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Monday, October 20, 2008

by Pam

At Owen's, Donna freaked out on Owen and Stephanie. She was angry with Owen for telling Stephanie about Pam. Stephanie told Donna her sister was ill. Donna told her to leave. She worried to both Owen and Stephanie that Pam was watching, and they were all in danger. She was especially worried about Eric. Donna told them that Pam had threatened to kill Eric if Donna messed up. Stephanie wondered whom Pam had threatened. Owen told her that Pam had threatened everyone in Donna's family, but most seriously Eric, whom Pam had poisoned.

Donna told Stephanie that Pam had already confessed to hurting Marcus and Beth. Stephanie offered to help, but Donna told her to go before Pam became more suspicious. As soon as Stephanie left, Donna got a call from Pam who wondered why Stephanie was at the house. Donna lied that Stephanie wanted Donna to hurry up and sign divorce papers with Eric. Donna told Pam that she was going to the office to meet Eric to sign the papers. Pam was furious and insisted that Donna could not see Eric. Donna countered that she had to sign the papers to end her marriage. Pam appeared to be having some kind of head pain, but warned Donna that she had better not try anything because Pam was watching her every move. Pam told Donna that her meeting to sign the papers would be the last time she ever saw Eric.

Stephanie stopped in at Eric's office. Gloria, Eric's attorney came in. When Donna and Owen showed up at Eric's office, Eric couldn't believe Donna brought her lover, but Donna remained quiet. Owen told Eric that he was there only to review the papers since he was a paralegal. Donna was confident that Eric would be fair about the divorce. Eric told Donna that he was keeping the house. Donna didn't want anything and hesitated to sign the papers.

Eric couldn't believe she had nothing to say. He goaded her into signing the papers. Then, he signed the papers and stormed out. Donna accused Stephanie of enjoying the scene, but she told Donna she needed to find her sister and help her because Pam was mentally ill. Stephanie needed Donna's help. Donna said she had nothing to gain by helping Stephanie find Pam, but Stephanie said Donna would easily get Eric back if she helped.

After Taylor kissed Ridge, she admitted that she still loved him. Ridge asked what she was doing. Taylor said it was something she had wanted to do for a long time. She wanted to know what happened to all their dreams and their plans. Ridge explained that plans changed and their lives changed. They were planning to marry other people.

Taylor walked away from Ridge, and she apologized. She told him to forget the kiss. He asked what he would do if he couldn't forget the kiss. She said she knew all his feelings were still there. Ridge told Taylor she was the mother of his children and he would always love her.

Taylor said she gauged every relationship she had been in after Ridge with how happy she had been with Ridge. She said she measured the passion, the love, and everything. She said she missed their family, and Ridge agreed. Taylor said she had been repressing all her feelings for too long. She caressed his face and told him that it seemed like nothing had changed at all. Ridge grabbed her hand.

Ridge gently reminded Taylor that he and Brooke had waited a long time to be together, and he didn't want to mess that up. Taylor told him his life with Brooke was a fantasy. She reminded him that every holiday he would be watching Nick and Brooke with Jack. She warned Ridge that his dream with Brooke would be stressful because of Nick. Ridge told her that wouldn't happen.

She admitted that she would rather be with Ridge just as Brooke had said. He said it was not that simple, and he asked about Rick. She planned to end her engagement to Rick, and hoped that Ridge would end his engagement to Brooke. Taylor said she missed their family and wanted their life together again. She reminded Ridge that every time they had been separated, they found their way back to each other. She told him all he had to do was want to be together as much as she did.

Ridge said that they would never duplicate those beautiful memories of their time together. He said his future was with Brooke. He wasn't going to make mistakes again with her. Ridge said he had promised Brooke and himself to act differently and not make demands. He told Taylor he loved her. Taylor told him to stop being afraid. She reminded him that his life with Brooke would fall apart just as it had many times before, and she would be waiting for him when it happened. She kissed him, and left.

