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Monday, September 22, 2008

Donna implored Eric not to give up on their marriage. Donna asked him to have faith in what they had and assured him they could get it back. The two kissed and then Eric pulled away. He asked her how long he had been in a coma and she said it had been two months. Eric asked her why she couldn't have waited for him. Donna proceeded to fill him in about the events of the previous two months, about Ridge's attempt to take over the company, and about Ridge's desire to remove Eric from life support. Donna said she had fought for what she thought Eric would have wanted and that the only person standing by her side had been Owen.

Donna explained that Owen had not only been a friend to Donna but to Eric, because he helped her fight to keep Eric alive when everyone else was pushing her to sign papers to remove him from life support. Eric looked stunned by the story she was telling him. She said her friendship with Owen was meaningless compared to her love for Eric. Donna assured Eric that all he had seen was a woman mourning the loss of her husband, and that she had never stopped loving him. She asked Eric if he believed her. Donna said the two of them had been through too much as to let something so insignificant come between her and Eric.

Stephanie said she would not let Donna hurt Eric again. Brooke said that was not Stephanie's choice to make; Donna was Eric's wife. Stephanie suggested that Donna gave up that right when she slept with Owen. Brooke said Stephanie didn't know what really happened, and Stephanie said Eric had seen Donna and Owen with his own eyes and it was his choice to throw Donna out of the house. Brooke said of course Eric had a reaction to what he saw, and Stephanie cut her off; she said talking to Brooke was like talking to crazy people. She said of course Eric had a reaction to what he had witnessed and it had nearly killed him.

Brooke said Eric needed to know all the facts in order to make a clear decision. Stephanie said she had all the facts, and the facts were that Eric needed to be where he was, at home surrounded by their family, and not in some "lame ass" marriage to Donna.

Saved by the bell, Brooke's phone rang and Ridge was on the line. He called to ask if Brooke was finished with his mother, and she said they were through. He asked her to come home as soon as possible because he needed to talk to her. Brooke reminded Stephanie that she was going to marry Ridge and that she hoped they could coexist in spite of their recent differences of opinion. Brooke said she understood that Stephanie wanted to spend her life with Eric, but that it would never work for the two of them unless the decision was made by Eric and not by Stephanie manipulating the situation.

When Brooke arrived home, she discovered that Ridge had set a romantic scene complete with candlelight and soft music. Ridge said he wanted to lure Brooke away from his mother before there was any bloodshed. Ridge said his dad was in a fragile state and he wanted to keep Eric away from stress. Ridge said things were as they should be, that the family had regained control of the company, and Eric had chosen to go back to Stephanie. Brooke said Ridge should not get his hopes up, and Ridge said Eric had made his decision and Brooke needed to accept it.

Brooke said Eric had just come out of a coma after two months and they should not assume he had made any decision in his fragile state. Brooke said once Eric fully recovered, they would have a better idea of what he wanted. Ridge said they had to promise that whatever happened between Donna, Eric, and Stephanie, that the two of them had to stay out of it and focus on their own lives and marriage, and being good parents to R.J. and Hope. Brooke agreed and said she liked the sound of that, then they kissed.

Ridge said Eric had woken up just in time to be best man at their wedding. Brooke said it was a great idea and that she loved it. Brooke said that whatever Eric chose to do about Donna and Stephanie, they should agree to support his choice no matter what it was. Ridge agreed. The two made love. Ridge said he had plans for their wedding - a big event, a big celebration. Ridge said Eric would be the best man, and Brooke said Donna would be her matron of honor. Ridge said Brooke could not ask Donna because Eric would be bringing Stephanie and it would be a scene. Brooke said she believed Eric would forgive Donna and she believed Eric and Donna's marriage would last no matter what sort of crazy stunts Stephanie planned to pull to keep them apart.

