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Monday, June 2, 2008

Brooke and Bridget revived Katie. Bridget assisted Katie upstairs to rest. Bridget came downstairs after getting Katie in bed. Brooke and Nick looked to Bridget for reassurance that Katie was all right. When Bridget hesitated, Nick walked up to her and quietly asked if Katie would be okay. Eyes filled with tears, Bridget informed them Dr. Patrick had stopped by to personally tell her Katie's body was rejecting the heart. Brooke gasped in shock and Nick looked like someone knocked the wind out of his sails.

Brooke asked if anything could be done. Bridget said medically, everything that could be done was being done. Brooke asked how long Katie had. Bridget said it was hard to tell, it could be weeks or less. Nick refused to believe Katie was dying. He demanded they not tell Katie. They all debated over whether or not to tell Katie when Katie walked downstairs. Katie asked what they were talking about.

Crying, Brooke rushed past Katie and tried to leave. Katie demanded to know why Brooke was so upset. Exhausted, Katie looked at Bridget and asked what was going on. Nick, Bridget, and Brooke all remained quiet as Katie looked from one to the other. Katie asked if Dr. Patrick's visit was to provide her test results. Bridget choked up but couldn't answer. Katie asked if the anti-rejection drugs weren't working. Bridget still remained silent. Katie got upset and asked if she was dying, and nobody would answer her.

Felicia walked into Ridge's office to find her mother sitting there. Felicia asked if Stephanie was waiting for Ridge. Stephanie said Ridge was tied up with a conference call, ironing out a shipping problem. After a bit of small talk, Stephanie finally admitted she didn't want to go back to the beach house alone. Felicia apologized to her mother for not seeing how lonely she was. Stephanie admitted that Eric could easily move on, but for her it was hard. Felicia asked Stephanie to return to the company to work. Stephanie said it wasn't the same anymore, and the days when she and Eric ran it were over.

Felicia refused to give up on her parents reuniting. Stephanie assured her it was okay to let go. When Felicia left, Stephanie picked up a photo of her and Eric. With a look of sadness on her face, she ran her finger across Eric's photo.

Donna told Eric that Marcus was her son. Eric didn't believe her and accused Marcus of scamming Donna. Eric insisted Marcus was too old to be Donna's child. She said she had given birth when she was a teenager. Eric insisted Marcus was out for money because Donna was suddenly wealthy. Donna told Eric that she got pregnant as a teenager and gave up her baby for adoption. She said Marcus' date of birth, sex, and other data were consistent with her son's. She told Eric only her mother, aunt, and Storm were aware of her pregnancy.

Eric turned on Donna when he realized she was telling the truth. He said he knew his children had been right. He insisted his marriage to her was over. Donna shook her head-it was all her imagination. Eric was still in the other room on his business call and Donna waited to tell him. Marcus walked up and asked Donna if she'd broken the news yet. Donna said she hadn't and after her thoughts of how things would go, she was having reservations. Marcus wanted Donna to tell Eric the truth.

Eric returned to the room and apologized. He told Donna he was having problems with a shipment. He asked her what she had to tell him that was so important. Donna told him it could wait. She said he had to deal with issues at work and to go ahead. She told him she'd chat with him when he returned home. Eric kissed her and left.

Marcus walked in the room and demanded to know why Donna didn't tell Eric about him. Donna insisted she wanted to but the timing wasn't right. She was worried Eric wouldn't understand and she'd lose him. Marcus felt Donna had made her choice. She said she wanted both her husband and her son. Marcus said he didn't believe her and walked out.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

At Nick's house, Katie had many questions about her recovery. Katie asked Bridget if her body was rejecting the heart. Bridget gently informed Katie that her body was indeed rejecting the heart, and that she would have only weeks to live. This news devastated Katie. She asked to be alone and Nick escorted her upstairs. Bridget and Brooke, who were also devastated, decided that they would make the rest of Katie's life as happy as possible.

