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Katie struggled to live with the knowledge that her brother had died to give her his heart, and she felt responsible for putting him in such a position. Eric and Donna wedded before an unhappy audience, and through a window, Stephanie watched the newlyweds dance.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 5, 2008 on B&B
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Monday, May 5, 2008

At the Forrester Mansion, Donna expressed her sorrow at the loss of Storm. Eric hugged and consoled Donna for all she'd been through. They changed topics and discussed their upcoming nuptials. Eric kissed Donna when Rick walked in the door. Donna left to head to the hospital. Eric and Rick discussed Katie's condition. Eric said while Katie's body might be healing, the emotional downfall from what had happened was about to hit the family.

Eric asked Rick how Brooke was. Rick said Brooke had been through hell. Rick asked Eric about the wedding. Eric said it was Donna's decision as to whether the wedding would take place or not. Rick felt the wedding should happen to give the family a reason to celebrate. Rick said no matter when the wedding took place, he felt Eric and Donna were solid.

Rick offered to make phone calls to change the wedding arrangements for Eric. Eric thanked him and said he wouldn't know anything until the morning of the ceremony. Eric said there were only a few witnesses that would be in attendance. Rick asked about a best man, and Eric replied that neither Thorne nor Ridge would do it. Eric asked if Rick would be his best man. Rick grinned and said he thought Eric would never ask.

At the hospital, Nick visited with Katie. He pretended to take in some pistachios, but Katie showed no interest. He tried to get her to smile by suggesting they hook up her I.V. to a bottle of scotch. Katie turned her head away without a word or smile.

Brooke started to enter Katie's room but stopped and listened in on Nick's visit. Nick said Katie didn't appear to be up for company, so he was going to leave. He teased her about having a change of heart or a change of tune, which brought a smile to Katie's face. Brooke was pleased to see her sister smiling. Nick gave Katie a kiss on the head and left. Brooke waited for Nick in the hall. She thanked him for making Katie smile.

Brooke entered Katie's room and chatted with her, but Katie remained quiet. Brooke said she knew Katie was thinking about Storm. Brooke carried on about Storm and what a miracle it was. Katie demanded Brooke stop. Katie said she didn't want to talk about Storm.

Brooke talked about their father and how the only thing getting him through was planning the memorial. Donna walked in and commented that Katie looked better. Brooke said physically Katie was fine, but emotionally she was struggling. Donna passed along everyone's well wishes to Katie. Donna commented how even Stephanie was showing a human side by caring and being nice to Donna.

Donna said she and Eric had talked and decided to postpone the wedding until Katie was better. Katie bitterly said she would never be better -- she wished she were dead. Brooke and Donna tried to talk to Katie. Donna said she couldn't believe Storm was gone; he was supposed to have walked her down the aisle.

Donna said she missed Storm, and she knew Katie did too. Donna talked about Storm still being with Katie and how amazing he had been. Donna said what a hero Storm was. Katie demanded Donna stop and said Storm was not a hero.

Donna was upset and demanded to know why Katie would say such a thing. She reminded Katie that Storm had given up his life for Katie. Katie said there was no heroism or honor in killing oneself. Katie said Storm had left them behind and abandoned them to live in hell. Katie demanded Donna never call him a hero again to her.

A teary-eyed Bridget arrived at Nick's. She called out to him and went upstairs, looking for him when he didn't answer. Nick arrived home, and Bridget ran down the stairs into his arms. Bridget finally broke down over what Storm had done. She sobbed and begged Nick to hold her.

Nick held Bridget on the couch. He asked when she'd eaten last and offered to go get her something. When he stood to get her food, she asked him not to leave. She burst into tears and said Storm had begged her to find a miracle for Katie. She said she had tried and blamed herself for Storm's death.

Nick held Bridget and demanded she stop it. He told her Storm was the only one responsible for his death. Nick said Bridget was the only one who had held it together when everyone else had thought hope was lost for Katie. Bridget said she barely remembered doing anything. Nick said Katie was alive because of Bridget.

