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Monday, August 11, 2008

Katie ran into Marcus at the rooftop gym and he challenged her to shoot hoops. She said she would have to sit out the season, but he should ask her again in a year. Katie expressed that Marcus coming to L.A. was the best thing that ever happened to Donna. Marcus said he and Donna had grown very close already, and said that maybe someday Katie would have a kid of her own so she would be able to experience that kind of bond.

Marcus said he was happy Katie came back to work, and said his Mom needed her around. Katie said Donna had Owen, and Marcus corrected her and said Owen was completely out of the picture and that Marcus had sent him packing. Marcus said he didn't trust Owen around his mom, and Katie was so surprised to hear him use the word "Mom" that Marcus never had the chance to finish his thought. He switched gears and expressed to Katie that no one had ever made him feel loved in the way Donna had. Marcus said Donna had expressed to him that any child was a blessing, good timing or not, and he asked Katie if she believed that, too.

Marcus rewound the conversation and finished his thoughts about Owen. He said that Owen was using Donna, and the evidence was that he took Felicia's blackmail job. Katie said the Owen had come clean before he carried it out, and that Donna felt very alone-and Owen had been the one person who stood up for her. She wondered aloud if Owen was as bad as people thought, maybe he was okay after all. Marcus responded that it didn't matter; Owen was gone and out of the picture for good.

As soon as Ridge turned the power switch off on Eric's ventilator, alarms sounded and a team of doctors rushed in to see what happened. Ridge admitted to the doctor that he had turned off the switch. The doctor informed Ridge that he was not the person empowered to make that decision. Ridge said Eric had told him what he needed and he knew he had done the right thing. Ridge asked Brooke to gather the whole family and have them meet in Eric's office.

Ridge informed Thorne, Felicia, and Rick about Eric's declining condition. He did his best to paint a very dire picture. Thorne argued with Ridge and said Eric could still pull through. Brooke said the Bridget had informed them the chances of that happening were very unlikely. Ridge said it was hopeless and that was why he had taken matters into his own hands and done something about it. Thorne asked "What did you DO Ridge?" and Ridge confessed that he had turned off Eric's life support.

Donna charged at him like an angry blonde bull, shouting, "You killed my husband!" She began to pound Ridge with her fists. Brooke assured Donna that Eric was not dead, and that as soon as the machines had gone off, the doctors rushed in and got them going again. Ridge's siblings made it clear to him that he did not have the authority to make that sort of choice without them. Rick said he hadn't even known that Eric's condition had worsened. Ridge tried to explain to them that he heard Eric's voice and that the voice gave him instructions to let go.

Donna presented her own case and said she had done research, which showed that coma victims could wake up again and lead normal lives. Bridget explained to Donna that Eric's brain had been deprived of oxygen for a long time, and that even if he woke up, he would not wake up as the husband she had known and loved.

Ridge pressed the family to choose to end life support. Donna said she would put guards at the door if necessary to keep Ridge out; she would not give up on her husband. Ridge said, "You are on a mission to save Dad's life, but I am on a mission to honor Dad's soul."

Donna said she would not go along with Ridge's plan to end Eric's life. Bridget said that Eric did not have a living will on file, but he had signed a paper that said Donna was the person designated to make all medical decisions on his behalf. Donna said Eric know that she would be the one who would know what he wanted. She told Eric's kids that she hoped they would all support her in her decision. She wanted to give Eric more time to come back to them.

Ridge disagreed, and said each day that they waited to end Eric's life was another day he suffered. Ridge wanted to stop life support and give a dignified end to Eric's extraordinary life. Donna cried in Brooke's arms. Ridge took a vote of Eric's kids-Bridget said that as a doctor, she would keep Eric on life support a little longer and see what happened, but as a daughter, she knew her dad wouldn't want to be kept alive artificially. Thorne said they should not make a decision prior to conferring with Stephanie.

Felicia said she knew what it meant to cheat death; she herself was a walking miracle, but she did not believe Eric would have the same quality of life that she enjoyed after her near death experience. She said she certainly didn't want her Daddy to die, but she didn't want him to be a vegetable, either. She said she would go along with whatever her mother wanted to do. Rick said that Eric had been both a role model and a hero to him, but he agreed that if they had to lose him, they should do it with dignity.

Donna said her heart went out to all of Eric's kids, and she understood how devastated they were, but she refused to give up on her husband. She said she had been doing research and had found stories of plenty of coma patients who had come back after comas and worked hard and done therapy and reclaimed their lives, and she believed Eric would be one of those people.

