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Monday, August 18, 2008

Rick was depressed and apologized to Taylor about moping around. She said it was normal; his dad was very ill and being blue about it was the right response. Rick asked Taylor if she believed Eric had really spoken to Ridge about his wishes to be set free. Taylor said she believed Ridge really believed it when it happened.

Rick left the room and Steffy dropped by to see Taylor. She talked up Marcus and told her Mom what a great guy he was: "sweet, smart and sexy." Taylor brought her back to reality by reminding her she was interested in the one guy her dad didn't want her to date. Steffy said Marcus was a great guy. Taylor cautioned her that Ridge would never believe that as long as they were sneaking around together. Suddenly, Rick leapt into the room doing the Tarzan yell but then rushed out embarrassed when he realized Steffy was there.

Steffy jokingly said that she was glad Tarzan made Taylor so happy. Taylor asked if Steffy had said nice things about Rick to get Taylor to say nice things to Ridge about Marcus. Steffy admitted she would like it if Taylor put in a good word for them. Steffy left the room and Tarzan/Rick returned, but with far less enthusiasm that he had the first time.

Donna slumped over the piano and lamented to Owen that she could not recall the last song Eric had played for her. She attempted to remain hopeful, and convinced herself it didn't matter because he would play again and would be the man he used to be.

Owen let Donna know that Marcus was not very happy about Owen's return to town. Donna said she would talk to Marcus and explain. Owen said it wasn't necessary; Marcus was her son and was only trying to protect her. Donna said she did not need protection from Owen and noted that the family owed him a great debt of gratitude. If he had not arrived the moment that he did, Donna would have signed the papers that removed Eric from life support and Eric would be dead. She wondered aloud how she could repay Owen and he replied she could let him cook for her.

Owen made a lovely meal for Donna and she asked where he had learned to cook like that. He said he had once worked in a restaurant and had picked up a few things back then. Donna shared that she had once been a waitress, too. She said she was happy that Owen was back, and he said he was happy about it, too. He said he cleared Donna's schedule so she could have some quiet time. She confided in Owen that she was afraid she was losing Eric; she could not hear the sound of his voice or feel his arms around her anymore. She did not want to lose the time they shared. Owen asked her to tell him all about Eric.

Donna said that no one understood why she and Eric had been together. She explained to him about Stephanie's blackmail attempts, and how Donna falsely told Eric she was a sex addict. She told Owen she was stunned when he stayed with her. Donna admitted she had not even believed it herself when Eric was interested in her because she didn't know what a talented, famous man would want with her. She said that Pam had tried to sabotage her appearance, turning her skin orange and her teeth green-but Eric hadn't blinked. And even when she finally revealed she had a son she hadn't told him about, he stayed with her. Owen remarked that she was a remarkable woman and it would take one "hell of a man" to be with her.

Donna said if Eric were there, he would know what to do next. He would know how to handle things. Owen said Eric was dead inside before Donna found him. He said Eric had been sleepwalking before Donna came into his life. Owen thought Donna was the one who had woken Eric up and put a smile on his face. Donna beamed with gratitude at his kind words.

Marcus met Steffy in Eric's office and filled her in that Owen was back in town. Aunt Pam barged in and asked why everyone was meeting in Eric's office instead of in the shipping department. Brooke entered the room and Marcus expressed his concern to her regarding Owen and Donna.

Marcus said that Owen had Donna convinced she needed him. He said Owen originally came to L.A. to collect two thousand dollars, and then when Felicia offered him two hundred thousand he realized there was a bigger payoff at stake and decided to hang around. He supposed Own might see Donna as the "Grand Prize" since she would inherit the company if Eric were permanently incapacitated

Brooke said if Owen was a con artist, he had not been very good at it-he backed out on Felicia's blackmail even though he stood to gain a lot of money. She said Donna really needed people on her side and Owen fit the description. Marcus said Brooke was wrong-that Owen saw he could make more than Felicia had offered him and wondered aloud if Owen would have done something to put Eric in his coma. Brooke was startled by the suggestion, but Marcus continued by saying Eric was perfectly healthy prior to Owen's arrival in L.A. and then suddenly keeled over after receiving a gift from Owen at a party Owen was not even invited to.

