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Monday, June 23, 2008

At the Bikini Beach, Steffy and Marcus chatted. Steffy admitted she wasn't comfortable keeping a secret, especially one that wasn't her own. Marcus said he wanted to get to know his mother first before getting tossed in the Forrester squabble. They came close to kissing but Steffy walked away. He offered to tell Steffy anything she wanted to know. Steffy smiled and asked if he was an open book. He smiled back and asked what she wanted to know.

Marcus and Steffy sat down and finished their drinks. They continued to chat about Marcus' being Donna's son. Steffy said she'd never kept secrets from her father before. He apologized to her and said he just wanted more time. She told him she'd lost a lot of time with her mother while growing up, so she understood how he felt. While they chatted, Phoebe walked in and overheard Steffy refer to Donna as Marcus' mother.

In Paris, Nick confronted Beth about not being there for her daughters. He backed her into a corner, asking her reasons for staying away from them. Nick offered to give Beth a place to stay with the three girls to catch up without Stephen around. Beth remarked at how much Nick cared for her daughters. Nick said all three women were extraordinary and Beth should be proud.

Nick pressed Beth further to fly home. Beth said she was home and the girls had each other and didn't need her. Nick pointed out how wrong she was. He told her Katie needed her mother during her recovery more than ever. Beth was surprised to learn that Nick and Brooke were no longer together. She was more surprised to learn Katie was living with him and Bridget. Nick pointed out how long it had been since she'd really talked to her daughters. Beth finally agreed to fly to L.A. She told Nick she'd make her arrangements after she cleared her schedule. Nick told Beth to pack a bag, he had a jet waiting to take them immediately. Beth looked very uncomfortable but realized Nick was leaving her no choice. She finally agreed and left to pack a bag while Nick had his pilot file their flight plans.

On the jet, Nick told Beth to not get buckled up yet as they were waiting for Stephen. He asked her if she had a problem with that and she answered no. Nick handed her his phone and told her she only had to hit "send" to make the call. Beth asked who she was calling. Nick said Beth was calling Katie to let her know she was coming home. Beth tried to get Nick to do it but he refused and walked out. Beth made the call to L.A. and Brooke answered. She informed Brooke that she was flying home for a visit. Nick returned as Beth hung up and asked her how it went. Beth told him that Katie was sleeping so she talked to Brooke. Nick was glad to hear Katie was sleeping. Beth said Nick really cared for Katie. He responded that she had three wonderful daughters who had turned out amazing. He said that the girls needed Beth and he felt Beth needed them as well. He told her that staying away wasn't the way to deal with what had happened. Beth commented that they lived so far apart and everything was different. Nick assured Beth that things would be fine when she got to L.A. Beth offered a tense smile and sat back down.

At Nick's house, Donna, Brooke, and Katie talked in Katie's bedroom. Brooke and Katie begged Donna to come clean with Eric about Marcus' identity. Donna said she wasn't ready yet. Katie reassured Donna that she had a great marriage and Eric would stand by her. Donna brought up their mother and how Beth was there for her when she was pregnant. Katie and Brooke looked at each other uncomfortably. Katie admitted she'd called their mother and had gotten the brush-off. Katie said she needed their mother and felt Beth blamed Katie for what happened to Storm. Brooke and Donna tried to defend their mother but Katie knew something wasn't right with Beth.

Brooke and Donna went downstairs while Katie rested. Brooke wondered what was going on with their mother. Donna didn't believe Beth would turn her back on her children. Both women wondered why their mother hadn't flown to L.A. when Storm died or during Katie's health crisis. Brooke feared that Katie was right about their mother blaming Katie. Brooke felt maybe their mother didn't know how to handle all that had happened.

The phone rang and Brooke answered it so Katie wasn't awakened. Brooke was thrilled to discover her mother was coming to L.A. Brooke said that everything would be okay. After she hung up, Brooke told Donna about the conversation. When Donna asked how Beth sounded, Brooke admitted Beth sounded uneasy. Donna asked what had taken so long for Beth to come home. Brooke said she didn't know but they would find out soon enough.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

At his home, Nick surprised everyone when he arrived at home with Stephen and Beth. Donna was ecstatic to see Stephen and Beth. She was extremely appreciative that Nick flew them home from Paris on his jet.

Stephen went upstairs and visited with Katie. Stephen's presence had a great impact on Katie, and she became overwhelmed with joy. At that point, Katie did not realize that Nick had flown to Paris to bring Stephen back home.

