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Monday, August 25, 2008

In the police department holding cell, Donna asked Owen how he could look her in the eyes and tell her he didn't try to poison Eric after he confessed to the cops. Owen said he didn't do anything and only confessed to protect Donna. She asked him if he thought she was an idiot, because after all the lies he had told her, only an idiot would believe anything else he had to say.

Owen swore he had nothing to do with poisoning Eric, but Donna refused to believe him and promised him she would see him behind bars for a long, long time.

Donna reminded Owen she had hired him and trusted him, but realized she had been a fool. She asked him how he could have let her believe he cared about her and then planted pills in her drawer to frame her. She wondered how she would ever be able to live with herself again knowing she was the reason Owen had gotten close enough to Eric to hurt him.

Owen asked Donna to consider why he would have confessed if he had actually done it. If he had been the one who framed her, he asked why he would have taken the blame after the police arrested her. She said she suspected because he knew his plan had gone south.

Owen said he needed Donna to listen to what he had to say. He warned her that she was in danger and the person that had really done this to Eric was still on the loose, and that she might be the next victim. He said whoever tried to kill Eric would come after her, too. He said he could live with it if he got blamed for drugging Eric, but he could not live with it if anything happened to Donna.

Owen said he had never been to jail and was afraid, but he was willing to accept that fate so that Donna would not be arrested. He asked her to promise to have Marcus stay with her for protection; he was afraid for her to be alone.

Donna asked Owen how she could possibly believe anything he said after he had confessed to trying to kill her husband. Owen repeated that he had only confessed to protect her. She said there were only two reasons he might have done such a thing-he was either crazy or guilty. He asked her to consider a third option-that he loved her. She asked him not to say that again and told him it was ridiculous for him to consider sacrificing his life for a married woman who truly loved her husband.

He said he made a choice in the moment and acted on instinct. He had only confessed to protect her. He asked her if she would give her life for Eric, and said he loved her that much even though he realized she did not return his feelings.

He reminded her that her bedroom had been ransacked and the person who did that was probably the one who planted the incriminating pills in her drawer. She had forgotten the incident and suddenly believed Owen might be telling the truth. Owen asked her not to let her guard down and begged her not to leave the police station alone. He asked her to call Marcus or Brooke to come and escort her home. Donna looked scared and confused as the guards dragged Owen back to his cell.

Katie said she would not even consider terminating her pregnancy. Nick insisted that she think about it as a possible option because carrying a baby full term could prove to be fatal to her. She reassured Nick that nothing bad would happen to her, but Nick said she couldn't know that for certain. Katie said if something did happen to her, Nick and Bridget could raise the baby. She felt certain that Bridget would not turn her back on their child. Nick said she should not talk that way, and that losing her was not an option.

Katie implored Nick to have a little bit of faith and let her try to carry their child full term. Nick said he had faith, he was in fact filled with faith, but he didn't want to take the chance of losing Katie. Katie asked Nick to do her a favor and asked if he would allow her to try to carry their baby. He asked if he could do her another favor instead that wasn't as difficult. She said their baby was the only part of him she could have and she did not want to give it up. Nick finally relented and agreed they should try to keep their baby.

As Rick sat at Eric's bedside, Stephanie admitted to Rick that she felt partially responsible for what happened to Eric. She explained that she had reservations about Eric's marriage to Donna, and didn't trust her instincts to fight it. She had given up gracefully and Eric paid the price. Rick argued that Owen confessed to the crime and there was no evidence that Donna was involved. Stephanie said she did not believe that Owen acted alone.

Rick wondered why anyone would want to hurt Eric. Stephanie said maybe they wanted his money. She said Eric was the best man she had ever known in her life. Rick said he had to leave for work, as though he punched a time clock, and left Stephanie alone with Eric.

Stephanie said if love alone could bring Eric back, he would wake up, but sadly she knew it could not. She said she was sorry about what happened to him and promised that she would find out who poisoned Eric and that she would make them pay.

Aunt Pam dropped by and Stephanie filled her in on what had caused Eric's heart attack. Pam said she believed the culprit was "the hot tamale," Donna. Stephanie explained that Owen had confessed and that he was the one arrested, but she believed that Owen and Donna had been in on it together. Pam mentioned to Stephanie she had noticed how close Owen and Donna had become. Stephanie said Owen and Donna were fools if they thought she would let them get away with what they had done to Eric.

Lt. Baker and his son Charlie bickered about whether or not Owen was actually guilty. Charlie said Owen confessed and that should be the end of it, but Lt. Baker argued that it was all a little too good to be true. He found a few too many loose ends in the confession.

