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Monday, October 6, 2008

Donna called 9-1-1 to come and help Marcus, who was the victim of a snake bite. The ambulance arrived and took Marcus' vital signs. They loaded him into the ambulance and got him to the hospital.

The doctor arrived and said that Marcus was a very lucky young man. He said it was a good thing Donna had gotten Marcus to the hospital as soon as she did. He informed Donna they wanted to keep Marcus overnight because he needed to stay immobilized and also needed another dose of the anti-venom antidote. Donna cried as the doctor departed when she realized how close she came to losing her son.

Donna said that she didn't know what she would have done if anything had happened to Marcus. Marcus made light of the incident and said that the next time his mother wanted snakeskin shoes, she should make certain that they killed the snake first. Marcus asked how a giant snake had gotten into the shoe crate. Donna said she was not certain, but that she had her suspicions.

Stephanie dropped by and asked how Marcus was doing. Donna asked what she was doing there. Stephanie said she was worried about Marcus. Donna said she knew Stephanie didn't give a damn about Marcus and asked her to leave. Stephanie said the accident happened at Forrester, so she wanted to know how bad the damage was.

Steffy arrived to visit Marcus and cried at the thought of losing him. Steffy said she had never contemplated that anything could happen to Marcus. She expressed her affection for him and said she did not want to lose him. He assured her that he would be just fine. Marcus promised her he wasn't going anywhere. He said he had plans for the future and they all included Steffy.

Donna and Stephanie continued to fight. Donna accused Stephanie of arranging for the snake to leap out of the crate and kill her. Donna said if it wasn't Stephanie who planned it, then it must have been her crazy sister Pam. Donna said she knew whoever planned it had meant for the snake to attack Donna and not Marcus. Stephanie was shocked that Donna thought she would actually do such a thing.

Stephanie said it was just a crazy accident. Donna disagreed fiercely and said it was not an accident,-she was targeted. Donna said if Stephanie hadn't been involved, then she was certain the attack had been carried out by the unstable Aunt Pam.

Stephanie agreed that Aunt Pam was off of her medication and was mentally ill. Stephanie tried to reassure Donna that Pam was not a psychotic killer. Donna reminded Stephanie that Pam had poured honey all over her body and left alone with a bear, who tried to eat her. Donna begged Stephanie to intervene and protect her from Aunt Pam.

Brooke asked Katie if the doctor planned to release her. Katie said yes and Brooke suggested that Katie get some rest. Katie said she didn't need rest; what she needed was time with Jack. Katie asked Brooke if Jack could please stay with her. Brooke agreed to allow Katie to take Jack home, but asked Katie if she was sure she wanted to care for Jack after she had just endured such a horrible loss. Katie said she was certain. Katie told Jack they were going home, just the three of them, Katie, Jack, and Daddy.

Nick asked Katie if she was sure she was up for babysitting. She responded that she was not babysitting, that she had requested to bring Jack home with her. Katie said Jack was a precious gift, and she could see it so clearly after her ordeal. Katie fawned over baby Jack and said he was perfect. Katie said they were blessed to have him. Nick said he could see a lot of Brooke in him. Katie disagreed and said she could only see Nick. Katie then noted that Jack looked like she did in her own baby pictures. Katie seemed mesmerized by Jack; she kissed, cooed, and expressed her love for him. Katie said she would not have made it through the day without Jack and called him her precious boy.

Ridge complimented Brooke on her kindness; he thought it was wonderful that she allowed Jack to go home with Katie. Brooke said she had gotten a weird vibe about it, and hoped she hadn't made a mistake by allowing Jack to go home with Katie. She feared Katie would become fixated on Jack. Ridge asked what she meant. Brooke explained that as soon as she handed Jack to Katie, she reacted as though she had been given her own baby, as if the miscarriage never happened.