Donna had a long conversation with Beth. Donna explained that she did not want any awkwardness between her and her mother, since she had married Eric. Beth cordially told Donna that if Donna were happy, she would be happy. Donna informed Beth that she had found the baby that she gave up for adoption. Donna provided the details of how Marcus had arrived in L.A. in an attempt to find his biological mother. Donna explained that Marcus was working at Forrester Creations. Beth did not approve that Donna did not inform Eric about her son.

Meanwhile at the Forrester Creations offices, Phoebe told Ridge that she heard from a good source that Marcus was Donna's son. Ridge immediately launched an investigation into Donna's background. Ridge thanked Phoebe for providing information about Donna that would possibly make her look bad in Eric's eyes.

Outside on the Forrester basketball court, Steffi and Marcus thought about the ramifications once Ridge found out that Marcus was Donna's son. Steffi assured Marcus that his secret was safe with her until he and Donna were ready to share it with everyone.

Back at Nick's house, Beth finally agreed to visit with Katie. Katie cried tears of joy when she saw Beth. Beth confirmed to Katie that she loved her and was glad that she had recovered.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

At Forrester Creations, Ridge, Felicia, and Thorne chatted about Donna's secret. Ridge admitted he hired a private investigator, Rocky. They all wondered if Eric knew that Donna had a son. Jarrett, a local journalist for a fashion magazine, walked in. Jarrett informed them that several fashion magazines were writing negative articles about Eric. Jarrett said Donna and her "inspiration" had a negative impact on Eric. Ridge thanked Jarrett for coming by and giving them a heads-up.

Rocky showed up with information on Marcus. Rocky confirmed to the siblings that Marcus was Donna's son. Ridge let him out and turned to Felicia and Thorne. Ridge felt they needed to meet with Eric and get him to end his marriage. Felicia and Thorne agreed and Ridge left to chat with Eric.

In his office, Eric was looking at the inventory sheets. Marcus said he had simplified the inventory paperwork. Eric gave Marcus a tongue lashing for changing a system that had worked for so many years. Marcus tried to explain but Eric would have none of it. Marcus left and went back to shipping.

Marcus walked into the shipping office and vented to Steffy. He told her what had transpired in Eric's office. He worried how Eric would feel once he knew Marcus' true identity. Steffy told him not to worry-she would stand up for him.

Marcus was sitting at the computer redoing the inventory paperwork. Steffy walked in and Marcus made a dig at Eric. Steffy shushed him as Eric walked in. Eric saw that Marcus was redoing the inventory paperwork and was pleased to find Marcus hadn't finished them yet. Eric apologized for his behavior. Eric said he realized why Marcus had made them easier. Eric thanked Marcus for his initiative, and told him he approved of the changes. Eric said Marcus needed to run them by Thorne for final approval before the changes could be implemented. Eric left the office. Marcus and Steffy jumped for joy and had a brief moment where they looked like they were going to kiss.

Back in his office, Eric heard a knock on his door. Ridge let himself in and walked up to Eric's desk. Ridge told his father that he, Felicia, and Thorne needed to meet with him privately, without Donna. Eric asked if it was concerning his wife. Ridge said they had something to tell him and didn't want Donna there. Eric agreed to meet with his children at the end of the workday. Ridge said they would only take a few minutes. Marcus walked up and overheard the tail end of Ridge's conversation.

Ridge walked out of Eric's office and saw Marcus. Ridge told Marcus he had a shipment for him to prepare, one that would be leaving that night. Marcus asked where the shipment was going. Ridge smugly told him it was going to Texas. When Ridge walked away, Marcus placed a call to someone. He left a voice mail message that he thought Ridge might know something.

At Nick's, Katie and Donna shared a joyful reunion with their parents. Katie explained to her mother everything that happened. Katie told her mother about her surgery and how she discovered her new heart was Storm's. Beth listened and looked uncomfortable each time Katie mentioned Storm's name. Katie said she had been angry and couldn't accept what Storm had done but she had finally come to peace with it. Katie thanked her parents for coming and said she was thrilled to have the Logan family together again. Beth turned away with an uneasy look on her face.

Brooke showed up at Nick's, surprised to see him home. Nick told her that Beth and Stephen were upstairs visiting with Katie and Donna. Brooke realized Nick had flown them home. She thanked and hugged him. Brooke asked how they could ever repay him.

