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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 30, 2008 on B&B
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Monday, June 30, 2008

In Katie's bedroom, Brooke and Stephen talked. Stephen said he'd invited Beth to L.A. numerous times but she'd always refused. Brooke asked if he knew what was going on. He said that he would be the last person Beth would confide in. Brooke said Beth wasn't leaving town without providing answers to her family. Stephen felt Beth's discomfort was his fault. He said he asked her to give him a chance, to forgive him and become a family again. Brooke said it wasn't his fault. She feared Beth was walking out on them again. Stephen assured her that wasn't the case as he embraced his daughter.

Katie remained speechless while Beth explained what had happened to her. Beth said she could never again be the mother Katie knew. Katie finally asked why Beth hadn't told her children what had happened. Beth said she didn't want to become a burden to her children. Beth said her memories were slipping away. Beth explained some of the problems she'd already been experiencing. With tears running down her face, Katie asked Beth to give them a chance to help her through it. Katie said miracles happened all the time. Beth felt there would be no cure for dementia in her lifetime.

Katie yelled at Beth to stop talking negative. Katie felt Beth was talking like she was already dead. Beth admitted the doctors weren't sure if it was the strokes or the dementia that was causing her memory loss. Katie asked if Beth was going to get on the plane and leave. Katie told Beth she needed to stay in L.A. because that's where the best doctors were. Beth continued arguing that she would be a burden to her children. Frustrated, Katie ran towards the stairs screaming for Brooke and Stephen to help her. When Brooke and Stephen came to Katie's aid, the looked in the living room and saw the door open. Katie went running after her mother but Beth was already gone. Brooke was shocked to learn their mother ran out.

Katie told Brooke and Stephen that Beth had driven off. When they asked what had happened, Katie told them the truth about Beth's condition. Brooke said it made sense and explained a lot about how Beth had been acting. Brooke and Stephen took off to find Beth. Katie remained behind in case Beth returned.

Brooke checked outgoing airline flights while Stephen drove. Brooke discovered there were not outgoing flights to Paris until the next day. Stephen was distressed to realize how ill Beth was. Brooke tried to console him while also trying to figure out where Beth might have gone.

Beth showed up at Brooke's house. Brooke's nanny, Katherine, let her in. When Katherine offered to call Brooke to let her know Beth was there, Beth refused. Beth said she was only staying a few moments before she caught her flight. Katherine excused herself and left the room. Beth wandered around, talking aloud about how well Brooke had done for herself. Beth said both Brooke and Donna were set and they would take care of Katie. She sat down and picked up a music box. She turned it and watched the ballerina turn to the music. Hope came downstairs and introduced herself to Beth. Hope said the music box had been Brooke's. They chatted about the music box for a few minutes. Hope said she was happy Beth had come to visit. Beth said she was glad to see Hope one last time. Not understanding, Hope said Beth would see her lots of times now that she was in town. Beth pulled Hope into an embrace and said she never wanted to let Hope go.

At Forrester Creations, Marcus paced the shipping office. He was amazed that Eric accepted him into the family. Steffy smiled and said Eric was a good person. She apologized for Ridge's behavior. Marcus was worried over the strain in Steffy and Ridge's relationship because she kept the truth from him. She said Ridge was big on loyalty but things would work out. Marcus said just a short time earlier he was living on his own. He said that he was getting to know his birth mom, had a job and people who were willing to stand up for him. He walked towards Steffy and thanked her for standing up for him.

Steffy said she wasn't a hero -- she had only done what was right. Marcus said she was a hero in his books. Marcus asked a few questions about why the Forresters hated Donna. Steffy said her grandparents would still be together had Donna not gotten involved with Eric. Steffy asked if he was more interested in what she thought of him rather than his mother. Marcus teased Steffy and put his hands on her head. He told her he could read her mind and joked about her thoughts. As he brought his hand down, he stroked her hair. They smiled at each other and it was obvious they were attracted to one another.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

At Brooke's house, Hope happily visited with her grandmother, Beth. Hope commented to Beth that Beth looked sad. Beth told Hope that she wanted to visit with Hope before she left. Hope asked Beth not to leave.

Back at Nick's house, Bridget explained the possible medical consequences of a stroke to Nick and Katie. Bridget recommended medical testing on Beth for the purpose of determining the kind of stroke she suffered and what side effects she might experience. Katie was appreciative of Bridget's advice about the testing. Later, from the balcony, Katie observed Nick and Bridget in a kiss.

At the Forrester Creations office, Ridge commented to Phoebe that he could not understand why Steffy kept Marcus' identity a secret from him. Ridge worried that Steffy would get involved in a relationship with Marcus.

Meanwhile, in their office, Steffy and Marcus made plans to go out on a bowling date. They acknowledged that they had mutual interest in one another.