Rick returned to Taylor's empty house with wedding cake samples. Later, he came out of the shower, and Taylor had returned. Rick said he knew she was busy at Jack's party so he brought the cake to her. Taylor told Rick he had always been good to her and wonderful for her. She thanked him for always being her hero. She announced that she couldn't marry him. Rick wanted to know what was going on. She apologized repeatedly. Rick looked puzzled.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In Ridge's company office, Taylor admitted her true feelings to Ridge. She declared her continued love for him and compared the acknowledgement of her true feelings as "waking up from a sleep." Taylor told Ridge that she missed being together with him and their children. She also predicted that Brooke would again disappoint him. She suggested that he could turn to her and reminded Ridge that they had been apart before and had reunited. Taylor's comment was that if Ridge really wanted to reunite with her, it could happen once again.

Taylor suggested that when Brooke and Ridge's relationship came to an end, she would be there waiting for him. Taylor decided that because of her deep feelings toward Ridge that she could not marry Rick. Taylor admitted that she had used Ridge as a measurement for her happiness since their divorce. Taylor boldly admitted that what she really wanted was to remarry Ridge.

Ridge gently responded to Taylor's disclosure of her feelings. He told her that he still loved her, but his future was with Brooke. Taylor did not believe him. She left his office with the hope that they would reunite.

In Eric's office, Donna met with Eric to sign the divorce papers. Owen, a paralegal, accompanied Donna and assisted her with the paperwork. Donna started to sign the papers. She hesitated with the last ones. Eric became enraged and told her to just sign the papers. Later, Stephanie who was still in the office, told Donna that she planned to help her with locating Pam. Donna commented that she did not know if she could trust Stephanie. Stephanie bitterly acknowledged that she was the only one who could help Pam and Donna. She commented that, with her help, Donna could get Eric back.

Meanwhile at Eric's house, Stephanie was surprised that Eric had planned a dinner and was apologetic towards her. She decided to inform him of the truth about why Donna divorced him. She explained that due to mental illness, Pam had threatened to harm Donna, Eric, and Donna's entire family if Donna had not divorced him. She explained that Pam's motivation was to get Eric back for her sister. For a moment, Eric was stunned and disbelieved Stephanie's revelation.

When Taylor arrived home, Rick sensed something was wrong. Shortly after, Taylor admitted that she loved Ridge and could not marry him. Taylor confessed that she did not realize the depth of her feelings. Rick assumed that Brooke had convinced Taylor not to marry him. Rick was heartbroken and distraught when Taylor called the wedding off.

Rick telephoned Ridge and demanded that he meet with him at the Forrester Creations corporate offices. Ridge assumed that Taylor had called off her wedding to Rick. Ridge tried to calm Brooke and agreed to accept responsibility for Taylor and Rick's breakup, rather than her. When Rick saw Ridge, he called him an arrogant jerk who had hurt all of the women he was ever involved with, including Brooke and Taylor. Rick voiced more hostility and became angrier.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Stephanie and Eric hoped that Stephanie's undisclosed plan would work to get Pam to come out of hiding. Stephanie said she had recruited Donna to help. At Owen's, Donna worried that Pam wouldn't fall for Stephanie's plan to get Pam over to the Forrester mansion. Pam was watching and called Donna. Pam said Donna looked so sad that she ought to try cucumber slices for her puffy eyes.

Pam said she was sure that Stephanie was celebrating her reunion with Eric. Donna said Stephanie was not celebrating because her mother was sick. Pam didn't believe her. Donna told Pam she was sorry, but Pam should call Stephanie. Pam called Stephanie who confirmed that their mother was ill. Stephanie begged Pam to come to the house to see their mother.

Owen and Donna watched as Pam raced out of the house next door. They called Stephanie and told her that the plan worked. When Pam arrived at Stephanie's, an ambulance sat in front of the Forrester house, planted by Stephanie to convince Pam that her mother was ill. Pam cried outside the door, hoping her mother wasn't dying.