Stephen came downstairs and joined Nick. Stephen thanked Nick for reuniting his family. Both men wondered what had kept Beth away for so long. Stephen said he had no idea but assured Nick he would find out.

Brooke joined her sisters and mother in Katie's bedroom. Beth looked thrilled to see Brooke as the two women shared an embrace. Brooke said that she'd had a tough year and realized she needed her mother too. Brooke began to tell Beth about the rape but said she'd save it for a later time. All three girls told their mother how happy they were to have her home. Katie asked Beth to stay and never leave again. Beth asked them to just give her a minute and left the room.

Beth paced the hallway for a moment. She pulled out her cell phone and placed a call to Paris. She asked the person on the other end to make arrangements for her to fly back to Paris the next day. She hung up the phone and stood in the doorway to Katie's room. Unnoticed, Beth watched her three daughters laugh and talk.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

by Pam

At Nick's, Beth was on the phone, and she tried to get a flight out of LA as soon as she could. Then, she overheard her daughters planning a party for their mom. They wanted it to be just like the beach parties Beth had for them as children with little sandwiches she had made during her catering career. They planned to get all the grandkids together. Beth told Katie she was concerned that a picnic at the beach might be too much for Katie, but Katie insisted she was fine. Katie was glad her mom was there. It meant the world to Katie, and it was clear to her that nothing was more important than family.

Donna later talked to Beth, who admitted she should have been in L.A. sooner. Donna gushed that Beth had raised them all to remember that family came first. Beth looked uncomfortable and turned away. Beth said she was tired but she didn't want to take a nap. She wanted to spend time with the girls. When Donna left, Beth got a call and told a travel agent to book her flight to Paris the next morning at 8 a.m. Brooke overheard her mother and confronted her. Brooke couldn't believe her mother would leave the girls after only one day.

At Forrester, Marcus told Steffy that he was convinced Ridge knew that Marcus was Donna's son. Steffy said she never told anyone. Marcus said he should probably leave Forrester so Ridge and the family would leave Donna alone. Steffy said she didn't want Marcus to leave. Marcus called Donna and left her a message as he remembered his conversation with Donna when he first arrived. She told him that the family hated Donna and would do anything to get the company away from Eric and get Donna out of his life.

Stephanie and Ridge discussed that Donna had a son who was working at Forrester. Stephanie was surprised, but she and Ridge agreed that since Donna kept Marcus a secret from Eric, things would soon be over with her and Eric. Ridge hoped his mother would be back with Eric soon.

Nick and Stephen talked about how they couldn't believe that Beth was so out of touch with her kids. Stephen said Beth saw how happy Katie and the girls were since she arrived. He admitted to Nick that he didn't know much about Beth's life in Paris since they were divorced. He had no idea if she even had a job. Later, Nick and Stephen sat with Katie and remarked about how much better she looked. Katie told Nick he didn't need to worry about her anymore and didn't need to take care of her.

Donna showed up at Forrester and told Marcus that she would tell Eric that Marcus was her son before Ridge would get the chance. Meanwhile, In Eric's office, Ridge, Thorne, and Felicia confronted Eric when he arrived. Ridge launched into his Donna bashing session, and said that Donna had done damage to the company and that she was a liar. Ridge blabbed that Marcus was hired without a background check because Marcus was Donna's son. Eric laughed at the absurdity, but Donna walked in with Marcus and admitted to Eric that Marcus was her son. She confessed that she gave Marcus up for adoption when she was a young girl, and now she had found him. She apologized for not telling Eric sooner, but she was afraid to because of the family. Eric was speechless.

Friday, June 27, 2008

At Forrester Creations, Phoebe stopped in to see Steffy. Phoebe made digs at Steffy for seeing Marcus. Phoebe felt their budding romance was wrong. Phoebe admitted she overheard Steffy's conversation with Marcus at the Bikini Bar. Steffy tried to make light of it, but Phoebe admitted she heard them talk about Marcus' maternity. Phoebe said she told Ridge because the family had a right to know. Steffy got upset and defended Marcus and Donna. Steffy said she might not like Donna but the woman had not done anything to her. Phoebe told Steffy things were being taken care of by Ridge. Steffy flew out the door and ran up to Eric's office.