He reminded Charlie that Owen refused a lawyer. Lt. Baker said that Owen said he had done it because he had fallen for the sexy heiress, and he wondered what would have prompted him to frame her just as his plan had fallen into place. Charlie had to agree there were some serious discrepancies in that story.

Charlie asked why Owen would confess to a crime he had not committed. Lt. Baker said he suspected it was not a confession, but a cover-up.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

At Forrester Creations, Donna told Brooke that she had gone to the jail to visit Owen. Donna explained that Owen told her he did not poison Eric. She further explained that Owen took the blame because he did not want Donna to go to jail. She disclosed the reason that Owen did not want Donna in jail was that Owen loved her and tried to protect her. Donna ultimately told Brooke that she believed Owen's explanation. He had reminded her that someone had broken into her home recently. It worried Owen that the intruder could have planted the pills and that Donna could be in danger.

Pam accused Donna of poisoning Eric. She said cruel things to Donna. Brooke tried to convince Pam how wrong she was. She told Pam that Donna did not believe that Owen was the culprit who poisoned Eric. Donna and Brooke asked for Donna's assistance in trying to learn who poisoned Eric.

At the beach cabana, Steffy commended Marcus for figuring out that someone had poisoned her grandfather. She was grateful to Marcus. Steffy described Marcus as an angel. She disclosed that she did not trust people, but she trusted him. Marcus replied that he had come to Los Angles to find his mother, but that he found Steffy, also.

Meanwhile, Beth and Stephen had a long discussion about their relationship. He admitted he had issues with Eric in the past, but the issues no longer existed. He told her that he admired her for her strength and for bringing the children up alone. Beth admitted that she still loved Stephen.

Lt. Baker told Owen that he had a visitor with many questions: Stephanie Forrester.

She went to the jail to talk to Owen. He was surprised to see her there. Stephanie had many questions she wanted to ask Owen. The biggest question that Stephanie had for Owen was why he had poisoned Eric? Owen gave her his version of what he did. He claimed that Donna did not return the feelings he had for her and he thought that if he got rid of Eric, he could have Donna for himself.

Stephanie blatantly accused him of being a con man. She was convinced that Owen claimed he poisoned Eric in order to protect Donna. Stephanie became adamant that Donna worked with Owen on Eric's poisoning. No matter what Owen said to Stephanie, it made no difference. She stubbornly believed that Owen and Donna worked as a pair.

Brooke questioned Owen's integrity and motives. Donna again explained Owen's actions. She made Brooke realize that if Owen did not pretend he did the poisoning, that Donna would be in prison instead of him. She pointed out that the real criminal was still free and that she could be in danger. Donna came to a sudden realization of who had attempted to kill Eric.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Donna informed Brooke that she suspected Stephanie was the one who really drugged Eric. Brooke said Stephanie would never hurt Eric. Donna reminded Brooke of all the irrational things Stephanie had done in the past, like the time she gave Brooke a gun and taunted her to kill herself, or the time she tossed Jackie Marone over the railing and nearly killed her. Brooke couldn't argue with Donna's list, and agreed that Stephanie had exhibited violent behavior before, but said she would never willingly hurt Eric.

Donna reminded Brooke that Stephanie was the one who pushed for Lt. Baker to arrest her. She supposed Stephanie was trying to pin the blame on Donna so she could avoid being considered as a suspect herself. Donna mentioned that her bedroom had been ransacked and that all her lingerie had been tossed around the room, which might have been when Stephanie planted the pills. Marcus arrived and Brooke filled him in on what they had discussed. Marcus, who has only met Stephanie two times, declared he did not believe Stephanie would have attempted to murder Eric just to get revenge on Donna. Brooke agreed with him.

Donna asked them to consider the possibility that Stephanie might not have been in her right mind. She said Stephanie could have been drinking or had hit rock bottom and had some sort of breakdown that prompted her to commit a horrible act in the moment. Brooke said that was impossible. She said that whoever committed the crime had only done so after deep thought-it was premeditated.

Brooke said if Stephanie had done it, it would have required her to research drug interactions and to discover exactly how much to give Eric to give him only a mild heart attack and nothing more. Brooke said Stephanie would not plot out a crime like that. Donna reminded her about how Stephanie spent weeks priming Andy and coaching him about Brooke until he eventually raped her.

Marcus asked if Stephanie was really that much of a monster. Brooke said Stephanie was a human being who was deeply troubled. Donna jumped in and said no one knew what sort of evil Stephanie was actually capable of; if Stephanie had poisoned Eric, framing Donna for it would be a great way for her to get revenge.

Donna said that Owen was in jail and had taken the blame for a crime he did not commit just to save her, and he depended on her to find the real culprit. Donna asked if Brooke thought she was crazy. Brooke said not crazy, but misguided. She repeated that Stephanie would not hurt Eric.