Marcus reminded Brooke that Owen had purchased a bottle of gin for Eric. Brooke noted that Eric drank martinis every night. Marcus asked Brooke what if gin was not the only thing in that bottle. Perhaps the doctors had been looking for natural causes for Eric's heart attack when he was instead poisoned.

Earl, the man who maintained the cabin at Big Bear in Eric's absence, stopped by the office to talk to someone about a problem at the cabin. The only person handy was Aunt Pam. Earl informed Pam that there had been some bear attacks at the cabin, and that anyone who went to the cabin should be warned about locking up their garbage in the garage. He said they would specifically want to do that with Donna's collection of plastic honey bears. Pam got an evil glint and sly smile on her face as Earl walked away.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

At Forrester Creations, Marcus tried to figure out with Brooke what Owen wanted with Donna, and he concluded that it was her money and power. Marcus shared his theory with Brooke that Owen poisoned Eric and caused the heart attack. However, Brooke did not believe Marcus' idea.

Marcus went to Donna's house and found Owen there. He had his hands around Donna's waist, which Marcus thought was out of line. Marcus was livid with Owen for trying to take advantage of his mother. He threw Owen out of the house. Marcus desperately tried to make Donna understand that Owen had intentions of hurting her rather than helping her. Donna pointed out that if it were not for Owen, Eric would be dead. She refused to believe her son's theory that Marcus poisoned Eric with the gin he had given him as a gift. Marcus asked Donna to see this bottle of gin. She told him that Owen emptied the bottle and threw it away. Donna was protective of Owen and explained that he stopped her from drinking the gin and becoming intoxicated. With this piece of information about the gin, Marcus felt certain that Owen poisoned Eric.

At the hospital, Ridge conveyed to Bridget how badly he felt that he turned off his father's respirator. Bridget comforted Ridge and told him that she realized that he did what he thought Eric would have wanted at the time. Bridget could not predict if Eric would recuperate or die. Before Ridge left Eric's room, Jackie arrived. Ridge welcomed Jackie into the room and encouraged her to stay and visit with Eric. After Ridge left, Jackie spoke to Eric and told him that if they had been together as a couple, he would not be lying in a coma.

After Ridge left the hospital room, Marcus requested to speak to Bridget alone. Marcus relayed his theory that someone poisoned Eric. Bridget confirmed that being poisoned could have caused a heart attack. Bridget agreed to run tests on Eric's blood.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ridge called a family meeting, and Thorne and Felicia arrived first. They asked him what the meeting was about. He said he had been thinking and had made some decisions. He was wrong to try to force the transfer of ownership of Forrester Creations while Eric was in such bad shape. He understood why Donna had fired them all, but he knew Eric would have wanted them to find a way to all work together. Ridge admitted he had started a war he could not win, but he was willing to apologize to Donna for the things he had done and ask her to give him his job back for the sake of the company. He said he pushed Donna on the life support issue, and he thanked God she pushed back or Eric would not be alive.

Thorne and Felicia were speechless and Ridge noted how quiet they both were. They told him they supported his choice to try to mend fences with Donna, but they did not have much hope that she would rehire them. Ridge said that after he had tried to convince everyone to terminate Eric's life support, he understood why they would question his judgment. He said that looking back, he had to admit that Donna truly had Eric's best interests at heart and he had to apologize to her regardless of whether or not Thorne and Felicia wanted to follow suit.

Steffy overheard his declaration and told Ridge she was happy he was willing to meet Donna halfway. Ridge said he wanted to thank Owen, too. He thought Owen Knight might have proved himself to be a good friend to their family.

Ridge said he had convinced Donna to sign the papers, she had the pen in her hand, and Owen came in at the last minute and stopped her from making a hasty decision. Ridge said he was haunted by the fact he almost ended Eric's life. He wished there was something they could do to bring him back. Felicia said they should believe in miracles and reminded them that she herself was a walking miracle.

Ridge asked Thorne and Felicia if they would be willing to apologize to Donna, too, so they could all work together as a team, a team that included Donna. They agreed. Steffy said she was sure Donna would accept their apologies because Donna was a good person.

Bridget called and informed Marcus it would be another hour before they got the results from the toxicology report. She put a rush on it. Karl, the ultra-nerdy hospital lab employee, stopped by to give Bridget an update. He assured Bridget he would find her as soon as the results were in. Bridget and Brooke discussed the possibility of Owen being responsible for Eric's condition.