In Eric's office, he confronted Donna with the news while Felicia, Thorne, and Ridge looked smugly on. Eric felt Donna should have told him before they were married. Donna told Eric she'd had Marcus when she was very young and was sent away to give birth. Donna said she hadn't even seen Marcus after giving birth. Eric asked how she knew Marcus was her son. Marcus told Eric that he'd found his birth certificate and hired a private investigator. Marcus said the investigator had come across the wedding announcement for Donna and Eric. Thorne said Marcus saw Donna was marrying a rich man so he thought he'd cash in. Donna defended Marcus and said Marcus hadn't asked for a dime, not even the job he had at Forrester. Felicia said both Marcus and Donna had lost all credibility by lying and deceiving everyone. Ridge challenged Donna to justify her lying. Steffy stepped in and vouched for Marcus.

Ridge got upset with Steffy for not telling him the truth sooner. Steffy said it wasn't anyone's business but Marcus and Donna's. Felicia and Thorne disagreed. Felicia told Marcus they had nothing personal against him. Donna admitted she was the one who convinced Marcus to withhold the truth. Marcus came to Donna's defense and said he wanted to get to know his mother without the Forrester interference. Marcus turned to Eric and said Donna loved Eric and was a good woman. Marcus asked Eric to not hold it against her.

Eric pulled Donna close. He told her that not every marriage started off with sharing all of their past private moments. Unhappy things didn't go their way, Ridge, Thorne, and Felicia looked on. Thorne demanded that Donna explain herself. When Donna began, Eric stopped her. Eric said Donna didn't need to explain anything to them. Eric said it was because of his children that Donna didn't come forward sooner. Donna looked at Eric and said she would never doubt her faith in their relationship again. Eric told Marcus he looked forward to getting to know him better. Ridge blasted his father over loyalty and love of his children. Eric said if his children had to question his love or loyalty for them, then they didn't get it. Ridge, Thorne, and Felicia walked out.

Eric apologized to Donna and Marcus for his children's behavior. Eric asked Marcus to call him Eric instead of "sir." Eric said while he didn't excuse his children's behavior, he did understand that they were trying to look out for him. Marcus told Eric that he would have Eric's back as well. Marcus felt that Donna wasn't a threat to the Forrester children because she was deeply in love with Eric. Eric smiled as he watched mother and son embrace.

Steffy returned to the shipping office to find Ridge waiting for her. She argued that Marcus had nothing to hide. She felt that adoption was nothing to be ashamed of. Ridge questioned her loyalties. She said she was loyal but Marcus' maternity was none of their business. She said that if Donna cheated on Eric or stole from the company, she would be first in line. Steffy felt Donna didn't need to be crucified for being Marcus' mother. Ridge said he felt Marcus lied too smoothly. He told Steffy to stay away from Donna's son.

Stephen and Katie chatted about Beth. Katie felt something was up with Beth. Stephen felt it was just her getting reacquainted with her daughters. They overheard Brooke talking loudly so Stephen went downstairs to check it out. When he got down there, he asked what was going on. Brooke told him that Beth was flying back to Paris the next day. Beth said she'd had a great visit but it was time to go home. Stephen excused Brooke so he could talk with Beth alone.

Agitated, Brooke paced Katie's room. Katie asked who Brooke had been talking to downstairs. Brooke admitted she'd had words with their mother. Katie asked why, as their mother had just arrived. Brooke blurted out that Beth was leaving town the next day.

Stephen and Beth talked. Stephen said each time he visited L.A., it got easier. He said his children had forgiven him for his leaving. He pleaded with Beth to stay and work things out. Beth said she didn't owe anyone anything so there was no reason for her to stay. Stephen was shocked at her response. He said she was clearly still bitter and angry. Beth tried to justify her statement and said there were things in Paris she couldn't just bring to L.A. Stephen asked if she was involved with someone. Beth started to answer when Katie walked downstairs and demanded answers of her mother. Katie asked Stephen to leave them alone to talk.

Katie asked her mother why she was leaving. Beth said they still had a little time before her flight left. Katie said her mother should just catch an earlier flight if she wanted to leave so badly. Beth told Katie that she would come back and Katie could fly to Paris to visit her as well. Katie said she couldn't fly yet because of her heart. Kate said she hadn't gone to see Storm's grave yet and hoped her mother would go with her. Beth said she would on her next visit. Katie yelled at her mother and accused Beth of blaming Katie for Storm's death. Quietly, Beth told Katie that she'd had a series of strokes. Beth said since then she'd been having problems with her memories. Beth said the doctors believed it was early onset of dementia. Beth felt she would become a burden to her family so she wanted to stay in Paris. Katie stood there speechless while she listened to her mother.

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