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Monday, May 19, 2008

Dr. Patrick met with Katie because she was being released from the hospital. He explained to her that she would need good aftercare. He assumed she was going to stay with one of her family members. Katie said she wanted to make arrangements to go to a nursing facility. She said she would feel like she was imposing on her family. Dr. Patrick said maybe she'd want to stay with the man who had made Katie smile. He left the room and Katie began to reminisce about Nick.

Dr. Patrick returned and handed Katie brochures for a few nursing facilities. Wiping away a few tears, Katie took the brochures. Dr. Patrick mentioned Katie living with Nick again, but Katie said no. She said Bridget had just moved in with Nick and she didn't want to impose. Dr. Patrick felt that having a doctor around would be even better for Katie's recovery.

Nick looked a little overwhelmed as the movers brought in the last of Bridget's belongings. When the movers left, Bridget thanked him. She said she was afraid people would think their relationship was moving too fast. Nick said to let people think what they wanted. He said it was only logical he and Bridget moved to the next step in their relationship. She hugged him and they kissed.

As she continued to unpack, Bridget talked about Katie. She worried about Katie's aftercare and who would be there for her. She mentioned to Nick that Katie should be with them. Nick said Bridget hadn't even moved in yet. He wondered if it was really something she wanted to do. Bridget said Katie had only had a crush on Nick and she wasn't worried about it. She said her medical background and Nick's ability to make Katie laugh would provide a great atmosphere for Katie to heal in. After a few moments, Nick finally agreed. They ran out the door to tell Katie the news.

Sitting in a wheelchair, Katie thanked Dr. Patrick for all he'd done. A woman from a nursing facility was there to pick Katie up. Katie handed over her completed insurance paperwork and said she was ready to go. A nurse began to wheel Katie into the hallway when Nick and Bridget raced in. Bridget invited Katie to move in with them while she recovered. Katie was caught off-guard at Bridget's offer. After thinking about it, Katie declined their offer and insisted she didn't want to impose. The woman told Nick and Bridget that Katie had already signed all the paperwork for the nursing facility. Nick claimed he was Katie's lawyer and insisted on seeing the paperwork. When the woman went to get it, Nick grabbed Katie's chair and wheeled her towards the elevator. Bridget ran ahead and held the elevator while he and Katie entered. The three of them were laughing hysterically when the elevator doors closed. Bridget and Nick asked Katie where she would rather recover. Katie finally said she would stay with them. She thanked them and exchanged a look with Nick.

Stephanie finished unpacking and discovered Eric was still there. He teased her about her lack of food in the fridge. She said she hadn't gone shopping yet. Eric offered to drive her to the store to pick up food but she declined. She said she wanted to relax. Eric knew she wanted to sit outside with a good book and glass of iced tea. They smiled and shared some memories of happier times from their marriage.

Stephanie accused Eric of not wanting to go home to his new bride. Eric denied it and said he'd only wanted to help Stephanie settle in. She offered to return her keys to the mansion. Stephanie said she was going to miss the children and grandchildren running in the mansion. She told Eric to make sure the grandchildren didn't see "Grandma Donna" skinny-dipping. Eric said she'd called him a dirty old man. Stephanie denied it at first, but then laughed and agreed. Eric told her to keep the keys because the mansion was for family gatherings and she was family.

Stephanie wondered if Donna would want children. Eric said they'd never talked about it but he was done having children. Stephanie said she could see Eric was happy but she only hoped Donna didn't spring any surprises on him. Eric said the only surprises Donna brought into their marriage were happy ones. He bid Stephanie goodbye and left to go home to Donna.

Donna was upset after Marcus asked if she was his mother. Marcus said he'd been adopted. The only clues he'd found where a baby picture along with a paper with Donna's name on it. He said he'd done research and her name had come up on the Internet. At first he felt she wasn't his mother, but after seeing her photo, he saw something in her that made him wonder.

Donna apologized and denied being his mother. Marcus apologized for bothering her and said he wouldn't be back. She wished him luck in finding his real mother and shut the door behind him. She walked to the table, picked up Marcus' baby photo and ran her fingers down it. The doorbell rang and Donna opened the door to find Pam. Pam was dropping off paperwork for Eric to sign. Pam made a remark about surprises. This led Donna to believe Pam had set her up. Donna accused Pam of sending Marcus to her. Donna asked if Pam had hired him to get to Donna. Pam had no idea what Donna was talking about. Pam asked Donna to have Eric sign the papers, and left.