Bridget said the lab made sure they did a thorough job on the toxicology test because they didn't know exactly what they were testing for. She asked them to test for everything and anything. Bridget asked Brooke for her impressions of Owen, and Brooke replied that Marcus might have a good theory-Donna was a very attractive target since she had gained control of all of Eric's assets during his illness.

She continued on and said even so, Marcus might be wrong; some guys just enjoy rescuing people and maybe Marcus was trying to save someone who didn't need saving. Bridget asked her who she was trying to convince. Karl arrived with the lab results and Bridget pored over each page and searched for answers.

As Bridget reviewed the reports, she explained to Brooke that there was not a black-and-white answer-the tests required some interpretation. Brooke said she would go so Bridget could concentrate on her work, but made Bridget promise to call if she discovered anything.

Marcus was asleep on Donnas' couch when he heard a knock on the door. It was Steffy. She said she was worried about him because he had not gotten back to her and left in a hurry without telling her where he was going. He said he was sorry, but he still could not get into it. Steffy was uneasy and said she had a really bad feeling. She was afraid Marcus was involved in something dangerous and did not want to lose him. He said he was doing something to protect Donna and was waiting to hear from Bridget.

Steffy left right before Owen arrived with two steaming cups of coffee and called out, "Hey beautiful!" Much to his dismay, Marcus came to greet him rather than Donna. Marcus reminded Owen he had been told to stay away from Donna. Marcus said he had a problem with Owen even being the same city with his mother. Marcus said he was on to Owen, and if he had any sense at all, he would split now and never come back.

Owen asked, "What have I done to Mrs. Forrester?" and Marcus replied, "What happened to 'Hey beautiful'?" Marcus continued and said he knew the real reason why Owen had been so nice to Donna-and his game was over. Owen said all he had ever been to Donna was a helpful and supportive friend. Marcus said she didn't need any friends like him. He angrily spit out that Donna had Marcus and Eric for friends, up until Eric's heart attack.

Owen asked what exactly Marcus was accusing him of and begged him to just say it. Marcus lunged at Owen and screamed "Are you deaf? Stay away from my mom!" as a fistfight erupted between the two of them. Donna rushed down the stairs and tried to break them up. Marcus reminded Donna that she knew exactly why Owen shouldn't be there. Owen again demanded to know exactly what he was being accused of. Donna spilled the beans and told Owen that Marcus suspected him of poisoning Eric and causing his heart attack.

Owen asked Marcus if he really believed he had tried to kill Eric with a poisoned bottle of gun. Marcus said yes, and pointed out that Eric was the only one who drank it and had immediately collapsed, and that when Donna tried to drink it, Owen grabbed it away and washed it down the sink. Owen explained he merely didn't want Donna to turn to alcohol to solve her problems. He had been a good friend. Donna said she had tried to explain all that to Marcus, but he would not listen. Marcus cautioned Donna to wait for the toxicology report before she decided who was right.

Owen was intrigued and asked what he was talking about. Marcus proudly said he had gotten the hospital to run a new blood test on Eric. Owen said if he was causing Donna problems, he had better leave town. Marcus said that proved he was guilty because Owen wanted to flee when he found out about the test.

Owen made a beeline for the door, but Donna chased after him. She said she knew that Owen was not capable of hurting anyone and that she would not believe he had done anything to harm Eric.

Just then Bridget arrived with the results of the toxicology screening. Owen said, "Tell them the test was negative." But Bridget said she could not do that. The results were positive and they found a substance in high levels in Eric's blood that induced a cardiac arrest. She accused Owen of trying to murder Eric Forrester.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

by Pam

At the hospital, Stephanie held Eric's hand as a new physician entered. Stephanie reminded the doctor that she brought him to Los Angeles because of his work with comatose patients. He told her that no one could predict what might happen to Eric. Stephanie told the doctor that her family had hoped to see some improvement already. They were all worried that Eric would not want to be kept alive by machines. The doctor suggested that taking Eric off the respirator might actually improve his condition. He noted that Eric would be closely monitored, and if his condition deteriorated, they could return him to the machines.

At the Forrester mansion, Bridget announced to Donna, Marcus, and Owen that someone tried to kill Eric. The lab results proved that there was a toxic level of potassium chloride in Eric's blood, and that it was enough to trigger a heart attack. The finger-pointing started as Marcus blamed Owen, and Owen said he would never have harmed Eric. Marcus took a poke at Owen, and a fight ensued as Lt. Baker and his son entered to investigate. Bridget explained that she called the police on her way over to the mansion.

