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Monday, July 14, 2008

As Nick dressed for the wedding, he mentioned to Bridget that she might be cutting it a bit close. She looked at her watch and noticed the time in horror and went flying upstairs to start getting ready. After Bridget ascended the stairs, the doorbell rang and Nick opened it to find Brooke and Ridge had arrived. Brooke, in a gorgeous green dress, asked how Katie was holding up under the stress of planning a wedding so soon after her surgery. Nick replied that she seemed to be fine.

Brooke went upstairs to see Bridget. Brooke said she had seen Katie in the hallway and that Katie seemed to be excited. Bridget cryptically mentioned that Katie would be even more excited when she found out about the surprise Bridget planned for her. Brooke produced a string of pearls that belonged to Bridget's great grandmother for Bridget to wear at the wedding. Bridget gushed and got a little teary-eyed as Brooke fastened the pearls around her neck. Brooke said that no bride was more beautiful or deserving that Bridget.

Beth and Stephen talked about their granddaughter's wedding and Stephen expressed to Beth that her family was very happy she had stayed in town. They saw Marcus arrive, looking especially spiffy in his suit, and invited him to join them. Stephen commented that they were happy he was there. Beth said she was delighted to see her family so happy. Rick and Taylor arrived, and Taylor greeted Beth and said it was good to see her. Brooke implied Taylor should not even be there. Taylor corrected her and said Bridget had invited her because she wanted Jack at the wedding, and therefore had invited his mother, too. Brooke rolled her eyes at Taylor's answer. When Rick and Taylor discussed their upcoming wedding, a disgusted Brooke left and went back inside.

Jackie was photographed in a stunning chiffon sea foam green gown as Donna approached her. Donna commented that perhaps Nick would come to his senses and marry Katie after all. Jackie replied that Nick adored Bridget. Donna said, "Yes. But he is in LOVE with Katie." She asked if Jackie was going to deny that Nick and Katie had feelings for each other. Jackie said it didn't matter, as it was too late to change things. Donna disagreed and suggested that if they got them in a room together, their true feelings might surface. Jackie told Donna not to even think about interfering.

Stephen and Nick had a moment of male bonding. Stephen said he could see that Nick had a great deal in common with Bridget, beginning with his compassion. He confessed to Nick that he hadn't always seen the best in him, but since he had more time to get to know him, and how he helped Katie, he knew what a good man he was. When Stephen left, Nick found Bridget alone in the living room, deep in thought. Brooke asked Nick if he was sure about marrying Bridget. She assured him that she had no question about his commitment to her daughter, and said she just wanted Bridget to be happy. Nick told Brooke she had his word-he would make Bridget happy.

Katie looked at a photo of Nick and Jack longingly as Bridget entered the room. Bridget said that Katie was the reason the day was happening, and that she had a wonderful surprise for her, if Katie would only agree to it. Bridget said that Katie she looked hot in her satin fuchsia gown, and asked her to sit down. Bridget said that when the Justice of the Peace came, that he would be coming for Katie, not for her. Katie looked confused. Bridget continued that after their open and honest talks, she realized what Katie really wanted. Katie's jaw dropped and she looked totally shocked. Bridget's roundabout discussion of her big surprise made it sound as though she was going to switch places with Katie at the altar. But, it was only a false alarm. Instead, Bridget wanted Katy to get deputized so she could stand at the altar and actually perform the wedding ceremony.

The guests were seated and the ceremony began as music played and Katie walked down the aisle. The guests looked around nervously wondering where the Justice of the Peace had gone. Eric walked Bridget down the aisle wearing an elegant Forester Original. As he dropped her off at the altar with Nick, Katie approached the pulpit. Bridget explained to Nick that Katie had been deputized to perform their wedding. Katie began to read the wedding sermon with a quivering voice, but broke down and said she could not finish. Katie said that she didn't realize exactly how she felt about Nick and Bridget marrying until she stood at the altar before them. Katie made it clear she had something urgent to say and that the wedding could not proceed until the bride and groom knew how she truly felt.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

At home, after Nick and Bridget's wedding, Ridge and Brooke spent time together.

They reflected on their relationship. Brooke reminisced about how much in love they were when they first met. Ridge commented that when he saw Brooke at their first wedding, he thought his heart had stopped. Brooke wondered how they went from such passion to avoiding one another at times. She reflected that recently they always seemed to have to apologize to one another and forgive one another for incidents. Brooke vented that she did not like the way that Ridge treated Storm or Donna. Ridge minimized his behavior but also apologized to Brooke. Ridge remarked that their relationship had not changed, and they were still together.