Thorne arrived home and asked his mother what happened when Brooke stopped by. Stephanie said Brooke attempted to plead Donna's case, and Thorne looked disgusted by the notion. Stephanie asked what all the big crates were in the entryway, and Thorne said it was just more packages for Eric. Stephanie asked why one of the crates had been opened, but Thorne didn't know. Stephanie asked what could have come in such a big crate, and at the same moment, Thorne and Stephanie both said "Donna!" and bolted up the stairs.

Donna said she regretted hurting Eric more than she could express and said she loved him and wanted to take care of him. She asked if she could help Eric and nurse him back to health, so the two of them could move forward with their lives together.

Eric said that Owen was a young man and suggested that perhaps Donna had developed feelings for him. Donna denied it and said she only wanted Eric. Just as the two of them kissed, Stephanie and Thorne burst into the room and Thorne forcibly dragged Donna away from Eric. Stephanie asked Eric if he was all right and Eric appeared bewildered. Donna protested and said she would never do anything to hurt Eric and asked Eric to admit he wanted her there. Eric tried to speak up, but Stephanie pushed her out of the room while Thorne locked the door behind them.

Stephanie asked Donna if she was trying to kill Eric. Donna said no, the person who had tried to kill Eric was Stephanie's crazy sister, Pam. Donna said she wanted to take care of Eric and that Eric needed to be with his wife. Stephanie said if Donna cared about what was best for Eric she wouldn't sneak around to get into the house to see him and startle him that way. Donna said she wouldn't have to sneak in if Stephanie wasn't keeping her from seeing her own husband. Stephanie said it had been Eric's choice to kick Donna out because he had seen for himself exactly what sort of a woman she was with his own eyes.

Donna accused Stephanie of trying to control the situation and trying to control Eric. Stephanie said it wasn't about Donna and it wasn't about her, it was about what was best for Eric and his recovery. Stephanie said Donna should take her sex kitten routine someplace else. Donna said that her marriage to Eric was about more than sex and that the one thing that scared Stephanie most was the knowledge that Eric truly loved Donna. Donna said that just because Stephanie had been in the room the night Eric woke up didn't mean Stephanie was his wife again. Stephanie asked Donna where she was when Eric woke up. Donna said Stephanie might be able to control her access to Eric but she could not control Eric's heart, and that Stephanie knew Eric still loved Donna.

Donna said she had a right to visit her husband. Stephanie said if Donna came back to their property again, she would have her arrested. Donna tried to make a run for it and get back up to Eric, but Thorne caught her halfway up the stairs and physically carried her down the stairs kicking and screaming and dumped her on the porch, then locked the door behind her.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

At home in the morning, Brooke told Ridge that she was excited to be remarrying him. She asked him to go to Nick's to assist Bridget with her move out of their house. Ridge expressed that he could not be happier to help Bridget move out of Nick's house and divorce him.

At Nick and Bridget's house, Bridget packed her belongs in preparation for her move out of their home. Nick asked Bridget to stay. Bridget told Nick that she wanted more out of a marriage that she had gotten. She wanted a partner who remained loyal to her. She explained to Nick that before they got back together she had a voice in her head advising not to do so. She knew that getting back together was not the right thing, but she did it anyway. Nick again asked her to stay and explained they did not have to end their marriage. Bridget told Nick that she would always love him and he would always love her in his own way. Bridget realized that if they should be together, their first marriage would not have ended. Bridget told Nick that she had obtained a divorce attorney and that if he wanted her to be happy, he would not try to stop the divorce. Bridget vowed to him that she would find the happiness that she wanted in a relationship, but the relationship would not be with him-it would be with someone else.

Ridge arrived at Nick's to help Bridget move out. When Bridget left the room, Ridge told Nick that after their first marriage, Bridget had matured, but he had not. Ridge described Bridget as being the nicest person on the planet. Ridge could not understand how Nick could hurt Bridget a second time. In his own defense against Ridge's verbal attack, Nick told him the circumstances were complicated. Ridge sarcastically asked him what was complicated about being loyal to the woman you loved? Nick attempted to explain that some things happened that he had not planned. He was adamant that he did not mean to hurt Bridget.