Donna sat down on the couch with tears in her eyes. She looked longingly at the baby photo and said he was never coming back. She whispered, "It couldn't be." Just then Eric came home. Donna hid the photo and ran to greet Eric. They embraced while Donna looked sadly over his shoulder.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

At Nick's house, he and Bridget tried to make Katie comfortable. Katie was delighted to see baby Jack. Nick teased Katie and told her that she would have strict house rules to abide by. Eric and Donna stopped at Nick's house to visit Katie. Eric suggested to Katie that she could have stayed with him and Donna. Katie explained that she had planned to go to a rehab center, but that Nick and Bridget convinced her otherwise at the very last minute. Eric asked Nick what the nature of his and Bridget's relationship was. Nick told Eric that he loved Bridget and would never hurt her. Later, in Nick's bedroom, Bridget and Nick made love.

Taylor arrived at home and found Rick waiting in her bedroom for her. Rick wanted to make love to Taylor, but she insisted that they hold off until they notify Phoebe of their relationship. Rick predicted that Phoebe would be devastated when she learned that he and Taylor were a couple.

Meanwhile at the Insomnia Café, Marcus introduced himself to Phoebe. Marcus told Phoebe that he realized that she had a boyfriend so he would not bother her. Phoebe freely told him that she was hoping to reunite with Rick.

While looking through Donna and Eric's wedding album, the photo of Marcus fell out and Katie asked what it was. Donna commented that it was nothing. When Katie and Donna were alone, Katie demanded to know why Donna was acting so nervous since Katie saw the photo of the baby. Donna became very sad and told Katie that years earlier she had given birth to a baby. Donna also disclosed that she gave the baby up for adoption. Donna explained that a young man came to her home and asked if she could be his biological mother. Donna explained to Katie that she was uncertain whether the young man was her son. Donna admitted that she told the young man that he must be mistaken about her identity. She told Katie that if he was her son, she did not tell him that she had often thought about him all the past years and that she loved him.

Back at Taylor's house, she and Rick became intimate. Unbeknownst to Taylor and Rick, Phoebe arrived at home early. Phoebe was horrified when she opened the bedroom door and discovered Taylor and Rick together in bed.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Phoebe walked into her mother's bedroom to surprise her and got the shock of her life. She found her mother and Rick on the bed making out. Phoebe demanded to know what was going on. Taylor got up and attempted to explain. Rick insisted none of what happened was Taylor's fault, it was all his. Phoebe assumed Taylor had come on to Rick and was disgusted with her mother. Rick set her straight and told her that it was he who pursued Taylor and not the other way around. Taylor explained she didn't want to hurt her daughter. Taylor said nothing physical had happened between her and Rick. Taylor said they'd decided to wait until Phoebe had come home.

Phoebe asked Rick about his relationship with her. Rick said that they had both moved on. He said he had wanted to tell Phoebe, but she'd left on her trip so fast, there was no time. He told Phoebe he was in love with Taylor. Devastated, Phoebe sat down to cry. Taylor tried to console her but Phoebe shrugged her off. Phoebe said how disgusting their relationship was due to their age difference. Taylor said she'd felt the same way at first but ended up falling in love with Rick. Rick said he and Taylor couldn't have a future together if Phoebe didn't accept their relationship. Puzzled, Phoebe asked him what he meant by their future. Rick said he had asked Taylor to marry him.

Phoebe turned on Taylor and told her she was pathetic. Phoebe said Taylor had been in a bad spot and Rick had felt sorry for her. Phoebe felt Taylor was using Rick and turned to leave when Rick called out to her. He reminded Phoebe of how she'd felt when they were dating and Ridge had interfered. Rick begged Phoebe not to do the same. He said Phoebe had broken up with him and, although he was devastated, he had moved on. He said he never knew or imagined his moving on would be with Phoebe's mother. He said it had happened and asked Phoebe to accept the relationship.

Phoebe looked at Taylor and demanded her mother end things with Rick. Taylor buried her face in her hands while Rick begged Phoebe not to do it. Taylor looked up and told Rick it was over. Rick walked to her, grabbed her hands, and begged Taylor not to end things. Taylor begged him to leave and repeated that it was over. Taylor said she didn't want to hurt her daughter. Upset, Rick left but not before looking over his shoulder at Taylor one last time. Taylor threw her hands up and told Phoebe that she'd ended things. Taylor went to draw Phoebe in an embrace but Phoebe backed away from her.

