Storm got away with it, and Stephanie and Stephen forgave him. Storm said he didn't get away with anything. He was guilty and saw nothing but pity in his sisters' eyes, and it made him sick. Storm said he wanted to show Ashley something, and he pulled out a gun. She panicked and started to cry. He explained he bought the gun in a pawnshop because it looked just like the gun he used to shoot Stephanie. He rambled on that shooting Stephanie wasn't premeditated. Instead, he said he was an ordinary guy who went over the edge, and he couldn't let Stephanie cause his sisters any more pain. Plus, he couldn't let his father try to be a hero after Brooke had been raped.

He explained that he found the gun he used to shoot Stephanie in Brooke's drawer-just like he found the same gun at a pawnshop. Ashley asked why he would buy the gun and bring it to her house.

Storm rambled and digressed that he raised his sisters. He was a hero to them, especially to Katie who was so young when his dad left. Storm remembered that Katie had a kidney infection, and he was tested to donate a kidney for her if she needed it. Storm droned on that he wanted to help people he cared about. Outside Ashley's house, Katie showed up and peered through the window. When she saw Storm with a gun, she burst into the house. Katie shouted at Storm to put the gun down, and they wrangled for control of the gun. The gun went off. Katie hit the deck with blood staining the midsection of her white blouse. Storm and Ashley called out her name in shock.

Friday, April 25, 2008

In her office, Brooke spoke with Donna about Storm and Ashley's relationship. Brooke said Ridge wasn't happy about it. Donna said it annoyed her that Ridge made Storm out to be a crazy person. They talked about Ridge's feelings and how good they felt Storm really was. Brooke said Storm would never hurt anyone ever again. Donna said she thought Ashley and Storm would be hot together. Smiling, Brooke said Ashley would be one lucky lady because when Storm fell in love, there was nothing he wouldn't do.

At Ashley's, Katie demanded the gun from Storm and a struggle ensued. The gun went off and Katie collapsed to the floor with a bullet wound to her chest. Ashley and Storm called out to Katie but received no response. Ashley called 9-1-1 while Storm kneeled by Katie, apologized, and begged her to hold on. Katie's breathing became shallow as the paramedics arrived. The paramedics stabilized Katie and got her into the ambulance.

Ridge showed up at Ashley's house and she told him Katie had been shot. He asked who was responsible for the shooting and Ashley said Storm. The police showed up to process the crime scene. While they did, Ashley filled Ridge in the rest of the details and said it was an accident. Ridge said he didn't care how it happened, because it was time for Storm to be held accountable for his actions.

Storm rode in the ambulance with Katie. Katie opened her eyes for a brief moment. Storm begged her to hold on as the paramedic continued to monitor her vital signs. They arrived at the hospital and rushed Katie directly into trauma.

Bridget showed up at Nick's house and realized something was up with Nick. She asked about Katie and was thrilled to discover Katie had left. She kissed Nick, said she wouldn't miss Katie, and sat down on the couch. Bridget thought Katie was over at Ashley's playing matchmaker, and thought Ashley and Storm would make a good pair. Nick said Storm was nothing but trouble.

Bridget received a phone call from a friend in admissions letting her know Katie was on her way in. She told Nick that Katie was injured and they rushed out the door to head to the hospital.

Nick and Bridget arrived at the hospital and learned of the shooting. Bridget called Brooke and told her Katie had been brought into the hospital. When Brooke started to ask questions, Bridget told her to hurry and get there, as it didn't look good. Brooke said she and Donna were on their way. When Bridget hung up, she wandered off to check on Katie. Nick told Storm he'd better pray Katie was all right.

Nick demanded answers from Storm. Storm said it was an accident. Nick asked if it was an accident when Storm had shot Stephanie and pinned it on his father as well. Storm wanted to know how Nick knew, and Nick said it didn't matter. Nick wanted to know how Storm went to visit Ashley and wound up shooting his sister.

Brooke and Donna arrived and ran to Storm and Nick. They asked what had happened and Nick demanded Storm tell the truth. Storm said he had the gun so he could show Ashley what happened with Stephanie. Katie had walked in on them and misunderstood the situation. They struggled over the gun and it went off. Storm said he wasn't aware the gun had been loaded. Brooke kept staring at Storm in disbelief when Bridget walked up and told them the surgeon wanted to meet with the family.

Brooke, Donna, Nick, Bridget, and Storm went into Katie's room. The surgeon explained the extent of Katie's injuries and said that they couldn't repair it. The surgeon said the bullet had shattered some of Katie's ribs and the fragments penetrated the heart's sac. Bridget said the heart pump was keeping Katie alive and nothing more could be done medically. Bridget said Katie could remain alive for a few hours on the pump but it wasn't meant as life support. Brooke said she was aware they were keeping Katie alive long enough for the family to say goodbye. Brooke told Bridget that miracles always happened and it was Katie's day for a miracle. Bridget said if they could find a heart donor in time, Katie might have a chance. Brooke told Bridget to go make it happen.

The surgeon overheard Bridget calling about a heart transplant and approached her. The surgeon felt Bridget needed to be realistic about getting a perfect match with so little time. Bridget said she didn't care what the odds were. She had to do whatever she could to help Katie.

Brooke and Donna stood by Katie's side and talked to her. Crying, Brooke begged Katie to hold on because they needed her. She told Katie she loved her. Nick walked up and held onto Brooke as she started to break down. Bridget entered the room and broke the news that there was no heart for Katie. The three women broke down and sobbed as they stared at a near-lifeless Katie.

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