Ridge suggested that Brooke might be overly sensitive to the situation, because it was supposed to have been Jack's first night at their home. He reminded Brooke that she had wanted that ever since she found out Jack was her biological child, and perhaps her fears were overblown. He praised Brooke again for her kindness in allowing Katie to take Jack home. Brooke said she was afraid that on some subconscious level, Katie would try to replace the baby she lost with Jack. Brooke said she overheard Katie when she called Jack her own child

Taylor had flashbacks of the choice she made to give up custody of Jack and stared sadly out her window. Rick pointed out that Taylor had been looking out the window for a long time. Taylor apologized for being such poor company. Rick said he wasn't concerned with what kind of company she was; he only wished she would share her feelings with him. Taylor admitted that she missed Jack. Rick said he missed Jack, too, but encouraged Taylor to imagine Jack with Brooke, Ridge, R.J., and Hope, and to focus on what a happy situation that would be for him. Taylor said Jack might be happy, but she was not.

Rick said he would help with her unhappiness. He announced that they would be getting married the next Friday. Taylor was shocked and asked Rick to repeat what he had said. Rick again stated that they would be married the next week and expressed his endless love for her.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

At the hospital, Donna implored Stephanie to put their differences aside and help to locate Pam. Donna told Stephanie that she was certain that Pam planted the poisonous snake that bit Marcus when he opened the shipping box. She advised that the shipment had her name on it and the snake was meant for her, not Marcus. Donna explained that in Pam's sick mind, her "loyalty" to Stephanie was motivating her to get Donna out of the picture so Stephanie and Eric could reunite. Stephanie responded to Donna by telling her that she did not need Donna out of Eric's life in order to win him back. She warned Donna that she and Eric would be spending the rest of their lives together. Stephanie refused to acknowledge that Pam was dangerous and planted the snake in the shipment box. She did admit that Pam had an obsessive-compulsive disorder and had managed her illness her entire life. She said that Pam had functioned without her medication previously and was never violent.

Steffy comforted Marcus at the hospital where he was recuperating from the viper attack. Owen arrived and interrupted a kiss between them. Owen indicated to them that he visited Marcus out of genuine concern when he learned that Marcus had been hospitalized. Marcus became overprotective when Owen asked about Donna. Owen had asked where Donna was when the accident occurred, because he recalled that Marcus said the shipment had Donna's name on it. Marcus scolded Owen and told him that Donna was fighting to win Eric back. Owen admitted that he cared for Donna and would still help her if she needed him.

Taylor went to Brooke's home to inform her that she and Rick had set a wedding date for the following week. Taylor invited Brooke to the wedding. Taylor commented that Rick wanted his mother to be at the wedding; therefore, Taylor also wanted her to be there, because it was important to Rick. Brooke's response to Taylor's surprise wedding announcement was that she would discuss it with Rick. Taylor emphasized that she hoped that Brooke would be there. While Taylor was there, she admitted to Brooke that she missed Jack. She asked to see him. Brooke informed her that Katie had suffered a miscarriage and requested to take Jack home. Brooke commented that she felt that Katie's request was strange.

Taylor enlightened Brooke that it was a strange request from Katie, since women who lost their children through miscarriage often found it difficult to be around infants for a period. Taylor offered to provide therapy to Katie.

At home, Eric relaxed and played the piano. He contemplated his relationship with Donna. Eric was surprised when Donna rushed in to see him. She told him that Marcus had been bitten by a snake that was in a shipment at Forrester Creations marked with her name. Minutes later, Brooke called Donna and informed her that a car had struck Beth. Donna rushed home. Beth indicated that the car came directly toward her without trying to stop. Donna immediately assumed that it was Pam who hit Beth with the car.

Brooke requested that Donna remain there and wait for the children to arrive home while she transported Beth to the hospital. Owen made an unexpected visit to Donna. Together they concluded that it was Pam that planted the snake and had struck Beth with the car. Donna told Owen to leave because she did not want anyone to see them together, because she was fighting for her marriage.

After Owen left the house, Pam gained entry to the house and revealed herself to Donna. She told Donna that she had been watching her. Pam threatened Donna that if she did not leave Eric, Pam would kill her. Donna was in fear for her life.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Crazy Aunt Pam snuck into Donna's house and taunted Donna. She reminded Donna that Marcus was in the hospital with a snakebite, and that Beth had just been hit by a car. Pam asked Donna if she thought that was a coincidence, and implied that it was not. Donna said she would call the police, but Pam lifted up her poncho to reveal a weapon She informed Donna that if she called the cops, Pam would turn her into Swiss cheese.

