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Monday, April 28, 2008

At Ashley's house, the police continued to gather evidence. They questioned Ashley about the shooting. Across the room, Ridge called Brooke and inquired about Katie's condition. Brooke said nothing more could be done to help Katie. He tried to console Brooke over the phone and then warned her he was telling the cops the truth. Ridge said Storm would be going away for a long time for both shootings.

At the hospital, Brooke begged Bridget to find a heart and not give up. Bridget left Katie's room and made some calls. When she hung up, Storm approached Bridget asked her what the odds of finding a heart where. Bridget said she'd keep trying. She said it had already been three hours since the surgery and it didn't look good. Storm pleaded with her to keep trying.

Nick leaned down towards Katie's head and said long shots came in all the time. He and Donna talked to Katie and pleaded with her to hold on. The family moved outside Katie's room to talk to the doctor. The doctor said Katie needed to be removed from the pump. Upset, Brooke insisted she did not give permission for that to happen. Brooke felt more could be done and begged the doctor to keep trying to find a heart.

Across the hall from Katie's room, Storm walked in and overheard Bridget telling another staff member to keep calling around. He asked Bridget how things looked and she said there would be no miracle for Katie. She left the room to make more calls while Storm stood deep in thought. Brooke walked in and asked him if he was ashamed. She said they'd all gone to bat for him and he'd gotten a second chance. She asked him why he brought a loaded weapon into the home of a woman and a child. Brooke told him the police knew about the two shootings and were coming to arrest him. She said he'd be going to jail for a long time. When Storm remained quiet, she left him there alone to think about what she'd said.

Bridget walked into Katie's room. She informed Nick and Donna that there was no heart to save Katie. She left the room to make arrangements to have the pump turned off. Brooke walked in and saw the expressions on their faces. She asked what was wrong. Nick said they had to say their final goodbyes to Katie. Brooke walked into Nick's embrace and broke down.

Lieutenant Baker and his son, Detective Charlie Baker, arrived at the hospital. They went to the nurses' station and asked where Storm was. The nurses said they hadn't seen him as the Bakers looked at one another.

In the room across from Katie's, Storm removed the gun from his jacket pocket. He placed it on the nightstand, removed his suit jacket and sat down on the bed. He removed his wallet from his pocket and took the photos of his sisters out. To the tune of "You are So Beautiful," Storm reminisced about happier times growing up with his sisters. He gazed at each picture of Brooke and Donna and stopped when he got to Katie's. Storm ran his finger across Katie's picture then broke down and cried.

Donna, Nick, Katie, and Bridget said their tearful goodbyes to Katie. Nick wished Katie Godspeed. Sobbing, Donna said she'd see her again soon. Brooke held Katie's hand and said she was thankful for all Katie had brought to their lives. Both sisters said they'd see Katie again someday. Bridget asked Brooke if someone should find Storm before they turned off the machine. Just then a shot rang out.

Brooke ran from Katie's room into the room across the hall. She discovered Storm lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Brooke kneeled down by Storm, sobbing as she realized her brother was dead. Nick and Donna walked in and Donna screamed in horror. They watched as Brooke reached out for Storm's hand and removed the picture he had been clutching. Brooke sobbed when she saw it was Katie's photo he'd been holding. She quietly said, "He gave her his heart. He gave her his heart."

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

At the hospital, Donna and Brooke grieved for Storm. Meanwhile, Katie's fate was still unknown. Dr. Brauer informed Brooke and Donna that Storm could not recover from his gunshot wound.

Bridget called the organ donor representative after Storm died. Brooke, Donna, and Bridget told her that Storm was a registered organ donor and already knew that his heart was a match for Katie. Bridget explained to Theresa that Storm was a genetic match for Katie. Theresa informed them that she could not promise that Storm's heart would go to Katie. Nick, who was present, helped to convince her that providing Katie with Storm's heart was something she needed to do.

Ridge arrived at the hospital to comfort Brooke. She informed him that Storm killed himself in order to provide Katie with a heart for a transplant. Brooke cried to Ridge that she had said harsh words to Storm before he died. She condemned herself for not being supportive of Storm in his time of need.

Ashley explained to Brooke and Donna that before the accident, Storm was at her house and had tried to prove to her that, although he shot Stephanie, he was not a violent man. Ashley described the struggle between Storm and Katie. She described that Katie had assumed that Storm was going to shoot Ashley and rushed in to stop him. Ashley called Storm's act of suicide a gift to Katie.

