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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 16, 2008 on B&B
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Monday, June 16, 2008

Bridget performed a quick exam on Katie. Bridget said that Katie's fever was gone and Katie was recovering nicely. Nick hugged Bridget and said it was all thanks to her. Katie smiled while she watched them embrace.

Alone, Bridget and Katie talked. Bridget said she never would have told Katie she was dying had she known there was a cure. Katie thanked Bridget for saving her life, not once but twice. Katie said Bridget saved her with her persistence in getting a heart and again with the treatment. Katie said she owed her life to Bridget. Bridget said she loved Katie and was glad she could help her. Bridget left the room to get Nick so he could visit with Katie.

Downstairs, Nick and Jackie toasted to Katie's health. Nick spoke about how proud he was of Bridget. Jackie watched Nick pace while he talked about both Bridget and Katie. She told Nick that he had given Katie the will to live. He said he was thrilled and honored to have been a part of what could have been Katie's last moments. Bridget came downstairs and sent Nick up to visit with Katie. Bridget and Jackie talked for a few minutes. Jackie told Bridget to never sell herself short.

Taylor dropped Jack off, so Bridget brought him in the house. Bridget gushed over how happy she was to have Jack home. Bridget said she couldn't wait for things to get back to normal. Jackie stood back and watched. Jackie sat down on the couch with Jack and played with him. Bridget came in and asked Jackie to tell her what was going on. Jackie finally said that Bridget was a kind, caring woman. Jackie told Bridget that it was okay for her to "toot" her own horn once in a while.

Upstairs, Nick visited with Katie. He said how honored he was to have given her the prom of her dreams. He thanked her for allowing him to share some special moments with her. Katie thanked him for giving her the best moments of her life. She said that she realized she hadn't really lived until she'd spent time with him, and she had a lot of living still to do. Katie talked about the tender moments spent with Nick at the prom, on the beach, sailing, and when she was close to dying. She said Nick gave her a reason to want to live. She told Nick she loved him and didn't care who heard her say it.

Marcus stepped into Ridge's office. He saw Steffy sitting at Ridge's desk working on his laptop. He teased her about getting a promotion. Steffy closed the cover on the laptop and walked over to Marcus. She apologized to him for being nosy about why Donna hired him. He told her it was fine-it just showed him she was curious about him. He left to go back to work. Steffy returned to the computer and opened up Marcus' personnel file.

Ridge, Thorne, and Felicia joined Steffy in Ridge's office. Steffy shared with them that Marcus was hired without a background check. When Ridge looked in Marcus' file, he saw nothing but a driver's license and paper application. They were all curious about the connection between Marcus and Donna. Ridge told Steffy it wasn't a witch hunt because he had nothing against Marcus. Ridge said because of Donna's connection, he needed to get to the bottom of who Marcus was. Just then Marcus walked into the office to deliver a package. He sensed the tension in the air and asked what the problem was. Ridge asked why Marcus would assume there was a problem. Marcus stated he could feel the tension. The phone rang before anyone else could speak. When Ridge hung the phone up, he announced it was shipping hunting down Marcus. Ridge told Marcus that Brooke and Donna were waiting for him in Brooke's office. When Marcus left, the Forrester children wondered what Brooke had to do with Marcus.

In Brooke's office, Donna finally confessed to Brooke she had a secret. Donna told Brooke she'd given up a child for adoption when she was a teenager. Brooke asked if Eric knew and Donna said he didn't. Donna prepared for a tongue-lashing from Brooke for not telling Eric. Instead, Brooke reminded Donna that her pregnancy was long before she met Eric. Brooke said Donna should not keep the truth from Eric much longer.

Donna announced that Marcus was working at Forrester Creations. Brooke was shocked and asked for details. Donna said she thought Eric could get to know Marcus and determine what kind of young man he was first. Donna said then she would tell him. Brooke said Donna needed to come clean with Eric sooner rather than later. Donna called for Marcus to join them in Brooke's office.

As Donna and Brooke continued to talk, Marcus entered Brooke's office. At first, Brooke tried to dismiss him, but Donna introduced Marcus. After a quick moment of shock, Brooke greeted Marcus warmly and welcomed him to the family.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

At Forrester Creations, Brooke was pleasantly shocked to learn that Donna has a son. Brooke welcomed Marcus into the Logan family. Brooke expressed to Marcus that Katie's recovery and his existence were a miracle. Brooke strongly advised Donna to inform Eric that Marcus was her son. As Brooke encouraged Donna to tell Eric "sooner than later about Marcus," Eric walked in and wanted to know what Brooke was talking about. Donna somehow managed to change the subject.