Donna said she knew it was Pam who had hurt her son and she promised Pam she would not allow her to hurt anyone else. Pam laughed in her face and said the cops had to catch her first, and that no one had even come close. Pam said if Donna wanted to make sure her "honey bear," Eric, didn't end up on the endangered species list, she should stay out of his life for good. Pam said that Eric was with Stephanie where he belonged, and if Donna tried to interfere, the Lemon Bar Bandit would strike again.

Donna attempted to talk Pam down. She reminded Pam that she had been off her meds for too long and that she wasn't thinking clearly. Donna said Pam was out of control. Pam said it was the exact opposite, she had never felt better or more in control in her life.

Donna asked Pam if they could have a civil discussion without guns and threats. Pam said violence was the only thing Donna understood. Pam said she got Donna's attention by hurting some of the precious Logan family. Pam informed Donna that she and Stephanie had a horrible childhood and were not surrounded by a loving family. She said Stephanie was the only good thing in her life, and that her sister deserved to live out the rest of her days surrounded by people who loved her, like Eric.

Pam said if Stephanie could not have Eric, no one could. Donna reminded Pam how horrible she felt when she realized she was responsible for Eric's heart attack. Donna said she hoped Pam was not planning to hurt Eric again. Pam said perhaps it would be easier if she just got rid of Donna at that moment. Donna pleaded with her not to draw her weapon and asked Pam to allow Donna to help her.

Donna suggested that they place a call to Stephanie. She tried her best to convince Pam that her sister would want to hear from her. Donna said that since the police considered Pam armed and dangerous, she would call Stephanie instead, and repeated that she really wanted to help Pam. Pam said that would be the day when Donna would do anything to help her.

R.J. and Hope arrived home, and Donna didn't let on that anything had happened. She asked the kids to go upstairs and get ready for bed, and said she would check on them soon. Pam said it was a good thing that she hadn't used the kids to try to escape. Donna said she knew Pam needed help and did not want to leave her alone. Pam said that was a crock; she knew Donna wished she were dead. Donna said she didn't want to see anyone killed or hurt, and especially not Hope or R.J. Pam said Hope was really cute and it would be a shame if something happened to her. Donna said she knew Pam would never hurt an innocent little girl. Pam said Donna had no idea what she was really capable of.

Donna reminded Pam that Stephanie would be horrified if Pam did anything to hurt her grandchildren. Pam said it was all up to Donna, if she would just keep her distance from Eric, no one had to get hurt and everyone she loved would be safe.

Donna said she did not know how to do that because she had spent weeks begging Eric to come back to her. Pam said she had better find a way. Pam said if she were able to save Stephanie's marriage, her life would have meaning. She said Stephanie was abused and Pam was spared because Stephanie protected her, and this was her way of doing something for Stephanie. The doorbell rang, and Pam warned Donna not to try anything tricky.

Rick, Taylor, and Steffy visited Marcus in the hospital. Stephanie popped in and expressed her condolences, but Marcus just glared at her. Beth came in and said the doctors had cleared her; nothing had been broken in the hit-and-run. Eric and Ridge also stopped by. Eric said Donna told him about Beth being hit by a car and about Marcus, and wanted to check in. Stephanie looked surprised to hear Eric and Donna had seen one another. Brooke thanked Eric for his concern.

Marcus asked if everyone would leave so he could speak to Eric alone. They complied. Eric asked what Marcus wanted to discuss with him. Marcus said he wanted to talk about his Mom - he reminded Eric of Donna's deep love for him. Marcus said Donna would willingly give her life for Eric.

Marcus informed Eric that Owen had taken advantage of Donna when she was vulnerable. He said that Eric's family had been very cold to Donna during Eric's illness and she needed someone to lean on, and just chose the wrong person in Owen. Eric said he was having a hard time forgetting what he had seen. Marcus said he knew Donna was very sorry and that her prayer was that Eric would find a way to forgive her.

Taylor asked Steffy to be her maid of honor and Steffy agreed. Rick asked Marcus if he would agree to be his best man. Marcus also agreed. Rick said Marcus was the ideal man for the job because he didn't know any of their past history and only cared about their future.