Nick and Bridget were attempting to make love. Nick stopped because he felt awkward knowing they had houseguests. Bridget joked that the house was large and nobody would hear them. They began to make love again. Bridget pulled away because she had to give Katie vitamin E to put on her scar. She apologized to Nick, grabbed her robe and went downstairs.

Donna admitted to Katie that the father of her baby was irrelevant. She said it was so long ago, it didn't matter. Donna assumed Katie was judging her. Katie said she wasn't, she was just worried about how hard it must've been for Donna to go through. Donna said she wasn't ready to care for a baby at the time. Donna felt she'd made the right choice by giving the baby up. Katie said she was glad Donna could confide in her. Donna made Katie promise to not tell anyone what she knew.

Bridget came downstairs and handed Katie the vitamin E. Bridget was heading to get Jack his bottle when Donna asked if she could feed him. After heating the bottle, Bridget and Donna went upstairs so Donna could feed Jack. After feeding Jack, Donna laughed when Jack let out a burp. Donna was pleased that it had felt natural to feed him. Donna put Jack in his crib to sleep. She asked Bridget how Jack would know who his mother was with so many women in his life. Bridget said Jack would figure it out when he got older. Bridget felt Jack knew that he was loved and that's all he needed.

Katie stood in front of the mirror and removed the bandage from her scar. She stood staring at it as Nick came down the stairs. He stopped and watched her for a moment. Katie began to cry. Nick made his presence known by asking if he could help. Katie covered up her scar and said she was fine. They shared a tender moment as Donna stood on the balcony watching. Katie said she hoped that Nick and Bridget would be happy. Donna came downstairs and said she had to go. She grabbed her purse, said goodbye, and left.

Nick and Katie sat on the couch. Katie was visibly upset from looking at her scar. Nick said he'd seen many scars both inside and out. He said it wasn't nearly as hard for him to look at her scar as it was for her. Katie unbuttoned the top of her blouse and removed the bandage. Nick dabbed the vitamin E on a cotton ball and gently rubbed it on Katie's scar. Katie tenderly rubbed Nick's arm and watched his face. He closed the bottle and put it back. They gazed longingly into one another's eyes. The moment was broken when Bridget yelled down for Nick. Katie quietly told him to go so Nick went upstairs to join Bridget. As tears rolled down her face, Katie replaced the bandage on her scar.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

by Pam

Donna told Katie that she was concerned she may have blown her chance to get to know her son. Donna admitted that Marcus might be her son. They agreed to check with St. Joseph Hospital where Donna gave birth. Donna and Katie wondered if there was any proof that Marcus had been her son. Donna said that Marcus found her name among his adoptive parent's items. Suddenly, Donna remembered that she should be at a meeting.

At Forrester, Brooke told Ridge that Rick would be unable to make the meeting. Ridge, Felicia, Ashley, and Thorne inquired why he wasn't attending and then added that Donna hadn't shown up either. Eric reminded everyone that the company would have still been owned by Nick Marone if Donna hadn't been involved. As Felicia and everyone insulted Donna, Brooke remarked that they must have taken their nasty pills for the day.

Ridge argued that Donna had no experience, and that the company needed to increase volume and profitability. Eric stuck up for Donna and said she was his wife, and the kids would respect her. Finally, Donna arrived, and she met privately with Eric until the receptionist told her that her appointment had arrived. Marcus met with Donna, and asked if she had given birth to a kid. Donna suggested they meet privately at Katie's.

Meanwhile Felicia, Ridge, Thorne, and Ashley suggested Donna had no place in the company, while Brooke said they hadn't suggested scrubbing floors and cleaning toilets for Donna. Ashley suggested that the company needed leadership. Next, Ridge attacked Rick's role in the company, and Brooke wondered if her entire family had a place in the company. Felicia said her mother should have been at the company.

At home, Katie had discovered the hospital records were sealed at the hospital, but if both parties agreed, they could have them opened. Marcus and Donna arrived at Katie's.

Ridge said Donna was not a good fit with the company. Ridge asked Ash what she thought. Felicia, Ashley, and Ridge suggested that Donna should not be in the company, but the group-including Ashley-suggested that Eric was not a good leader for the time being. Ridge wondered if, since Eric had found his soul mate, he might want to step down as company leader. Brooke argued that Ridge had taken a stand against her family and her.