Meanwhile, Donna spent time with Storm's body. She spoke as though Storm could hear her speak. Donna continued to grieve for Storm. Later Nick comforted Donna. He offered to call Stephen and Eric. Brooke later went to Storm's body. She asked Storm to forgive her. Brooke concluded that Storm was not angry with her. She also felt that Storm had killed himself so that Katie could have his heart to live.

Theresa found a note that Storm had left for Katie. She gave the note to Bridget. Ridge asked Bridget what was in the envelope. Bridget told him it was a note that Storm left for Katie.

The surgical team implanted Storm's heart into Katie. Bridget was part of the surgical team. After hours of surgery, the doctors started Katie's heart up. The surgical team and Bridget were happy when the surgery proved successful. Brooke, Donna, Nick, and Ridge were overcome with joy that Katie's heart transplant had succeeded. Brooke placed Storm's sports jacket around Donna while they embraced one another.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

At the hospital, Bridget handed Brooke the letter Storm had left for Katie. They realized he had written it right before he took his life. Donna wanted to open it but Brooke refused, as it wasn't addressed to them. Donna was worried about the content of the letter. Bridget was more concerned about telling Katie whose heart she'd received.

Stephanie and Eric arrived to provide support. Ridge filled them in on everything that had happened. Stephanie said if she'd pressed charges against Storm, Katie wouldn't be fighting for her life. Ridge said he was the one who told the police Storm shot Stephanie. He said he was the one who fired Storm and turned him in to the police. He hoped Brooke would understand.

Ashley arrived and Stephanie asked her if Storm threatened her. Ashley said Katie had misunderstood the situation. Stephanie asked what was to misunderstand when Storm had a gun. Ashley simply replied that it was a long story. Ashley changed the subject and inquired about Katie. Ridge said she'd had an okay night.

Brooke and Donna stood outside Katie's room looking in through the glass. Bridget explained to them about the possibility of Katie rejecting the heart. The heart specialist, Dr. Patrick, explained that Katie was coming off the sedative and things looked good. He instructed them on how to keep Katie's room sterile to prevent infection. Dr. Patrick told the women that they would have to shower and put on fresh clothes before they could enter Katie's room. When he walked away, Bridget showed both women to the doctor's lounge so they could shower.

When Donna finished showering, Brooke said someone needed to notify their parents. Donna said she'd tried their mother with no success. Donna said she'd try to reach their father. Ridge entered the lounge as Donna was leaving. Ridge asked Brooke if he could shower with her and she said no. Ridge asked how angry she was with him. She said Ridge misunderstood Storm. She said Ridge wanted to make decisions without her. She said Ridge's wish for Storm to be out of their lives for good had become a reality. Ridge stepped back from the verbal blow while Brooke gathered her thoughts. She apologized to him and said she didn't want to blame anyone for what had happened. She walked into his embrace and said she loved him.

Nick arrived and brought food for everyone. In the background, Donna called and left a message for her father to come as soon as possible. When she hung up, Eric approached her and asked how she was. She apologized for ignoring him and he said he understood. She turned to go see Katie when Stephanie called her name. Stephanie offered her condolences for Storm and her prayers for Katie. Stephanie asked Donna to tell Brooke that Felicia was taking care of her children so Brooke wouldn't worry.

Donna met Brooke outside Katie's room. They dressed in sterile hospital gowns and entered the room. Bridget followed as they walked up to Katie's bedside. Katie opened her eyes and tried to talk. Bridget informed Katie that she'd had a tube down her throat so any talking would be painful. Bridget left the room to get ice chips for Katie. Brooke asked Katie what she wanted and Katie said Storm.

Bridget went into the waiting area. She informed Eric, Stephanie, and Nick that Katie seemed to be doing really well. Bridget's mouth dropped when Stephanie asked if Katie was aware of what had happened. Bridget explained Katie's throat was raw from the tube and it would be a few days before she could talk normally. Stephanie said they couldn't wait that long to tell Katie the truth. Bridget said Brooke would know when the timing was right. Eric escorted Stephanie across the room to give Nick and Bridget a few moments alone. Nick said Bridget was the unsung hero in this tragedy and wanted to make sure everyone knew it.

Stephanie said Katie wouldn't wait longer than ten minutes to learn what happened. She apologized to Eric for bringing it up in front of Bridget. Eric said it was pretty big of her to be there after all that had happened. He said he forgot how sensitive she could be. They exchanged a tender smile. They waited in the reception area while Brooke and Donna visited Katie.

