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Rick became the new president of Forrester Creations, and Ridge claimed that Brooke had let him down when he heard a podcast in which she'd commended Rick's work but never even mentioned Ridge. Ridge walked out on Brooke, but they later reconciled on the beach. Rick, who'd secretly sabotaged the podcast in question, tried to enlist Stephanie's help in busting up Ridge and Brooke's relationship.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 10, 2008 on B&B
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Monday, November 10, 2008

Brooke was stunned when she saw Rick standing. Rick said it was a miracle. Rick explained that after Eric had appointed him president of Forrester, he had been so excited he'd swung his legs over the bed and had suddenly been able to stand. Brooke rejoiced at her son's recovery.

Rick explained that after Eric had said all those supportive things to him, he had gotten a surge of energy and had finally been able to stand. He took a few steps and then winced in pain.

Taylor cautioned Steffy about getting her hopes up. Taylor said that it was sometimes a mistake for a person to hope too much because it would only set them up for disappointment. Taylor said that, although they'd had one good night with Ridge, she did not know where it would lead.

Taylor said that Stephanie thought they had made some inroads with Ridge. Steffy was pleased that Stephanie was pulling for their family. Taylor admitted she had missed Stephanie's friendship. She said that although Stephanie was bossy and pushy, she was truly a good friend to have in one's corner. Taylor said she would do everything she could to remind Ridge he belonged with their family.

Steffy said when Taylor had returned home after she had been presumed dead, Steffy had thought their family would just automatically revert back to the way it had been before Taylor had left. Steffy said her memories were like fairy tales, and she remembered that everyone had been happy all the time. Steffy explained that was why she had stayed away at school so long; when Ridge had left, the pain had been too much to bear, and she'd had to get away. Steffy said she had never stopped hoping her parents would reconcile. Taylor said she was trying to make that happen.

Ridge told Eric that it would not work for Forrester to have two presidents. Ridge said that decision was a certain formula for failure. Eric said Ridge should have faith, and Eric hoped Ridge would try to work with his brother. Ridge said if the co-presidency was a test, Ridge wanted to assure Eric that he had Ridge's loyalty.

Eric asked if he really had Ridge's loyalty. Eric mentioned that he'd discovered that Ridge had pulled the plug on Eric's life support while he had been in a coma. Ridge asked if he had heard that news from Rick. Eric asked if it was true.

Ridge explained that Eric had been lying there, helpless and unable to breathe on his own. Ridge said he had been unable to leave Eric lying there helpless. Ridge said he knew it would sound crazy, but he'd heard Eric's voice in his head, telling Ridge to let him go. Eric said he had not said that.

Ridge said he'd heard Eric's voice as clearly as if he had been standing right next to him. Eric repeated that he had not asked Ridge to end his life. Eric said Ridge had simply given up on him. Eric said he would never have given up on Ridge. Ridge said it felt like Eric had already given up on him by choosing Rick over him. Eric said he had been helpless in his hospital bed, unable to move, just as Rick was helpless and unable to move.

Ridge said Rick was playing the sympathy card. Ridge said he understood that Eric was only trying to make Rick feel better. Eric said no, that was not the case. He said he wanted all of his kids to know that he loved them equally and that they all had an equal say in the family business; however, he realized that was not the message they had received. Ridge said that Rick had played Eric just as he had played Brooke. Ridge asked Eric to reexamine the situation and not allow Rick to make a fool of him.

Eric and Ridge went to see Rick and arrived in time to see the "miracle." Rick gave a touching speech about how Eric's faith in him had made him believe he could do anything and had given him the courage to walk. Ridge rolled his eyes disgustedly in the background.

Ridge mentioned how convenient it was that Rick was suddenly healed right after he'd convinced their father to give him the co-presidency of Forrester. Rick said he had daydreamed about his first day at work and walking to his new desk. Rick said he had wondered how hard it would be to walk, so he'd tried. And voila! He'd succeeded. Ridge had a disbelieving smirk on his face through Rick's entire story.

Ridge accused Rick, point-blank, of faking. He told Rick to get up on his feet but to spare everyone the wobbling and wincing "this time around." Ridge said he was certain it was not the first time Rick had walked since the accident. Brooke defended Rick and said he was not faking. She said a doctor had examined Rick. Ridge asked Rick to admit exactly how long he had been able to feel his legs. Rick just glared at him.