Nick reminded Ridge that there was a time that Brooke was not loyal to him, but he forgave her and then took her back. Ridge snapped back that he never liked Nick and after his divorce from Bridget, he would no longer have anything to do with him because Brooke was also out of his life.

At the cabin at Big Bear, Rick schemed to get Brooke and her children, and Taylor and Jack together. Taylor thought that the she, Jack, and Rick were having a vacation together, but instead, Brooke was on her way to the cabin. Rick admitted that no matter what Taylor did, she could not bond with Jack. Rick expressed to Taylor that she stressed their relationship by her constant anxiety over not being able to calm or comfort Jack. He had planned to find a solution to Taylor's inability to bond with Jack. He told Taylor that he planned an experiment to see how Jack would behave and react around his biological mother and siblings. Rick explained his theory to Taylor that Jack could not bond with her because his biological family was not around and the lack of their presence had an effect on him. He told her that Jack could sense her anxiety with him. Rick told Taylor that if she were a great mother, she would place all of Jack's needs above her own and allow him to be where needed to be-with Brooke. Taylor became tearful and angry with Rick. Taylor's emotions were all over the place. She changed her mind from adamantly feeling that she would never allow her enemy Brooke to raise her baby, to feeling helpless with Jack. Taylor became calmer by the time Brooke and the children arrived.

Brooke was disappointed to find Rick and Taylor present at the cabin when she arrived at Big Bear. Rick explained to her that Taylor continued to have difficulty with Jack. Brooke attempted to be supportive towards Taylor. She mentioned that perhaps Taylor was anxious. Hope and RJ happily played with Jack. Jack was calm and smiling while playing with his siblings. Rick then told Brooke in not so many words that Taylor was considering allowing Brooke to parent Jack. Brooke could not believe what Rick said and confirmed it with Taylor. Tearfully, Taylor nodded that it was the truth.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brooke attempted to clarify what was being asked of her - Brooke asked Rick and Taylor if they were asking her to be a mother to Jack. Taylor said that she was Jack's mother, but she wanted him to be happy. Rick comforted Taylor and said of course she was Jack's mother, but Jack's happiness was the most important consideration. Taylor said that just because Jack shared Brooke's DNA, it did not automatically make her the better parent. Rick said that was true, but Jack's welfare had to be their top concern. Taylor admitted that in spite of all her efforts, Jack was not getting what he needed from her. She watched Jack as he happily played with R.J. and Hope. Brooke walked over and sat down next to Taylor on the sofa. Brooke said she knew how Taylor felt about her, so the fact that Taylor had even considered allowing Brooke to be part of Jack's life shocked her, but Brooke added that she was also impressed.

Brooke approached the kids and talked to them about how to play with baby Jack and asked them to share their toys. Taylor looked on longingly as Brooke played with the kids. Rick comforted her and said it didn't have to be forever; they could just try it for a while and see how it worked to allow Jack to spend time with Brooke. Taylor said Jack looked happy and content and that he had never been that way with her. Taylor said after the custody battle she thought she would be able to bond with Jack, but it hadn't happened. As she watched Brooke interact with the kids, she asked why it couldn't be that way with her.

Brooke asked Rick to take Hope and R.J. outside, and she put Jack down for a nap. Brooke said Hope and R.J. adored Jack and so did she. She said Taylor must have known that or she would not have invited them. Brooke said Taylor looked exhausted. Taylor admitted she was exhausted and said it wasn't just from the previous few weeks of no sleep-she was weary from the whole year and everything she had endured. Taylor said Brooke saved Jack's life with her DNA. Brooke said Taylor would have done the same thing. Taylor said nothing she had done thus far brought any comfort to Jack. Taylor said Jack responded to Brooke in a way he would never respond to her, and assumed he sensed that Brooke was his real mom. Taylor said she never had that trouble when she raised Thomas and the girls. Taylor said Jack needed something she could not give him, and she had to put Jack's needs above everything else. Brooke asked Taylor to explain exactly what she was trying to tell her.