Inside, Eric and Stephanie wondered where Pam was and hoped she would arrive soon. Stephanie shooed Eric upstairs for his safety. She said she wanted to talk to Pam alone. Eric disagreed at first, but finally agreed. Pam knocked and Stephanie opened the door. She hugged Pam and told her sister how happy she was to find out that she was okay. Pam wanted to see her mother, but Stephanie explained that she needed to talk to her first. Stephanie grabbed her sister's hands and told her that their mother was not there. Pam questioned why Stephanie would lie to her. Stephanie explained that she knew everything Pam had done, and she knew why Pam had done it. Pam immediately spouted off that she never intended for Eric to get hurt. Stephanie told her they had to talk. She wanted to help Pam.

Taylor barged into Brooke's house and encountered her in her bedroom. Brooke wondered how Taylor got in, and then Brooke laid into Taylor for breaking Rick's heart. Taylor countered that Brooke had wanted them to break up, and since they had, she still wasn't happy. Brooke said she had warned Taylor and Rick earlier that their relationship would not work.

Brooke chastised Taylor for throwing herself at Ridge, a man she couldn't have. She warned Taylor that Brooke and Ridge were committed to each other. Taylor said that when she and Ridge kissed, Ridge didn't seem like a man committed to Brooke. Surprised at the kissing news, Brooke deflected it. She said it must not have meant anything to Ridge because he didn't mention it. Taylor stayed on track and told Brooke that she was confident Brooke's relationship with Ridge would blow up, and Taylor would be waiting when it did. Brooke haughtily declared that absolutely nothing would keep Brooke and Ridge apart.

At the rooftop lounge atop Forrester Creations, Rick and Ridge argued. Rick laid into Ridge for ruining his life by leading Taylor on and making her believe that there was hope for a relationship with Ridge. Rick was convinced that Ridge persuaded Taylor not to marry him. Ridge argued that he was very clear to Taylor that he was marrying Brooke and that he would not have a relationship with Taylor. He told Rick that Taylor made the decision not to marry Rick on her own. He said Taylor didn't love Rick. He said it was obvious that Rick wanted to blame someone, but it wasn't Ridge's fault. Rick disagreed and continued to blast Ridge for everything he had done to his family.

Rick said Ridge had hurt Brooke, Taylor, Bridget, Rick, and Eric. Rick was furious and told Ridge that he would not allow Ridge to hurt anyone in his family again. Ridge apologized, but Rick continued to harass him until Ridge finally lost his temper and told Rick it was his own fault that he lost Taylor. Ridge softened a bit and said he knew Rick wanted a family of his own and that it wasn't meant to happen with Taylor. Ridge reiterated that he planned a life with Brooke, not Taylor. He said that Rick was too young to understand that Taylor was dwelling on her past life with Ridge and the kids. Ridge wasn't going back to that, and he started to walk away.

Rick warned Ridge not to walk away from him. He punched Ridge and knocked him down. Ridge warned Rick to stop. Rick didn't listen and popped him again. Then, Rick baited Ridge to get up. Ridge warily stood up with a bloodied face. Rick got behind Ridge and started to choke him in a headlock. Ridge fell backwards with Rick on his back. As Ridge gasped for air, Rick wound up precariously balanced in a sitting position on the narrow brick ledge that surrounded the rooftop lounge.

Rick still had one arm wrapped around Ridge's throat in a choke hold, but Ridge broke the hold and Rick lost his balance on the narrow wall and fell to the ground below. He was sprawled on his back unconscious as Ridge screamed his name.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Pam talked about how her mother was never around for her and Stephanie when they were young. She said their mom wanted to pretend they had the perfect family. Pam said she regretted that she couldn't help Stephanie when their father beat her. Stephanie said she understood.

Pam said all her recent actions were because she was trying to help Stephanie. Pam couldn't live with herself for letting their father beat her as a child. Pam confessed that one of their teachers, Mr. Garcia, knew something was wrong when they were kids. Pam admitted that Mr. Garcia had asked her repeatedly about abuse at home, but Pam said she lied that everything was fine. Stephanie hugged Pam and told her it would be all right.

Pam frantically told Stephanie she wanted to make it up to Stephanie that she couldn't help her when they were young. Pam admitted she had made mistakes, and she never meant to hurt anyone. She just wanted to scare them. Eric asked why Pam would hurt him. Pam remembered that her mother had said Pam would make a better wife to Eric than Stephanie would. She babbled about her mother, and Stephanie agreed their mother didn't understand marriage.