Ridge said Rick had gotten exactly what he'd wanted, and all he had to do to get it was play possum on his back for a few days. Ridge reminded everyone that Brooke had kicked Ridge out of the house to facilitate Rick's recovery, but Rick had probably faked it all along. Eric said that Ridge should stop being abusive to his brother. Ridge said since Rick had recovered, Ridge would move back into the house. Ridge asked Rick if he was prepared to deal with Ridge at work and at home all day, every day.

Ridge said Rick's charade was over, and he was out of time. Rick said his time had just begun. He reminded Ridge that Ridge was not really a Forrester, anyway, and suggested he look into the tanker business like the other Marones. Rick said Forrester men were gentlemen and that Ridge was an insufferable bore. Rick said he admitted Ridge had talent at drawing pretty dresses, but said Ridge did not know how to run a company the way Rick did. Rick said that Ridge had hogged their father's time "all these years," but it was Rick's turn. Rick said he was president of Forrester, and if Ridge got in his way, he would destroy him.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

At the Forrester Creations headquarters, Jake McClain consulted with Eric about the media and Internet coverage for the company's announcement. Jake set up the cameras and explained that there would also be a podcast for the event. Jake commented that he was happy about Rick's promotion. Thorne, who had entered the office, sarcastically told Eric to buy Rick a teddy bear instead of making him president if he felt guilty for ignoring him when he was younger. Eric was adamant that he would not change his mind.

Outside Eric's office, Steffy, Marcus, and some workers gathered to find out what Eric's big announcement was. Rick walked with crutches when he arrived. Thorne immediately told Rick that his promotion was a pity promotion. Rick insisted that he'd earned the promotion. Thorne blatantly told Rick that he didn't buy that Rick had earned the promotion. Steffy acted very upset when she learned of Rick's appointment to the Forrester Creations presidency. Marcus commented that he was happy for Rick. Steffy mentioned that she was not happy that Marcus was in support of Rick.

At home, Ridge informed Stephanie that Eric had appointed Rick as the president of Forrester Creations. Ridge mentioned that Rick had informed his father that Ridge had turned off his life-support equipment while he had lain there in a coma. He explained that Rick had made it sound to Eric as though Ridge had wanted Eric dead.

Stephanie supported Ridge's feeling that it was Rick who had informed Eric about the shutdown of the ventilator. Stephanie had known about the incident and had never mentioned it because she knew Ridge had not meant to kill Eric. She also reminded everyone that Eric had not experienced any negative health consequences from the incident. Ridge then commented that he believed that Rick had faked his injury.

Brooke defended her son's behavior. She commented that she believed that Ridge should have accepted the job as co-president of the company. Brooke then explained that because Ridge would not agree to work with Rick, Eric had needed to make a decision about who would be the company president.

Brooke was upset that she was in the middle of Rick and Ridge's feud. Brooke unmistakably told Ridge that he should not have asked her to go against her son in his feud. She begged Ridge to work side-by-side with Rick as the Forrester Creation's co-president. She made a vague statement to Ridge that he would better understand her feelings when she made her statement to the media. Brooke stated that she would make things clear in her speech, but did not specify what would be clear.

Taylor went to Ridge's side when she learned from Steffy that Rick was about to be appointed president of Forrester Creations. She did not believe it was true. Ridge confirmed it. Ridge explained he was never in the position of president for glory; it was always about keeping the company alive for future generations. Taylor acknowledged that Brooke was in the middle because Rick was her son. Ridge told Taylor he didn't blame Brooke. Ridge explained that Brooke had planned a speech saying that Ridge, not Rick, was the heir apparent of Forrester Creations.

When Rick arrived in Eric's office, he lied and told Eric that it was because of the promotion to president of Forrester Creations that he had been able to get out of bed and walk.

Later Brooke spoke with Rick in Ridge's office. She encouraged Rick to go to the orthopedic specialist. Rick flatly refused to go to a doctor. He lied and explained to his mother that he was focused on the big day. She made it clear to her son that she didn't want to be placed in the middle of the situation with her son and the man she loved. Rick commented to his mother that Ridge was too arrogant to have been a co-president with him. Rick further manipulated his mother when he thanked her for her help since his injury. Brooke explained that she hoped her statement to the media would clarify things.