Ridge and Stephanie discussed the day's events. Stephanie said she thought it was a very odd coincidence that Beth had been hit by a car on the same day that Marcus had been bitten by a snake. Stephanie noted that the car accident seemed intentional, but Ridge said there were a lot of crazy drivers in L.A.

When Donna opened her door, it was Eric. He had stopped by to let Donna know he had visited Marcus. He said he had another reason for his visit. He expressed to Donna that he missed her and missed them together. He told her he missed kissing her and planted one on her while Donna wiggled out of his embrace like the cat from Pepe Le Pew. Donna gasped and breathed heavily because she knew crazy Aunt Pam and her loaded gun were right around the corner. Eric asked Donna what was wrong, but she could not answer.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Eric hugged a shaking Donna under the watchful eye of Pam who was hiding on the balcony, hidden from Eric's view, with a gun. Eric apologized for taking so long to visit her. He told Donna he missed her. He told her that she crossed the line with Owen, but he wanted to give their marriage another chance.

Since Donna was shaky and crying, Eric quizzed her if something else was going on. Donna looked helpless as Pam scowled at her from the balcony, still unseen by Eric. Donna trembled, and Eric continued to ask what was wrong. Donna said she needed to talk to him at another time, but Eric told Donna he wanted to talk about their relationship immediately. Eric said he didn't want to give up on her, but Donna said it was too late. Pam gave Donna menacing looks as Donna struggled for words and Eric hugged her. Eric said he needed the healing to begin.

Donna said she saw the future and she believed it would be tragic if they stayed together. She believed Eric would be better off without her. Donna said she had to end their relationship. Eric told Donna that there was no way he would be better off without her. Donna said she would always love him, but she had to set him free.

Eric continued to ask Donna why she was so shaky. He told her she wasn't making any sense. She begged him to go, but Eric refused. He insisted that she had to tell him what was wrong. He wondered aloud if she was in love with Owen, but she didn't say anything. He emotionally reminded her that their relationship was the best thing that ever happened to him and the best thing that happened to her. He refused to give up on her and he refused to throw the relationship away. He kissed her passionately as Pam glared at them from the balcony.

Steffy visited Taylor and thanked her mother for including Steffy and Marcus in her wedding plans. Taylor said that she and Rick wanted Steffy and Marcus to be part of the future in their relationship. Steffy questioned her mom about marrying Rick. Taylor wondered why Steffy was questioning her. Steffy asked her mother if she really felt that she and Rick had a marriage bond. Steffy added that she might be selfish hoping that Taylor and Ridge would get back together. Taylor said it was natural for kids to want their parents back together again.

Taylor noted that everyone in the family wanted Stephanie and Eric to get back together. Steffy asked Taylor pointblank if she ever wondered about getting back together with Ridge. Taylor said she would always feel a lot of affection for Ridge. They shared three children together and she missed their times together. Steffy said Ridge was the love of Taylor's life.

Taylor said that she and Ridge had a complicated relationship. It was full of love and passion, but it had always been complex. With Rick, everything was simple. Taylor said she knew that she was the priority for Rick, and no one else had ever done that for her. She added that she was the center of Rick's universe. Taylor noted that Rick had always been there for her in ways that no one else had. Steffy said Rick was a really good guy, and hugged her mom.

Rick walked into Brooke's office, and they discussed how lucky Beth was since she wasn't seriously injured after getting hit by a car. Brooke questioned Rick about choosing Marcus as his best man, and Rick told her that Marcus supported his marriage to Taylor more than anyone else in the family.

Rick said he didn't want to make his mother feel bad, but it was very important to him that his mother share in his happiness. Brooke said she was concerned. Brooke said she didn't think Taylor was the right woman for Rick, noting that he had always been Taylor's hero. He saved her from one tragedy after another. Rick didn't see anything wrong with that. He added that they had been through more as a couple than most married couples, and they survived. Brooke suggested that maybe tragedy was the only thing holding them together. Rick scoffed at his mother.

Brooke pressed on with reasons why Taylor and Rick would not be happy.

She told him that he would be traveling a lot for Forrester International, and distance would put a strain on his marriage to Taylor. Rick was incredulous.