Meanwhile, Donna had a long discussion with Marcus. Marcus informed her that he had been a basketball star in high school and had hoped to play college basketball. Marcus admitted that he loved basketball, but meeting his biological mother was always on his mind. Donna told Marcus that at that time, she could not inform Eric that Marcus was her son. However, Donna came up with a plan for Eric to slowly get to know Marcus. Donna suggested that Marcus go to work at Forrester Creations, and said she could arrange it. Donna urged Marcus to remain in LA, so she could have a chance at being a mother to him.

Back at Nick's, Bridget and Brooke told Nick of their decision to make Katie's last days as happy as possible. Bridget informed Nick that Katie had a huge crush on him. Bridget explained that Katie loved Nick and he always cheered her up. Bridget selflessly asked Nick to spend as much time with Katie as he was able to. Nick marveled at Bridget's generosity and selflessness towards Katie. Bridget explained that she loved Katie and wanted the last few days of Katie's to be happy. Nick commented that he felt honored that they thought that he would be able to make Katie happy. Bridget, Brooke, and Nick all agreed on the plan to make Katie's last days as happy as possible.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

On Nick's yacht, Bridget dragged a large cooler onboard. Nick teased her about packing for more than a "three-hour tour." She said she packed all of Katie's favorite foods. He said Katie had lots of time to enjoy them. Bridget reminded him that they didn't know how long Katie had left, so she wanted Katie to enjoy every moment. Nick said the one thing Katie didn't need to see was their pity or sympathy. Nick asked if Bridget and her mother wanted to come along. Bridget said Katie had a little crush on Nick so he should spend the afternoon with just Katie, showering her with his charm.

At Nick's house, Katie watched as Donna paced the living room. Donna said she'd tried to tell Eric about Marcus but his phone kept ringing. Donna said her fear over how Eric would react is why she didn't come clean and tell him Marcus was her son. Donna's new plan was to get Eric to hire Marcus at Forrester. Donna felt that if Eric got to know Marcus it would make the news easier to handle when she finally told Eric the truth. Katie disagreed. She told Donna life was short and Donna should tell Eric the truth.

Katie told Donna that she had something to tell her. Just then there was a knock at the door. Katie and Donna looked up as Brooke let herself in. Brooke asked Katie if Donna had heard the news. Baffled, Donna looked from one sister to the other and asked what they were talking about. Brooke told Donna that Katie's body was rejecting the heart. Donna was crushed to learn she had little time to spend with Katie. Donna told Katie she needed her and how much she loved Katie. Katie told her sisters that she didn't want them to feel sorry for her. Brooke pulled Katie to her feet and told her they had a surprise for her. Brooke said Katie had nothing but good surprises for her for the time she had left.

Brooke and Katie arrived at Nick's yacht. Katie was excited to learn they were going sailing. Brooke and Bridget both said their goodbyes and left the boat. Nick said Katie needed to be safe first and put a life jacket on her. He loaded her up with two more life jackets. Katie asked him if that much was necessary. Nick said he liked to laugh when he sailed and felt she looked ridiculous. Katie chuckled as Nick left to prepare the boat for sailing.

Nick showed Katie how to steer the boat. Katie was in awe of the calmness of the sea and the view of the horizon. She asked Nick if he ever wondered what lay behind the horizon. Nick said he didn't like to think about stuff like that. She saw Catalina Island and mentioned she'd never been there. She asked Nick if they could go and Nick happily obliged.

At Catalina Island, Nick unloaded the small motorboat. He dropped down in front of Katie on the blanket. Katie smiled and they chatted about the island. She said she wanted to put on a wetsuit and look for lobsters. Nick worried about her health. Katie said she felt fine and was tired of being coddled. She said, "What's the worst that could happen? I could catch a cold and die." As she began to cry, Nick moved by her side and pulled her into his embrace.

Bridget and Brooke arrived back at Nick's house. Brooke was worried if they'd done the right thing for Katie. Bridget reassured Brooke that Katie would be fine. Brooke thanked Bridget for allowing Katie and Nick to spend time alone together. Brooke acknowledged the sacrifice Bridget was making, knowing how Katie felt for Nick.

Bridget hung up the phone when Brooke walked back in from the kitchen. Nick had called to tell them where they were. Brooke worried it was too much for Katie. Again, Bridget reassured her. Brooke asked Bridget if she was okay with everything. Bridget said she knew Katie had a crush on Nick, but Nick was the only one who made Katie happy.