Stephanie marched angrily into Eric's office. She told him that Ridge was the president of the company and that Eric was foolish to hire Rick as the president. Stephanie pointed out that Rick was not experienced enough for the position of president of the company. Stephanie called Eric hostile because Ridge had pulled his ventilator out. Stephanie clarified that Ridge had tried to alleviate Eric's suffering, not kill him.

Stephanie also asked questions about Rick's condition and his miraculous recovery from paralysis. She then questioned Rick's integrity. She asked if Rick was playing a con game about his injuries. Eric was enraged when Stephanie accused Rick of faking his injuries. Stephanie again begged Eric not to make Rick president of Forrester Creations.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stephanie said Eric had made a mistake when he'd shut Ridge out of the company. Rick said Eric had not shut Ridge out. Rick explained that Eric had invited Ridge to be a co-president with Rick, but Ridge had refused to cooperate. Rick said Ridge needed to put the company first and work together as their father had decided. Eric said Rick was right; Ridge should have gone to work and tried to cooperate.

Ridge told Taylor that he disagreed with Eric's decision to make Rick co-president. Ridge said he had slaved away at Forrester for years while Rick's only experience was two years of partying in Paris. Ridge said he suspected that Eric had made that decision to compensate for years of perceived favoritism. Ridge said Rick had used the same speech Thorne used in the past about how hard it was to live in Ridge's shadow.

Taylor comforted Ridge and said he had never asked to be the favorite son. Taylor said that although Eric and Stephanie would never admit it out loud, Ridge was their favorite.

Taylor asked if Ridge would move back in with Brooke. Ridge said it would be a while because Rick had a long road of fake recovery ahead of him. Taylor asked what Ridge meant. Ridge explained that Rick had been faking his paralysis. Ridge said Rick might not have been able to feel his toes for a few days, but Ridge was convinced Rick had been able to walk all long. Ridge said Rick had had a plan for revenge against Ridge, and it had worked.

Eric, Brooke, and Rick did a podcast video press release where Eric announced that Rick was the new president of Forrester Creations. Rick said that he planned to exceed everyone's expectations. Stephanie and Thorne watched from the back of the room and appeared to be disgusted by the announcement.

Brooke took her turn at the microphone and praised Rick's leadership skills. Brooke also made a point of mentioning Ridge's fabulous designs and added that his creativity and passion were the backbone of Forrester Creations. Brooke said that Ridge would stay on with the company in a design capacity and that Forrester was successful in large part because of Ridge.

Rick expressed his displeasure with Brooke's remarks. Rick said the podcast was supposed to be an announcement about him becoming president, not so Brooke could boost Ridge's ego. Brooke explained that as the new president of Forrester, Rick should understand that it was good for the public to know Ridge would still be part of the company. Rick said of course he understood that. Brooke said that although Ridge and Rick were at odds with one another, she hoped one day her son and the man she loved would work side by side. After Brooke left the room, Rick said that would never happen.

Eric and Stephanie both thanked Brooke for the glowing words she'd said about Ridge. Stephanie said she was certain Ridge would appreciate what she'd said. Eric said he wished Ridge had agreed to be co-president with Rick but hoped he would eventually be on board. Eric said it would be easier for Ridge after he heard Brooke's gracious speech about his talent

Stephanie apologized to Eric for questioning his decisions after she'd promised not to. Stephanie said she would support his decision to name Rick president. Eric asked if Stephanie still thought it was the wrong decision, and she said yes, she still thought it was wrong. Eric said Stephanie would see; their son Ridge would change his mind. Stephanie disagreed and said she did not think Ridge would forgive Eric for making Rick president of Forrester.

When the computer tech got paged, Rick hacked into the podcast video and removed the kind words Brooke had spoken about Ridge and made it appear that Brooke said all those kind words about Rick without a mention of Ridge's name.

Ridge watched the doctored video with Taylor. Ridge was infuriated that neither his father nor Brooke had mentioned him. He was equally enraged to think Brooke had called Rick "the cornerstone of Forrester Creations" because he didn't know those were the words she'd actually used to describe Ridge.