Eric asked Marcus his opinion of his drawings of new clothing for teenage girls. Although Marcus told Eric, he was not qualified to provide an opinion, Eric asked him to do so anyway. Eric was pleased with Marcus's frank opinion of the clothing. When Eric left the office, Brooke again encouraged Donna to inform Eric that Marcus was her son.

Meanwhile, in Ridge's office, Thorne, Felicia, Steffy, and Ridge searched for information about Marcus' connection to Donna. They were not able to come up with any controversial information or information on their connection. Felicia and Steffi stole Marcus' backpack and took it into Ridge's office to look at its contents. Felicia emptied the entire bag but could find nothing that linked Donna to Marcus or to indicate that Marcus was spying for Donna. After everyone else left the office, Steffy discovered another pocket in the backpack. She found Marcus' birth certificate. Steffy realized that Marcus was Donna's son!

At Nick's house, Katie told Nick that she loved him. Katie expressed to Nick that she had never felt that kind of emotion for anyone previously. Nick confirmed for Katie that during the days they spent together his feeling were genuine for her. Katie told Nick that it was bittersweet, however. She told Nick that although she loved him, she would never want to hurt Bridget. Katie told Nick that she would always love him. Nick acknowledged what Katie told him and then said goodbye to her.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

During a conversation with her sisters, Katie voiced her concern about why they hadn't heard from their mother, Beth, after all of the tragedies that the family had been through recently. Nick convinced Katie to call her mother. Katie was upset when she did not get the response from Beth that she had been hoping for. Alone, Nick chartered the company jet and planned a flight to Paris to locate Beth. Nick tried his best to side-step Jackie's inquisition about his feelings for Katie. Marcus was furious when he finds Steffy going through his backpack until she explained why she did it. Marcus clarified why he and Donna were keeping the secret and asks Steffy to keep it, as well.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

by Pam

At Nick's, Katie clutched a photo of her mom and questioned why her mom barely talked to her on the phone. Later, Brooke visited Katie and saw her with the photo. Katie told Brooke that Beth's reaction to Katie's near-death didn't seem like love. She added that her mother was cold on the phone, and showed no emotion. Katie added that if she had died, their mother would have missed her funeral-just like she missed Storm's funeral.

Brooke changed the subject, and asked Katie about her evening with Nick, and Katie said she had been given a gift. She had her life back. She needed to figure out what she wanted to do with it.

Jackie and Nick were aboard the company jet en route to Paris, and they discussed that Beth Logan seemed to have disappeared from the Logan girls' lives when they needed her most. Jackie started her usual matchmaker blather about Nick's concern for Katie. She remarked that it was more than just concern on Nick's part when he raced halfway around the world for Katie. She wondered if Katie would be a part of Nick's life if Bridget weren't in the picture. Nick reminded Jackie that Bridget saved Katie's life, and he had built a life with Bridget. As he turned away, he reminisced about his time with Katie at Catalina and in the hospital. He remembered their date ending as he carried Katie up the stairs.

At Forrester's new gym/spa on the rooftop, shirtless Rick was lifting weights as he greeted Marcus, and they discussed the great top-of-the-city vista and the females. Rick said he was engaged to Taylor, so he was not concerned about the female view. Rick also explained to Marcus that the entire rooftop spa was Donna's idea. Rick added that Donna was his aunt and his stepmother because Donna was married to Rick's dad. As Marcus processed the convoluted family tree, he remarked that the place was crazy, but it rocked.

Scruffy Ridge came out to the rooftop gym, and yakked about the expense of Donna's idea and how she never had it approved through the family. Rick stuck up for Donna, but Ridge said it was poor timing with the sales slump, which he blamed on Donna. Ridge called Donna an albatross ready to bring Forrester down, and Rick said Ridge had started a witch hunt.

Ridge worried that Donna had a secret that would bring the company down, and Rick told him he was paranoid. Ridge told Marcus that he knew Marcus was one of Donna's pet projects, and he advised Marcus to steer clear of Donna Logan.

Beth Logan sat alone in Paris holding a photo of her kids when Nick knocked on the door. She answered, and he explained who he was. Beth stared at him until Nick asked if he could come in. Beth said she didn't have time to chat. She had an appointment. She asked Nick to leave, but he refused. He said he had questions and he wanted answers. He told her to cancel her appointment and she threatened to call the police. She said she had no answers for Nick. He wondered how any mother could ignore her kids after what had happened to her family. He refused to leave without answers.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Beth was put on the spot but refused to answer some tough questions thrown at her by Nick. Later, Nick was told by Stephen how Beth had not been herself lately. On their first date, Marcus and Steffy shared with each other stories about their past. As Marcus and Steffy got to know each other better, the chemistry between them began to build. Katie confessed to Bridget about her feelings for Nick, but promised not to act on them. Katie suggested that she move out of Nick and Bridget's house but Bridget's loving words convinced Katie to stay.

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