Bridget said Nick was giving her more credit than she deserved. She reminded him she was a doctor. She had just been doing her job. Nick said she could argue with him, but he wouldn't knock her off the pedestal he chose to put her on. Bridget said Katie was doing well but was not out of danger yet.

Bridget said she had felt something spiritual -- a silent breeze -- pass through the operating room while she had been doing the transplant. Nick said something beyond people and doctors, beyond anything men and women could do, had been going on in that room. Bridget prayed Katie would keep the heart beating. Nick said Katie wouldn't let Bridget down. He joked that he'd gotten Katie to smile. That pleased Bridget, and they kissed.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

At the hospital, Katie revealed her feelings to Brooke and Donna. She described Storm's suicide as ugly. She made it clear to them that she couldn't accept Storm's heart as a gift. Katie characterized Storm's act of suicide as ugly and cowardly, not beautiful as Brooke and Donna believed it to be. Katie said that she should not be alive and did not want to be. She felt guilty over Storm's death.

Katie completely nixed Donna and Brooke's efforts to cheer her up. She refused to see Storm's act as a positive one. Katie told them that she wanted to view Storm's act of suicide as a negative one. Katie said that she would never agree with Donna about Storm.

Donna became very offended by Katie's remarks. Katie asked Donna to leave the room. Donna agreed she would marry Eric, as Katie had told her to. Before Donna left, she told Katie that she would miss her at the wedding.

After Donna left, Katie told Brooke that she also wanted Brooke to leave. Brooke refused to give up on her sister. Katie was very bitter. She told Brooke that she had lost Storm and would probably lose Brooke and Donna, also, because she would never be the same person.

Brooke emphasized to Katie how much they all loved her. She attempted to explain that in time, Katie would be happy again. Katie broke down in tears and said that she would never be happy. She told Brooke she was no longer the person she had been and that Brooke and Donna would end up leaving her also.

At home, Eric and Stephanie briefly reminisced about their past. Donna interrupted them with a phone call telling Eric that she had decided to go through with the wedding. Eric could not hide his feelings of elation from Stephanie. Even so, Stephanie wondered if Eric had second thoughts. Eric offered for Stephanie to remain in their home. Stephanie insisted that she wanted Eric and Donna to live there. Stephanie packed her bags and prepared to leave the home. Eric told Stephanie that he would always love her in his own way.

Back at the hospital, Katie cried to Brooke that she wanted Storm back. Katie continued to be distraught over the loss of Storm. There was nothing that Brooke could say to Katie that could comfort her. Katie sarcastically described Brooke's words as pretty. Katie was adamant that she would never be grateful for Storm's heart. Katie explained to Brooke that in her eyes, being grateful for Storm's heart would condone Storm's suicide. Katie cried to Brooke that she wanted Storm with her, but "not like this."

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Stephen, Brooke, and Donna arrived at the Forrester Mansion. Stephen teased Donna that she would be the head of the Forrester mansion. Brooke told Donna to enjoy it. Donna was sad her mother, Beth, was unable to attend. Stephen said it was probably due to the fact that a second daughter was marrying Beth's first love. Brooke pulled out her digital camera and took a photo of Donna and Stephen together.

Ridge visited his mother at the guesthouse. He noticed she hadn't started moving in yet. Stephanie admitted she hadn't called the movers. Ridge realized she was hoping Eric wouldn't go through with the wedding.

After Ridge left, Pam walked out dressed for the wedding. She complained about going and the gown she was wearing. Stephanie said Pam looked beautiful. Pam continued to complain and said she wanted to go dunk Donna. Stephanie made Pam promise to stop with the dirty tricks. Stephanie said each time Pam pulled one of her pranks, it only reinforced to Eric why he didn't need Stephanie.