Rick deleted Brooke's original speech from the computer so there would be no record of her original text filled with praise for Ridge.

Brooke arrived home and asked Ridge if he had seen the speech, and he asked her how she could betray him that way. Brooke looked completely puzzled.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

by Pam

Rick rejoiced in his success at editing the podcast that had gone live -- deleting Brooke's praise of Ridge. Rick remembered what Eric had said to him when he'd made Rick president of Forrester Creations. Rick recalled his father had said that he loved him and that Rick would never again be second to Ridge. He remembered that Eric had been excited when he'd announced to Ridge and Brooke that Rick was the new president of Forrester Creations.

Taylor walked in on Rick and said that she was looking for Steffy. Rick told her that neither Steffy nor Ridge was available. Taylor said she was very happy for Rick when she saw him walking again. Rick said he was floating on air since he was the president of Forrester Creations. Taylor said she couldn't understand why neither Eric nor Brooke had mentioned Ridge in the podcast.

Rick was adamant to Taylor that the announcement had been about his presidency. It was not about Ridge. Taylor said she'd watched the podcast with Ridge and that he was upset. She couldn't believe that the podcast was the message that Brooke wanted to send. Rick disagreed and said there was nothing wrong with it because Brooke was proud of her son.

Rick said Ridge was throwing a temper tantrum because he hadn't been mentioned. Taylor said that if Brooke didn't find a way to set things right, there would be consequences. Taylor wondered if the entire presidency was Rick's way of evening the score with Ridge, but Rick scoffed at her.

At Brooke's, Ridge was livid with Brooke over the podcast, but she didn't realize that Rick had edited her speech, so she was confused about what he had seen. Brooke was baffled by his anger, because she remembered her glowing words about Ridge.

Ridge said the podcast had been quite a show. Brooke reminded him that she'd said warm, wonderful things and that she'd meant every word. Ridge said that he had asked for her support and had tuned in to find that Brooke and Eric hadn't addressed that. Instead, he said that Eric and Brooke had allowed Rick to manipulate them. Brooke was upset and said she had spoken from the heart. She didn't know what he was upset about. Ridge said he expected better from her.

Ridge wondered aloud to Brooke why they weren't married. He said he'd walked out on his family years before, but still they weren't married because of Nick and then Jack. Brooke told him they had dealt with a lot, but he disagreed and told Brooke that he had dealt with a lot from her.

Brooke accused Ridge of resenting his father's decision to make Rick president, but she said that wasn't her fault. Ridge accused Rick of conning both Eric and Brooke. She begged him not to make the argument about her son. Ridge agreed. He said the argument was about the two of them. He noted that they were cursed because they still weren't together after all the years they had "done the dance."

Brooke begged Ridge not to give up. Ridge continued that the only two things he ever wanted -- being president of Forrester and having Brooke at his side -- seemed to be gone. He shouted that he no longer wanted to talk about it.

Maybe, Ridge said, he wasn't meant to be with Brooke, and she shook her head. She refused to give up on them. She told him his anger and resentment would pass. He disagreed and said that something or somebody always got between them, and he angrily wondered when or if it would ever stop. He ran out the door and started his motorcycle as Brooke raced after him, screaming his name.

Brooke walked back into the house and sat down crying. She remembered all the weddings and engagements she and Ridge had shared together and the birth of R.J. She cried that she had no idea why they were even fighting, and she refused to give up.

Rick walked in and wondered why Brooke was crying. She told him she didn't want to talk about it. She told Rick that Ridge was angry, sad, and disappointed in her. She said Ridge had told her that she'd betrayed him. Rick said it would all blow over, but Brooke disagreed. She said Ridge had stormed out and she felt that their destiny was to be apart, just as Ridge had said it was.

Rick wondered how many times his mother would allow Ridge to hurt her. He begged her to say that she would let Ridge go and that it was finally over. She cried and hugged Rick as he tried to convince Brooke that she would not be happy with Ridge.

Stephanie visited Eric, and she apologized for arguing with him earlier. She wondered why Eric hadn't given more credit to Ridge during the podcast. He said that he'd let Brooke do that. He felt that Brooke was stuck between her son and fiancÚ. Stephanie agreed and said compliments and credit should have been from Eric, not Brooke. Eric reminded Stephanie that Ridge and Brooke were the future of Forrester Creations and that nothing would ever get between them.