Everyone left the room except Donna and Ridge. Ridge took one more shot at convincing Donna to sign the papers allowing life support to be terminated. He said if Donna loved Eric as much as she claimed, she would not allow him to suffer for one more day.

He further pressured her and said she should sign the papers and it would be the last loving act she did for him. He told her even Stephanie loved Eric enough to let him go.

Ridge handed Donna the paper and a pen, and just as the ink was about to touch the paper, Owen burst in unexpectedly and asked what was going on. He asked Donna if Ridge was putting pressure on her to end her husband's life. He reminded her that she had the power, and that if she still felt hope and didn't want to give up on Eric, she should not let the Forresters bully her into a decision she did not want to make.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

While Donna was alone with Ridge in Eric's office, Owen showed up and asked Donna why she seemed so upset. Donna explained that the Forrester family wanted to turn Eric's life support off. Donna indicated that she did not want to turn the life support off. Ridge asked Owen to leave. Owen explained to Ridge that, unlike him, he had been a friend to Donna. Owen reminded Donna that she was the one who Eric appointed with power of attorney. She then read aloud an article she had found on the Internet about people in comas and how many times the life support was turned off too soon. Donna further explained that given more time on life support, many of the people in comas had recovered. Ridge viewed the article for himself. After reading the article, Ridge broke down. He questioned why he ever turned his father's life support off. Donna took his hands and told him that they were both praying for the same thing-Eric's recovery.

Later, Ridge admitted to Brooke that he had made a huge mistake by turning his father's life support off. He also admitted that, although he had never liked Donna, he was in agreement with her that Eric needed more time on the life support.

Meanwhile at Forrester Creations, Steffy and Marcus were outside planning their next date. Steffy playfully kissed Marcus and he returned her kiss. He stopped, though, and cautioned her that they could not display public affection while his mother and her father were still at war with one another. Marcus also reminded her that their parents disapproved of their relationship. Soon after, an employee informed Marcus that Owen was seen leaving the building with Donna, who appeared quite upset.

When Owen escorted Donna home, she asked him to remain there for a while and to keep her company. Owen explained that he returned to Los Angeles because he had a feeling that she needed his help. He supported Donna's decision to keep Eric alive on life support. Owen reminded her that she recently experienced two miracles: Donna finding Marcus was a miracle, and Katie's recovery was another one.

Owen played music from Eric's player piano and started to dance with Donna. He soon became affectionate and kissed her. He admitted to Donna that while back in San Diego, he could not stop thinking about her. He described San Diego as nothing being the same as it had been. As Owen began to kiss Donna, she stopped him. Donna reminded Owen that she was committed to Eric and hoping for his recovery and return home. Owen promised to respect Donna's boundaries. Nonetheless, he disclosed his attraction to Donna. He promised Donna that he would never leave her if she needed him.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Taylor dropped Jack off and Bridget asked Taylor if she could talk to her about something. Taylor assumed she wanted to talk about their past bickering. She apologized to Bridget for the things she accused her of and said to her in the past. Taylor admitted she had behaved awfully and assured Bridget that was behind them. She said the two of them would be able to cooperate freely concerning Jack. Bridget said she was happy to hear Taylor's apology, she wanted to talk about another topic. She mentioned her idea of asking Katie to be Jack's godmother.

Taylor said she had already asked Ashley Abbott to be Jack's godmother months earlier, but they had not spoken of it since and she didn't think Ashley had given it a second thought. Bridget said Katie desperately needed something positive to happen in her life. She made an impassioned plea and noted Katie had experienced a lot of recent trauma , and she needed to take care of someone the way Storm had cared for her so she could regain a sense of worth. Taylor relented and agreed to ask Katie to be Jack's godmother.

Steffy booked a romance package at a private cabana at Bikini Beach and text messaged Marcus to join her. Rick walked in as Steffy was setting up a romantic scene. She asked what he was doing there, and he said he had heard about the private cabanas and had come to check them out. He asked why she was there, and she said she was also just there to look around. However, the cabana girl went in and said she was happy to see Steffy's date had arrived, assuming Rick was her boyfriend-busted! Steffy had to confide in Rick and admit she had booked the cabana to spend time alone with Marcus. She said she was in love, and begged Rick not to tell her mother. He agreed to keep her secret.

In the meantime, Marcus went to confront Owen. Marcus said he had instructed Owen to leave town and wanted to know why he was back. He said that Donna was very vulnerable and the last thing she needed was a loser whose job was taking money to break up marriages. Marcus said Owen should find himself another rich lady to cozy up to.