Taylor arrived in Ridge's office. She was surprised to discover her other daughter, Steffy, there. Mother and daughter shared a happy reunion. Steffy said Ridge told her to come home but didn't explain why. Taylor said she'd gotten a message to meet him at his office but he was just as cryptic. Ridge walked in and Steffy ran into her father's embrace. The two shared an emotional reunion. After a few moments, Taylor and Steffy sat down, and Ridge broke the news to them about Katie's health. Taylor asked how the Logan family was handling the news after they'd just lost Storm. Ridge said they'd just found out so they hadn't had time to react yet. Steffy said she would like to see Katie and would extend her trip home longer. Ridge shocked Steffy when he told her he'd like her trip home to become a permanent one.

Steffy wasn't sure how to respond to her father's request. Ridge offered to help her transfer her school credits to a local university. He said he wanted her to be part of the company-he needed her. Taylor backed Ridge up and said it would be nice to have Steffy home again. Steffy said she didn't want to become a model. Ridge said she didn't have to be, but they would work out the details. Steffy balked at having to return home so suddenly. Taylor proposed Steffy give it a try to see how things went; if they didn't work out she could return to London. Steffy agreed and hugged Ridge, making a subdued face over his shoulder.

Ridge left while Taylor and Steffy chatted. Steffy admitted she was surprised at all the changes that had gone on while she was away. Steffy said she was hoping things didn't resort to Eric stepping down from the company. Steffy changed the subject to all that Taylor had been through. Taylor said she'd gotten through it and was fine. Steffy brought up Taylor's relationship with Rick. Taylor paced the room as she prepared for a lecture from her daughter. Steffy said she wasn't going to lecture Taylor. Steffy felt that Phoebe had her chance with Rick and ended things. Steffy told Taylor if Rick made her happy she was happy for her mother.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

At Catalina Island, Nick caressed Katie as she cried about the diagnosis that she was rejecting her heart. Later, Katie shared that she wished she had gotten married and had a baby. The conversation moved to her prom not being the experience she had always dreamt of. They started their picnic and they talked about how Katie and Nick behaved like porcupines when they first met, keeping each other at arm's length until they got to know each other. Katie picked up a piece of beach glass and marveled at the power of the ocean. It changed a jagged piece of glass into a smooth stone.

Nick encouraged Katie to take her medicine, but she refused and buried it in the sand. She said she never wanted to return to LA or to the hospital with needles and an antiseptic odor. She didn't want to become a sick and helpless person in a bed. Nick insisted that she take the medication, but Katie said she was at peace with the sun in her face, and she wanted to stay at the beach for as long as she could. Nick said they didn't have to leave, but he dug up the bottle of pills and begged her to take them.

At Forrester, Ridge agreed that Steffy would learn the business from the ground up by starting in shipping. Donna told Eric she wanted him to meet someone who would make a great employee. Once again, Pam was eavesdropping outside. Steffy entered and gave Donna the evil eye. Eric was surprised but happy to see Steffy. Donna was surprised Steffy wanted to start in shipping since Steffy's twin sister, Phoebe, was the company spokesperson. Steffy said she wanted to be more than a pretty face and wanted to learn the business from the ground up. Donna squirmed as Eric asked Steffy to stay while he interviewed a new employee. Marcus showed up, and Steffy introduced herself and whispered to him not to be afraid of the old guy.

Eric inquired why Marcus would be a good candidate for Forrester, and Marcus admitted that he had no experience in fashion, but he was interested in regular business rather than fashion. Marcus said he wouldn't mind getting his hands dirty or wearing a suit and tie. Marcus just wanted to be at Forrester. Eric hired Marcus, and told Steffy to show Marcus around since they would both be working in shipping. After Eric and Steffy left, Marcus and Donna celebrated that Marcus got the job, and Donna said she was already proud of him. Steffy later told Marcus she had been around the fashion business her whole life, but never admitted who she was. Marcus said he really wanted to impress Mr. Forrester.