Brooke learned from Katherine that Beth was at her home with Hope. Brooke and Stephen arrived at Brooke's house to find Hope and Beth. When Hope left the room, Brooke had a frank talk with Beth. Brooke explained that she, Donna, and Katie didn't want her to leave L.A. regardless of what happened to her health and her memory. Beth explained that due to dementia, she could never be the mother that they once knew. Beth adamantly told Brooke that she did not wish to be a burden to her daughters. Brooke begged Beth to stay in L.A. with her family.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hope told Grandma Beth that she wanted her to stay. Brooke and Stephen walked in on their conversation and told Beth that they agreed with Hope.

Ridge and Phoebe discussed Steffy's connection to Marcus. Ridge feared that Steffy had become too attached to Marcus. He wondered aloud to Phoebe about what could have kept Steffy from telling her family about Donna being Marcus' Mom.

Marcus and Steffy flirted in the mailroom and made plans to get together again for a second date at the bowling alley.

Katie told Nick that Beth left for the airport to catch a return flight to Paris. Nick jumped to conclusions and got angry that Beth was leaving, but Katie explained to Nick that her mother had had several strokes and was battling dementia. She told Nick that Stephen and Brooke were trying to catch up to Beth to bring her back home.

Stephen took Hope upstairs, leaving Beth and Brooke alone to talk. Beth was touched that Hope had known about the music box she had given Brooke years earlier. Brooke insisted that Beth stay in L.A. rather than return to Paris. Beth told Brooke she could not bear to be a burden to her children and that it would be better for everyone if she left. Brooke strongly objected to Beth's desire to leave.

Ridge told Phoebe he thought it was suspicious that Marcus showed up in town after reading about Donna's marriage to a very wealthy man. Ridge implied that Marcus was a gold-digger. Phoebe told Ridge that Marcus seemed like a nice guy and that her impression was that Marcus and Steffy genuinely liked one another. Ridge told Phoebe that was exactly what he was afraid of.

Bridget arrived home and Katie explained Beth's condition. Bridget immediately jumped into doctor mode and began researching Beth's medical records and looking for possible treatments for dementia and stroke victims.

Back at Brooke's house, Brooke continued to plead with Beth to stay in Los Angeles. She explained to Beth that their family would always be intertwined. Brooke reminded Beth that she, Donna, and Katie all had parts of their mother in them and they should not be separated in good or bad times.

Katie ached as she watched Nick and Bridget kiss. It was uncomfortable for Katie to watch Nick showing affection to Bridget. Although Katie vowed not to interfere in Nick and Bridget's relationship, she still had feelings for Nick.

Stephen told Beth that she was fooling herself if she thought it would be easier for her daughters if she went back to Paris. He told her that her daughters could never live in peace while knowing their mother was battling dementia alone in another country. He pleaded with her to stay with the Logan family in L.A.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

by Pam

At Nick's, Nick flattered and romanced Bridget as she came home from work. She thanked him for all the time she has to spend with Nick and Baby Jack. At Nick's, Nick flattered and romanced Bridget as she came home from work. She thanked him for all the time she had to spend with Nick and Baby Jack. Nick kept telling her how beautiful she was and kissing her.

Upstairs, Brooke visited with Katie and related that she persuaded their mother to stay in Los Angeles. Brooke specifically asked Katie how she felt about Nick, and Brooke wondered if she should be concerned that Katie would be going after Nick. Brooke doubted that Katie's pent-up feelings for Nick were going to go away. Katie admitted that she knew she owed Bridget her life. Brooke continued to badger Katie about her feelings for Nick. With a tear in her eye, Brooke told Katie that it would not be easy for Katie to give up on Nick. They embraced, and Katie said she considered Nick a friend.

Katie later had a heart-to-heart talk with Nick about the fact that Nick belonged with Bridget. Katie thanked him for getting her back on her feet and bringing magic to her life. Katie encouraged Nick to make the fairy tale come true for Bridget and they embraced.

On the rooftop at Forrester, Owen told Marcus that Marcus was indebted to him for the cash that Owen gave him to buy a plane ticket to meet his mom. Owen wanted to settle up, and asked for $2,500 and a bonus. Marcus was surprised.

Eric worked on dresses with models, and new intern designer, Tim, made a few suggestions as Stephanie, Thorne, and Felicia roared into the office asking for a private meeting. The family told Eric that his stepson made the cover of a fashion magazine under the headline "the future of Forrester." Eric couldn't believe that Thorne and Felicia were upset. The kids said they wanted to protect Eric, and then they whined that the attention Marcus received had hurt them. Thorne and Felicia felt they had been swept aside. Stephanie stepped in and told Eric privately that it made her unhappy to see him at odds with the kids. Eric said he refused to allow the Forrester kids to attack Marcus over a little attention. Stephanie and Eric disagreed that the kids were getting hurt. Eric believed they were still looking for a way to get rid of him and Donna, but Stephanie said he was hurting them by devoting so much attention to Donna and Marcus.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Bridget arrived home from work, picked up baby Jack, and she and Nick kissed and made plans for the day.