Brooke left Rick a message to not forget the rings. Ridge walked in and joked they'd probably find half a dozen rings under the furniture. He told Brooke that when he'd last seen his father, Eric was having second thoughts. Brooke felt Eric's doubts were Stephanie's doing. Ridge and Brooke exchanged words over Stephanie. Brooke said the wedding would happen. She insisted her family would not suffer another loss and stormed off.

Pam walked in and talked with Ridge. Ridge remarked that it was the first occasion she hadn't baked for. Pam said Stephanie wouldn't allow her to make exploding appetizers. She said Stephanie had picked a bad time to have a stiff upper lip. Ridge said the fat lady hadn't sung yet, so there was still time for the wedding to not happen.

Thorne and Felicia joined Pam and Ridge. All four of them wallowed in their misery over the wedding. Thorne said he'd had to tell his daughter she was too young to attend the wedding. Felicia said it was Thorne's job as a parent to protect his child from pornography. At everyone's shocked gasps, Felicia said that was what the wedding was, the kind with lace and Vaseline on the lens. Pam and Ridge stifled their laughter.

In the den, Eric was fixing his tie when Stephen walked in. Eric offered his condolences to Stephen. Stephen thanked him then warned Eric he'd better make Donna happy. Stephen said Donna would outlive Eric and be the head of the Forrester family. Stephen said the Forrester children would be nasty to Donna. Eric warned Stephen to not insult his children. Stephen made a dig at Eric about the age difference between Eric and Donna. Eric ignored him and continued getting ready.

Stephen went upstairs to check on Donna, who was using Stephanie's old bedroom as the bride's room. She said she was nervous and didn't want to get married. Stephen assumed she wanted out of the engagement, but Donna corrected him. She said the only thing right about the wedding was Eric.

Donna said it was the guests that were the problem not the groom. She said half the guests hated her and the other half thought she was crazy for going through with it. Stephen said if she wanted to postpone the wedding, people would understand. Donna said she'd rather have a crappy wedding and a fairytale marriage than the other way around.

Donna sat down, looked in the mirror, and complained about her hair. She told Stephen that Storm was supposed to walk her down the aisle. She said she hadn't asked Stephen because she had been worried he'd get into a boxing match with Eric. Stephen said things between him and Eric were fine. After a few words of encouragement from Stephen, Donna decided to just enjoy her wedding day.

Brooke joined Eric out on the terrace. They talked about their two failed marriages to each other. Brooke said it was different because he was the first man Donna had loved. She said Eric didn't have to look over his shoulder with Donna. Brooke looked concerned when Eric said he just wished the nagging doubt in his head would go away. She said everyone was worried about change, but this was a change for the better.

Stephanie walked up unnoticed and eavesdropped on their conversation. Eric said while he loved Donna, he had built a life and family with Stephanie. Brooke reminded him of all the horrible things Stephanie had done. She said if Eric was going to be nostalgic, he should remember everything. Brooke said Donna just wanted him, and Donna wouldn't manipulate him the way Stephanie did. Eric thanked Brooke and walked into the house.

Stephanie walked out and told Brooke some relationships changed but not theirs. Stephanie said Brooke was still the same home wrecker as she had been the first day Brooke had set foot into Stephanie's house. Brooke apologized that Stephanie had heard what she had said but immediately took her apology back. Brooke said Stephanie hadn't had to hear it but had chosen to eavesdrop.

Stephanie accused Brooke of being the one doing the manipulating. Brooke said she and her family were the new Forresters. Brooke told Stephanie she'd better behave, or Stephanie would be on the outside, looking in. Stephanie said Eric would return to her, like he'd always done before, and the wedding wouldn't happen. Brooke smugly said the wedding was going to happen, and Eric was finally going to be through with Stephanie forever. Brooke walked inside, leaving Stephanie alone on the terrace with her thoughts.

Eric went upstairs to check on Donna. Although she was happy to see him, she expressed her doubts. She said it was okay if they wanted to call off the wedding. They both admitted that their minds were everywhere but on the wedding. Donna offered to change her hair or makeup. Eric said she shouldn't change a thing.