Brooke brought up another issue when she said she knew how much Rick wanted to be a father. Brooke doubted that Taylor would go through another pregnancy. Brooke told Rick that they had many substantial issues that needed to be resolved. Rick insisted that Taylor was the woman for him.

Brooke asked what he wanted from her. Rick said he wanted Brooke to go to Taylor's house and tell her that she supported the marriage and that she was happy for them. He said that if she wouldn't do that, he didn't want Brooke at his wedding.

Brooke insisted she only wanted Rick to be happy. Rick told his mother that he wanted to be surrounded by people who loved him and Taylor on their wedding day. He only wanted people around him who would support his marriage, and he was sorry that his mother did not support it. He left her alone.

Brooke walked into Taylor's house after Steffy left. Brooke laid right into Taylor about the marriage to Rick being the wrong thing for Rick. Taylor couldn't believe Brooke was there to tell her to call off the marriage. She suggested that Brooke talk to Rick. Brooke said she did talk to Rick, but like most kids, he didn't understand that she, as his mother, knew what was best for him.

Brooke said she didn't want to meddle, but mothers knew what was best for their children. Taylor shot back that Brooke was meddling. Brooke argued that mothers knew children needed to make sacrifices and suffer a little pain in the short term to be happy. She was sure that in the long run, it was wrong for Rick to marry Taylor. Brooke suggested that Taylor needed to let Rick go the same way she let Jack go. Taylor was astounded that Brooke would even suggest such a thing. Brooke defiantly stated that she would do anything to save Rick from the marriage.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Eric was shocked when Donna turned down his offer to give her a second chance. He said she was breaking his heart. Donna said it was for Eric's own good. Aunt Pam peered menacingly at Donna from behind the curtain with gun drawn. Eric asked Donna why she had come to him for forgiveness if she didn't want to reunite with him. Donna whimpered and sighed. She rhetorically asked Eric why he had to talk about it right that minute. Eric asked if she had ever really loved him. She said of course she had. Eric asked Donna if Owen really meant that much to her. Donna said she was in love with Owen. She admitted that she knew she was hurting Eric, but it would only be worse if they waited. Eric removed his wedding band and laid it on the table. He said it was obvious their marriage was over. Crazy Aunt Pam beamed with delight from behind the curtains.

Eric asked Donna if that was what she really wanted, to end their marriage. Donna didn't respond, but took her ring off and laid it down next to Eric's ring and told him there was no other way. Eric said he really was an old fool. He said he believed Donna when she told him he was a prisoner in his life, and when she convinced him that he deserved passion. He said he had searched for that passion his whole life, and he finally found it with Donna. He said he was a lucky man, he had been loved a lot in his life, but he never believed he would find the kind of love that Donna brought to him. Eric said Stephanie had been right about Donna when she told him Donna's love was all an act. Donna said he was wrong, and she begged him to believe that she had truly loved him. After Eric left, Aunt Pam came out from her hiding place and said Donna should go off and have a really long cry and added that women like them weren't meant to be married.

Eric arrived home and Stephanie noticed his empty ring finger. She asked Eric if he ended his marriage to Donna. He said he was not sure which one of them ended the marriage, but yes, the marriage was over. Eric told Stephanie that Donna was in love with Owen. Stephanie said she was surprised, she actually believed Donna loved him. Stephanie said whatever the case, she was there for him and cared about his pain.

Donna said that Pam had gotten what she asked for and asked Pam to go back to whatever rock she had been hiding under. Donna said Pam had heard every word she said with a gun pointed at her head, and Donna did what she was asked to do. She told Pam to leave, and to leave Marcus, Beth, and Eric alone. Donna said Pam didn't understand what she had just done because no one had ever loved Pam, so she didn't know how it felt to love someone and have it ripped away from you.

Pam said it was too bad that she couldn't be certain that Eric would go back to Stephanie. Donna said if Pam wanted to kill her, to go ahead and kill her, but to leave Eric alone. Donna said she wouldn't let the sacrifice she had made be for nothing. Pam said she didn't want to kill Donna, because the police did man hunts for murderers, whereas in the case of just regular crazy people, they didn't really seem to care if they get caught.