At Forrester Creations, Beth and Stephen waited to have lunch with Donna, but they didn't realize she was gone. Beth talked about how happy Eric made Donna. Stephen said he had many bad memories of Eric as he recalled walking in on Eric and Donna when they had sex on the couch in the office. Stephen talked about Eric as if he was dead, and Beth reminded Stephen that Eric could recover. Stephen said if Eric did recover, he would run back to Stephanie just like he always did. Stephen angrily declared that Eric would break Donna's heart. He said that since Eric was in a coma, he would no longer harm anyone in the family. Beth told Stephen to stop talking like that, and he agreed. He told Beth that he was glad that they were both home again and together. He said he never stopped loving her. He wanted her back, and they shared a passionate embrace.

In the hallway outside, Brooke, Felicia, Ridge, and Thorne gathered as Brooke shared the news that Eric might have been poisoned. Stephanie joined the family while Brooke laid out the scenario that Owen might have poisoned a bottle of gin that he presented to Eric at Bridget's engagement pool party. After Brooke explained, her phone rang and the Forresters started formulating their own theory of what had happened. They all began to blame Owen and Donna as co-conspirators because Donna had the most to gain by killing Eric. Brooke reminded all of them that Donna was her sister, and Donna loved Eric. Brooke said the call was from Bridget, who said the police were at the Forrester mansion. They all raced out.

At the Forrester mansion, Marcus reiterated his theory to the police that Owen had drugged the gin that Eric made his martini with the night he had the attack. Later, Marcus added, when Donna tried to take a drink of the same gin, Owen stopped her, and dumped out the bottle. Owen later disposed of the bottle. Donna stuck up for Owen. She said he didn't do anything wrong. He simply told her she didn't need a drink and instead, she needed a good night's sleep. Donna refused to believe that Owen would hurt Eric.

The police inquired if Eric was taking any drug that contained potassium, but Bridget told the police that Eric was not taking any such drugs. Ridge, Stephanie, Felicia, and Thorne burst into the room and accused Donna of poisoning Eric. They were furious that she had been wielding power with Eric's power of attorney, and they were convinced that she and Owen schemed to kill Eric.

Marcus and Brooke defended Donna, while Donna told them all that she loved Eric. The Bakers decided to search the house, and Charlie Baker brought down lingerie and a bag of pills from the master bedroom. Bridget identified the pills as potassium chloride. She added that it was very difficult to trace. The Forresters all encouraged the police to arrest Donna, but Brooke argued with them. The police told Donna she needed to leave for the station with them, but Owen stopped them. He blurted out that he, not Donna, tried to kill Eric Forrester.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Katie went to her OB/GYN appointment and asked the doctor to assure her that she could expect complete confidentiality. The doctor said of course, she and her staff were professionals and would never betray a patients' privacy. After the assurance, Katie brought a disguised Nick into the appointment and introduced him as the father of her baby.

The doctor said Katie's pregnancy was high-risk. She informed them she would not do an ultrasound, but would only try to detect a fetal heartbeat. She succeeded and said the baby had a good strong heartbeat and was thriving-so far so good.

The obstetrician said she and Dr. Patrick would work together to coordinate treatments. Dr. Patrick's main objective was Katie's health and recovery from her heart transplant and she would focus on the pregnancy. Katie was informed that carrying a baby to full term could jeopardize her health. The doctor handed Nick and Katie a brochure on high-risk pregnancy and asked them to read it over so they could make informed decisions about their baby.

Nick noted that the doctor seemed to imply she wanted Katie to consider terminating her pregnancy. Katie balked at the idea. She said she had read many accounts of women who had given birth to healthy babies after a transplant; it was not impossible for her to have a healthy baby. Nick agreed, but reminded Katie the pregnancy might be dangerous to her own health and recovery.

As Lt. Baker and Charlie handcuffed Donna and began dragging her out of the house, Owen jumped forward and made a full confession. Owen said he was the one who poisoned Eric just as Marcus had suspected. He said he had put the potassium chloride pills in the gin and hidden the remaining pills in Donna's lingerie drawer. Donna was stunned. The police arrested Owen.