Pam said she was angry with Eric. She wanted him to remember that he loved Stephanie, not Donna. Pam wanted him to remember that he belonged with Stephanie. Pam couldn't believe that Eric had hurt Stephanie so much by chasing after Donna, a woman who was so much younger than he was. Pam resented Donna for killing Tiny. Eric reminded Pam that Tiny died from a heart attack and Donna had nothing to do with it.

Pam said that every time anyone hurt Stephanie, she wanted to rescue her because she couldn't do it when she was younger. Pam believed Eric had hurt Stephanie by marrying Donna. Stephanie explained that Eric and Stephanie had a wonderful marriage, but Eric had loved other women. She told Pam that Eric loved Donna, and Pam needed to accept it. Pam refused and started to break down. Pam said she couldn't understand what was wrong with her mind. She knew she hadn't taken her medication, but she thought it was more. She was afraid she was crazy. She wanted Stephanie to put her to sleep.

Stephanie uncovered the truth about everything. Pam admitted that she had sent the snake to Donna, but never intended for it to bite anyone, especially Marcus. Eric asked Pam about nearly running Beth Logan down with a car. Pam said she never meant to hit Beth, but didn't turn away fast enough. She just wanted to scare the Logan family.

Pam admitted she told Donna that if Stephanie couldn't have Eric, no one could. Pam dismissed it and said she really didn't mean it.

Stephanie recognized that Pam was frightened. Eric and Stephanie listened as Pam babbled about her hair and what she had always wanted to do. She said she wanted to be a nurse, but her parents discouraged her from pursuing a career. Her father said she was too pretty, and her mother insisted nursing was too dirty. Instead, she had taken care of their mother. Pam cried at what she had become as she looked in the mirror at her disheveled hair and clothing.

Stephanie told Pam she needed help, and Stephanie promised to take her to the hospital. Pam told Stephanie she was a bad person and needed to be locked up away from people so that she couldn't hurt anyone. Pam continued to jabber, then stopped and appeared to pass out as Stephanie hugged her and Eric offered support.

At Owen's house, Donna worried that Stephanie's plan might have backfired. Donna was concerned that Pam would try to hurt Eric again, but Owen was confident Stephanie had control. Donna wondered about Pam's mental illness. Donna was concerned that Pam loved Eric.

At Forrester, Rick and Ridge scuffled and Rick fell off the roof. Ridge raced down the stairs and asked a guard to call 9-1-1. Ridge begged an unconscious Rick, who was sprawled on his back on the pavement, to hang in there until the ambulance arrived. After Rick was taken to the hospital, Ridge called Brooke and told her there had been an accident.

At the hospital, Bridget took over to find out what happened. Ridge apologized to Brooke and told her about the fight that sent Rick flying off the building. He assured her it was nothing like what happened in Australia. Ridge started to explain, but Brooke asked him if he had anything to do with it. Bridget interrupted and told Brooke she could see Rick. Bridget wondered why the police had stopped to see Rick.

Brooke stood over her son and begged him to wake up. Bridget said the doctors had run some tests and Rick would be in surgery if his doctors felt he needed it. Bridget said some horrible things could have happened, and they didn't.

Brooke hovered over Rick who remained unconscious. Brooke asked where Rick's doctor was. Brooke dramatically worried about God taking her child from her. She begged Rick to open his eyes.

Rick opened his eyes and saw Brooke and Bridget. Brooke told him he was in the hospital, and she knew he would be fine. She told him she loved him so much. She kissed his hand. Brooke kissed her son's head, and Bridget looked relieved while Ridge looked anxious.

Friday, October 24, 2008

by Pam

At the hospital, Stephanie and Eric awaited word on what was wrong with Pam, who was unconscious. One of the hospital staff pointed out that Pam was a fugitive and wanted by the police. Stephanie begged them to help her sister. Doctors said they would certainly help Pam, but they had to notify the police.

After an MRI, a doctor explained that they had discovered a mass in Pam's brain. The doctor believed it was scar tissue that was putting pressure on her brain, and it had to be removed. The doctor said an old injury must have precipitated the scar tissue that had recently repositioned in the brain. Stephanie said Pam had fallen down the stairs as a child while running away from their father.