Eric said he wanted to marry Donna, and he let her know he had canceled their honeymoon reservations. She thanked him and said they'd reschedule once Katie was better. She said she wanted to redecorate the bedroom to make it their style rather than Stephanie's. They discussed living in the house, and Eric apologized for assuming Donna wanted to live there. Donna said she'd be comfortable living there if he was. They kissed, and Eric left so Donna could get ready.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Photographers took photos and caterers catered at the Forrester mansion while family members and guests awaited Donna and Eric's wedding. Brooke reminded Stephanie that Eric would soon be free of Stephanie forever. Meanwhile, Donna discussed her fears about the wedding with her dad, Stephen. She worried that Eric's family would never accept her, but Stephen reminded Donna that they would be forced to accept her, since Stephanie would be giving up her house to Donna.

Ridge and Brooke discussed that they would soon be together in marriage and reminisced that it had been Caroline's dying wish to see them together. Ashley interrupted to ask how Katie was doing. Brooke said that she was getting better.

Ridge stopped Rick when he entered with Taylor. Ridge told Rick that Rick and Taylor didn't belong there together, and Brooke agreed, pulling Taylor aside. Brooke barraged Taylor with worries that if Phoebe showed up, then Taylor would be sorry that she was with Rick. Taylor reminded Brooke that stranger things had happened. After all, Donna was marrying Eric.

Pam and Stephen met with Stephanie, who let some insults fly at the father of the home wrecker.

While Donna was still getting ready, Brooke reminded Eric he couldn't let Donna down and shouldn't have second thoughts. Stephanie visited Eric to remind him that marriage vows should last a lifetime just as the minister encouraged him to get ready for the ceremony.

At the hospital, Katie reread the letter Storm had written to her, and Nick showed up to provide company while everyone was at the wedding. He commented that she had chosen light reading material. Katie reiterated that Storm had saved her life, but she felt it was sick. Nick told Katie that her entire family didn't see it that way. They had prayed for a miracle, and they had gotten one.

Katie said they might have all been mistakenly protecting Storm and that he might have belonged in jail. Nick encouraged her to stop analyzing the situation because she should be grateful to be alive. Katie shared that she didn't feel grateful, and Nick told her that everyone else was grateful. He said she should be grateful as well. Katie wondered about Storm and said she didn't feel like herself anymore. Nick told her he was certain that she was still herself, and he added that he wanted to get to know her better.

At the mansion, Donna walked down the aisle alongside her dad with a smile on her face. Brooke read a wish from Shakespeare for Donna and Eric. Donna recited her vows and said that she wanted the ceremony to unite the Forrester and Logan families. Eric added that he, too, was thinking about all the weddings that had taken place in that room. He promised to love her every day of his life, no matter what, and Stephanie looked surprised, since she had still held out hope that he would not marry Donna.

Stephanie remembered Eric vowing his love for her when she had been in the hospital. She was jolted back to reality as the minister instructed Eric to place the wedding ring on Donna's finger. Eric suddenly turned and looked away from Donna, and Stephanie held out hope that Eric would change his mind.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The wedding continued at the Forrester Mansion. The minister asked Eric if he would take Donna as his wife. The guests stared at each other because Eric hesitated. Donna began to get upset and said Eric's name. Eric apologized to Donna and told her he loved her. Donna panicked and asked what Eric meant.

Eric finally said "I do," much to his children and Stephanie's dismay and Donna's delight. The minister pronounced them husband and wife as Donna threw herself into Eric's arms and sealed it with a kiss. The newlyweds turned to be introduced to the guests while Eric locked eyes with a teary-eyed Stephanie.

During the reception, the Forresters remained together and miserable, complaining about their new stepmother. Across the room, the Logan family gathered around the newlyweds and offered well wishes. Ashley walked up, congratulated the newlyweds, and left because she felt it was a family affair.