Owen said his intentions were perfectly honorable. He only came back to help Donna. He asked Marcus why he would have convinced Donna to keep Eric alive if he were making a play for her. Marcus looked stunned, as he did not know that Ridge had tried to convince Donna to sign papers that allowed doctors to remove Eric from life support.

Owen bragged that he had saved Donna from making the worst mistake of her life, and if it were not for him, Eric would already be dead. Marcus doubted the story, but Owen continued. He said Eric had given Donna the legal right to make medical decisions for him, but that Ridge had put pressure on Donna and tried to bully her into signing papers she didn't want to sign. If Owen hadn't walked in when he did, Donna would have been haunted for the rest of her life by that awful choice.

Ridge started at a photo of Eric, lost in his thoughts, when Marcus barged in. Marcus was furious at Ridge for pressuring Donna. Ridge said that Owen had not given him the complete story, and said that he realized he had been wrong and changed his mind. He and Donna agreed that Eric should be given more time. Ridge said that their two families were already under enough pressure and asked Marcus not to add to it. Marcus asked if Ridge was referring to him dating Steffy.

Ridge said that Marcus was off to a good start in L.A.; he even commended him for his good work at the company. He said he didn't mind having Marcus working at Forrester, but he did mind Donna Logan's love child dating his daughter. He told Marcus in no uncertain terms that he had to end his flirtation with Steffy for the good of the two families.

Marcus arrived at the cabana and saw that Steffy had set the scene for romance. He expressed his admiration for her and said she was incredible. Marcus said when Steffy smiled, it changed everything and he believed anything was possible. He sadly said that even so, he had to let her go and end their relationship. Steffy protested and asked why. He said Ridge said he would never accept their relationship. Steffy said Marcus should ignore Ridge, and that only the two of them knew what they felt for one another. She asked him not to leave, and he agreed he would stay. They kissed.

Beth entered the room in her best 50's housewife outfit beaming with glee. Apparently, she had riffled through the trash and found a prescription for pre-natal vitamins. Beth assumed that Brooke was pregnant and gushed to Katie about how excited she was since she missed so much of her other grandchildren's lives. Beth said she could hardly wait until Brooke got home so she could ask her about the baby. Katie corrected her mother that Brooke was not the one who was pregnant-it was her. Katie made Beth promise that she would not tell anyone about the pregnancy. Beth agreed.

Beth asked Katie how she could help, and when she looked at Katie's face she put two and two together and realized the baby's father was Nick. Katie said that Bridget was going to hate her, and Beth replied, "Yes, probably so. She will be furious and with good reason." Beth asked if anyone else knew, and Katie said only Nick. She said they had decided not to tell Bridget because her health was such that she might not be able to carry the baby beyond the first trimester anyway. They wanted to wait and see if the baby would be viable prior to destroying Bridget's life. Katie said, "I wasn't supposed to live." Beth responded that she was very glad Katie did live, and that she would also be bringing a new life into the world.

Bridget stopped in and shared the happy news with Katie; they wanted her to be Jack's godmother. Katie was astonished and said she didn't know what to say. Bridget said she should say yes, because there was no more fulfilling thing in life than to nurture and care for a child. Bridget went on to say that Katie would be just like a mom to Nick's child. Katie looked as if she might vomit, and said she could not accept.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

At Brooke's house, Bridget excitedly told Beth and Katie how much everyone wanted Katie to be Jack's godmother. Katie continued to say she didn't want to do it. Bridget kept pushing her with how wonderful it would be to be a guiding force in Nick's baby's life, and that she would be helping to raise Nick's baby, and Katie would be forever connected to Nick, Bridget, and Jack. She went on and on and hugged Katie. Katie cried and said she didn't want to be a godmother because she might not live long enough. Bridget told her not to worry because many transplant patients lived long healthy lives and started families of their own.

Katie's ears perked up, and she asked Bridget if that was possible. Bridget said she would have to check the studies, but she knew that Katie could have a family someday. Finally, Beth stepped in and said it was a huge responsibility and Katie needed time. Katie told Bridget she wanted to be alone. Bridget was shocked. After she left, Katie told her mom how horrible she felt that she was an awful person for making love with Nick, but Beth told her that she knew Katie thought she was dying. Katie did not intend to hurt anyone. Katie said she was going to ruin Bridget's happiness as she cried and had trouble breathing.

At Nick's, Nick poured himself a drink and all the good times he had with Katie and Bridget replayed in his head. Bridget walked in, surprised him, and started droning on about how she couldn't understand why Katie didn't want to be Jack's godmother. Nick was surprised because he didn't know she had asked Katie. Bridget said she had talked it over with Taylor and they decided it was a good idea. Bridget told Nick that only one person could get through to Katie and it was Nick. Bridget insisted that he visit Katie and persuade her to be the godmother because Bridget just knew it was the right thing to do.