At Katie's, Marcus inquired if Donna had a child, and she didn't deny it. Donna finally admitted that she had a child and gave him up for adoption. Marcus remarked that she would have had proof, and Donna only remembered that it was an early morning at 5:30 a.m. She cried that it was a gorgeous July 9th when she gave birth. He presented a birth certificate, and she read aloud that he was born on July 9th. Donna touched his face and said. "You are my son." They shared a very emotional embrace as tears flowed for Donna.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Donna and Marcus shared an emotional reunion. Donna said she thought of him often over the years. Marcus expressed his frustration over how many Donna Logans there were in the world. Donna admitted she felt regret over giving him up. Marcus said he'd imagined what the day would be like when he finally found her. Donna hugged him and he asked her to never let him go. Katie watched the reunion with tears in her eyes.

Donna said she'd wondered about the baby she'd given up. She said his name, Marcus, was perfect. She said each year on his birthday she would wake up and think about him. Marcus was pleased she'd remembered his birthday. Donna had lots of questions for him about his childhood. Marcus said if she thought of him so much and missed him then he didn't understand where she had been.

Donna said she was very young when she got pregnant, and couldn't support a child. Marcus asked who his father was. After some hesitation, Donna confessed she had never told his father she was pregnant. She asked about his adoptive parents, if they were loving people. Marcus said they could discuss them another time. He asked why Donna gave him away. Donna said she had nothing to give him. She said she wanted to give him two parents because her father had walked out on her. Marcus asked how she could give him up knowing how she felt growing up without her father.

Marcus yelled at Donna. He said she didn't want him as a baby. He felt Donna was ashamed of him and had cast him away. He said he had waited his entire life for a letter or phone call but nothing came. He said when he needed her most she wasn't there. He walked out the door with Donna running after him. Donna screamed for him to come back. Katie walked up and held Donna as she cried.

Brooke was cornered by Ridge, Thorne, Felicia, and Ashley. Everyone but Brooke believed that Donna had nothing to contribute to the company. Brooke said she was tired of the attacks on her family. Ridge said married or not, Brooke would always be a part of the company. Ridge included Katie in that as well because she contributed to the company. Felicia said since Eric got involved with Donna, their family had done nothing but bicker. The Forrester children insisted they wanted their father to step down so they could get back to business as usual.

Eric confided in Stephanie how unhappy he was with their children. He felt their children were ganging up on Donna and their behavior was hypocritical. He thought their showing up at his wedding was a grudging acceptance of Donna. He said he was excited about what Donna brought to the company. Stephanie said the children believed Donna to be an interloper. Eric felt the kids thought Donna would bring a scandal down on their heads. He said he trusted his wife completely and there would be no surprises.

Stephanie asked Eric if he wanted her to negotiate a cease-fire with the children. Eric said they wanted their mother there, not Donna. Ridge, Thorne, Felicia, Brooke, and Ashley all walked in. The kids greeted Stephanie with hugs and kisses. Thorne said that because Eric had a new wife, his loyalties were divided. Thorne felt that once Donna had children, Eric's loyalties would be even more divided. Eric said Donna wasn't the maternal type and they hadn't discussed having children. Ashley said people felt that way about her also but she wouldn't trade her daughter for anything. Eric assured his children that there would be no more children for him.

Thorne, Felicia, and Ridge ganged up on Eric about allowing Donna in the company. They all expressed their feelings about having someone so inexperienced at the top of the company. Eric started to pass the room as each one of his kids told him to take a long trip, relax, and enjoy himself. Stephanie asked if they were suggesting Eric be "put out to pasture." Eric turned around and realized his children wanted him to step down. Ridge said it was time for a changing of the guards. Ridge felt he was ready to take over.

Felicia and Thorne said they loved Eric but they would not work with Donna. Felicia made a heartfelt plea asking Eric to walk away before the business went under. Eric was upset at his children's reactions. Stephanie stepped in and reminded them that Eric owned the company outright. Ridge implied that he, Felicia, and Thorne would leave if Eric remained in charge. Eric asked Ashley if that included her. Ashley said she had her doubts about Donna's credentials. Brooke said she wasn't going anywhere because she belonged at Forrester. Brooke said she'd spent too much of her time and tenure fighting battles that weren't necessary. Brooke said she didn't want to have a repeat and didn't want Donna to suffer the same dirty politics she did.

Ridge said all they wanted was what was best for the company. Eric said he wasn't riding off into the sunset. Eric told his children he loved them and understood they wanted what was best for the company. Eric said he loved and trusted his wife-he trusted her enough that if Donna brought shame or scandal down on them, he'd step down.

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