Bridget dined alone and spotted Owen across the restaurant doing the same. She went over to his table and dumped a drink on him and asked how he could have sex with her father's wife in Eric's own house, and noted that men were all the same.

Owen walked over to Bridget's table and sat down. She said she had lost her appetite and asked him to leave. He said he knew that Bridget didn't want to hear what he had to say, but he wanted her to know he had fallen in love with Donna, but that Donna did not return his feelings and was completely committed to Eric and her marriage. Bridget said that thanks to Owen, Donna no longer had a marriage. Owen said that thanks to him, Donna and Eric were both still alive; he had saved both of them. Bridget asked if Owen was asking her to thank him. He said no, he only wanted her to understand.

Bridget said she had heard that word from men a lot lately, "Understand," and wondered what it meant. Owen said he was sorry, and Bridget said that was another word she had heard from a lot of me lately. Owen said he could tell that Bridget was going through something and he would leave her alone. He said he didn't approach her to be a jerk. Bridget said no, of course not, he was probably just like her husband, sweet and charming and always the kind of guy who swooped in to save the day. and she would probably get sucked right back in. She asked him to leave her alone. He said if he left, everyone in the restaurant would think he had said something to upset her, so he didn't want to go.

Owen said he understood that Bridget had put her heart out on the line and had it stomped on. Bridget said she could tell that Owen was being nice to try to convince her that he and Donna had some great love story. Owen said maybe it was all just in his head, but the best love stories play out in your head, where everyone always said the right thing and ended up happily ever after. Bridget said it never happened that way in her life. Owen said "Never?" and Bridget lamented sarcastically that she had picked some real winners in her life. Owen said perhaps next time she should let someone pick her. She said she had tried that, too, also without success. Owen said since she hated men and he hated women, perhaps they could just sit there together and happily hate each other. Bridget looked puzzled.

Owen asked Bridget if she was certain she wanted to give up on men. Bridget said yes, the ones she picked were losers and the ones who picked her she couldn't trust. Owen asked if she was sure about that - no more pickup lines or flirting-and she said she was sure; she was done with men. Owen said he found it hard to believe that a pretty girl like Bridget would be done with love as he gave her his best 'come hither' look.

Stephanie asked how Eric was, and Ridge said he was okay. Stephanie said she was happy to hear that, since Eric tossed and turned all night. She said Eric had been agitated since Donna snuck in to see him. Stephanie said Brooke had pleaded Donna's case before Donna got there herself and wondered if the two were in cahoots. Ridge said no, that if Brooke knew Donna was going to sneak in, she would not have had any reason to come to plead her sister's case. Ridge said he hoped that Stephanie would take it easy on Donna for Eric's sake. Stephanie asked if he meant for his own sake. Ridge said no, that he and Brooke agreed that they would not allow Eric and Donna's troubles to affect their relationship. Stephanie said she thought it was over between Eric and Donna. Ridge said it appeared that Eric had made up his mind and the timing was perfect. Ridge and Brooke were planning their wedding and they wanted Eric and Stephanie to be there with no complications.

Ridge filled Stephanie in on the breakup between Nick and Bridget. Stephanie said everyone had warned Bridget that it could happen, and that Bridget knew in advance that Katie had feelings for Nick. Stephanie said the only thing that surprised her was that Katie had acted on her feelings for Nick. Ridge said he blamed Nick, because that was his M.O. - to take advantage of a woman at her most vulnerable moment. Stephanie said Bridget must have been devastated. She warned Ridge that since Bridget was no longer in the picture, he should expect Nick to put himself between Brooke and Ridge because of baby Jack. Ridge said no, Taylor was Jack's mother, and Brooke had nothing to do with it. Stephanie said Ridge was fooling himself if he truly believed Nick would stay away. She said the only reason Brooke stayed away from Jack was out of respect for her daughter, but with Bridget out of the picture, she expected trouble. Stephanie said everything had changed.