Felicia walked out and joined Stephanie on the terrace. Stephanie admitted she had thought Eric wouldn't go through with the ceremony. Felicia said everyone could tell Eric was still in love with Stephanie by the way he had looked at Stephanie during the ceremony. Stephanie decided to return to the reception and grabbed a glass of champagne on her way in.

Pam assumed Stephanie was going to "let Donna have it." Stephanie gathered everyone around and offered a heartfelt toast to the newlyweds. Eric and Donna were both surprised at Stephanie's genuine well wishes. Felicia stood in the background, crying as she listened to her mother's toast.

Stephanie began to head out when Eric stopped her. He thanked her for everything and then apologized to her as well. They hugged and Stephanie went to say goodbye to her children. Stephanie thanked her kids for being there. When they expressed their desire to leave with her, she asked them to stay for her sake, to help their father celebrate. While they didn't like it, they all agreed.

Ridge offered to walk Stephanie out but she wanted to leave alone. She told her children she loved them and walked out the door. Outside, Stephanie stood by the limo door. She turned and looked at the mansion. She talked aloud of how the house was full of her family and memories with Eric. She was saddened when she realized it belonged to another woman.

Donna stood on the terrace, looking at the scenery. Eric joined her and announced the caterers had left. Donna asked about the guests, and Eric said they were slowly heading out. She felt she had said goodbye to her family so she should say something to his. He told her she didn't have to. She worried that they had invited his kids into their home. Eric said they'd invite them back again when his children lost the long faces. She smiled and stepped into his embrace.

The Forrester children decided to leave. Thorne asked if they all wanted to get drunk. Overhearing Thorne, Stephen said they should take a lesson from their mother, as she showed more class than they did. Ignoring Stephen, Thorne told his siblings he was buying and left with Felicia and Kristen. Ridge remained and told Stephen it wouldn't be the same in the mansion without Stephanie. Stephen smiled and said it felt better already.

Donna and Eric talked about how happy they were. Donna said she wanted a first dance with her husband, so Eric got the musician to play a song for them. Stephanie, still outside, heard the music and Donna's laughter. Stephanie stood outside the open door and watched Eric and Donna dance. She reminisced about a special time she had danced with Eric. With a sad look on her face, Stephanie said, "Goodbye, Eric," and left.

Nick remained by Katie's side, keeping her company. Katie tried to convince him he didn't need to stay. Nick said she didn't have to talk, since he wasn't going anywhere. He told her that despite the noise of her oxygen tank, she would still hear the beating of Storm's heart. Katie said Nick couldn't fix her; nobody could.

Nick said he knew Katie was pushing everyone away. He said she wanted to wallow in pity and not ask for help. Nick said he'd been in her shoes before but had asked for help. Katie wanted to know when he'd ever needed help. Nick said when Taylor had left, he had needed help with Jack. She said Jack had more women drooling over him than Nick did. Nick laughed and said he had more time to hang out with Katie because of it.

Katie told Jack to move on with his life. He said he was because Bridget had been around. He mentioned that Bridget was suffering over Storm's death and nearly losing Katie. Katie looked away uncomfortably when Nick said Bridget loved Katie a lot. She said nobody was willing to admit that Storm's death was not an accident.

Katie said she didn't want to talk any longer. Nick said before he left he wanted her to know something. He said nobody could tell Katie how to feel. He said he felt he could speak for everyone else in saying they were very happy she was still around.

Ashley stopped by to visit Katie. She let Katie know that Donna and Eric were married. Ashley said she was aware Katie was having problems accepting what Storm had done. Ashley let Katie know that she did not believe she had been in danger with Storm. Ashley felt Storm had been showing her he wasn't a monster by holding the gun.

Katie realized she had misunderstood the situation and that she had pulled the trigger, not Storm. Ashley said there hadn't been time to explain because things had happened so fast. Katie began to cry and blamed herself for Storm's death. Ashley apologized for upsetting her and left. Katie demanded Nick leave, as well, but he refused. He sat by her side as Katie broke down sobbing. She said she had killed her brother.

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