Pam said Donna was acting very brave. Donna said Pam had taken the only thing from her that she ever really cared about. Pam said she was glad because Donna would know how Stephanie felt when Donna stole Eric from her. Pam said if Donna kept her word and stayed away from Eric, then Pam would stay away from Eric, too. But she warned Donna that she would be watching her all the time. Pam said she had nothing but time-she was always the one on the sidelines with no life, but her life from that day forward would be watching Donna to keep her away from Eric.

Taylor explained to Brooke that she advised clients to work out relationship issues by refusing to judge someone else's choices, and by realizing they couldn't predict the future. Taylor said she and Rick had proven to Brooke that their relationship was genuine and was not an act of rebellion or a vendetta against Brooke. Brooke said people never really knew why they fell in love with someone.

Brooke said Taylor did a very selfless thing when she gave Brooke custody of Jack, and Brooke did not want to pick a fight with Taylor. Brooke said she admired Taylor for putting her own feelings aside and acting in Jack's best interest. Brooke said she hoped Taylor would do the same thing for Rick. Taylor said Rick was a grown man and could make his own choices. Brooke asked if Rick was fine with a childless marriage. Taylor said they had not discussed it, but if it came up, she and Rick could adopt. Brooke asked Taylor if she really wanted to raise another child at this stage in her life.

Taylor said she and Rick were in love and they didn't feel the need to negotiate every issue up-front. Brooke asked if Taylor really believed she and Rick would be able to weather good times and bad. Taylor said yes, of course, that was the point of marriage. Brooke reminded Taylor that their whole relationship so far had been bad times: Rick helped her get over Nick, Rick helped her with her issues surrounding Jack, and Rick helped Taylor stay sober. Taylor asked Brooke if she was trying to imply that Taylor would be too weak to help Rick if he needed her. Brooke said she was concerned about Rick not having children because he married Taylor, and that one day Taylor would be too old to keep up with Rick. Taylor was dumbfounded and could not believe Brooke's audacity in bringing up her age. Taylor said it was the last time Brooke would ever be allowed to come into her house and tell her how to run her life.

Taylor said it was none of Brooke's business how she lived her life. Brooke reminded Taylor that Taylor was planning to marry her son, so it was her business. Taylor said Rick was an adult and it was time for Brooke to cut the apron strings. Brooke said that Rick didn't have a very good track record with marriage, and that Taylor didn't either. Taylor said the only reason she had a bad track record was because every time she got married and was happy, Brooke came along and poached her husband. Taylor said since Brooke couldn't steal Rick away from her, she decided to use a new tactic by playing concerned mother. Taylor said it was not working and she would not lose another man she loved to Brooke.

Stephanie pointed out to Ridge that she had not been asked to move back into Eric's house, so she had to be prepared to leave soon. Ridge said it was hard for him to visit their home when his mother was not in it. Stephanie said she didn't want to put Eric on the spot. When Eric woke up from his coma, Stephanie was already there. She said she thought Eric was about ready to make a decision for his future. Ridge offered to go upstairs and have a talk with his dad. Stephanie said he wasn't home; she believed he went to see Donna.

Ridge went home and found Steffy looking depressed. He asked her what was wrong. Steffy said she was troubled that her mom was going to marry Rick. Ridge said he heard that they planned to marry. Steffy asked Ridge if he would want Taylor back if Brooke wasn't in the picture. Ridge said he had no idea Steffy felt that way. Steffy said she loved Brooke, but she loved her mom more. Ridge said he loved the life he had with Taylor and the time they spent raising their kids, but people and circumstances changed. Steffy said no, that Ridge was the one who changed it. She said Taylor, Phoebe, Thomas, and she never wanted things to change. Ridge said he was sorry, but Taylor was going to marry someone else and so was he.

Brooke and Taylor continued to argue. Brooke said Taylor and Rick were bound to hurt one another and that Rick would feel trapped in their marriage and leave her one day. Taylor was fed up and asked Brooke to leave. Brooke asked if there was anything she could do to convince Taylor not to marry Rick. Taylor said yes, that Brooke could give her back her husband. Brooke said she could not believe that Taylor was wearing Rick's ring but was still in love with Ridge. Brooke demanded that Taylor tell her whom she would rather marry, Rick or Ridge.

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