Stephanie inquired if the mass would have prompted Pam's erratic behavior, and the doctor agreed it was a possibility. Stephanie asked to see Pam before surgery.

At Owen's house, Donna worried about what happened with Pam, Stephanie, and Eric. She called the Forrester house and Eric answered. Donna was surprised to hear his voice, and she asked if he was all right. Eric briefly told Donna that Stephanie's plan had worked, and something was terribly wrong with Pam. He had to go to the hospital to meet Stephanie, and he promised to call her later.

Donna worried to Owen that Eric was falling for Stephanie again. Stephanie had had weeks to show Eric how much she loved him. Owen said he knew that Eric loved Donna, and vice versa. Donna apologized to Owen and told him that if it hadn't been Eric she fell in love with, it would have been Owen.

At the hospital, Eric offered to stay with Stephanie and Pam, but Stephanie was gracious and told Eric she appreciated his thoughtfulness. She knew he wanted to see Donna, so she sent him off to visit Donna. Stephanie told Eric she appreciated his thoughtfulness more than he would ever know. She kissed him and they embraced.

Before surgery, Stephanie told an unconscious Pam that she would be fine, but she had to fight. Stephanie said Pam's injuries were related to their father's violence, and she warned Pam not to let their father win. He had stolen their childhood and their innocence. Stephanie told Pam to fight to get well because the best was yet to come.

At the Forrester mansion, Donna met with Eric, and he told her that Pam was not well. Eric said he felt sorry for Pam, but Donna couldn't agree, since Pam was so dangerous. Eric couldn't believe that Donna would sacrifice their marriage to save his life. He was honored that she would do something so noble, and said no one had ever done anything like that for him.

Donna said she hated that she had to hurt him, but she told Eric that while he was trying to make up with her at Brooke's, Pam was on the balcony with a gun. Pam had threatened Donna and her family if she didn't end her marriage to Eric. Donna was afraid Pam would shoot Eric if she didn't end it.

Eric wondered why Donna didn't come to him secretly after Pam left, but Donna said she was terrified that Pam would find out. Eric told her he was worried that something could have happened to Donna. She cried and fell into his arms, relieved that they were both all right.

In another area at the hospital, Rick was alert and joking until he noticed Ridge in his room. He warned Ridge to get out of the room. Rick wondered why anyone would allow Ridge in the hospital room, since he had attacked Rick. Bridget asked everyone to leave as Rick continued to shout at Ridge about knocking him off the building, while Ridge insisted it was an accident. Bridget tried to get Rick to calm down and relax.

In another room, Brooke was teary-eyed when she asked Ridge what had happened. Ridge said he did not push Rick off the building. Brooke accused Ridge of starting a fight with Rick and antagonizing him, but Ridge told Brooke that it was Rick who started the fight. Ridge said Rick was out of his mind with anger, and there was nothing he could do to calm him down.

Ridge said he tried to walk away, but Rick punched him. Ridge told her he walked away again, and Rick punched him again. The final time Ridge tried to walk away, Rick grabbed him from behind and started to choke him. Ridge was convinced that Rick would have killed him if he hadn't broken Rick's chokehold on him. Brooke was conflicted about what to believe, but she hugged Ridge.

Bridget and another doctor talked to Rick and told him he was very lucky. Rick said the painkillers were working, and he really couldn't feel anything.

When Ridge and Brooke returned to the room, the doctor told them how lucky Rick was. He said he would perform a neurological exam on Rick. He told Rick he would feel a prickling sensation in his legs, and he rolled an instrument along Rick's leg. He continued to roll the instrument back and forth, but Rick asked when the test would start.

Bridget looked at Rick in shock as the doctor asked Rick if he felt anything. Rick responded that he felt nothing. He wondered when the doctor was starting the test.

Bridget and the doctor looked at Rick as Brooke tensed up in horror. Rick looked up frightened and felt his legs with his hands and gasped, "I'm paralyzed. I'm paralyzed!"

Ridge was clearly agitated and guilt-ridden.

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