At Nick and Bridget's house, Jackie and Katie left a care package with a note in Nick and Bridget's bedroom for them to enjoy on their honeymoon. Nick commented that Bridget could have discussed using Katie as the justice of the peace at their wedding. Bridget explained that Katie was responsible for her and Nick reuniting and so that was why she wanted Katie to marry them. When Bridget went to change her clothes, Nick looked at the note from Katie. He put the note down when Bridget entered the room.

Nick commented that he approved of Bridget's sexy lingerie.

Bridget became serious and acknowledged that their marriage failed the first time on account of her younger age and relying on him. Nick assured Bridget that she was inside his heart. They both acknowledged their love for one another then made love. Nick remarked that he came to the realization that he finally had the life and the partner that he had always wanted.

At Forrester Creations, Felicia plotted to ruin Donna and Eric's relationship. Felicia agreed to pay Owen two hundred thousand dollars for producing evidence in the form of photographs that Donna had been unfaithful to Eric. Donna suggested to Owen that when he met with Donna, she would offer him a job at Forrester Creations.

Meanwhile, Pam notified Donna that Donna did not have a plane ticket to go to New York with Eric. Pam cruelly remarked that Eric wanted to make a certain appearance in New York without her. Owen had entered the office and overheard Pam's crude remarks to Donna.

When Pam left the office, he told Donna that he had noticed that Pam was rude to her. He suggested to Donna that in lieu of the money she owed him that he hire her as her personal assistant. Donna liked Owens' idea and hired him on the spot as her personal assistant. Donna announced to Pam and Felicia that she had hired Owen as her personal assistant.

Later, while alone, Owen told Felicia that he could produce photos for her, but that he did not want Donna to know that he took them. Owen emphasized to Felicia that Donna was not a bad person.

Back at Nick and Bridget's house, they enjoyed their honeymoon in the bedroom and made love.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thorne let Eric know that Forrester Creations had taken a financial hit. Eric agreed, but noted that many fashion houses had been down in sales. Thorne agreed, but stated not as badly as Forrester had been affected.

Donna asked Eric why he hadn't included her on his trip to NYC. Eric said he would be very busy but he would make up the time to her when he got home. Eric explained to Donna that he had to prove to his buyers that he was concentrating on work and not his new young bride. Stephanie returned Eric's call and he informed her he would be out of town on business but would check on her when he got home. Donna was peeved that Eric called to inform his ex-wife he would be out of town for one night. He said that Stephanie was depressed and he was worried about her. Donna suggested Eric send Pam to take care of her sister, but Eric said Pam was needed at the office. Donna said she would not need Pam's services as she had hired her own assistant. Eric was happy and said he was happy Donna had someone to care for all her needs. She said all she needed was her husband.

Eric said he was sorry, but the company had a big decline in sales and some speculators thought it was because he had divorced Stephanie and married Donna. She was visibly hurt and noted that she was once his inspiration, but now she was viewed as a liability. Eric said he had to go to NYC alone to talk to designers and distributors to set them straight. Donna said she felt awful for causing Eric pain. She said she couldn't even blame Ridge for the way he has treated her as he had only tried to protect his family. Eric promised Donna he would take the trip and return home to her. She said she would miss him every minute, and he concurred.

Eric left as Donna began to cry. Owen walked in and found her in tears and tried to comfort her. He asked her what was wrong. She explained that Eric had to do damage control because of her. She said she regretted causing him any trouble. Owen assured Donna Eric's trip would go well, and he would come back to her. Donna said she wanted to go home, and Owen offered her a ride just after promising Felicia he would complete the job of taking compromising photos of Donna.

Felicia caught Owen staring at a photo of Donna and asked him if he was studying his prey. Owen wished Felicia wouldn't talk so badly about Donna. Felicia called Donna a bimbo and said she wanted her out of Eric's life. Owen reminded Felicia that Donna was her Dad's wife and that Eric loved Donna. Felicia pointed out that he had loved her mother, too, and that they had a wonderful family. She reiterated that she needed Owen to get incriminating photos of Donna. He asked if she really believed if they broke up Eric and Donna that Eric would reunite with Stephanie. Felicia said she absolutely believed it, which was why she was paying him 200K to make it happen. She said it was a win/win for everyone involved-Donna would get a large divorce settlement, Owen would get 200K and she would get her parents back together. Owen said he would do it, as he didn't believe Donna should be with an old guy like Eric anyway.

Steffy and Marcus were surprised to discover Owen was hired as Donna's assistant. Owen introduced himself formally to Steffy. She said it was very interesting that he was working for Donna. He said Donna was tired of Pam sticking it to her and wanted someone in her corner. Marcus got paged, and left to deliver a package. Steffy observed that Owen was very self-confident. He asked her if that was a nice way of saying he was full of himself. She said no, but again mentioned that she thought Owen was up to something and had hitched a ride on Marcus' wagon.