Brooke told Katie that Beth was at her house, and that Stephen had stayed with her to ensure she didn't try to leave again. Katie told Brooke that once Bridget arrived home, she wanted them to touch base with her regarding the neurologist that Bridget was consulting with about Beth's condition. Brooke changed the subject and told Katie she had another topic on her mind. She wanted to discuss Katie's feelings for Nick. Katie assured Brooke that she and Nick were friends and nothing more. She admitted to Brooke that if Bridget wasn't in the picture, she didn't know what might have happened between them

Brooke told Katie that she knew what Nick had done to help her through her crisis. She knew that Nick gave her the will to go on when she had contemplated giving up. Brooke said that she and Bridget were grateful that Nick encouraged Katie to get well. Brooke asked Katie what she could expect from her next, and if she had reason to be concerned about Bridget. Katie replied "So in other words, now that I am not on my deathbed, you want to know if I am going after Nick?"

Owen Knight, a private investigator that Marcus hired to track down his mother showed up at Forester and tried to put the squeeze on Marcus for money since he now has a rich mother. Owen claimed that he had financed Marcus' trip to Los Angeles.

Eric fitted models for dresses with the help of a new intern named Tim who recently graduated from Brooke's college. Stephanie, Felicia, and Thorne stopped by to visit Eric and were introduced to Tim. After Tim left the room, Felicia produced a magazine called Fashion Wear Daily that showed a cover photo of Eric, Donna and Marcus with the headline implying that his new family would be the future of Forester Creations. Eric was unfazed by the magazine cover and asked his kids if he was supposed to be embarrassed. Felicia and Thorne were livid and told Eric they believed their family name and reputation was at stake. Eric disagreed. He did not think it was a big deal that his wife had a grown son and did not view it as a scandal.

Felicia told Eric the cover hurt his children from his first marriage, as it made them feel as if it were "Out with the old and in with the new." Thorne expressed the same sentiment and told Eric he felt as if their opinions weren't being heeded and that their business judgment was being dismissed. Thorne said they felt belittled. Stephanie asked to speak to Eric alone. She expressed concern about him being at odds with their children. She agreed that Eric did the right thing by accepting Donna's son without condition, but added that Eric was usually more trusting when he was in love.

Owen told Marcus that fate was smiling on him when he ended up with Donna for a Mom and Marcus agreed. He said he had almost given up his search. Owen reminded Marcus that he only found Donna with Owen's help. Owen insinuated that Marcus didn't want him to find out about his good fortune to avoid paying up.

Katie assured Brooke that she and Bridget had no reason to worry about her relationship with Nick. Brooke asked Katie if her intense feelings for Nick had just magically vanished. Katie said no, and that Brooke knew first hand things didn't work that way. But Katie reassured Brooke that in spite of her feelings, she would find a way to handle them because she loved and owed her life to Bridget.

Nick sorted mail and Bridget came downstairs after putting Jack to bed. Nick told Bridget he didn't' have to want anything, as he wanted exactly what he had already and pulled her into a kiss. Bridget told Nick that was a sweet thing to say, and told him how much she loved being a Mom to Jack and how the experience was everything she imagined back when she was pregnant with Nicole. She thanked Nick, and he told her she was beautiful as they kissed again.

Katie asked Brooke if their talk had helped set her mind at ease. Brooke told Katie that she knew Katie had never had serious feelings for a man before Nick and she feared that Katie would shut down again and retreat into her shell. Katie told Brooke she would be fine, and that she wanted Bridget, Nick and Jack to be a happy family, and that she knew Nick wanted that, too.

Stpehanie asked Eric not to push his old family away to make room for the new family. She told Eric not to be angry at his kids for continuing to hope for a reunion between their parents. Eric told Stephanie he didn't want Marcus to be a target for their anger. He assured Stephanie that Marcus was a nice kid with no agenda other than getting to know Donna as his Mother. Stephanie told Eric he should not focus so much on Donna and Marcus that his other kids felt threatened.

Owen told Marcus he wanted him to repay the $2500.00 he had invested in investigating his case.

Katie talked to Nick and told him what she had expressed to Brooke. She told him they were friends and nothing more. Nick agreed. Katie implored Nick to make a real commitment to Bridget. She told him that he and Jack needed a fulltime woman in their lives and that the woman should be Bridget. Nick asked "What about you?" and Katie told him time heals all wounds and that she is feeling stronger every day. She thanked Nick for showing her that life could be magical and for "throwing her into the deep end and teaching her to swim. Katie told Nick she had one more request; that he bring that same magic to Bridget's life. Nick and Katie embraced.

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