Donna called Beth and Stephen and filled them in on what had happened. Felicia said she was not looking forward to more Logans showing up at her house. She asked if Marcus had suspected Owen, why he hadn't said so sooner. Bridget defended Marcus and said he had come to her to get proof; he only had a theory until the tests had come back.

Stephanie shouted accusations at Donna and said Owen had only tried to kill Eric because of her. Stephanie said it was Donna who brought Owen into their lives. She apparently didn't know that it was Felicia who convinced Owen to work for Donna in the first place.

Brooke said the family should not dare blame Donna for this. Marcus reminded them that Owen had confessed; Donna had been a victim, too. Thorne chimed in and said it was Donna who had given Owen access. Donna agreed that she had let Owen into their home, but that she obviously hadn't known what he was capable of doing. Stephanie didn't believe her; she accused Owen and Donna of being in cahoots.

Bridget defended Donna against Stephanie's tirade and said Donna would never hurt Eric, because she loved him. Stephanie said Donna hurt Eric the moment she walked into his life, because he began making bad decisions the moment that he met her.

Donna said the family should not dare question her; she was the one who had done everything in her power to keep Eric alive. Felicia noted that was reasonable, since as long as Eric was living Donna could stay in control of all of Eric's holdings because she had his power of attorney, but if he were dead, the will instructed that everything would be split evenly among them.

Stephen asked them to leave Donna alone. He said they had blamed his daughter for everything in their business and personal lives, but that they should not try to put this on her, too. Donna ran out of the house.

Stephanie said she still didn't believe Owen acted alone. She set her focus on Marcus and said he was probably in on it, too. Bridget jumped in and defended him and asked why Marcus would ask her to do blood tests if he had been in on it.

Felicia said they were probably trying to create reasonable doubt and reminded them Owen was once a paralegal and knew how to get around the law.

Stephen said they were looking for a conspiracy where there was none. Donna had nothing to do with Eric's drugging. Owen confessed, and that was the end of it.

Steffy arrived and Marcus filled her in on Owen. Steffy asked why in the world Owen would want to do that to her grandfather. Marcus had no answer, but assured her that Owen would be in jail for a very long time.

The family asked Bridget what could be done for Eric since they knew what caused his heart attack. She said they still could not do anything to bring Eric back. The potassium pills caused the heart attack, but the heart attack caused the coma, and the doctors had no way to undo that.

Meanwhile at the police station, Owen asked Lt. Baker for a paper and pencil so he could write his full confession. Lt. Baker said not so fast, and added that he was an old school kind of guy who needed to hear a confession out loud first. He said he knew Owen was new in town and that he used to be a paralegal. He said the police had not found any physical evidence connecting Owen to the crime, but noticed that as soon as they accused Donna, Owen confessed. Lt. Baker found that intriguing and asked Owen exactly what his relationship was with the current Mrs. Forrester.

Lt. Baker asked Owen where he purchased the potassium chloride pills. Owen said he would write everything down in his statement. Lt. Baker again requested a verbal statement and said he still hadn't heard a motive. Owen said his motive was greed, and asked if that was old school enough to suit Lt. Baker. He said he poisoned Eric for money and power. He knew he didn't stand a chance with Donna while Eric was alive; she was totally devoted to Eric. Lt. Baker seemed shocked to hear the two of them were not involved. He asked again if there was anything going on between Owen and Donna. Owen emphatically said, "No." He said he intended to make his move on Donna after Eric died by sticking around to comfort the grieving widow. He said he had gotten sucked into the glamorous L.A. life and had fallen for a beautiful and wealthy woman.

Donna arrived in the interrogation room to visit Owen. He told her to leave because he didn't want the cops to think they were working together. Donna refused to leave and said she needed answers. She asked Owen why he pretended to be her friend and defended her so vigorously only to betray her and try to murder her husband. She demanded to know why he set her up to take the fall.

Owen denied it. He said he had nothing to do with it and only confessed to protect Donna when the police assumed she had done it. He said he stood by her when she needed him most. He said he hoped Donna knew he would never hurt Eric. He told her someone did try to kill Eric and frame her for it, but it was not him. He warned her that whoever it was could still be out there and might come back to finish the job.

Owen asked Donna who hated her that much and would do something so terrible. He asked her who would want to see Eric dead. As he asked the question, the faces of all the likely suspects (especially crazy Aunt Pam) lined up in boxes surrounding the screen like a family of demented Bradys.

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