Stephanie walked in on their conversation and said she had just visited Owen in jail and remarked to Donna that she should be happy Owen hadn't ratted her out yet. Donna said she had nothing to do with it, but accused Stephanie of the crime. Stephanie said Donna had really gone off the deep end. She said she was stunned to find Donna had the audacity to accuse her of such a thing.

Stephanie reminded Donna that she had watched Eric marry Donna in her own home, toasted her, and encouraged her children to do the same, and then had gotten out of their way. She didn't understand why Donna would accuse her of such a horrible thing after she had been so gracious to Donna after Donna stole her husband.

Donna said she didn't believe Stephanie, and assumed she had been plotting revenge all along. She told Stephanie she would hire a guard for Eric and Stephanie would not be allowed anywhere near her husband. Stephanie declared war and said she would not allow Donna to slander her or keep her from Eric. She said no matter how well Donna thought she had covered her tracks, Stephanie was determined to find the truth and make Donna pay for what she had done.

Ridge went to the jail to confront Owen. He asked Owen what Eric had ever done to him, and Owen said it had merely been greed that motivated him. He wanted what Ridge and his family had. Owen said he was truly and deeply sorry for what had happened and apologized to Ridge.

Ridge asked Owen if he confessed to the police because he felt guilty for what he had done. Owen said yes, that was the reason he confessed. Ridge informed Owen he suspected Donna had been his partner and didn't believe Owen worked alone. Owen emphatically denied that Donna had any involvement in the crime. He said if Donna had done it, she would have gotten rid of the pills. Owen told Ridge he was the responsible party and that Donna was not involved.

Ridge asked Owen if he really expected him to believe anything he said. Owen defended Donna and said Donna would not be tempted by any man in the world because she loved Eric. He asked Ridge if he could show Donna a little respect since she was the woman Eric loved, and said Donna had earned it. Ridge got up and left the jail without responding.

Brooke and Ridge compared notes at home. Brooke filled Ridge in on Donna's theory about Stephanie. Ridge didn't believe Stephanie would do such a thing, and Brooke didn't believe Donna would have done it either. Brooke suggested it could be someone who had been holding a grudge, someone they hadn't even considered yet.

Marcus went to visit Owen and asked him what sort of line he fed his mother to get her to believe him. Owen said Marcus needed to put his hatred of Owen aside and focus on Donna. He warned Marcus that the criminal was still out there and would probably try to make a move on Donna. Owen encouraged Marcus to make sure Donna was safe. Owen told Marcus he should stick to his Mom like glue until he found out who was after her.

Donna arrived at home and poured herself a glass of wine, turned on some music, and wandered out to the patio. As she turned to go back inside, a gloved hand moved the bushes out of the way for a better view. Donna went back inside and curled up on a chair with her wine, looking remarkably sad as a gloved hand put a key into her door lock and quietly turned it.

Donna took out her wedding album and thumbed through the photos as she reminisced about their happy moments. The gloved intruder inched closer and closer toward her.

The lights in Donna's house flickered and then went out. She called out "Who's there?" but no one answered. As Donna inched her way around the room in the dark, a shadowy figure emerged and grabbed Donna from behind.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Donna struggled with a masked intruder who mumbled that Donna needed to stop investigating what happened to Eric. Donna managed to break away then fell to the floor as the intruder raced out the front door. Donna later scrambled out of the house to her car and took off. She called Marcus and Brooke and told them what had happened. She insisted it was Stephanie who attacked her. Donna was headed for Big Bear, and Brooke told Donna that she would go to the house to check it out.

Brooke showed up and found Stephanie's keys in the open front door. Brooke stood in the Forrester living room as Ridge joined her, followed by his mother. Brooke showed Stephanie the keys and accused her of attacking Donna. Stephanie wondered how her missing keys turned up with Brooke. At the same time, Stephanie's cell phone rang, and Marcus and Steffy entered. Stephanie took a call from her mother, Anne, who shared the bad news that Pam was off her medications and had been for three months. She warned Stephanie that Pam was volatile and dangerous. Stephanie looked worried as she spilled the news to the room full of people.

At Forrester Creations, Pam took a call from Earl, the cabin caretaker at Big Bear. He told her that Mrs. Forrester was on her way up to the cabin, and wanted assurance that Pam had warned her about the bears. Pam was shocked to learn it was Donna, not Stephanie, who, was headed to the cabin.

Donna opened up the cabin, and found her jars of honey and recalled some romantic moments with Eric. Donna's memories were interrupted as Pam abruptly entered dressed in full fishing gear from head to toe. She told Donna that Eric told her she could come up there anytime she wanted.