Ridge said that was nonsense. Taylor didn't want Brooke involved in Jack's life at all, and Ridge tried to convince Stephanie that she was way off base. Ridge said baby Jack and Nick would not be an issue with him and Brooke.

Taylor said she had tried to give Jack what he needed and had failed and she believed that what Jack needed was to be with Brooke. Taylor reminded Brooke that she once begged to be a part of Jack's life and claimed to love him with her whole heart. Taylor asked her if that still held true. Brooke said yes. Taylor asked Brooke if she was willing to love Jack without doubt and reservation. Brooke said she would love Jack with all of her heart. The two of them cried and embraced.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

by Pam

At Nick's house, Taylor returned from Big Bear with Baby Jack, and she told Nick about how Jack enjoyed playing with Hope and R.J. at the cabin. Nick suggested that Jack should spend more time with other kids. Taylor said she couldn't make Jack happy. Nick questioned what Brooke said to her at the cabin. Taylor said her feelings had nothing to do with what happened at Big Bear. Taylor was a psychiatrist and she knew everything there was to know about childhood development. She was concerned that they couldn't bond as mother and child. She feared that Jack wouldn't develop properly without a strong bond with his mother. Taylor experimented and showed Nick that Jack didn't notice her when she called to him. She said he never cried when Taylor left a room like most babies.

Taylor admitted that all the years of competing with Brooke had worn her down. Taylor said she questioned everything about herself, her physical attributes, her style, and her ability to be charming. She said she lost to Brooke so many times that she had devalued herself. Taylor said she turned the mothering of Jack into a contest, and she said the feelings didn't translate into love for Jack. Taylor wanted to stop the ridiculous cycle and step aside. Nick told her if she wanted to step away from being a mother for a year or two, it was fine with him. He would take over. Nick didn't want to share time raising Jack with Ridge, however. Taylor said Ridge had nothing to do with raising Jack. Taylor said she never saw Jack so happy as when he was playing with Hope and R.J. She knew Brooke was ready to be a mom to Jack and she was willing to step aside, but the hardest part for her was letting Jack go. She burst into tears and embraced Nick. She picked up Baby Jack and told him she loved him. She hugged the baby and handed him over to Nick. Then, she walked out the door and cried.

At Brooke's, Brooke sat in her bedroom and reminisced about her time at Big Bear with Baby Jack, Hope, and R.J. Ridge asked how the Applefest went with the kids. He told her he was amazed that she had so much love to give to the kids, Ridge, and everyone, and Brooke said she always had more to go around. Ridge told Brooke that he helped Bridget move out of Nick's house, and Bridget had contacted a lawyer. Brooke said it was a good thing to put Nick behind them. Brooke worried about Baby Jack. Ridge said that Nick couldn't be loyal to one woman at a time and hoped that Jack spent more time away from Nick. Ridge said he would do anything for Brooke. Ridge said that Brooke was too forgiving of everyone. Ridge said he believed that Brooke had finally put Nick behind her after all the years.

Ridge reminded Brooke that Nick was his half-brother, and at one time he felt that it meant something that they were related. Brooke said Nick treated Ridge badly when they found out they were siblings. Brooke agreed biology meant something. She credited Ridge for trying to be a brother to Nick. Ridge wondered why Brooke was talking so much about biology, and he asked if Brooke was pregnant, but Brooke said no. She wondered if they were too old, and she wanted them to keep their hearts open. Ridge and Brooke fell into each other's arms and stripped off their clothes. Later, after a lovefest, they were in bed together talking about getting married in the backyard with a private ceremony. Ridge said it made sense because it would be difficult to invite everyone in the family because Donna couldn't be in the same room with Ridge's parents. He added that seeing Rick and Taylor wasn't a good idea. Ridge felt it would be a disaster. Ridge suggested that R.J. should be the best man, and Hope would be the maid of honor. Brooke liked the idea and she said that nothing mattered except for the children and loving Ridge. Brooke told Ridge something happened at Big Bear. She added that Rick and Taylor were at the cabin, and that Taylor told Brooke that she wanted Brooke to become a mother to Jack. Ridge looked shocked.