At the beachfront cabana, Marcus and Steffy considered what would happen if Steffy stood up to her father where Marcus was concerned. Steffy told Marcus to stop worrying about her dad. She wanted Marcus, and he agreed he wanted her. Then they talked about loving each other. Marcus shared his concern that she would lose a lot by falling in love with him and irritating her family. Steffy said she didn't care and begged Marcus to show her how much he loved her. They made out and fell onto the bed entangled in one another's arms.

Taylor and Rick were in bed making out and deciding what to do about having so little time alone and complained that Jack wasn't sleeping well. They continued to make out and decided to get some alone time away from the house while Jack was at Nick's.

Nick showed up to talk to Katie, and Katie cranked up the guilt and tears again as she told Nick how awful they were to have made love behind Bridget's back. But, Katie also said she felt wonderful because she was so happy to be carrying Nick's child and making love with him was so amazing. He agreed that their time together was amazing and the baby she was carrying was a miracle. They agreed to enjoy the moment and not worry about the future. They hugged.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ridge walked around his office and moped. He told Brooke he did not know what to do since Donna fired him. He said Donna was right about keeping Eric alive, but she was dead wrong about the company. Brooke said hopefully Eric would wake up soon and put everything right again. She suggested Ridge view the time off as a vacation and said he could spend time with his kids. Ridge noted not all of his kids would be interested; Steffy, for instance, was busy with Marcus.

Ridge confessed to Brooke that he wad warned Marcus to stay away from his daughter. He said he didn't know anything about Marcus, he had only been in town for six weeks, and Ridge said he thought Marcus was an apple that didn't fall far from the tree. Donna had stolen the company from his family and her son was trying to steal his daughter and worm his way into their family just like Donna had done.

Brooke asked Ridge if he really thought Marcus would try to use Steffy as leverage. Brooke did not think Marcus' motives were so sinister. She reminded Ridge that Steffy and Marcus were young and attracted to one another, maybe even in love, and that when they were that age, they didn't care what their parents thought about their relationship, either. Ridge said he was merely attempting to protect the people he loved, and it seemed to get harder to protect them every day. Brooke said she wished she could help him, and Ridge said she already had helped-without her, everyone would have gone crazy and climbed the walls.

Ridge said that Brooke always managed to bring him out of his blue moods. Although Brooke cheered him up, he was not ready to trust Marcus. Ridge warned that if Marcus had not broken things off with Steffy, he would have to deal with Ridge.

Marcus and Steffy lounged in the private beach cabana surrounded by plates of strawberries and various other pseudo-romantic items. The two kissed passionately until the towel boy interrupted them. Marcus said he wished he could get Ridge to change his mind about him. Steffy said Ridge would come around. Marcus said family mattered, and he wanted to pursue Steffy the right way, the way that Ridge would approve of. He wanted to prove that he was worthy of Steffy and win Ridge's support. He said he wanted Ridge to know his baby girl would be getting a real man.

Marcus said that even though Ridge asked him to end things with Steffy, he was unable to do that because he loved Steffy too much. She said she loved him, too.

Nick and Katie gazed into one another's eyes and Katie confessed that she did not care if it was wrong, she was happy to be carrying Nick's baby. Nick said he was happy, too. He said he should have felt wrong when he made love to Katie, but he didn't. He should have considered the complications, but he didn't. He said he had to ask himself why? Nick said when Katie was dying his prayer for her was that she would not die until she knew how he felt about her. He hoped she could feel that he loved her. Katie said nothing, and Nick feared he had upset her, and apologized. Katie said she was not upset, and confessed that she loved him, too. She said that was why it was so special for her when she found out she was carrying Nicks' baby-it would be the one thing they would always share.

Nick agreed that their baby would be amazing because it was conceived in the deepest and most honest form of love. Katie said hearing Nick confess his love made her feel like she was dreaming. She asked if she was allowed to be happy and excited. She felt confused and didn't know what to feel.

Katie asked what they were going to do, and Nick said he didn't know, but it felt right for them to be together. Katie asked what would happen when he went home to Bridget. Katie said she knew Nick loved Bridget. Nick admitted that he did, but said it did not change the fact that he and Katie were going to have a baby.

Katie said Bridget was a beautiful person and reminded Nick his wife deserved all of him. Nick said Bridget deserved the best of him, but he didn't know if he could give it to her. Katie agreed their situation was very complicated and asked Nick to promise not to say anything to Bridget until they were absolutely certain the baby was viable.

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