After his paperwork was processed, Owen called Donna and said he was on his way to see her. Donna filled him in on the intruder at the house and the visit from Pam at the cabin. Donna hung up and looked in the kitchen for something to eat, and, while she was gone, Pam turned Donna's cell phone off and pulled the plug on the cabin phone. Pam tried to push a few lemon bars on Donna, and Donna gave in for a minute, but then changed her mind. Donna admitted she didn't like Pam or her lemon bars. Pam seemed hurt, but Donna appeared to have a clarity moment of clarity that Pam was dangerous. As she turned to talk to Pam, it was too late. Pam pointed a shotgun at Donna, and Donna realized Pam was responsible for everything.

At the jail, Owen asked to see the police report on the night Eric had his heart attack, Owen spotted Eric's stomach contents and saw nutmeg listed, and he remembered Pam put nutmeg in lemon bars. Owen believed Pam put the potassium chloride in the lemon bars, too. Owen called Donna, but got voicemail. Owen commandeered a police car and started to drive to Big Bear in a police car with sirens blasting.

Friday, August 29, 2008

As Aunt Pam approached Donna, she remembered an entire montage of Pam's crazy behavior of the past. Pam held a gun to Donna's head and admitted she had poisoned Eric with her lemon bars. Pam said she had given Donna many chances, but Donna wouldn't let go of Eric and had ruined her sister Stephanie's life, so Pam decided to intervene.

Pam said she had not intended to give Eric a heart attack, she only meant to weaken him enough to have prevented him from having sex with Donna. Pam assumed if Eric was unable to have sex with Donna, he might have seen the light and gone back to Stephanie.

Pam said she had deep regrets over Eric's condition, and noted she would bring him back if she could, but only if he would return to Stephanie.

Donna mentioned that Stephanie would not want Pam to kill anyone on her behalf. Pam said she did not believe that Donna cared about Stephanie at all. Pam said if Donna cared for Stephanie, she would not have stolen Eric from Stephanie and destroyed all the years they spent together.

As Pam cocked her rifle, Donna heard a noise outside the cabin at Big Bear. She thought help had come to rescue her, but to Donna's dismay, she found it was a bear at the door. Pam saw it, too, and gave Donna a little push in the bear's direction.

Pam strapped Donna to a chair and slathered her with honey. There was a pile of empty plastic honey bears on the floor after she finished. Pam said she considered shooting Donna, but was persuaded that it would be better if people believed Donna had been the victim of a freak accident. Pam said since Donna had stolen Eric from her sister, Stephanie, and fired all their children from the family business, Pam felt it necessary to get even with Donna.

Donna tried to reason with Pam and said Pam needed her as a witness. Donna said she would make certain the police knew that Pam didn't intend to hurt Eric. Pam said it didn't matter; she was willing to endure any punishment as long as Donna paid for wrecking the Forrester family.

Pam walked toward the door and touched the knob as she planned to let the bear inside. Pam said Donna had dozens of chances and didn't take them. Pam said she had failed at protecting Stephanie from their father when they were kids, but she would not fail to help her this time.

A giant bear entered the cabin while a honey-soaked Donna shrieked in fear. Pam laughed with boundless joy as she watched the bear inch towards Donna. In a very well-timed entrance, Owen opened the cabin door and banged pots and pans together and scared the bear away. While Owen was scaring the bear, Pam quickly escaped. Donna and Owen embraced.

Pam hovered in the woods and prayed for God to forgive her.

Owen called Marcus and filled him in on what was happening, and informed him Pam was the culprit. Marcus was with Stephanie, Ridge, Steffy, and Brooke. The four of them hopped in the car and headed up to Big Bear. Owen told Marcus the police were on their way, as well. Stephanie said that Pam was off her medication. Pam was diagnosed as bi-polar. Ridge remembered Pam made a big production of making sure Eric ate a lemon bar each day

Meanwhile, back at the cabin, the police arrived and went to find Pam. Stephanie, Ridge, Steffy, Brooke, and Marcus also arrived. Stephanie apologized to Donna for her sister Pam's actions.

Ridge asked Owen why he confessed to a crime Pam had committed. Owen replied that he did it to protect Donna. Ridge apologized to Donna and told her he could see she had tried to protect Eric all along and he was sorry he had doubted her. Steffy reminded Ridge he had one more apology to make, and he made it to Marcus. He thanked Marcus for his efforts to find out who tried to poison Eric. Steffy told Marcus he was her hero.

Donna got a call from Lt. Baker who informed her all charges had been dropped against Owen. Donna thanked Owen for being around to save her so many times over the past few months. Donna said Owen had come at the right time to protect her. Owen said Donna was all that mattered to him and he believed they were meant to be. Owen and Donna kissed passionately and were well on their way toward making love.

Back at the hospital, Eric finally opened his eyes and called out Donna's name.

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