Katie was sitting at Brooke's when Bridget entered and asked where Brooke was. Katie said Brooke was upstairs. Bridget said she was surprised Katie was still living at Brooke's house. Bridget expected Katie to be moved in with Nick. Katie said it was hard for her and Nick to even look at each other. Katie added that Nick loved Bridget, and she knew they belonged together. Bridget said she had no intention of going back to Nick and had already contacted a divorce lawyer, which cleared the way for Nick to be with Katie. Bridget admitted she would miss Baby Jack even more than Nick. Katie said she missed her best friend, Bridget. Katie hoped that they could be friends again. Bridget looked skeptical and told Katie that shoulders to cry on were in short supply. She hoped Katie would be happy with Nick. Bridget left and Katie stood alone.

Friday, September 26, 2008

A newscaster reported that the Santa Ana winds had hit L.A. and predicted it would be a hot night.

Taylor ran crying into Rick's waiting arms. Taylor said she had just come from Nick's house. Rick asked Taylor how Nick reacted to the news that she had asked Brooke to mother Jack. Taylor said Nick knew that she would not have asked Brooke to take her baby unless she was certain it was the best thing for Jack. Taylor cried on Rick's shoulder and said it was very hard for her to let go of Jack. Taylor worried that Ridge would not be able to love Jack because of his animosity towards Nick. Rick assured Taylor that Brooke would talk to Ridge and that he would come around.

Taylor said the point of letting Jack go was to put him into a loving and stable environment. She hoped she had not made the wrong choice. Taylor said if she sent Jack to a place where he was not fully loved and accepted, that would really mess him up. She did not want to be responsible for that. Rick assured her that everything would be fine and that she had done the right thing. Rick said Taylor had the best and most selfless intentions. She made the ultimate sacrifice for Jack with the unconditional love a mother has for her child.

Ridge asked Brooke if she was certain that Taylor asked her to be a mom to baby Jack because he really could not envision Taylor doing that. Brooke reminded Ridge that she was not just anyone; she was, after all, Jack's biological mother. Brooke said that Taylor had been having problems with Jack for months, but Brooke had just recently become aware of them. Ridge asked her what sort of problems Taylor and Jack had. Brooke said Taylor had not been able to bond with Jack and every time Taylor picked Jack up, he cried.

Ridge said maybe Jack was teething and reminded Brooke there were many plausible reasons that a baby might cry. Brooke assured Ridge that Taylor had been to see doctors and other experts for advice, and the bottom line was simply that the baby did not respond to Taylor. Ridge asked Brooke if she told Taylor that it would be a bad idea for Brooke to get involved. Brooke didn't respond. Ridge asked her point-blank if she had already agreed to Taylor's request.

Ridge repeated that it was a bad idea for Brooke to get involved. Brooke said Jack needed a Mom. Ridge said of course he did, and that Katie or Nick's mom, Jackie, could fill that role. Brooke said that she loved Jack, and Ridge said Brooke should consider that Taylor loved Jack, too. He reminded Brooke that Taylor could change her mind and want Jack back at any time. Ridge said it was a complicated situation for everyone.

Brooke said Taylor would not want Jack back. Ridge said Brooke couldn't know that for sure and asked if Taylor offered her full custody. Brooke said she was not legally able to do that because she shared joint custody with Nick. Ridge asked Brooke if that meant she and Nick would raise Jack together. Brooke said of course not, she thought that when Jack wasn't at Nick's house, he could be with Brooke and Ridge. Ridge said that Brooke was a wonderful person and a wonderful mother, but the whole Jack situation would be a complete and total disaster. Ridge said he could not be a part of it, and asked Brooke to tell Taylor no.