Stephanie disagreed. She asked Eric why he hadn't made Ridge CEO. She told him that he needed to do that. Eric disagreed. He said that in Brooke and Ridge's time together at Forrester, they'd shared the greatest triumphs.

After Eric left, Stephanie was on the phone and told a reporter that she had nothing to add beyond what had already been said in the podcast. Ridge walked in and said that he was disappointed in Brooke. He was furious and walked out wondering why he had ever gone to Forrester.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Brooke explained to Rick how puzzled she was by Ridge's reaction. She'd said all the right things, but Ridge was still upset. Rick said that was because Ridge was a selfish and childish person who only thought about himself.

Katie called and asked what time they should drop off Jack at Brooke's house. Brooke said it wasn't a good time and asked if Nick and Katie would be able to keep Jack for a bit longer. Katie agreed. Katie asked Brooke what was wrong, and Brooke explained that Ridge had walked out on her. Katie explained to Nick what was going between Ridge and Brooke and that it was a bad situation.

Nick said he wouldn't worry about it and believed Ridge and Brooke would patch things up. Katie was very worried and said Ridge and Brooke had to stay together. Her worried look alluded to Katie having a vested interest in Ridge and Brooke becoming husband and wife. Nick said that Brooke was a mother first, and if Ridge forced Brooke to choose between him and her kids, Ridge would lose. Katie said Ridge and Brooke were in love, just as Nick and Katie were in love, so she had to believe they would patch things up.

Rick said that Brooke needed to get out of the house. Brooke agreed and called Gretchen and told her to take a horse down to the beach for Brooke to ride. Rick asked if she wanted company, and Brooke said no. She needed to be alone. Brooke thanked him for his support, not knowing it was Rick's fault that she and Ridge had argued in the first place.

Stephanie stopped by Brooke's house but only found Rick at home. Stephanie asked Rick what had happened, and Rick said Stephanie should just let it go. Stephanie persisted with her questions. Rick said he had done what Stephanie had wanted to do for years; he'd put a wedge between Ridge and Brooke. He threw his crutches across the room, and Stephanie realized he had been conning everyone about his paralysis and called him on it.

Rick explained that he had actually been paralyzed, but had recovered when he'd left the hospital. He said he'd continued to fake paralysis to buy more time to try to break up Brooke and Ridge. Stephanie gave him a disapproving gaze, but Rick said she should save it. Rick reminded Stephanie that she had pulled a few fast ones of her own in the past. Rick admitted that he'd edited the podcast and had cut out the nice words Brooke had said about Ridge.

Rick said that if his plan worked, Ridge would be free of Brooke, and Brooke would be free of Ridge for good. He said Stephanie had to agree with him. Rick said that individually, Ridge and Brooke were great people, but that Ridge and Brooke together were a train wreck.

Stephanie said she would not help Rick keep his dirty little secret. She said it was a matter of right and wrong, and she would not be part of it. Rick said if Stephanie told Ridge and Brooke what he had done, it would only serve to reunite Brooke and Ridge. Rick said that would kill Stephanie's fantasy about Taylor and Ridge getting back together. Stephanie said nothing, as if she were actually considering Rick's absurd logic.

Ridge took a motorcycle ride along the Pacific Coast Highway and ended up at the spot of his first wedding to Brooke. Ridge had a series of flashbacks about their fairytale wedding. Ridge climbed to the top of the cliff and enjoyed the majestic view of the ocean. Brooke, on horseback, passed by below him on the sand. Ridge continued reminiscing about scenes from their first marriage as he looked out over the ocean.

Brooke rode along on her horse, looking sad and empty. She got off the horse, sat down on the beach and picked up handfuls of sand and watched as the grains filtered through her fingers. Brooke also reminisced about her beach wedding to Ridge and remembered the vows he'd once made to her. Ridge remained at the top of the cliff; they did not see one another. A teary-eyed Brooke got up and climbed up on her horse and rode down the beach. Ridge looked down and saw her and cried "Logan!" at the top of his lungs. She heard him and turned around.

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