Brooke and Ridge met for lunch where Ridge told Brooke that Steffy was home and back at Forrester. Brooke told Ridge that Nick and Katie went to Catalina and Katie seemed very happy, but Ridge worried that Nick would play Captain Hero. He felt that Katie needed someone to depend on, and he worried about how Bridget felt about the situation. Brooke told him she needed his support. She said she couldn't handle all the issues without Ridge. He said that he would help and support her. He got up and wiped away her tears and hugged her.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Marcus brought fabric rolls to Ridge's office. Donna teased him and told him he only needed to bring samples, not the entire roll. She asked him how his first day was going. Marcus said it was exciting as there was a lot of buzz and energy going on, and he felt like he stepped into a whole new world. Donna reminded him to be careful of the "evil and demented" Pam, and Eric's kids. She said she didn't want the family to know his identity until they got to know him first. Marcus asked if they didn't like Donna then why she assumed they'd like him. Donna said because he was handsome, charming, and smart-and wasn't marrying into the family. She left the office to bring the fabric samples to Eric. Marcus picked up the rolls of fabric and walked towards the door. He ran into Steffy, who spilled her coffee all over the white fabric. Marcus assumed he was fired and asked if he'd have to pay for the ruined material.

Steffy was able to get the stain out of the material. Marcus was relieved and thanked her. He and Steffy chatted about what brought each of them to L.A. Unaware Steffy was a Forrester, Marcus asked her for the rundown on the Forrester family. Holding little back, Steffy gave him a quick rundown on each family member. They talked some more about the company. After a few minutes, Steffy left to return to work.

Marcus went to see Donna on his way out. He told Donna how nice Steffy was. Donna informed him that Steffy was a Forrester. Marcus was surprised Steffy hadn't told him. Donna told him to stay away from Steffy. He thanked Donna for getting him the job and said he was really going to like working there.

Brooke stopped by Bridget's to see if Nick and Katie were back. Brooke asked Bridget about Katie getting her medication. Bridget said Nick was capable of administering Katie's medication. Brooke asked Bridget questions to try to understand Katie's condition. Bridget said that the anti-rejection drugs were buying Katie time but they just didn't know how much.

Brooke asked Bridget about the possibility of Katie getting an artificial heart. Bridget snapped at Brooke and said they were only meant for short-term not long-term use in patients. Bridget apologized to Brooke for snapping at her. Bridget explained she was struggling with the knowledge that there was nothing she could do to help Katie. Bridget told Brooke not to be surprised if there was some relief for Katie. Brooke got upset and Bridget explained that Katie knew what her outcome would be. Bridget brought up Storm's name. Brooke said she asked him every day for forgiveness for her final words to him. Brooke said she didn't want her final words to Katie to be like that.

Brooke thanked Bridget for everything she'd done for Katie. Brooke said how proud she was of her daughter. Bridget talked about some of the difficulties in being a doctor and being powerless to save some lives. Bridget changed the subject and wondered when Nick and Katie would return.

On Catalina Island, Nick attempted to get Katie to take her medication. Katie felt it wasn't worth taking, as it would just prolong the inevitable. She said if the island was the last place she saw, it was better than a hospital, an IV, or machines beeping. She asked Nick to not judge her and not make her take the medication.

Nick said he wouldn't get on a moral high horse and lecture Katie. He expressed concern for what lay ahead if she didn't take the medication. Katie said since she'd been shot, she hadn't made one decision. She didn't want her family to have to decide when to end her life. She wanted the last decision to be hers.

Nick put the pills down and said Katie was the only one who could make that decision. He said he didn't agree but it was her choice. Nick tried to get her to see the pain it would cause her family. Katie said there were words she just didn't want to have to say. Nick said if he was family and she chose the sun and sand over saying goodbye, it wouldn't be right and he'd be pissed.

Katie said her siblings would understand her choice. Nick said they wouldn't and asked Katie if she was afraid. Katie admitted she was. She said she was comfortable being on the island with him and wanted to stay there. He gave her a lecture about letting her fear call the shots. He said he wasn't going back home without her and handed Katie her pills. Katie opened the pills and took them. She broke down in Nick's arms and said she didn't want to die. She begged Nick to not let her go.

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