Eric paced the reception area waiting for someone to come out. Stephanie announced they were telling Katie what happened. She said Katie would be angry. Stephanie said Katie would never have allowed Storm to make such a sacrifice. She wondered how Katie would get over the weight of it. Eric said initially Katie would be angry but would eventually come to peace with the love her brother showed her. He said Stephanie and Storm had more in common than she thought. He pointed out that they both made sacrifices in the name of love.

Brooke and Donna filled Katie in on her heart transplant. They teased her about it when Bridget returned and announced a visitor. Katie smiled but seemed disappointed when Nick, rather than Storm walked in. Nick teased Katie about the gown he had to wear just to visit her. Katie asked, with difficulty, for Brooke to tell Storm it wasn't his fault. Katie said Storm must be afraid but Brooke reassured her he wasn't. Brooke pulled Storm's letter out of her pocket and told Katie that Storm had left it for her. The women wanted Katie to wait to read it until she was better. Katie insisted Brooke read it immediately.

Storm's letter reminded Katie of how she played house with Donna when they were little. Katie always wanted to marry Storm so Donna would pretend to marry them. He wrote how they'd promised each other they would stay together forever. He was glad he could keep that promise and assured her he would be closer than her own skin. Storm wrote that his heart would do what his head couldn't screw up. He apologized for the things he'd done and begged her to not be angry with him.

Brooke finished reading the letter and told Katie he had written it the day before. Katie kept asking where Storm was. Brooke and Donna sobbed and said he'd always be with her. Katie's breathing became difficult as she kept asking for him. Brooke broke down when Katie raised her hand to her heart. With a look of horror on her face, Katie realized where her heart had come from. Struggling to breathe, Katie cried out Storm's name.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Katie cried as Nick, Brooke, Bridget, and Donna gathered around her. Brooke claimed that Katie needed to see her brother, but Bridget argued that Katie needed to relax.

The Logan girls' dad, Stephen, arrived and he asked what had happened to Storm and how he was involved. "Is he hurt?" Stephen asked.

Donna explained that Storm was very brave, and Brooke announced that Storm was dead-he shot himself to save Katie. Stephen began to cry.

Bridget explained that Katie needed a new heart, and Storm shot himself to give her his heart. Bridget told Stephen that the hospital tried to find a new heart but couldn't. Katie would have died without a transplant, and Stephen broke down.

Stephen visited Storm's body in a private room, and cried openly as Brooke looked on. Stephen talked to Storm's body, and said that some people might not understand what Storm did, but Stephen understood. Stephen discussed how wonderful Storm had been when he stepped up to care for his sisters. Stephen said it wasn't Storm's job to care for his sisters when they were young-it was Stephen's. He realized that when he went away, Storm took over. Stephen said he would take care of the girls from now on while Storm rested. Brooke hugged her dad as he wept.

Stephen returned to Katie who was moaning, feverish, and short of breath. Stephen told Katie that Storm saved Katie's life by giving up his own life. Stephen reminded Katie that Storm loved her, and gave her the gift of his heart.

Bridget came into Katie's room, and told her family that it looked like Katie's body was rejecting the new heart. Katie continued to look ill and chilled. The doctor returned to the room, and told the family that he would increase the steroids and anti-rejection medication. He said that Katie and Storm were as good a match as they could find, but there was only so much that medicine could do. Katie's body needed to be willing to accept the heart. Bridget reminded Katie to rest while Donna told Katie she had to fight and not give up. Donna challenged Katie to live for Storm. Stephen added that he understood Katie was upset that Storm had died, but she had to live.

Brooke reminded Katie of the same thing, and Brooke reiterated that Katie should honor Storm so that his sacrifice made sense, because that was what Storm would have wanted. Brooke ordered Katie to live for Storm and to make something of her life. If she refused to do it for herself, she had to do it for Storm.

With labored breaths, Katie whispered. "It was wrong-wrong."

Friday, May 2, 2008

At the Forrester Mansion, Stephanie and Eric signed their divorce papers. Eric said he was impressed by the compassion she had shown at the hospital. Stephanie said she wouldn't wish losing a child on anyone. He said he never expected she'd change and asked if she was giving up. She said she hadn't given up, she had just let go. Stephanie said Donna made Eric happy. Eric asked if she'd be attending the wedding. She was surprised he would still be holding it after the tragedy the Logan family had just gone through.