Owen said that hitching a ride wasn't exactly his style. Steffy asked him to explain his style, in that case. He said he believed life was a gift and living it well was his way of honoring the gift giver. Steffy quipped, "I wonder what the gift giver thinks of you being Donna's assistant." Owen said he could tell Steffy was a Forrester because she had passed judgment on Donna. He reminded Steffy that Donna could have kicked Marcus to the curb when he arrived in L.A. because he complicated her life, but instead she had welcomed her long lost son with open arms.

Ridge and Brooke discussed taking a drive into the desert to see meteor showers, but Ridge said he had to stay in town to keep an eye on things at Forrester while Eric was away. Ridge said he wanted to conquer the world, his world at Forrester Creations. Brooke reminded him he had already done that. He said he wasn't talking about designing; he wanted to run the whole company. He said Eric could always stay and design, but it was Ridge's season to take over the reigns. Brooke reminded Ridge he should be thanking Donna instead of blaming her for the trouble at Forrester. She said Donna was the one who got Nick Marone to give the company back to Eric in the first place. Ridge admitted Brooke was right, but said Donna should have stopped at that.

The two exchanged harsh words about the family feud, but stopped before it got out of control. Ridge suggested they announce their engagement in the Forrester showroom, and also announce their plans to take over the company. Brooke asked if Ridge actually believed that Eric would agree. Ridge said that yes, this time he thought Eric would do it.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

At Forrester, Brooke and Ridge met with Donna as she waited for Eric to return from his business trip to New York. Ridge told Donna that the brevity of the trip meant it did not go well. Eric returned and Donna welcomed him while Ridge and Brooke started asking questions. Eric said the trip was fine but it could have gone better. He got some orders, but not many. Ridge suggested it was time for a change. He announced that he and Brooke were ready to take over ownership of the company. They planned a spectacular wedding that would bring in positive press. Ridge had a legal document drawn up, and he wanted Eric to sign it.

The foursome split up with Donna and Brooke retiring to the hall while Eric and Ridge argued in the office. Donna whined to Brooke that Ridge was out to get Donna, and she begged Brooke to speak to him. Brooke sheepishly admitted that she agreed with Ridge that Donna and Eric's marriage had not been good for the company. Brooke blabbed that research proved the company had gone into trouble once Eric married Donna. Brooked continued with her speech adding that Brooke and Ridge were the new super couple behind the company, and they were ready to step forward and save the company.

Donna couldn't believe her sister betrayed her, but Brooke said a change of leadership was the best thing for the company. Brooke added that Eric should retire and go out on top rather than to stay on as head of Forrester. Donna told Brooke it would kill Eric to do such a thing. She added that what Ridge and Brooke were doing was just plain wrong.

Inside the office, Ridge told his father it was time to step down. Ridge droned on that he and Brooke were prepared to take over while Eric retired and enjoyed the life he had built with his new wife. Eric scoffed at Ridge since Ridge had been so nasty to Donna. Ridge acknowledged that he didn't like Donna, but he wanted his father to be happy. Ridge added that putting Donna through more bad press wouldn't make anyone happy. Pam brought in a snack, and told Eric that he had a phone call. After Eric hung up, he admitted that it was not good news. One of the buyers was purchasing 30 percent less than the previous year. Ridge again encouraged his dad to sign a legal document turning leadership of the company over to Brooke and Ridge. Ridge hugged his father and told him it was time to pass the baton. Eric was emotional, and looked defeated. He agreed, and looked at the document. Then he suspiciously eyed Ridge.

On the Forrester rooftop, Felicia licked her chops and begged Owen for incriminating photos of him and Donna, but Owen said the entire family had misjudged Donna. Owen said Donna clearly loved Eric. Felicia encouraged Owen to make a move on Donna in order to earn his $200,000. Owen told Felicia that he didn't believe Donna would give in to an affair because she loved Eric. Felicia encouraged Owen to try harder.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ridge informed Felicia and Thorne that Eric planned to step down from Forrester Creations and had turned the company over to him and Brooke. Ridge said it was Eric's wedding gift to them. Thorne and Felicia seemed shocked. Felicia said she didn't want their dad to leave the company; she only wanted to get rid of Donna. Ridge said the deal had been made, and he planned to make the announcement the next day at the board meeting. Felicia congratulated Ridge and Brooke and said the change would be good for Forrester Creations.