Brooke asked Ridge if he had really asked her to give up her own child. Ridge said she should not think of Jack as her own child; Taylor was Jack's Mom. Ridge said Brooke would be raising Nick's child. Ridge said he and Nick did not see eye-to-eye on anything, so it would be a nightmare for Ridge to try to raise Nick's son. Brooke said Hope and R.J. would love having a little brother. Ridge said they had a perfectly lovely little family already. Ridge reminded Brooke that Eric was on the mend and Ridge didn't see any reason to jeopardize their happiness with a situation that was inherently dysfunctional.

Brooke said she hoped Ridge would understand. He said he did understand. Brooke disagreed. Brooke said she loved Ridge and everything about their life together, but first and foremost she was a mother. Brooke said Jack was crying out for her and needed her, and that she had to be there for him. Brooke asked Ridge how she was supposed to drown out the cries of a baby who had her blood in his veins and pretend she didn't hear. Ridge said it was probably not as bad as it seemed. Brooke argued that it was bad, and a baby Jack's age needed his mom.

Ridge said he was not being heartless; he was only trying to protect their family-even Jack. Ridge said he could see so many ways that the whole situation could blow up in their faces and he was only trying to prevent that. He said Taylor or Nick could change their minds at any time and take the baby away. Ridge said that he always saw the logical side of things and Brooke always saw the love because her heart was so huge. He said he saw the future and Brooke saw the present. Ridge said he could see the disaster this could turn into and all Brooke could see was the hope it could all work out. Ridge said it drove him crazy, but that was who Brooke was, and he only wanted her to be happy. He told her if that was what she really wanted, he would support her in her choice to be a mother to Jack. Brooke cried with joy. She promised Ridge they would make it work, together.

Katie stopped by to visit Nick, who was standing shirtless on his patio. He said he was just trying to get some air because it was a hot night. Katie said she stopped by to let him know the baby was fine because she had a checkup and wanted to keep Nick in the loop. Katie said she hadn't talked to Nick for a while and thought she should stop by. Katie informed Nick that she had spoken to Bridget. Nick said he had spoken to her, too, because she stopped by to get her things, and moved out. Nick informed Katie that Bridget had asked him for a divorce.

Katie said Bridget told her that she hoped that Nick and Katie would move on with their lives the way she had and that she hoped Nick and Katie would move on together. Katie said, as usual, Bridget was thinking about everyone but herself. Katie said Bridget was thinking about the kids, their baby, and Jack. Nick looked perplexed and Katie asked him what was going on with Jack.

Nick said that Taylor had been unable to bond with Jack and had asked Brooke to take over as Jack's mother. Katie said she didn't understand, and asked Nick if Taylor was just going to hand Nick over to Brooke. Nick said yes, but he was uncomfortable with the plan, because he knew Ridge was in the picture and that made him uneasy. He asked Katie for her input and wanted to know how she felt about the situation. Katie said she thought Brooke would be a great mom, and apparently Taylor agreed. Nick said he had thought Jack would be spending most of his time with him and getting to know his new half-brother or half-sister with Katie.

Nick said he didn't want to keep their baby a secret anymore unless Katie did. She said she did not, and Nick suggested they talk about their future together. Katie asked him if he meant to say "together" or if it was a slip of the tongue. Nick said no, he meant together, and he wanted them to discuss their relationship and their baby together and then he kissed her. Realizing that nothing stood in their way anymore, Nick and Katie made love.

Taylor tossed and turned next to Rick, unable to sleep, and asked herself if she had created an obstacle for Brooke and Ridge's relationship. Then she began having flashbacks and fantasies about her relationship with Ridge, and promised herself she had to forget about Ridge altogether, and put those memories in the past.

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