Eric said nothing had been cancelled so the wedding was still on. They discussed a few more wedding details and Stephanie got up and crossed the room. She picked up an envelope and teased Eric, telling him it was the new Mrs. Forrester's manual. She said as she was moving out of the mansion, she wrote up a schedule of staff, etc., for Donna. She said she did it to make sure Eric was taken care of. She said she knew it wasn't her job any longer but she wanted to do it. She left the house with the envelope in hand.

While Eric was looking at the divorce papers, Ridge walked in. Eric announced the divorce was official. Ridge said in light of everything that had happened, Eric might want to reconsider his wedding. Ridge tried to talk Eric out of marrying Donna. Ridge said Eric was still in love with Stephanie but wouldn't acknowledge it. Eric said he was in love with and going to marry Donna. Ridge attempted to get Eric to take more time and think about it. Eric was adamant that he would proceed with the wedding. As Ridge was leaving, he told Eric he would regret marrying Donna. Ridge said before it was over, Eric would want Stephanie back. After Ridge left, Eric sat down and played the piano. He reminisced about happier times with Stephanie.

At the hospital, Dr. Patrick informed the family that Katie's will was rejecting the heart, not an infection. He said the medication was compromising Katie's immune system so he'd have to restrict her room to medical personnel only. The doctor left the room to give the family a few moments alone.

Donna expressed her guilt over leaving Katie alone the night before. Brooke said they'd had to tend to Storm. At Katie's puzzled expression, Brooke said they'd had Storm cremated and would hold the memorial once Katie was well. Katie asked Donna about her wedding. Donna said she hadn't even thought about it and asked Katie to be her maid of honor. Katie told Donna to go ahead and get married without her. Brooke spoke up and said Katie needed to conserve her strength so she would get well. Brooke said they weren't going to lose Katie.

Donna left to go home and change while Brooke and Stephen remained with Katie. Bridget announced Dr. Patrick was on his way because Katie's heart wasn't beating correctly. Dr. Patrick arrived and began to examine Katie while Brooke and Stephen looked on. Dr. Patrick said he'd given Katie medication to control the heartbeat. He said in order to survive, Katie had to accept the heart. Brooke went to Katie's bedside and begged her to accept it. Stephen reminded Katie that Storm had wanted her to have it out of love. Crying, Katie said she didn't want Storm's heart-she wanted Storm.

Donna had returned home to shower and change. She was holding her wedding veil when the doorbell rang. Stephanie arrived with an envelope for Donna. Stephanie was surprised Donna was considering going through with the wedding. Donna said Katie had wanted her to. Donna thought maybe the wedding would give her family some happiness after all that had happened.

Stephanie handed Donna the envelope and joked about its contents. Stephanie told Donna the contents would help Donna run the mansion smoothly. Donna said she was afraid to open it if it was "wifely" advice from Stephanie. Stephanie said she was just trying to help but she wasn't sure why.

Donna asked why Stephanie was being so nice to the Logans. Stephanie said she was being sincere, what had happened was a tragedy. Stephanie said she prayed for Katie and her recovery. Donna thanked her for her sincerity. Stephanie said Donna should call her if she had any questions. Stephanie said they would have plenty of time to talk before the wedding took place. Donna insisted the wedding was going to happen no matter what. Donna said she had to return to the hospital and told Stephanie to show herself out.

Ridge called Stephanie and said Eric was torn. Stephanie felt it was because they'd signed the final divorce papers. He encouraged Stephanie to talk with Eric. Stephanie said if Eric wanted to marry Donna, she would be there at the wedding to watch. Ridge was shocked at his mother's admission. Stephanie said she wanted to see his face as he prepared to marry another woman in her home. She said she wanted to see if he'd go through with it and hung up on Ridge.

Katie's heart rate increased as she continued to reject Storm's heart. Brooke and Stephen pleaded with her to accept it. Donna rushed in as Katie's heart rate climbed. Brooke told Katie to remember Storm's letter and how he'd said he would be the voice in her ear. Katie tuned out the noise in the room and heard Storm's voice. Storm begged her to accept his heart. He said it was his choice to make. Storm said he wanted her to keep his heart beating for a lifetime and that he loved her. Katie cried as her heart rate began to improve. The doctor said things were looking better. Katie cried out Storm's name as she put her hand over her heart.

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