Ridge said Eric's trip to New York caused Eric to realize how much trouble Forrester was in, and why. Thorne said, "So you are in, and Dad is out?" Ridge said yes, it was a done deal. He assured them that he and Brooke planned to put a positive spin on it with the press. They wanted to make sure no one thought it was a hostile takeover or mutiny. Ridge noted to Brooke that Felicia seemed shocked by their news. Brooke said they had prepared to run Forrester for a couple of decades. She said finally the business and their wedding had come together, and not a moment too soon. Brooke and Ridge made love in Eric's office, and gloated about having received the keys to the kingdom. Ridge said he wanted to make sure they planned a proper send-off for Eric's retirement. Brooke said Ridge should be delighted that things were falling into place, just as he dreamed they would-and with Eric's blessing.

Donna entered the bedroom as Eric mixed a martini. He asked if Donna wanted one, but she declined. He asked her to thank Owen for replenishing his gin. Donna mentioned that Eric looked worn out, and he said he felt very empty. He informed Donna that after she left, he agreed to sign the papers Ridge had pushed him to sign. Donna made Eric aware, in no uncertain terms, that she didn't think that was the right choice for him. She said that Ridge had pushed and pressured Eric into a decision he didn't want. She urged Eric not to allow Ridge to push him out. Donna encouraged Eric to search his heart before he signed away his company.

Eric said he had already promised it to Ridge, and that Ridge had waited years to take over, that he loved Forrester and deserved his shot. Donna said that might be what Ridge wanted, but asked Eric what it was he wanted. Eric said the company was in serious trouble. Donna said Eric did not have to sign away Forrester no matter what shape it was in if that was not what he wanted. Eric reminded Donna that Storm's death was all over the fashion pages, as were tales of their marriage, and the bad publicity had hurt Forrester. He sadly admitted to Donna that losing his company would be like cutting off his own arm. Donna implored him to rethink his decision. Eric had an epiphany and told Donna she was right. He said he had brought the company back from bigger scandals than the one they were facing, and he realized he was not ready to give up. Eric said Forrester was his company; he built it and he would decide when it was time to step down.

Eric confirmed to Donna that he would not step down. He was concerned that if he stepped down, Ridge would try to push Rick out of the company. He also mentioned to Donna that Marcus had impressed him so much in such a short time; he didn't want it to have been for nothing. Eric said he intended to add Marcus to his will to ensure his future. Donna was moved by his generous suggestion and kissed him. Eric explained that he thought Marcus was a great kid, and if anything ever happened to him, he did not want Donna and Marcus to have to fight his family for what was rightfully theirs. Eric said if anything happened to him, his kids would blame Donna. Donna agreed that his kids blamed her for everything.

Eric consoled Donna and said that one day his kids would have to look back and admit she was the reason for Forrester's rejuvenation. He said the company was his lifeblood, determination, and purpose, and he would not give it up. Eric and Donna made love. Afterward, Donna told her "Honey bear" that she could not imagine life without him. She expressed admiration for his passion and creativity and said she was very lucky to be his wife. When she finished speaking, Eric's eyes were closed. Donna thought he had fallen asleep, but when she tried to wake him, it became clear he was unconscious.

Katie and Beth played with Hope. Beth brought out a plate of freshly baked cookies and commented on the recipe she found in Brooke's kitchen. Katie reminded Beth that the recipe she found was Beth's old recipe. Nick stopped by to visit Beth and Katie. Katie asked him why he wasn't still on his honeymoon. He explained it had been cut short due to Bridget's hospital schedule. Katie told Nick he looked good, and that she thought marriage seemed to agree with him. Beth thanked Nick for bringing her home and said she was receiving excellent treatment from the specialists at the hospital. Beth said that she believed the biggest difference in her recovery was being close to her family. She said in Paris, she had good doctors but was very lonely. Beth said people thought they could handle anything that came along until the unthinkable happened. She said she hoped she would be able to handle her health crisis as well as Katie had handled hers. Beth said her memory loss had become a gaping chasm that threatened to swallow her one memory at a time. She thanked Nick again and gave him credit for her improved health because he brought her back to L.A. Hope and Beth left to make a second batch of cookies.

Nick said to Katie that the Logan women had a lot in common. Katie responded that the main thing they had in common is that neither of them would be there if not for Nick. Nick replied that the Logan women should give themselves more credit. Katie said no one ever accused the Logan girls of being too modest. Nick said she was braver than he could ever be, and cited the way she stepped in to the Justice of the Peace role at his wedding. Nick said Katie had done a great job. Katie said she was honored to be part of the day and mentioned that it must be nice for Nick, knowing he had made the exact right choice for him and his family.

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